You are coming soon. How long shall I be waiting? Half an hour? Ten minutes? 

Once again I look in the mirror. Clear skin is shiny and rubbed with creams, the hair is gathered on the back in a high ponytail, the hair down there is trimmed, only a small rectangle of hair left emphasizing the swollen vulvarlips. 

I love my body, I love every possible way of caring and groo...

■  ■  ■


I remember everything as if it was yesterday, - said aunt Vera. - I was then eighteen years old, I was an adult girl, still I loved sweets like a child. I awfully like Igor, so I came up with a cunning plan to seduce him.

One day, having come to our village shop to pick up our family ordered goods, I yielded to temptation and stole a tiny jar of honey, until the seller Igor had gone into...

■  ■  ■

Speeding violation

Sally was driving down the highway, running late for lunch as always. The speedometer needle passed the mark of 80 miles per hour and slowly moved on. "I hope there's no police, - Sally thought, - "I'm the hell paying so many fines, probably, keeping the police all alone!" Sally looked at the watch and realized she was hopelessly late...

Suddenly the wailing sound...

■  ■  ■

The first trans experience

Hello, everyone. My name is Stepan. I am 27 years old. Sexual experience is quite great both with girls and boys. But this story is about a new experience in my sex life.

I met her via a dating website. Her name is Svetlana. Her photos in the profile were great and sexy, so I wrote to her, and we started chatting. After a few messages, she said she was no ordinary girl, and that she has...

■  ■  ■

Sudden sensations with blowjob

Probably, like many others I love when a girl blows me. And my girlfriend is a great sucker (I guess because the experience :)). But recently she gave me pleasure in unusual way.

One night, when we began making love, after usual kisses she went down to my belly, kissed it a few times, then started kissing the thighs, gently stroking them with her hands, and then began touch my already st...

■  ■  ■


Hello, my name is Julia, I want to tell you my story:

We have been long known each other, not to say we were best friend, but often stayed together with her until late with a glass (or bottle) of wine, talking about life, about the past, about guys...

Olga was 18 years old, a beautiful brunette of small stature, dense but beautiful physique with young and big boobs. I was 21, tall...

■  ■  ■


Playboy: Hi, candy. How do you look?

Candy: I have a red silk blouse on, a miniskirt and high heeled shoes. I work everyday. I have excellent make-up. I’m 90-60-90. What about you?

P: I’m 183 height and my weight is 60. I wear glasses. I have worn out jeans on and a t-shirt with the stains from barbecue – I was in the country with my friends. Smells like smoke ye...

■  ■  ■

The characters

I immediately realized they were exactly what I needed. One of them was tall, thin, of distinct Baltic-type, clearly a skeptic and an analyst, the bearer of typically European consciousness. The second one – more like a synthesist, a poet, flexible and soft man with a forgiving smile of a practicing psychiatrist, in short - a mysterious Slavic soul. Talking, they easily passed from Russia...

■  ■  ■

A letter to my beloved

Vadim, I want you! I want you madly!!! Your tanned strong muscular body drives me crazy! I want to kiss you, starting from the toes, getting higher and higher over your shapely tanned legs of the football player. These soft golden hair turning into short and hard in the groin. I love the smell of your testicles and the taste of your cock in my mouth! I want to lick, kiss, suck and bite! Climbin...

■  ■  ■

Insomnia notes

Saturday. Looking out of the window. Night. Boring as hell. I don't understand why we have to live by some rules?! Why can't girls be sexually active persons and not be called "whores"? Still I don’t care about stereotypes! At this warm and almost summer night I’m not going to stay in warm bed alone for sure! 

I call a friend, the second, the third one....

■  ■  ■

In the dark park

Dark park... summer... you're coming home late at night.... it’s hot outside... 

You are wearing a light knitted dress, just above the knee.... underneath there are small panties and a bra of beige... 

I’m sitting on a bench and smoking.. I see you in the light of a lamp-post, from afar I begin to watch you... When you walk by, I dramatically grab you by...

■  ■  ■

Love is blind

This is really one of the funniest story my friend has told me. Here I'll be narrating from his name to make the story more vivid.

I work in a solid company on a good position. And there I have a friend. Also the boss, only of the adjacent department.

That friend happened to fall in love with one of the employees of the company. She responded. Typical office romance. He is a s...

■  ■  ■

In Nature

She felt like going to nature. A train? No, that’s not for her. She went outside.

It was early morning. She didn’t have to hitch a lift long. He looked at her questioning when opened the door of his “Mercedes”.

-    Wherever my eyes are looking at, - she said, wearing the most charming smile she had.

-    How much?

■  ■  ■

Silent night

It was wonderful weather. I could not resist and pulled my bike out of the house to take a trip through the night city. However, just riding made me bored and I decided to go to a bar. The first sign and I’m already sitting in the smoky gloom of a club. 

Here I was for the first time, but, damn, I liked it. There was some non-standard music playing, all around there were funny...

■  ■  ■

I did it

He took off the pants and sat down on the sofa. I closed the curtain and knelt down on the floor in front of him. My hands were shaking. I suddenly thought, "Now, now I am becoming a gay". I felt dizzy. I pulled the elastic band of his boxers and took his cock out. 

It was a bit fat, ugly and looking quite opposite to my own. His penis was barely erect. I was sticking out...

■  ■  ■

Special feature

I'm a big businessman. Serious company - big money, important people, beautiful large office. Well, at that, of course, I need a great secretary, because first clients see her and judge the company next. And I found such a secretary. Of course, she is perfect doing her job - excellent stenographer, typist, great in getting on with people. She has spectacular shapes, long golden hair - custo...

■  ■  ■

The text message from my wife

This has finally happened. I’ve been waiting a possibility of my wife having sex not with me for a long time. A year, maybe two. First, there were slight hints, then the hints became more direct and finally I confessed to her that I wanted her to have sex with someone else. It was hard to tell that thing to the one I love more than anything in my life, but the desire to experience THAT wa...

■  ■  ■

The fourth section

Black suit, stylish tie not reminding a fire in the jungle and leather shoes of English style. What else does a young and successful “white collar” working in one of the most prestigious Moscow banks need?

The late and warm spring was giving way to the not so hot summer. Floating clouds in the sky forced to think about the upcoming holiday. Still our hero preferred his nat...

■  ■  ■

Sudden turn of events

I met Vadim and Olga, a married couple, on one of the popular internet dating site. 

After brief correspondence we began to meet often in evenings at their home to discuss (as Olga said «to savor the future debauchery»). 

It happened so, that none of us ever had a threesome sex, at least, so we told each other, and so we decided to plan a sex adventure for th...

■  ■  ■

A ticket to the cinema

One night I decided to go to the cinema to the late-night movie, because being home was boring and the next day was going to be busy, so I wanted to extend my week-end. As always, when going out at night, I thought about sublime and slightly philosophical things. 

Having come into the elevator I pressed the button of the first floor and went down, when suddenly the elevator stopped...

■  ■  ■