Money Doesn't Talk

- Why don't you just kill me?

- No, sweetie, I want you to suffer, - I said and thrust another finger in her cunt.

Her cunt vigorously slurped. I caught her this morning. She was going to her University, and I was heading to work.

- Don’t you remember your friends? - I grinned.

- Fuck off, asshole. – She answered

This bitch didn’t even tu...

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Our fetish

My name is Irene. I am 25, not married – yet. My story began two years ago. I had no job and a friend of mine offered the idea to place an ad in the newspaper that I can knit by requests. I always liked knitting, and many people often asked me to knit something for them. And I like wearing knitted clothes as well. But the ad had no effect for a long time, no one answered and it took about...

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She was standing opposite me and smiling, looking in my direction from time to time. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a t-shirt emphasizing her sexy ass and the tits. My penis was getting up, when overcrowded bus came to the bus-stop at last. But I won’t wait for the next I will go by this one. And this girl also moved to the bus door. I let her go first and got in the bus. More people...

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How Sergey took my ass virginity

I was 18 years old. So young! A wild child, a bitch, a street kid. Sergey was 14 years older than me. He seemed such an adult to me. Not handsome, but very clever. There was something wild in him. He could just look with his wolfy eyes and everyone obeyed. Although I was an awful anarchist, but before him I was like a rabbit before a boa. Going on a date and thinking to myself... "That'...

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This is the real story of my life. As a student and married for 2 years I worked as a watchman in the kindergarten. In the evenings, one baby-sitter always stayed on duty. That night it was 19-year-old Lilya recently married, slender, blonde with big boobs. The headmistress half-jokingly said to me when leaving: 

- Look, student, don’t harass to Lilechka. She is 4 months pregn...

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Room for rent

Hello, my name is Olya, I am 18 years old. Blonde, short, good figure, delicious booty and small and neat tits. As a student I rented a room in the apartment of a man. He was married and lived separately, I saw him once a month on the day of payment for the room. Usual fat forty-year old man, there are a lot of such.

One evening, I was home alone, preparing for exams, the neighbor had go...

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My greek god

It was a warm summer evening, my unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Beautiful night, delicious cocktails and bright dancing – what more do I have to ask for? Of course, a hot guy! But at that moment when I got to the club, I didn't think much of a guy. First I had fun with Italian, he was funny and active, then Belgian – charming and restrained, and then Polish - gentle and...

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Incredible fish biting

I have been to so much different places with my fishing rod! I especially loved to wander along the capriciously winding forest rivers searching for trout. That time I was unusually lucky. Almost every bend of the river gave me either a powerful grip, or the trout, furiously resisting in the bubbly streams.

The evening was coming. It was time to think about a bed. Usually I settled in a...

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The late time he was pursued by a constant smooth sexual excitement. There and then: he could not stay at the hotel (Masturbation helped a little) and moved to the erotic café, but it was still closed. Bad luck! He had nothing but go somewhere to spend time and he decided to look into the Riga Museum of the history of sex, especially because for more than ten years of absence, he was not...

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Sex with my admirer

This morning I woke up with the loud signal of my computer... I had a new email. Hmm... the sender is not familiar to me. Whatever could it be? I opened the mail and realized that not I tried for good the previous day. This was the first admirer of my erotic talent. He wrote that he liked my story very much. And he offered to meet.

 I was never afraid of adventures and happily agree...

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On a hot July morning, after my wife had gone to work, I was going to wash the dishes, and mechanically I turned on the TV. To my surprise it was showing “snow in the summer”. Without thinking twice, I decided the reason was the work of the neighborhood boys, often "making their order" on the roof of the house. I took the necessary tools and went to the stair platform. The...

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She loves this company. She often spends time with them. Their meetings are usually filled with romance. They drink wine and philosophize over interesting topics. Everything as usual. But today something is wrong. Maybe they drank a little more than usual, but all of them have a wish to dance.

He turns off the light and askes her to a dance. They are dancing in silence, he is gently stro...

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The letter of unknown soldier


In far 1992 I was in the army. There was a romance between two soldiers. One of them was a nurse boy and the second one was a sergeant – a squad leader. They both were good-looking handsome guys and they had been in real love.

Our unit wasn’t big, a special reconnaissance party. About 30-40 men. And, of course, we knew everything about each other. We knew t...

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I let a delivery boy in

So, I’m 18, name’s Lena, I’m a student of the first course. Not long before my study, my boyfriend joined the army and left far away. I didn’t want to live in the dorm, so I rented a flat. The house was ten minutes walking from the university and that was best of all.

I’m a slim blonde, blue eyes, small tits, 165cm tall. Never considered myself as a beauty,...

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In the ass

When I woke up this morning, the body immediately responded with pleasant languor, the fragments of a crazy night flashed in my mind, and I sweetly stretched out like a cat just awaken. And then I saw my husband, who was sitting in the chair opposite the bed and looking at me. I shivered with the thought that he could guess what I was doing here. He should have come only in the evening. His han...

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My dream

Can't understand what's going on with me. Where am I? Looks like home, but why so dark? Only the bed is under the light. I'm completely naked, there's nothing even to hide my nudity. Suddenly the door opens and a guy comes in. he comes up to the bed and begins watching me. I'm almost burning with shame, trying to cover myself with hands, but I can't. I can't escape e...

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Long-awaited happiness

Well, I have got it. Finally! You are strong and courageous! You have handsome and slender body, and facial features. Dirty looks of women passing by are aimed at you, they all envy me. "How could that bitch get such a stud?" - They think, drilling me through with their angry and envious eyes. But I'm just getting excited with that. They are unable to understand what it means to b...

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The characters

I immediately realized they were exactly what I needed. One of them was tall, thin, of distinct Baltic-type, clearly a skeptic and an analyst, the bearer of typically European consciousness. The second one – more like a synthesist, a poet, flexible and soft man with a forgiving smile of a practicing psychiatrist, in short - a mysterious Slavic soul. Talking, they easily passed from Russia...

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The party

The birthday of my friend turned out to be on Saturday and therefore we had been having maximum of fun, without checking up time. The guests were for the most part from the students, I knew almost all of them, but there were two girls I had never seen before. They both were tiny, slender and brunettes. They appeared to be the first-year students - the birthday man's acquaintances. The party...

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At twin brothers'

This hot night Lisa with her friend Ilona were walking along the riverside. They had been walking long enough, and soon they were going home, but then a car drove up and two men came out of it.

- Girls, let's go for a ride, - offered they.

- Let's go! - said Ilona.

- What are you doing? We do not know them, - said Lisa whispering to her friend.

- Well, never...

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