Photo session ended up with blowjob

Hi everyone. Recently I have become very keen on photography and immediately switched on to the topic "girls in underwear". I placed ads on some websites, I was looking for the girls among friends... but everything was in vain. I already thought to give up that idea.

But one day I got an e-mail from a girl of 23 who wanted to be shot in lingerie at her home. At first I could no...

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Wild beach

This beach was far away from the main places of having rest, you might see almost no one there. That’s why coming here, I usually swam naked. So it was that time as well.

Before going into the water I saw my reflection in it — I saw a very thin, even almost skinny young man.

Then warmed by the Sun water took my body.

I was swimming a long time, more than an hour...

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A hole in the shower stall

Summer, sea, two weeks of freedom. After going to the beach we all are covered with sand and salt from sea water. The line to the showers is very long, from the dining area to our camping. I’m standing and waiting, I can't wait to wash off this squeaky sea water to feel myself fresh and clean.

Girls are jostling and joking, mocking each other in the line to the showers. The las...

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I guess it's love

We met via the Internet. We texted not long and I decided to meet him. 

Probably, I need to say we have big age difference, I am 34 years old, he is 

20, but I don't care. I rented an apartment and waited for him to visit, he 

came... in the photo he looked much older than his years, that was the first 

thought slipped through my h...

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Sudden meeting

I'm a beautiful girl with beautiful tits, taut ass and beautiful shapes. That night I came home from work and ordered rolls. I was wearing my silk robe (with nothing underneath).

The doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole, there stood a guy (pizza delivery boy). I opened the door and saw it was my former classmate. He grew up and became so handsome that any girl would want to h...

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Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. The weather was wonderful, people were going out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked him to bring his family to the country. I dropped in to them in the morning, quickly uploading everything in the car, and we headed in the direction of the country village. On the way we had nothing interesting, and after I bgought them to the place, I hurri...

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I want to be fucked, just unpretentiously, without violence and rudeness...

I want to experience the moments I have only in my imagination yet.

I get down on my knees, my heart beating and sinking by intimacy with a man, my man who is going to make me a woman. With trembling fingers I’m unzipping the fly on his trousers, feared I’m undoing his belt and pulling down his...

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The girls of autumn

Autumn... it's cold again in the evenings.

Girls, wrapped in padding, are in a hurry knocking with their heels to and fro.


Not gonna stop, just moving a little slower - icy wind gets under the jacket and spreading his cold tentacles over the flesh.


Then, in the summer time, I remember the other girls. Sunny girls with sultry bliss of July....

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The taste of vice

Thailand. The outskirts of Bangkok. A girl sucker came out of plywood booth painted in pink, and headed to the cafe down the street. Here it is – a chance to realize my secret, perverse desire to suck a guy’s dick! Having decided, I slipped into the booth and locked the door.

Above the bench seat there was a small round hole in the wall above, on the nail there hung a green t...

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The first time with my beloved man

Hello. My name is Olga, now I'm 21 years, 173 cm tall. Slender, blonde, with blue eyes. Breast of the 3rd size. I want to tell you a story about my first time. (that time I was 18)

One day I was walking down the street, it was very sunny and warm day. Then I dated a guy who was already 20 years old. He'd all the time been trying me on something forbidden...But my answer was perma...

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The festive dinner

The festive dinner dedicated to my 30th anniversary I spent with friends: there were my sisters Anna and Sveta with their husbands, my friend Svetlana with family (husband and 2 sons of 20 years). The party was a great success.

Anna got drunk and admitted that recently dared to swallow her husband's sperm. Everybody joined in that theme and began discussing who and how sucks. Recalli...

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Scientific conference

Scientific conference in a place not far from Riga. A little cold. Autumn. Beautiful. Sad.

The speaker — a slender dark-eyed girl with a shock of black hair. They are rough and unable to hold any hair setting...

After the meeting I’m going downstairs. Walking along the beach, reading my own poems. A cup of coffee gradually turning into the cocktail "Bloody Mary&qu...

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In the beginning

He slowly opened his eyes. Consciousness slowly gradually returned to him. He felt light - light is what you find in front of your eyes, or in the eyes, well, in the head. The light penetrated into the head with some spots, colored spots, they were bright green, blue and white. Those spots gradually began to acquire certain clarity - a kind of picture of a certain world, which allegedly surroun...

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Grassy glade

Artem and Karina, old friends, met by chance on the forest glade one lovely summer day. The glade was luring them with the bright sun, the soft carpet of low grass with red-pink spots of strawberries. Slender birches bowed to the ground with their branches with leaves of emerald color. 

She was picking up strawberries and putting them in her mouth. Plump lips were slightly opening a...

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Little witch Lina was sure the traveller won’t wake up. She was the one who made the sleepy potion – and she was professional in that.

Lina had never seen men. As long as she remembered she and her mother had been living in the forest studying the basics of witchcraft: herbs collecting, making potions, spells and predictions. She had not been told anything about the life of p...

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Our cashier Larissa was married and had a child, a brunette of small stature, with small neat tits and tempting ass. She was 29 years old.

Larissa and I had quite friendly relations, we communicated good as colleagues, constantly having fun laughing. The fact that she was older than me did not bother at all.

I liked Lara both as a person and as a woman. She often smiled at me and...

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On the riverside

I'm 24 and I’ve never had sex! I live in Rostov! Still in the childhood I used to masturbate, not knowing what I was doing. Always wanted to give it up, but no dice! So I decided once and forever to quit jerking off, I deleted all the porn movies from my computer, removed the net bookmarks. No wanking for a month - a record! I wanted so badly, but I held it back. 

And so a...

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Through the dream

I was sick a bit and sleeping, when suddenly I felt somebody's hand touched my ass, the hand began to knead the ass insistently touching my pussy. It was running on the back with a light touch, and once again descended to squeeze the ass and I woke up. Massaging my buttocks, he slowly moved to my pussy. After a few minutes it was already hot and humid. With one hand massaging my pussy and t...

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Playing cards

Being drunk we do things we are awfully ashamed of on the next day, but when the sweet excitement runs over the whole body, we realize that we don’t mind doing that again.

So it happened that time. One day my wife Olga and I were going home from the birthday of my friend. It was early enough, and the heart demanded to go on the party time. We didn’t have much money, but we bo...

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Real story

The story is real.

One evening at the end of the day I was exploring a dating site and met there my old girlfriend Kate I hadn’t been in touch for a year and a half. After a brief communication we agreed I would come to her after work. When I came to her, I found out she was still on the website trying to find someone for that night:

- Are you still looking for a mate?

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