Repairing The Roof

We live in a private cottage. There was time when we had to repair the roof. I bought materials and invited some men to help.

The work was going well enough. My Lena was cooking dinner for us.

By the evening the job was done and we sat down at the table. We had had a full tank of fu...

■  ■  ■

Riding Bike Off The Mountain

I was riding my bike down to the foot of the mountain, in my headphones “Kiss” was playing. Spring forest flew towards the blue carpet of the first spring flowers. I had to slow down, because walking people prevented from speeding up. And then on the descending path I saw the ass. A y...

■  ■  ■

My First Romantic Time

Hello! My name is Kira, I'm 20 years old. I'm a brunette, breasts of the third size, the figure is average. When I was 18, hormones already boiled in me. I wanted sex, sometimes there were moments when sitting at the University on classes I imagined how I’m ripping the pants off the...

■  ■  ■

My Wife Assists Jerkwards

My wife and I live in a nice neighborhood, across the street from our home there is a park. When our son was born, my wife twice a day used to put our son in the baby stroller and take a walk with him in the park. It's quiet there, very peaceful, but there are usually a lot of fist-fuckers wh...

■  ■  ■


Hi, everyone! My name is Alla. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me when I studied in the Institute. Now I;m 28, but that time I was 22.

So, one evening I stayed until late in the library after lectures. It was late evening and my way home was along the path between the build...

■  ■  ■

Woman Spy

The evening came, and my shift was about to begin. Recently I managed to get a job as a watchman at the military plant. It was rather a soft job, which required every few hours getting around the territory, checking the locks and drive away the boys. Nearby there was a village with just 100 peopl...

■  ■  ■

The First Time Like A Slut

I had quarreled with my boyfriend and for that reason I had been bored the whole week. I got a call from Oksana right in time. I was invited to go outside the city. Our company was very funny and cheerful. Dima and Maxim studied at the same University where Oksana and I did, they were just the st...

■  ■  ■

Special Morning

Today morning appeared to be wonderful and special, I realized this as soon as I woke up. First, the sun was shining through the window, from the outside echoed joyous chirping of birds, and second, today is the first day of my well-deserved and long-awaited vacation. All that made my mood super...

■  ■  ■

My First Time

My name is Sasha. I’m 30, about 6 feet tall and, as girls say, I have a nice butt. Since teenage years I had some desires I couldn’t satisfy.

Once I watched a video with two men having sex. I got very excited and I wanted so much to take a cock in my mouth. So I registered on o...

■  ■  ■

Me and Her

She was sitting at the very edge of the bed bending her back a little, leaning back and lifting up her juicy breasts. A bit lower of her waist with small tummy she had real slutty hips with rounded ass sitting on the edge of the bed. Her legs in tight stockings were wide spread resting on the flo...

■  ■  ■

Sweet Moth

Hi! I’m a sweet moth... at least, my friends call me so.

I am 21 years old, 168 cm tall and my weight is 45 kg, brown hair and green eyes.

My three friends I’m going to describe one of my day with are Artem, Max and Dimon.

We love group sex and I especially love w...

■  ■  ■

Rude and Tender

I'm 21, my girlfriend is 18. We live in different cities but we meet 2-3 times a month.

This day was no different, the same frosty gloomy morning, as always. Despite this, the mood was great just for knowing that today my Mila would come to me. I didn't go to the university, I clea...

■  ■  ■

Spontaneous Anal Sex

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you a story which happened to me not so long before leaving on vacation with my beloved man. Make yourself comfortable. Men, throw off your pants and start jerking off.

It was early morning. I was going to work when my faithful husband came up to me and aske...

■  ■  ■

Sweet Blowjob for my Beloved Husband

Hello! I want to tell you a story, which has happened to me not so long ago. Make yourself comfortable. Men, open your fly and start wanking the barrel of your gun.

It was at one winter evening. My husband and I watched our favorite movie, when suddenly I noticed his cock making a big tent...

■  ■  ■

First Blowjob

It all began not so long ago. I met this guy in summer. His name was Egor. As soon as we began to communicate well, I was feeling some intimacy to this man. After half a year of our communication I appeared to have strong affection to him.

One day, remained with him for the whole night, I...

■  ■  ■

Bus Occasion

It was in May of 2005. I was a second year student in the Institute. After the classes I was going home by bus. The bus was overcrowded. I was standing in the aisle and was permanently being poked by the passengers getting out.

- Young man, do you get off on the next stop?

- No, I d...

■  ■  ■

Money Doesn't Talk

- Why don't you just kill me?

- No, sweetie, I want you to suffer, - I said and thrust another finger in her cunt.

Her cunt vigorously slurped. I caught her this morning. She was going to her University, and I was heading to work.

- Don’t you remember your friends?...

■  ■  ■

A Trip to the Lake

The story, I'm writing, happened a few days ago.

My friends and I decided to go to the lake for the night. 2 girls: I'm a tall girl with long dark brown hair, breast size 3 and my friend Lena - blonde of medium height; and 4 guys: Sasha – tall bruiser, Mike - a tall guy with...

■  ■  ■

From Internet Into Reality

The story is real and happened to me for the first time in my life...

My name is Andrew, 26 years-old, well-built, six feet tall.

Long ago I was attracted by the theme of group sex and registered on a lot of those sites, corresponded but almost everybody was looking for couples. I h...

■  ■  ■

Monday morning

Monday morning.

You are still staying in our warm bed, and your darling in the robe on the naked body brought you a cup of tea.

Seeing this you threw the sheet off, showing your well-built young female body in the translucent short combination garment. Seductively stretched out, rai...

■  ■  ■

Sex with bisexuals

No foreplay. The fact is I turned out to be with three guys.

I was standing on my knees and there were nice big cocks right before my eyes. They were longing for fucking me in all my holes. My pussy was already dripping wet. I took two cocks in my hands began sucking them in turn, the thir...

■  ■  ■

Beginning an experiment

Dawn was playing with all colors. Outside I saw the roofs of houses were damaged somewhere.

In the distance I could see flashes, everywhere there were fragments of broken glass and not a single living soul. Even stray dogs, which in the morning rush under your feet with timid hope to have...

■  ■  ■

My Husband Has Whanged Me

As usual I was watching porn videos, when Sasha suddenly came up to me. I didn't even have time to close the page.

- Is that what you like, bitch? - he muttered and abruptly left the room.

I got worried.

- Get ready, - I heard his voice.

He entered the room. His ha...

■  ■  ■

First Time With My Girlfriend

For some reason many think that masturbation is bad, but get down to masturbating in secret from everyone and even in the most perverted form. I told my girlfriend about that and showed how it's done in all sorts of Internet resources: video, images and so on. And then... I showed her how I d...

■  ■  ■

Oh, Mother Nature!

It was a sunny May day, and my friends and I decided to have a nature trip. Or, rather, there was only one of my friends, all the rest were his friends from college. Honestly, I knew how it all would end up and immediately agreed to go. I wanted to be fucked by several guys.

Now, when I&rs...

■  ■  ■

My first love

My name is Sergey. By the time that story had happened I was 19 years old, a funny and handsome guy. Many girls chased me, but I liked the young 18-year-old girl with name Annie. She had a pretty face and something similar to the girl from the East with a perfect body, 170cm tall, funny and cheer...

■  ■  ■


This story is inspired by my memories.

Today I accidentally met Helen. She was embarrassed, looked down and just passed by. I understand her. Now she's not a young girl, she is a board member of the largest enterprise in our city. But before...

Helen was small in stature, slende...

■  ■  ■


There is nothing worse than relieving your fatigue and tension with a bottle of beer. But how else? It’s simple — meditation.

She was 26 years old. She wasn’t a typical girl. No, not in the sense she had a cock on the forehead. Short, 164 cm height, fragile, her hair colo...

■  ■  ■

Magic Night

My name is Nikita, I'm 18 years old. I want to tell you about a magic night in my life. I met with my girl in the company of friends. She immediately drew attention to me. We used to ride bicycles. She always smiled, laughed, and I was fascinated. She joked. Our company consisted mostly of gu...

■  ■  ■

First time

Hi. My name is Lisa. I am 18 years old. It happened to me in summer, it was hot and I decided to take a shower. Before that I got a phone call from my best friend (his name was Dima) he wanted to come to me. Anyway, I went into the shower, but I didn’t expect Dima will come so early! I was...

■  ■  ■

The best day

It was a frosty day, but I was going to my goal, to the young man I met on the website. His name was Michael. He's 26 years old, medium height, medium build, and, as it turned out, only his instrument was unique and huge.

As agreed, we met at the bus stop and went to his house. The apa...

■  ■  ■

Do you remember our first kiss?

Hi. I know you will never read this, but I need to unburden my heart...

So, we've been friends for ten years, often quarrelling over trifles, but we make up quickly, we curse each other as hard as possible, but then smile again.

You know, I have long wanted to say this, but I th...

■  ■  ■


I want to be fucked, just unpretentiously, without violence and rudeness...

I want to experience the moments I have only in my imagination yet.

I get down on my knees, my heart beating and sinking by intimacy with a man, my man who is going to make me a woman. With trembling fingers...

■  ■  ■

I will always love you

You know, in these latter days I think about you more and more. I remember the first time we met tet-a-tet. I was bored at our summer house, we have been written off, you said that you would come. And you did.

I was looking into your eyes and at your smile. And you were sheepishly saying,...

■  ■  ■

A gift to my birthday

All my friends and acquaintances knew I am a gay. No one remembers the circumstances when it was discovered, where the leak was from, but generally speaking no one cared.

So, all my friends knew I was gay. Except me. Or rather I knew I was. But I didn't know the others knew. I didn'...

■  ■  ■

In short and clearly

After the guests left my apartment, in the room there were only she and I. We ran out of cigarettes and wanted to sleep. We were lying beside on my sofa and watching a movie. I hugged her and kissed, as I did already thousands of times.

She's twenty. She has a pretty face and big grey...

■  ■  ■


Night. A large wheat field and no one around. Silence. In the distance there could be seen the tops of trees swaying with the wind. In the center of the field there’s a circle trampled and four bonfires along the borders. In the center of the circle there’s a naked red-haired witch qu...

■  ■  ■

My virgin boy

By that time I was 22 and he was 21.

When he came to me, I did not stand on ceremony, but immediately took him to the bedroom. First we chatted, laughed, joked and kissed. For me there was nothing new, usual things when you kiss a guy, you caress him everywhere! But it was his first time,...

■  ■  ■

Thunderstorm in the end of September

Sometimes our mood is surprisingly intertwined with the natural phenomena.

The mood was great. We were together alone at home, drank a little, had sex occasionally, the conversation was easy, about nothing and everything and at the same time deeply philosophical. There was no rush, tomorro...

■  ■  ■


I’ll begin with the fact that I’m a whore.

There is nothing unusual in my story: immediately after graduation I got married, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and already 4 years I’ve been living with the husband I don’t love. He is obsessed with total control ove...

■  ■  ■

Psychology of submission

It’s not too comfortable to stand on the knees in a strange room and to be blindfolded, but you know the reward will come soon. You feel uncomfortable, you think about what he thinks about you since you decided to do that. What if he tells his friends about it and they will say that to some...

■  ■  ■

Blowjob without wasting words

I love doing Blowjob. And my husband appreciates it in me.

I love fucking freely like a badass. I like to knock down my husband right after his work when he is still dressed, when he’s talking to his boss on the phone, when he’s working on the computer.

But this night ev...

■  ■  ■

Summer day, hot and horny

When my wife and I went down to the subway, we finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The cool air of the subway was giving at least some hope for salvation from the mad heat outside.

In the subway car we found a place to sit down, giving our tired feet the opportunity to relax.

■  ■  ■

Blowjob in the car

One morning I was going to work. I kissed my wife who was finishing some report, left the house, got in the car and suddenly my phone rang. It was a girl from the service station to remind I had been recorded for another car service. I said I would come soon, and without wasting time, I rushed ov...

■  ■  ■

Deflowering a girl

We met each other via ICQ - she found me searching on her own, and we had chatted for 2 months before deciding to meet. In the correspondence I learned that her name was Xenia, she was 18 and she was a virgin and really wanted to try having sex with an experienced guy so he could teach her everyt...

■  ■  ■

Me and my passionate lover

I come to him every weekend. Next to my beloved man I forget about all the problems and concerns. He rented an apartment in the downtown with great views of skyscrapers, a river and a bridge. In the evening we often stand at the window embracing each other, and my lover expertly caresses me, kiss...

■  ■  ■

Curious event

The story is based on true events.

In June we sent our son to the recreation camp. We visited him once there and after the camp shift was over we decided to take him home ourselves.

We started early in the morning and decided to stop at the river to swim – it was a long time w...

■  ■  ■

New fantasies

Three of us are sitting on the floor and drinking champagne, while his girlfriend in the kitchen is preparing snacks for us. You are gradually getting aroused, the nipples of your breasts are swelling up and sticking out invitingly through your thin and tight t-shirt. Sometimes you involuntarily...

■  ■  ■

Accidental cheating

Hi. I want to tell a story about my first cheating. It happened to me last summer. I was 19 and my boyfriend had a birthday I was already late to. All of the company gathered together sitting at the table and drinking, but I was just leaving home.

I was late because I was trying to choose...

■  ■  ■

I wanted to be fucked in the forest

The weather was beautiful. I put on a very titillating outfit: a bra, panties, a thin blouse, short skirt, white stockings with a belt, shoes and makeup. I took my purse having put in there a lubricant in advance.

While I walked through another alley, you drove up to me and told me to have...

■  ■  ■

Back from business trip

I decided to make a surprise to my wife and returned from the business trip a day earlier. I drove the car in the garage and went upstairs to the house. Even driving up I realized by light flashing in the living-room that she was watching TV.

Climbing upstairs I tried not to be noisy. As s...

■  ■  ■

Travelling by my car for the first terrible time

Hello. My name is Igor. I’m 19 years old. This story had happened to me about a year ago when I got driving license and was going to the city of **** to my friend for her wedding day. The road would take long and I had to drive my car in winter.

In the evening I had to drive off the...

■  ■  ■

At night in the office

Evening. Twilight. Half-empty office.

I come to your office. I’m wearing a skirt with the side cut, a light blouse with undone buttons. We barely know each other, just crossed a couple of times in the hallway. I come closer to you. You look at me right into my eyes.

Not saying...

■  ■  ■


...She descended from out of nowhere... At the very moment when I needed her most of all... Thin... Burnt... Sensual... My savior...

Her body was a revelation to me. Perhaps I shouldn't have rushed at her with the fury of a falcon feeling his prey. Her huge eyes inspired with my onslau...

■  ■  ■

Crazy story

Hello, my name is Alena, I want to tell you a real story which happened to me. It was spring, the weather was great and full of fresh air.

Leaving the house I immediately went to the opposite direction, stopped in one of the courtyards and sat down on a bench near the house entrance. I was...

■  ■  ■

After groupsex that whore wanted me to get married to her

- What?! Are you crazy?! I'm not gonna get married to you!

- But why, Paul? Why?

- Are you fucking kidding me? We four fucked you! Four of us!

- But I thought you liked it...

- Of course, we liked to drive in your cunt in turn, but what a wife are you after that?

■  ■  ■

First cheating meeting

I've always been hypersexual, but could never step over moral principles to cheat on my husband, although I had not enough sex, just catastrophically not enough. Years go by, there will be nothing to remember when I’m old... 

So I decided to take this step. 

I di...

■  ■  ■

Hunting for mushrooms

I am 19 years old and I will tell you a story that happened to me last summer.

I passed the exams in the Institute and went to the village to my grandparents.

One day in the morning I decided to go to the forest to hunt for mushrooms and berries.

After two hours of wandering...

■  ■  ■

Rape on the beach

It happened in Turkey in July. It is the worst time to go there. The heat in the day time was more than 40 C... I used to go to the beach at 6 AM. It’s the best time. Everyone is asleep, it’s not so hot, you're alone and enjoying the warm sun, the sound of the sea and solitude.

■  ■  ■

I met two old friends

My name is Lena. I'm a brunette 176cm tall, with a gorgeous ass as my boyfriend says. I want to tell you a story that happened to me in my second year of the University.

I live in St. Petersburg, I came here to study from Vologda. One day my two good old friends came to visit me. At th...

■  ■  ■

Unknown guests

She looked out of the window and saw the headlights of a passing by car. It drove toward the vacant lot that was quietly located on the left bank of the Moscow river. Then near the bushes of the thick willow the car stopped, switched off the headlights and killed the engine. 

Sasha in...

■  ■  ■

Night time

That night I stayed at my girlfriend’s. She lived with her brother. In the evening we had a talk, ordered food, drank, watched a movie and went to bed. 

At night I woke realizing someone had invaded me. I was lying on my stomach, the legs spread wide and my vagina was occupied b...

■  ■  ■

New sensations

This story happened after I had graduated medical school. I got a job working in a clinic. After a few months I realized I had chosen the wrong profession as for the salary... I just had to find another job or a husband who would keep me.

But it's irrelevant to this story.


■  ■  ■

After continence

After I had been raped by the stranger who brought the envelope, two days more I was suffering and waiting Yuri to come back. This situation was turning me on, I really wanted sex, but unfortunately I had no one to have it with.

On the day Yuri was coming back I was totally ready. My ass w...

■  ■  ■

My beloved bitch

Just from the shower. Delicate smell of the wheat-colored locks of hair, lustful gleaming in her eyes, young and tempting, his girl... White shirt slid off her shoulder revealing her perky nipples of her tempting breasts, stunningly beautiful just fitting his palms. Mmm... she can be so pliable,...

■  ■  ■

How I fucked a guy

My name is Yury, I am 37 years old. I'm a married man, but sometimes I'm cheating on her. I usually get acquainted with someone via the Internet, but recently I got a new experience for me.

Don't know why, but I got to the section where one can meet the guys of non-traditional...

■  ■  ■

Made up my mind

Hello. I want to tell you the story about my first time I made a blowjob. My name is Rita, I'm 18, I'm a brunette with a good figure. I’m popular enough among guys, but I was always interested in the men older than me and by that time I was still a virgin.

Quite recently I go...

■  ■  ■


Recently, this Saturday there happened that remarkable in all respects occasion.

My friend Marina and I had been in the restaurant, we drank a little recalling our university years, discussed all of our friends and just group mates... everything went as usual... We decided to go on the nig...

■  ■  ■

Recreation at the lake Baikal

We had been settling our tent camp on the shore of the lake Baikal already for two days. Vodka was finished, we had nothing to do. It was a hard-to-reach shore. Only a locomotive goes there on the narrow gauge railway. No car could get there. Therefore, we had no neighbors. This is a perfect plac...

■  ■  ■


Sex at the working place. I'm sure many girls have or have had sexual affairs at work, well, or something like office romance. And some were sexual harassed by their chiefs in indirect or direct form.

Something similar happens to me. The only difference is that I fuck with my boss not...

■  ■  ■

In the car

My name is Nastya, I'm 18 years old, I will tell you my story which has happened with me recently. 

It was Saturday and I wanted to have fun, but all my friends were busy that day. So I decided to go to a club alone, and besides, there always were some friends I could meet and I w...

■  ■  ■

Insomnia notes

Saturday. Looking out of the window. Night. Boring as hell. I don't understand why we have to live by some rules?! Why can't girls be sexually active persons and not be called "whores"? Still I don’t care about stereotypes! At this warm and almost summer night I’m no...

■  ■  ■

Decided to try

My name is Alexander. I decided to publish my story. I'm 23, handsome enough, height 178cm, athletic build.

I’m not lack of girls, but recently I came up with the idea to try having a passive guy giving me blowjob. I placed an ad on one of the websites, but mostly older guys resp...

■  ■  ■

Summer tale

This year summer was surprisingly warm and soft. Even at night it was so warm that you don’t want to stay home. We haven’t seen each other so long, but today suddenly for no reason you called. You are always welcome, you know... Love never ends, it just goes to a new level. And I&rsqu...

■  ■  ■

My first anal sex

Evening. Having dinner. Usual small talking. I like him. I feel he likes me as well. Unexpectedly quick sequence of events still caused some tension. But I was ready and waiting for action. Previously, from conversations I realized that he was interested in anal sex and he wanted to do it with me...

■  ■  ■

With a homophobe

While young we often make mistakes, but some of them appear to be beneficial sometimes. Here's my story...

He's 19, he goes in for boxing. He is athletic and brutal fellow with the name Oleg. We’ve been friends with him for 7 years. One day he asked me to come to him to hang...

■  ■  ■


I came to Kate I hadn’t seen for more than 2 weeks, and I wanted having sex incredibly. It turned out that her mother came to her, that was so lame for I was going there imagining us having a good time this weekend. In short, we locked the door in the room, at first I tried to ignite Kate,...

■  ■  ■

The confession of a high-class prostitute

The phone rang. It was an order. The order for me particularly. I had 20 minutes to get ready. It was easy - the clothes was just a translucent raincoat on the naked body and a chain on the belt between the legs. It's a uniform. What could I do, every work is specific...

I was seated i...

■  ■  ■

Strange episode

First, I’ll tell you about myself: I am a slender blonde with a great figure. The chest size numer 3 and the butt have always been attractive to guys, but I needed only one...

He studied in my group in the university. He said I was very pretty, but he loved another girl...


■  ■  ■


She was a... No... not a servant, not a maid, not a mistress and not even a kept woman... She was... a sex slave. She had everything and nothing. Her any whim was fulfilled immediately. But the whims of her master have always been a priority. He could do to her anything he wanted to...


■  ■  ■

A visit

She rang the doorbell and got prepared to the worst. When the door opened, she said: «Hello, I am the mistress of your husband», and resolutely she stepped into the apartment. 

On the threshold there stood a small, plain woman with dull eyes. "Oh, I see, come in, my n...

■  ■  ■

A story of Vera

This story is told to me by my friend Vera. She is already over thirty. And she is a dedicated lesbian, although she got married once. It happened to her immediately after the divorce with her husband. 

She fell in love with a girl. She also had sympathy to her. But friends are friend...

■  ■  ■

The last time

The room was filled with twilight. Darkness was crawling into the corners and secret places, under tables, under the bed, spreading like a soft cloud over the window sill. The bed was softly illuminated by a night lamp, leaving around just a small space not occupied by the twilight. I wish it got...

■  ■  ■


I came back from a date having a terrible mood. It was just a fuck. Stupid and pointless. Without words, without emotion. Just a fuck and nothing from sex for soul. 

I never liked it, after such meetings there is always emptiness inside I want to fill, to please, to enjoy. But... ...

■  ■  ■

Husband, me and anal sex

We have been living together with my husband more than ten years. We don’t have much special varieties in sex. After listening to my colleagues, I convinced him to lick my pussy. I told him:

- I can’t live my life without knowing what it feels like.

For a long time he co...

■  ■  ■


It was a warm Sunday of October evening. The clear sky was illuminated by the white moon. This evening Alex and his friend Vladimir were discussing urgent problems with a glass of beer. They had had a few glasses, then they went home, but a little before reaching the entrance Alex had his phone r...

■  ■  ■

Still water runs deep

Hello, readers. The events described in this story really took place in my life. 

The desire of having sex appeared since the moment of my puberty and very well that is not gone. I’d love to have experiments, by the way. 

It was cold, the autumn of 2009. I still didn...

■  ■  ■

Sex with ex-girlfriend in a dream

I'd like to tell you about the dream I saw, where I was having sex with my ex-girlfriend. We parted about five months ago and, of course, I'm very sorry she found another guy.

Her name is Vika, she is nineteen. All the time we were dating, we never had sex.

So, about my drea...

■  ■  ■


I was a very ordinary guy studying, hanging out with friends and so on. I will tell you a few words about myself - blond, in the power of fashion I have quite long for a guy hair, slender, of medium height. I knew that I'm to the liking not only of the opposite sex. In public transport I'...

■  ■  ■

Sucker Girl

She loves to do a blowjob, he realized that as soon as she threw her bold gaze on his pants. The pants looked normally and buttoned, and with a belt on the waist – but her eyes just flashed a bright spark when she bowed her head and looked on his tightly buttoned pants. This is the hardest...

■  ■  ■

Foot fetish

Today I am wearing a flowing scarlet dress. I have no underwear... but this is not a main thing...

Look at my feet.

Open toe sandals with leather straps encircling my ankles. Neat toes, perfect pedicure of scarlet. You love my toes, watching them and kissing.

I always give yo...

■  ■  ■

I want it!

My name is Catherine. I am 18 years old. Since 13 I’ve been keen on masturbating.

Each time I wanted more and more. At first I just touched, caressed and fingered my pussy. Then I tried to insert one finger into the vagina. I really hesitated on this because I was very scared to lose...

■  ■  ■

The best night

I met Sergey 2 years ago. We met accidentally by the phone. First we talked about everything as friends. Every day 2-3 hours we were chatting on the phone. Then we met several times and each time we were looking into each other's eyes... Tenderly...

The first impression I had after our...

■  ■  ■

When it's time to get undressed

…First he clung to me near the ticket window. I was taking the ticket to Perm city - but it seemed to be just a accident. I could feel his cock getting hardened, but then I abruptly popped out of the queue and went to the toilet... 

But in the compartment that was him to have a...

■  ■  ■

Not just sex

We were together alone in the kitchen. There was no one else at home. We were watching a movie, when suddenly I got a wild desire awaken in me. I really wanted you, and we merged in a passionate kiss. 

Then I slid lower, my tongue slipped over your beautiful and taut breasts, over you...

■  ■  ■

First experience

Love. So much sense this word has... How accurately and simultaneously it expresses the essence of events. 

I loved a girl... Beautiful and clever. Years were passing by, we started dating as a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We were together all days long and I realized that my interest...

■  ■  ■

Lucky photographer

I was doing erotic photosession for some brunette with big boobs.

Oh fuck! She was swaying her ass so nice, so affectionately and sexually she was kneading her boobs, and when she thrust them out of the top of her green swimsuit and started fondling them and pouring oil on - I got fucking...

■  ■  ■


It turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, and I with my girlfriend Gala decided to escape from the urban bustle to relax and swim. We packed up our belongings at a minimum and jumped in the car. 

With Gala we were as thick as thieves. Together in joy and sorrow. And the first lovemak...

■  ■  ■

The loo for girls in the college

Hi, my name is Anya, I'm 18 years old. This is a real story that happened with me when I was in college. That spring day I wore a transparent top, through which my pink bra was well seen, purple pantyhose and a short black mini skirt. 

At the other lesson I went to the loo. In our...

■  ■  ■

The first time together with my friend

It all began as I and my friend were buying a night gown for my wife.

He said:

- I'd like to see how she looks wearing that.

And I told him:

- Maybe, someday.

Well, that day had come. I was persuading my wife to swing with my friend. So they agreed, but I di...

■  ■  ■

The gym

I regularly go to the gym. Not that I've been working on packing up much muscles, I just keep myself in shape. I go there in the evening and do exercises up to the close time. Usually at that time there are not so many people and no one disturbs me. That evening two guys more were there. They...

■  ■  ■

My first sex

Hi! My name is Lilith and I want to tell you a story about my first time. So... I met my first boyfriend when I was 18. I put an eye on him immediately, his name was Denis. An average unremarkable guy. 

When we started to talk, we treated each other very warily, but gradually we were...

■  ■  ■

I'll be next

...And here she is sitting opposite me at the table and tearfully assuring me that nothing has happened, that she didn't cheat and didn't even think to cheat on me... Such a sincere look… I would have believed. Believed it again. If my hands had no evidence. Terrible evidence. ...

■  ■  ■

The beach

Once I had a trip to Turkey on my vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was at the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed watching the world around. Next to me a very charming young man took a seat, I immediately put an eye on him. ...

■  ■  ■

That was awesome visit

It’s happened recently. We met through an Internet chat. Her name was Anna. We suspiciously quickly found understanding, and she invited me to visit her. I confess I was horrified by this offer, but of course, I didn’t refuse, I gathered my courage and went to her. She lived 20 minute...

■  ■  ■

Wishes coming true

Hi! My name is Kate. I want to tell you about how wishes come true. Everyone must have had his puppy love. So in my life there was a boy. My childhood friend. His name was Alex. He was handsome, two years older than me. Earlier I was in mad love with him. Then at 15 we almost started a romance, b...

■  ■  ■

A present for Valentine's day

It happened last year when it was my first 1 year at the university. I always wanted to lick a girl’s pussy. I had never done it before. Among boys it is considered a disgrace and God forbid the friends find it out, they will no longer consider you a man.

At that time I had a girlfri...

■  ■  ■

Working day Saturday

One Saturday I was asked to go to work by my boss. I knew the office staff had a day off, so I decided to get dressed as I like – the blouse without a bra and a lightweight skirt. All this was overthought for the guard I put an eye on so long ago, so he would pay attention to me. 

■  ■  ■

My new driver

A week ago my boss hired a new driver for me. He was a very nice man, tall, blue-eyed athlete, but I never showed that I liked him. For a week we got used a little to each other, and yesterday I took him to show where I live. We went to my house, I showed him the bedroom, the dining room, and we...

■  ■  ■

At the summer house

My new friend Roman persuaded me to visit him for a few drinks, and whether he had the gift of persuasion, or it was a few bottles of beer in me, but soon I found myself in the summer house and getting acquainted with his three friends: Alex, Dennis and Igor. Simple snacks accompanied the rapidly...

■  ■  ■

Dancing club

Once being a student in the Institute I went to the dancing club. Generally, I like dancing, and free love that thrives there! After about an hour after beginning, I walked down the hall, leaving another passion to chat with friends. In the shadow of the hangers I saw a couple: a guy with his han...

■  ■  ■

Poor Nicky

I decided to write this story a long time ago, but I always failed. A friend gave me a link to this website, where I have read a lot of such stuff, and it dawned on me, I think you understand what exactly dawned on me. Well, let's now move on to the story.

One day when it was a little...

■  ■  ■

Happy to belong to

Watching a movie....... back row..... two chairs away there is a company of girls..... 

I take his hand and begin massaging, stretching each finger, kissing between the fingers, sucking a finger after a finger..... doing it slowly and passionately..... I'm happy for the opportunit...

■  ■  ■

Romantic sex on the roof

Two are on the roof and their clothing is waving and flapping with the wind. They are looking at each other, smiling and kissing gently. Gradually their passion is growing.

She is wearing a dress and he has a shirt on. The girl is slowly unbuttoning his shirt, and he is looking at her with...

■  ■  ■


I'll tell you about the most unusual and secret blowjob I got in my life. That time I used to date with a girl… let’s call her Dinah. Our mutual friend Vadim had got a car accident on the road that ended up in the hospital. We got a phone call from the hospital when we were makin...

■  ■  ■

Crazy run

On the eighth of March we congratulated his mother and on the way home we went to the store to get champagne... When we came home he was watching TV after a hard day, and I was surfing in the Internet... after some time he offered to go outside for a smoke and while he was smoking he kept looking...

■  ■  ■

Oral unpacking

- Well, that’s how we pecked her together. 

Sasha and I were sitting at the stadium in the middle of the forest park. The last passer-by had already reached the tram tracks, so for the next few miles there were just he, I and the saleswoman at the stall where we got beer. <...

■  ■  ■

The first time with a prostitute

This happened in the far 2001. It was lunch time coming. No one in the office, and it was very boring.

I thought why not take a trip to the penny cross and not to bring a girl to the office for an hour. 

It’s as good as done! 

Came up to a lovely young girl st...

■  ■  ■

White Orchid

White color is the color of purity and innocence bringing peace, tenderness and affection... 

I'm making a surprise for you. And you agreed to accept it. I got a room in the hotel for us. I was the first to come there. I got to get ready. A big wide bed, a bright bathroom, so much...

■  ■  ■

Silent night

It was wonderful weather. I could not resist and pulled my bike out of the house to take a trip through the night city. However, just riding made me bored and I decided to go to a bar. The first sign and I’m already sitting in the smoky gloom of a club. 

Here I was for the first...

■  ■  ■

Summer hunt - sweet dreams

Do you know what's the most sexiest body part in a man? Shoulders? A strong chin? Hairy ass? Dick-long-to-knees? Hell, no. Brains! A smart man is very sexy. When I hear in conversation "It's kinda… hmm… well… I… well…" after every phrase, I wan...

■  ■  ■

Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. The weather was wonderful, people were going out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked him to bring his family to the country. I dropped in to them in the morning, quickly uploading everything in the car, and we headed in the direction of the co...

■  ■  ■

How my boyfriend raped me

This story has happened to me quite recently. One evening our company had a drink and my boyfriend pulled me into the bathroom. By that time we had already had a little of sex practice in such an awkward place.

When everyone was shifting from general fun to their own business, he offered t...

■  ■  ■


- Xenia! 

- Yes, Alexey Petrovich? 

- We have a new patient. Work with him! 

- Ok... Is he cute? 

- Go ahead and see for yourself. 

I work as a nurse. Well, not exactly a nurse. I sleep with VIP patients. No… “sleep” i...

■  ■  ■

Through the dream

I was sick a bit and sleeping, when suddenly I felt somebody's hand touched my ass, the hand began to knead the ass insistently touching my pussy. It was running on the back with a light touch, and once again descended to squeeze the ass and I woke up. Massaging my buttocks, he slowly moved t...

■  ■  ■

How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life a...

■  ■  ■

One night story

People living in the network constantly find each other on certain web sites. You are not surprised seeing another familiar face at one or another site. Sometimes the profile of a person can be in your contacts for years.

And then boom! After so many years... suddenly something burst out....

■  ■  ■

Blowjob at workplace

I work as a head of department in a large building company. I’m 30 years old, and I am a great skirt-chaser try not to miss a single skirt. I am tall, athletic and women like me. So I’ll tell you the story of how I seduced one of my employees. 

Her name is Vika, she appear...

■  ■  ■

Grassy glade

Artem and Karina, old friends, met by chance on the forest glade one lovely summer day. The glade was luring them with the bright sun, the soft carpet of low grass with red-pink spots of strawberries. Slender birches bowed to the ground with their branches with leaves of emerald color. 

■  ■  ■

Paradise flower

Svetlana threw off her dress and became completely naked. I cought my breath - her beauty drove me go crazy. The exciting wild desire, big smooth thighs, wonderful ripe breasts with large beckoning nipples, a thin line of hair on the neatly shaven pubis - all this could not but cause me have a gr...

■  ■  ■

The Clit's diary

30 Jan. I hate Her artificial nails. Again scratched me. Everything hurts.

3 Feb. She was watching lesbian porn. Saw a lot of my bros. I guess they are good there... I came twice. Good. The second time was from envy.

5 Feb. She picked up a man. That drunk man with two-day long brist...

■  ■  ■


One day after quarreling with my girlfriend and after her departure to the parents I decided to get drunk in the nearest restaurant. The night promised nothing but boring drinking alone. But, as probably every night, it was gradually transforming with each raised glass of cognac. And then It was...

■  ■  ■

Rough sex

I drove my cock between her legs so that she cried out with pain.

I was angry at her for she made public our relationship among co-workers. I was her immediate supervisor. She (her name was Galina) was my right hand and.. my mistress. (Yes, I was married and loved my wife.)

I came t...

■  ■  ■

How I tried with a man for the first time

The first experience of sex with another man I had by a chance!

It happened spontaneously. My friend Vlad called me to come saying there are two cool chicks wishing to fuck. At first I didn't want to go, but my friend called three more times. I succumbed to the entreaties and took off....

■  ■  ■

Sveta's birthday

I can tell you how I my girlfriend Sveta and I celebrated her birthday.

I invited Sveta and three guys to my place, but I didn’t Say a word about the guys. The guys and me overthought the script of the holiday.

When my girlfriend came home, the guys stripped naked and got hidd...

■  ■  ■


"...To take or not to take", I thought, “I’ll do the task honestly!!! I took the shower in the morning and put on the bra. Going without it would be funny: my big breasts were up and playfully protruding upwards... green long summer dress with large slits in the front and th...

■  ■  ■



...They were three dancing together. Their eyes were closed, the black silk blindfolds didn’t give a chance to see each other. But there were no bandages on the hands, so they could "see" and caress everything. 

She was alone, she was between them.&nb...

■  ■  ■

The girls of autumn

Autumn... it's cold again in the evenings.

Girls, wrapped in padding, are in a hurry knocking with their heels to and fro.


Not gonna stop, just moving a little slower - icy wind gets under the jacket and spreading his cold tentacles over the flesh.


■  ■  ■

How it all got started

I was 20 when I met Lena.

I was sitting at the bar Pyatnitskaya and sipping my fourth Margarita, trying to recall when I had had sex last time. I was remembering not the most pleasant. Husband, bed, marital duties. I really mean duties, not sex. But alcohol gradually made my mood better. W...

■  ■  ■

For hitch-hiking lovers

It happened in October. It was already cold. I was returning from work to the suburbs. There was no bus, I felt as cold as ice. I'm 25 years old. Young and handsome I am standing over there and waiting. A red Toyota is passing by, but suddenly the car slows down and goes back. The driver is a...

■  ■  ■


You are coming into the bathroom. The tub is filled with hot water, jets of steam are rising lazily to the ceiling and taking bizarre shapes on their way. You are taking off your t-shirt, the jeans, undoing the bra, gently rubbing your chest and gently massaging the nipples, making them more sens...

■  ■  ■

Summer shower

I dropped in to see her tonight.

She wore her tight blue jeans and a t-shirt. Her eyes ignited the desire. All day it was extremely hot, in the apartment it wasn't better... She rushed into my arms. I could feel her breath and her delicate fragile body in my arms. She was sexy as alway...

■  ■  ■


As always, we were celebrating the birthday of one of our colleagues in the office. Got drunk good enough. Then we went on at one girl's apartment. There we also continued drinking, but I didn’t want to drink, I wanted debauchery. I just wanted to have sex with one girl, Elena, but befo...

■  ■  ■

Pleasant surprise

That day Kate invited me to her place. After she taught me the art of love, I got used to the fact that we often make love and therefore I wasn’t surprised by that offer. However, upon entering her apartment, I saw a new luxurious fur coat of arctic fox that made me suspicious: Kate knew my...

■  ■  ■

Just a dream

I don't know where Anna was at that time, and it is not important. I didn’t hear Sveta as well, probably, she is asleep. You're helping me with something in the kitchen... I am working with vegetables in the sink. You have something to cut on the table, standing with your back turne...

■  ■  ■

How to make a whore of a virgin

It all started with the fact that our office needed the second accountant. Our 26- year-old Sveta had recommended her girlfriend. Helen was a cute 22-year-old girl, and we, three men, naturally were thinking how to have her. We thought about Sveta as well, but she was married and it was not good....

■  ■  ■

My girl behind the window

It began about 11 PM, when I wanted to have fun with my girl. She had her separate apartment. So I come to her house and knock on the door, but nobody opens. She lives on the ground floor, so I walk around the house, have a look through the window and smile, for I saw my friend sitting at the tab...

■  ■  ■

The first time in the mouth

The first time I had sex with a man in 2001. Earlier I had girls only, and I liked them. The first fantasies about sex with a man appeared in high school, at that time it ended up with my fierce masturbation while watching porn and sticking to my plump ass some stuff. Then, already in the Institu...

■  ■  ■

Easy sex

First, I need to introduce myself. My name is Mike, now I'm 22, but "IT" had happened when I was 18. At that time I was passing session exams at the University, but I didn't think about marks for some reason... And I was thinking as all the other guys just about sex. I was going...

■  ■  ■

A party

It happened one summer evening when my friend Kate decided to host a house party. Her parents left to Moscow on business trip for three days. Kate called me and asked to help her. I kindly agreed. 

I came to her that evening. I decided to put on a denim skirt and a blue transparent sh...

■  ■  ■


Mr. Lutchinsci got sick and called for an Ambulance. The doctor there was a pretty fair-haired girl that arrived on a call. He found out it was a neighbor girl. He hadn't seen her for a long time. When she had got married, she moved to another district, gave birth to a child, had divorced, bu...

■  ■  ■

How Sergey took my ass virginity

I was 18 years old. So young! A wild child, a bitch, a street kid. Sergey was 14 years older than me. He seemed such an adult to me. Not handsome, but very clever. There was something wild in him. He could just look with his wolfy eyes and everyone obeyed. Although I was an awful anarchist, but b...

■  ■  ■

Sex under the rain

A raindrop fell down on my cheek, and it was immediately licked by your hot tongue. For a second our eyes met, and all kept inside with great fountain burst forth out. 

A huge life baggage behind does not prevent us, like children, from looking forward to the meeting each rare once. O...

■  ■  ■


I never belonged to sexual minorities, moreover, I thought it was shameful, I was afraid of that. The matter was that I had a boyfriend, I loved and adored very much. It seemed to me there was no one more beautiful in the world, I was living in a fairy tale. 

This continued until I fo...

■  ■  ■


I've always wanted to make love to a woman. 

I'm attracted by the smooth curves of the body, nice lines, soft skin. I'm always looking with secret interest at the ladies around. I wonder what underwear they are wearing now, when the last time they had sex was, how they loo...

■  ■  ■


You are coming soon. How long shall I be waiting? Half an hour? Ten minutes? 

Once again I look in the mirror. Clear skin is shiny and rubbed with creams, the hair is gathered on the back in a high ponytail, the hair down there is trimmed, only a small rectangle of hair left emphasizi...

■  ■  ■

In the army

Recently I received a letter with a very interesting story and decided, with the permission of the author, to publish his remarkable story. 


When I was in the army (long long ago), the most favorite entertainment of the guys was as it follows. 

Sunday mornings e...

■  ■  ■

Dream is sex

It all starts with the fact that I arrive in an unfamiliar city, and there I get acquainted with a young man. I really like him and he likes me too, besides, I need someone who knows the city, and if he is handsome, it is twice as cool. We meet each other in the dancing club, accidentally on the...

■  ■  ■

Wake up darling

I was in a dark room, where in the corner there was a burning candle, but its light was so dim that I couldn't see the room good. I saw only a big bed covered with red sheets. I could hear children laughing, but I didn't see a single child in the room. A gentle voice called me... «t...

■  ■  ■

I will tell you my fantasy

- May I?

- Of course, Kate. Come on in, I was waiting for you. Come on, lie down on the couch.

- Thank you. 

Kate walked over the cabinet and quietly sat on the edge of the expensive leather couch. 

- Do not be shy. Lie down. Make yourself comfortable.

■  ■  ■

My guard was taken off

I met them via Internet. I have long wanted to try having sex with a couple. I don't know why this desire was born, but it was. And it was growing. 

They invited me for a visit and, of course, I came with some snacks and drinks. Tatiana was a little overweight woman, as for my tas...

■  ■  ■

When I'm feeling bad

Sometimes you want to escape from everything... everything seems to be grey and dark, the world seems to go crazy and tired you need to relax...

The best way for me is to go with a friend and without the husband somewhere out, have fun so that in the morning I could laugh remembering the n...

■  ■  ■

Unforgettable story

I’m going to tell you a story that had happened to me in the summer of 2000. One day my friends and I went to play basketball. Among my friends there was my girlfriend who plays basketball even better than some of guys.

After the game was over, we decided to go to a bar to drink some...

■  ■  ■


He called me at 1:00 AM and, as always, with his dry calm voice told me to come to him. Of course, I immediately got ready to go. Into the night. Through the whole city. Taking with me a bottle of Martini I opened in the taxi and drank almost all of it on the way. 

I arrived to him st...

■  ■  ■


I was twenty at that time. I knew women, but in quite a traditional way. As 

for lesbians, I heard of them just a bit. 

One day I was home when the doorbell rang. On the threshold there were my 

friend since high school, Marina, and a slender short blonde...

■  ■  ■


She was standing her head down looking at a book. She was wearing a strict skirt and a white blouse buttoned up to the neck. She was very beautiful, her hair collected in a knob, no makeup and a faint scent of flowers coming from her skin. She was about twenty, and in the evenings she worked in t...

■  ■  ■

Do not drink too much

One day, returning from night shift work in the very early morning, when the dawn was just breaking, Andrew saw a young girl lying on the lawn completely unconscious. "What happened?"- thought Andrew and came over to the girl. But, after he had looked carefully over, he was glad to see...

■  ■  ■

My stranger

Dream... What is a dream? What is dreaming?

Sometimes I close my eyes (sometimes lying in the bathtub, sometimes they are closed just in my mind, sitting in front of a TV screen or a computer monitor)...

I close my eyes to imagine him. To be more precise, just someone... I don't...

■  ■  ■

A peach

Once upon a time there lived a Peach. He was quietly growing ripe in the tree along with his brothers and sisters, whose fate had already been predetermined: to become a sweet jam, a filling for pastries or a delicious breakfast with milk. 

Our Peach wasn't happy with the prospect...

■  ■  ■

An occasion in the army

I was in the army and I was 21 years old. I opened the interest in men, but I really had no idea how to find and meet someone who would share my interests. I masturbated a lot. Since I was a Sergeant, I had my own room, and I had the opportunity to masturbate as often as I wanted. 


■  ■  ■

In the dark park

Dark park... summer... you're coming home late at night.... it’s hot outside... 

You are wearing a light knitted dress, just above the knee.... underneath there are small panties and a bra of beige... 

I’m sitting on a bench and smoking.. I see you in the l...

■  ■  ■

Scientific conference

Scientific conference in a place not far from Riga. A little cold. Autumn. Beautiful. Sad.

The speaker — a slender dark-eyed girl with a shock of black hair. They are rough and unable to hold any hair setting...

After the meeting I’m going downstairs. Walking along the b...

■  ■  ■

A party

It happened long ago. It was the time when the first mobile phones appeared, 

the Internet was like a miracle. I was 18 and longed to try it with a girl.

It was only the beginning of summer, white nights, the heat. One day at a 

lecture I met Kate via text mes...

■  ■  ■

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for. The wishes may come true easily and not as good as you wanted them.

My name is Alina, I am 19 years old and I am… I was a virgin until recently. This is strange for our time to be a virgin, but it’s a fact.

You may ask, how could it be?

■  ■  ■

Oh, that beach!

It was a year ago. One hot day we went to the lake by bikes. We just wanted to swim and, of course, to watch the stripped girls.

We arrived, stripped down to swimming trunks and rushed to the water. The water was cold, but great.

The main action began soon after our arrival, at the...

■  ■  ■


We were walking through the park. It was dark, many of the benches were not lit, to say nothing about more secluded areas of the park. Our trajectory was planned by him – we were walking deeper and farther from the line of shops, until the time came when no one was seen around. 

■  ■  ■

Milena. A day with friends

The long-awaited evening had come and as I promised Vadim, I put on the panties and the stockings with a garter belt under the jeans. We met at my house and started calling friends to have a walk. In the end, after half an hour we had about 7 persons, so we decided to take drinks and walk around...

■  ■  ■

Red negligee

- Does your spine hurt?

- Yes. During the competition someone kicked me on the back...

A pretty blonde of about forty five was standing in the subway car and smiling nicely.

— It's easy to cure... I can make a wonderful elixir. Smear it over your back and no more pa...

■  ■  ■

On the roof

She was standing on the roof of an ordinary 9-storeyed house. It was almost midnight. It was a warm summer night. Light wind waved her long hair and tiny dress on the naked body. The girl's name was Elena. She was short, had a beautiful figure and a neat ass. Her body was shaking a little, bu...

■  ■  ■

Nice morning

It was four o'clock in the morning.

Quietly, not to wake the sleeping wife, I left the apartment. The car obediently started up and I drove it away from the yard. On the corner of the road there stood a young pretty woman; her plain jacket looked great with short tight skirt. I immedia...

■  ■  ■

Looking for adventures

One day my lover invited me to his home. For the reason my sweet fanny wanted adventures I happily agreed. He asked me to take bracelets for binding by the hands and the legs and warned me he would be with his friend there. We agreed at 21.00 at his place.

I knew there wouldn’t be an...

■  ■  ■

How my husband made a slut of me

My name is Milena. I'm 27 years old. I'm a little plump brunette with lush breast and tempting shapes. I'm married. My husband's name is Gleb, he's 45. Despite the age difference, we have a great relationship, but lately we are lack of money. One day his friends Dima and Yura...

■  ■  ■


It was a sunny day and evening was close to come. Beautiful girl with long black hair, slim figure, round juicy buttocks, with breasts number 4 was walking home from her friend. She was wearing just a light dress. She got on the bus but missed her stop, got off at another one on an unfamiliar str...

■  ■  ■

It's finally happened

This is the story about the disclosure of my identity and my intimate desires.

The entire life since childhood I was very attracted by men, I used to hide that fact and was shy, but as time went on, the desire became unbearable. I learned what sex toys are and got good experience how to br...

■  ■  ■

Russian roulette

One summer my friends and I were traveling through Europe. We were travelling on the toterhomes, but there were only three of them, and we were seven, so we had to get into pairs. I rode with a guy who pissed me off, you won't believe why. He was always saying he loves me, but I didn't be...

■  ■  ■

Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't se...

■  ■  ■

Virtual reality

The morning had come suddenly. All night long they were passionately drumming on the keyboard, fantasizing what their real meeting would be like. They met online in the Internet like thousands of other young people searching for novelty. 

Horny with night chat he invited her to his pl...

■  ■  ■

A hole in the shower stall

Summer, sea, two weeks of freedom. After going to the beach we all are covered with sand and salt from sea water. The line to the showers is very long, from the dining area to our camping. I’m standing and waiting, I can't wait to wash off this squeaky sea water to feel myself fresh and...

■  ■  ■

Sweet dream

I open my eyes looking up at the ceiling. The room is dimly lit. Groping my mobile phone. Its light is blinding me at the first press on the lock button. It’s early morning. I’m putting the phone with the screen down and turning on one side, my hand pulling the wheezing body closer.

■  ■  ■

Preparation to surgery

Hello! This story happened to me when I was 18. I just returned from winter competitions from another city and I had pain in the right side of the stomach. The pills did not help, then I called for an ambulance and was sent to hospital. The doctor examined me and said it was the appendicitis wors...

■  ■  ■

Hot deal

Sarah has been working in real estate company for several years and has established herself as a leading specialist. Her picture is on the company’s wall of fame. Cute blonde with great figure. Such a girl can easily attract the attention of any man. Sarah successfully uses it, sometimes wi...

■  ■  ■

Hot friday night

One evening I was coming back home from work. My dear slut met me at home, she was wearing a robe and under it I could see the fishnet stockings and shoes with high heels. I asked:

- What are we celebrating, my dear?

- Today I'll introduce you to my fitness trainer, Dennis.

■  ■  ■

A part of my life

In the summer, about 2 years ago I moved to another city, in a new building district. The construction process continued and there were not so much of inhabitants. Day and night guest workers were working. Freedom and lust surrounded me. I was using it in full. Before that I was fond of disguisin...

■  ■  ■

Wild beach

This beach was far away from the main places of having rest, you might see almost no one there. That’s why coming here, I usually swam naked. So it was that time as well.

Before going into the water I saw my reflection in it — I saw a very thin, even almost skinny young man.

■  ■  ■

Good man

The story is written for me by a good man.

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train and thinking: "Once again… once again I’m looking forward to her coming?"

We met at one funny party dedicated to BDSM. She was a little late, but appeared with effe...

■  ■  ■

Simply with gusto

One... I open my eyes, two... the light goes off, three... I feel the human warmth...

He moves towards me, I feel the breath, he hugs me, I feel the heartbeat. All is well, as usual, I'm used to that, this warm sincerity.

He gently kisses me on the neck, I utter strange sounds o...

■  ■  ■

My friend is a trans

My name is Irina, I'm 20 years old, blonde hair, slim figure, chest number 4. This story began a year ago.

I came to study in Gelendzhik city. I moved in a Studio apartment with a joint bathroom. The first day I heard a loud electronic music. That continued for next 4 days. Finally I d...

■  ■  ■

Room for rent

Hello, my name is Olya, I am 18 years old. Blonde, short, good figure, delicious booty and small and neat tits. As a student I rented a room in the apartment of a man. He was married and lived separately, I saw him once a month on the day of payment for the room. Usual fat forty-year old man, the...

■  ■  ■

My first experience with trans

My name is Peter, I am 23 years old and I am a usual Moscow guy. Recently, I got addicted to she-males, I no longer got excited with a video with ordinary women, while girls with cocks got me turned on very much. So I decided to meet with a trans in Moscow. We agreed to meet, I got ready and came...

■  ■  ■

My precious

Hello world!

My name is Mark. I'm 21 years old. I used to visit gym, but got bored and started playing basketball. With my height 192 cm this is it! I had a lot of girls, but no serious relationship, never been so hooked to have one girl forever. In general, I want to tell you the stor...

■  ■  ■

One for seven

I want to tell you about my loss of virginity. I was 18 years old and we were sitting in the apartment of my groupmate and drinking beer. I was the only girl there, I thought they could be trusted. And there were seven guys of different age, but all of them were older than me. After 3 bottles of...

■  ■  ■

Love on the flower glade

— Polyenka, you are so lovely, — Michael was humming, circling around the innocent creature.

Polyenka, embarrased with the pressure of the brutal handsome, tried to look away from persistent lover, shyly hiding her eyes behind the fan of eyelashes. Her heart fluttered, sweet ne...

■  ■  ■

Our games

Hello, I want to tell you a story with only the names changed. The rest is all reall.. My name is Marina, my husband is Sasha...

We were lying on the couch and watching a movie on the laptop, suddenly I offered to watch porn, he agreed. We found some porn where a man was brutally fucking a...

■  ■  ■


Natasha knelt down in front of David and began pulling off his pants which covered his mighty dick. She bared its head and began to lick the cock of her lover. I was standing close and filming everything on the camera, my dick was up like a stake. Of course, my wife is now going to be fucked by a...

■  ■  ■

It was painful

It happened to me yesterday. A little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, normally built. Never had it with a guy. I have fake account in the social network for my friends couldn’t know I’m a gay. I've long been looking for a guy for sex, but either I didn't like them, or I c...

■  ■  ■

My guest

You have come to me exactly knowing what will happen next. You know that I'm not interested in your soul, your inner world. I don't want just usual sex. I love coercion. You agreed to my terms: I do to you whatever I want, no matter what you say and no matter how hard you resist. Deep ins...

■  ■  ■

Yummy sushi

Someone knocked on the door, and I walked over and opened it. In the doorway there stood a sushi delivery boy, I invited him in and went to take money to pay for the delivery. While I was looking for change, the husband invited the guy into the kitchen and offered some beer. He agreed, saying tha...

■  ■  ■

Husband's brother

When I was 20 and my husband 25... husband’s 18-year-old brother came to visit us on summer vacation. My husband was at work, but I was also on vacation... and so it happened that I was with his brother everywhere: in Aqua-Park, aquarium, zoo, anything... at home we were also together...

■  ■  ■

Sex in the forest

It all started with the fact that my wife Mary took another business trip for a week. Before she left she said openly, what she would be cheating on me there and let me have some fun as well...

And now all my free time was devoted to surfing porn sites. I opened another dating site... I wa...

■  ■  ■

That's what I'm waiting for

You are coming home and I’m meeting you at the door. I’m wearing a black silk gown with red roses long to the knees, and white lace lingerie under...

I kiss you very softly, and at the same time with growing passion, letting you know how much I missed you the whole day... Then,...

■  ■  ■

Couldn't wait

My name is Christina, I'm 22 and I’m married 2 years. I'm a nice girl with big breasts number 5. My husband is a sailor, his name is Vladimir. I want to tell you a very interesting story.

It was about a year ago, my husband went on another voyage and was supposed to be back i...

■  ■  ■

Students Day

My name is Arina and I'll tell you how I lost my virginity in the freshman year. It happened on the Students Day, all of our group gathered to celebrate. At first everything seemed fine, a little drunk, we sang, danced and had fun. But I had no idea how my evening would end up. Our celebratio...

■  ■  ■

Red flame

Her hair splashed over the clean white sheet. Bright red, very charmy and sensual like its owner going through one of her most striking and piquant moments in her life.

—A-h, Ah...

All red, the girl seemed to have become even redder —my finger barely touched her clit and...

■  ■  ■

In the sauna

My name is Kirill. I'm married, I'm 36 years old, no children yet. I'm athletic, three years of going to the gym. I live in Vladivostok. Married for 7 years and naturally want to have other girls sometimes. I have no time to look for a girl, I signed up on a dating site. 

■  ■  ■

Fulfilled husband's dream

I woke up lying on the right side. I was awaken by decisive husband’s hands, slowly and enjoying the process, squeezing my chest. Involuntarily waking up, I felt his erect cock touching my buttocks and I habitually arched the back, leaning towards him.

As always in the morning he fuc...

■  ■  ■

Love is blind

This is really one of the funniest story my friend has told me. Here I'll be narrating from his name to make the story more vivid.

I work in a solid company on a good position. And there I have a friend. Also the boss, only of the adjacent department.

That friend happened to fal...

■  ■  ■

First squirt

It was an ordinary evening we were spending together in our bed. As always: long rough sex. For the sake of sex we were together. Not for love, for sex. I always firmly convince my friends that we do not have relationship, only sex. So it was. 

So that evening we enjoyed each other wi...

■  ■  ■

A trip to my husbands friends

In a cold autumn day my husband and I decided to go to his friend in the neighboring village. We quickly collected our stuff, got in the car and drove off. It was just 30 kilometers away. But I got tired for the travel time.

When we arrived we were immediately greeted and escorted to the h...

■  ■  ■

Real story

Hello, the story I write is my first, I just decided to share. I'm a guy of 20. Since I seldom have sex, I often masturbate and I do it in different way, and naturally I began to masturbate at early age. 

Doing it normaly became boring and once I found the confession of one guy sa...

■  ■  ■

The first one

In the hut there was a girl of about nineteen with a kid happily playing with the kitten in the corner. The girl quickly stood up, her hands on the chest, and scared she looked at us.

— It's all yours, sir, - looking at it, the soldier said and carefully looked around the meager...

■  ■  ■


"If you don't want your wild youth be known by husband, tomorrow arrive at the "Drop" - the fifth time I was stupidly reading the text message and could not believe in the reality of the situation. 

Opening another message I saw the picture... Two guys were thrustin...

■  ■  ■

In the subway

I must say - I'm a virgin and that's what happened to me...

I went to the Institute early in the morning rush hour. The subway was overcrowded. I was pressed with my back to a guy.

Another stream of people is flowing out of the car pushing each other. I'm pressed from al...

■  ■  ■

Internship training in psycho ward

It was in 2010. I then studied on the 5 year at the medical Institute. We were then sent to internship. For those who don’t know, this is a type of practice in the hospital. Without an internship a medical diploma is not given. The internship was supposed to be 3 months. Well, my bad luck g...

■  ■  ■

Pee, my darling

A short fantasy on the theme of water sports...

— Take it, - Oleg handed a package to Olga. Having opened it, the girl was surprised to pull a diaper out.

— Oleg, are you kidding? - she asked.

— Remember, you owe me a wish, — smiled the guy.


■  ■  ■


One evening me and my friend Lena were drinking beer in a vacant lot behind the students’dorm. We were sitting on the bench and chatting. It was summer we were wearing light loose dresses. After the third bottle we began talking loudly and laughing, in general it was fun. 

The b...

■  ■  ■

Dating site

I'm 22, a tall and athletic guy. I registered on a dating site. And one day I got a message from a stranger.

- Would you like to meet?

I immediately replied.

- You're an idiot, I'm not a gay, read the profile.

- You misunderstood. I'm not a gay either....

■  ■  ■

Morning sex

That was one of the most memorable adventures in my life. My name is Lily, I'm 28, I'm a happy wife and mother. However, when I was 25, I was terribly hungry for sex. I loved the idea that I’d have sex with a new person, or an old friend, or my husband, or a girlfriend. I used to co...

■  ■  ■


Our cashier Larissa was married and had a child, a brunette of small stature, with small neat tits and tempting ass. She was 29 years old.

Larissa and I had quite friendly relations, we communicated good as colleagues, constantly having fun laughing. The fact that she was older than me did...

■  ■  ■


I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.


■  ■  ■

The text message from my wife

This has finally happened. I’ve been waiting a possibility of my wife having sex not with me for a long time. A year, maybe two. First, there were slight hints, then the hints became more direct and finally I confessed to her that I wanted her to have sex with someone else. It was hard to t...

■  ■  ■

My boyfriend forced me to have sex

One day he asked me to spend the night with him. I used to spending nights with him, but there was nothing more than kisses.

His name was Max. He's a tall, young and muscular guy, 19 years old. My name is Marina.

I am a slim and beautiful brunette with green eyes, a lot of guys...

■  ■  ■

A party at my friend's

My name is Lena. Tall, 19-year-old brunette. I never had a complex about my appearance: the chest of the 3rd size, taut ass. Only in relations there was a hole: all my guys ran away after they got what they wanted: sex. At first I worried, but then I decided that a perfect man is long to be waite...

■  ■  ■

Pleasant work

Hi. My name is Kate, I'm 25 years old. I’m Russian but I live in San Francisco. Previously I often changed places of job and once I worked in the studio of porn movies. I worked as a casting administrator to choose actors. My first casting was when they were filming a porn parody of a f...

■  ■  ■

Romantic sex

My name is Andrew. I am 20 years old. My girlfriend’s name is Anya. She is 18. We had been dating a long time but we didn’t have sex yet. I loved my Anya more than life and, besides, she still was a virgin. I was very happy my darling was yet pure and innocent. I was treating her with...

■  ■  ■


So, I'm 27 and I work as anesthesiologist. For those who don’t know, anesthesiologist is the one gives anesthesia. There is a local anesthesia, when a certain part of a body is frozen, and there is general anesthesia when the person is completely disabled. I worked in the department of...

■  ■  ■

Occasion on the road

I decided to tell you a story that had happened in August, 2013. So, let’s begin. I live in the village. I am 27 years old. Recently I was let out from prison. I was drunk when I had got into the fight with the guys in the village and was sentenced to 2 years. When I was let out of prison,...

■  ■  ■


I was bored at home, so I decided to visit my boyfriend. I brought ice cream and decided to watch a movie with him. He met me, kissed and led me to his room. Habitually I sat down on the bed and began giving orders about what I wanted to watch. I know, it usually pisses him off, but I just can...

■  ■  ■


Hello, everyone! I want to tell you a story from my life.

My name is Andrew, I am 19 years old. I am a shy and humble guy with no popularity among females, unfortunately, I didn’t make more than friendship. I study in college. I was not so good at school, but in some subjects I succe...

■  ■  ■

Little slut

This little bitch came to my office almost every day. She was about 28, she was small and plump, like a balloon. The front two balls were of the third size.

There were two breaks at work. Coming to me, she used to throw aside the flips of her robe, showing two elegant semisperes. At first,...

■  ■  ■

The past is beginning to tell

Getting on the bus, I realized I had made a mistake. "I’d better walked on foot" - flashed the thought in my head. It was over-overcrowded and very stuffy and hot in the bus. I was immediately squeezed by the bodies of several men. I appeared in the tight circle of backs, and I co...

■  ■  ■

Anal pleasure

- Want me in the ass?

The voice betrays my desire.

- I do really!

He leans down and his tongue touches the asterisk of the anus. It’s already worked out by a lot of men and women who visited it. He wets me with saliva as deep inside as possible, his tongue stretches the...

■  ■  ■

One-night stand

I was coming home from work. It was late evening in spring. Approaching the bus stop I saw a young man, very attractive and charming... He also looked at me, we smiled to each other and I went on further.

I was standing at the bus stop, when a car drove up to me. The driver was the same gu...

■  ■  ■

Sleeping beauty

It was a long time ago, in the time when I was still a student. I was 22 years old: the age when your penis has more power over the body than the brain does. I was dying for sex, but the problem was in my overweight, not fat, but with a belly size that girls don't like. Couple of times I used...

■  ■  ■

On the way to the date with beloved one

…He threw off her blouse down on the floor and pressed the whole girl’s body to the cold wall of the stairway case. He dug his lips in her neck.

She jerked in another useless attempt to escape and uttered through her clenched teeth:

- Freak!

He rode up her skirt,...

■  ■  ■

I'll never be back there

After graduating University I had to look for work. As my mom and dad considered I needed to work, no matter where and what position. To describe myself I am a redhaird, blue-eyed, with big breasts and long legs. It was hard time to find a job, and I found one more suitable to me in spirit than i...

■  ■  ■


Hello. I want to share a real story with you that happened to me in Turkey. We went there to have a rest with my husband. I am 35 years old, brunette, height 165 cm, taut chest of the 2-nd size, we’ve been married already 15 years.

One day we went to the resort place. It was so beaut...

■  ■  ■

Our first group sex

My wife Tanya and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was the second week of our vacation. One evening we took my camera deciding to make some photos. Wandering over through the hotel we were looking for a beautiful angle of the shot. The pictures turned out to be very nice. Very sex...

■  ■  ■


This has happened to me quite recently. I still remember her scent... I can't forget...

But let's begin. I'm 18, I have brown and wavy hair. Slim figure, well-shaped breast of the 3rd size.

One day we had training in the gym. There I saw her... Never ever she had she evo...

■  ■  ■

Sweet memories

Hi all, this story is a part of my life, which unfortunately remains now only in memories. It happened in the fall of 2008 when I was 18, I had just entered the University. And my beloved was 23 years old. We were hanging out in the same company.

Everything was wonderful he had literally c...

■  ■  ■

First time becoming a girl

I am 20 years old. Always been interested in girls. But lately I happen to stumble on gay sites. I began to observe, to read and to watch porn. And I wanted to try. Visiting chat rooms and forums I decided to write to someone, and to try for the first time with a guy. The answer didn't take l...

■  ■  ■

Part No unknown

I was sitting in the office typing the contract on the computer. Suddenly my director entered the room. Today he was drunk and angry. Accounting department messed up and an important payment failed, and now the whole office was going nuts. I thought I was safely covered in the office with papers,...

■  ■  ■

Priceless experience

Xenia was an ordinary blonde with short hair, narrow waist and huge plump buttocks, like two balls of jelly. Xenia did not differ with diligence in working prefering to sit back, despite the warnings of her strict boss, and one day she received from her a curious remark about her report:


■  ■  ■

Usual night

When you come into the room, I sit on our bed already waiting for you. I'm in your white translucent shirt and white panties that do not hide all the charm of my butt. I get up and close to you, we are merging in kiss, your hands fall on my shoulders and I realize I've got to go down lowe...

■  ■  ■

Wedding present

Finally I got married! Everyone is happy. We didn’t make a ceremony in favor of the trip to the far away Dominican Republic for 3 weeks the parents presented to us. My husband and I agreed that we will give each other the gifts in honour of the wedding.

We arrived to the Dominican Re...

■  ■  ■

At the border

This story happened to me when I was in the army. It was in 2010. I served at the border. At that time I had already served 8 months until and had just 4 months before demob.

That day I was on duty. I patrolled the border together with the dog. It was summer and at 4 o’clock in the m...

■  ■  ■

Once tried

Slava was about 40. Not equal to him, of course. But he was a very interesting man. Tall and dark-haired. Always cheerful and smiling. And anyway, it was great with him. You could safely smoke without fear of being judged. Sometimes they drank beer and talked.

Previously, Slava was a milit...

■  ■  ■

Cinema occasion

Walking through the Mall, I decided to go to the bookstore to look for a new novel of a famous writer. Walking between the stands filled with books, to my surprise I met my friend - Lisa. This was a very nice girl with really slavic appearance. She studied a year younger than me, but at the same...

■  ■  ■

Lost a game of cards

So, 1 AM, I’m standing near the hotel and getting ready to give a gambling debt... He came to me from behind, covered my mouth with one hand while the other hand got under undone coat to check if I had fulfilled the terms of my fiasco. He made sure that I had only the panties under, and too...

■  ■  ■

I am already 30

I am already 30 years old. Recently I have got married. Everything is fine in bed, still I have unfulfilled dreams since early years. Once I decided to visit a dating site specifying that I want to find a couple for sex. I found it quickly, and we didn't have long correspondence and decided t...

■  ■  ■

Piquant party

Last Friday my wife was invited to the birthday party to her friend Anton. Of course, she told me to go with her saying that she wanted to introduce me to her friends. My Ludmila is a slender and pretty woman. Before me she had had a lot of men. After her first marriage she even briefly worked as...

■  ■  ■


Last night we were with friends at a nightclub. These are my old friends, Alex and Julia, and I haven't seen them for ages, and we had a lot to talk about. We came to the club late in the evening, the hall was full of people, music was laud, people were dancing. We approached our table and ma...

■  ■  ■

Sex on the beach

So, there happened one occasion, my boyfriend and I were on the beach, no people around there, it was private enough place. Well, he began making passes at me. In the beginning he just stroked me, then began removing the bra and getting in the panties. I was lying with no responding, but feeling...

■  ■  ■


I have been dating with Nastya for about six months, but I still don't have enough of her body. I was excited thinking about her smooth dark skin, brown eyes, modest smile and an outstanding butt. Her hips were the ideal for me, big and full of natural strength and health. I dreamed of her so...

■  ■  ■

Sex on the phone, hell good

Night. 00:30. As usual we are talking over the phone. He is doing something… Not very clear…

- What are you doing?

- Holding.

- Mmm… what are you holding?

- Him.

- Hey!

- Really.

- Why?

- That's why.

And there...

■  ■  ■

My dream

Can't understand what's going on with me. Where am I? Looks like home, but why so dark? Only the bed is under the light. I'm completely naked, there's nothing even to hide my nudity. Suddenly the door opens and a guy comes in. he comes up to the bed and begins watching me. I'm...

■  ■  ■

After corporate party

Decided to tell you a story that had happened after a corporate party at work.

So, I'm 22 years old and I have a year of working as a manager in a large building company. Our company won a very important tender for the construction of several apartment buildings and, accordingly, our o...

■  ■  ■

My confession

I would like to share the fact that's been haunting me from so long ago. The fact is that since some period of time I'm so keen on making blowjob that I'm ready to do it for anybody, literally to every third one. I guess it had started since I became 18.

When I was 18, I was ha...

■  ■  ■

First time with my beloved

Hi all! I want to tell you my story about losing my virginity! I was 18 years old, I wasn't very slim, but not fat, breast size 3, fair hair. My name is Alexandra, or Sasha for short.

I just began studying in the university, I never liked any of the boys in our group, but I wanted to h...

■  ■  ■

My wife been had

I'll tell you the background. My wife and I after sex often discussed this question. I asked her what she'd yield to my friends, for thinking about this always made me very horny. But she had always evaded. Although I felt that she also wished that much. These conversations happened very...

■  ■  ■


I looked in the mirror and saw familiar face features. The same blue, almost white eyes, the same brown hair, the same bristle that was ten years ago. Today I am thirty-two. I ran a hand over the bristles, washed and went into the living room.

My wife Galya, Galya my darling - brunette of...

■  ■  ■

The first trans experience

Hello, everyone. My name is Stepan. I am 27 years old. Sexual experience is quite great both with girls and boys. But this story is about a new experience in my sex life.

I met her via a dating website. Her name is Svetlana. Her photos in the profile were great and sexy, so I wrote to her,...

■  ■  ■


Hi all. My name is Alex. I'm 21 years old. I want to tell you a story which happened to me 3 years ago, during the celebration of my adulthood.

My name is Alex. Today I am 18 years old. I'm slim build, narrow waist and shoulders, cute face. Not the most masculine look, but girls ch...

■  ■  ■


It was winter. We were coming to me.

She pulled a cigarette from her purse and lit it.

- The last one, - she said looking at me with her pure azure eyes.

She had very beautiful eyes, like a mirror they reflected the whole world.

I smiled, I was short of money.


■  ■  ■

One spring day

It was in Kiev, in the month of April and it was cool enough outside. I was going back from work late in the evening. At work we celebrated the birthday of one of the employees and therefore there was a lot of drinking. I live in a rented apartment and I needed to take 10 minutes of walkingfrom t...

■  ■  ■

The first bi time

Hi! I’m now 38. It happened to me when I was almost 30. I had long wanted to try having sex with a guy, but something always stopped me. Once in ICQ a guy knocked to me. We were chatting and it turned out that we lived not far from each other, and after correspondence with him, he confessed...

■  ■  ■

I and my mistress

We were sitting at Larissa’s in the kitchen and drinking tea. I bought some cakes, chocolate, fruit and two packages of fruit wine. A couple of years ago, Larissa and I were lovers, then we broke up, as it usually happens, due to the increased claims on her part. But the memories of that ti...

■  ■  ■

My secret from Germany

Hi! In fact, I'm writing this, because I really want to talk and, who knows, maybe that would define who I am...

In school I was not very lucky with girls because I psychologically couldn't stand up for myself, but then as a student I solved this problem, packed up some muscles, me...

■  ■  ■

We invited a friend

My wife and I have been living together more than ten years, and it seemed to me that our sex should be diversified to make it more vivid. I met a man via the ads, his name was Vladimir. With the permission of my wife I invited him to our home and our condition was desire mixed with fear.

■  ■  ■

Long waiting

While we are going by bus, I'm trembling with anticipation. Soon we come to the empty apartment of my uncle and make passionate love. His hand was stroking my leg, slightly squeezing it with excitement showing his desire to possess me. I tried to control myself, but it was barely possible for...

■  ■  ■

Incredible sensations

One day I was going home from work and thinking of yesterday's quarrel with my husband: I suspected him cheating on me, as we haven't had sex for about two months. I wasn't offended by that, because anything could happen. The next day I would have a birthday, so I go home and do not a...

■  ■  ■

I just couldn't sleep

It was an amazing night... At first I was just lying on the bed and looking through the pictures on the facebook... Then I turned off the TV, put down the phone and went to sleep... I scratched my inner thigh, and it happened that I ran the fingers over the panties...

I thought, what the h...

■  ■  ■

A letter to the girlfriend


I decided to entertain you with the details of such a simple pleasure as spanking with a belt. The girl should be put in a comfortable position. Of course, comfortable for me. This position is very simple. The girl is totally naked and on her knees. Then she leans forward and presses h...

■  ■  ■


It was a warm summer evening......... I was walking alone on the beach, the moon lit my way..... I was thinking that I really wanted to fall in love, wanted to find my beloved and the only one I would be always nice and cozy with........ I was walking and dreaming..... I was wearing a snow white...

■  ■  ■

Photo session ended up with blowjob

Hi everyone. Recently I have become very keen on photography and immediately switched on to the topic "girls in underwear". I placed ads on some websites, I was looking for the girls among friends... but everything was in vain. I already thought to give up that idea.

But one day...

■  ■  ■

Experience with Sasha

My name is Stas. This story happened to me after summer University practice. I was working with my best friend Sasha. Previously I had thoughts about having sex with a guy but I thought nothing would come of it. One of those days, Sasha invited me to visit him at his home with no one else. He'...

■  ■  ■

I'm a secretute

It was in the evening. At my 18 I wanted to enter the University, but I failed. My name is Victoria, I have a great figure, height 160cm, weight 49kg, gorgeous breasts of 2-nd full size and beautiful legs, brown hair and brown eyes.

I work as a secretary of General Director in a rather lar...

■  ■  ■

Cinema for adults

I'm a girl of 22 years old. My boyfriend and I love experiments and once in Amsterdam we went to the cinema for adults. I was wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt, I had no bra, I have beautiful tits and I love to expose them, especially when the nipples are swollen. 

We sat in the...

■  ■  ■

A letter to my beloved

Vadim, I want you! I want you madly!!! Your tanned strong muscular body drives me crazy! I want to kiss you, starting from the toes, getting higher and higher over your shapely tanned legs of the football player. These soft golden hair turning into short and hard in the groin. I love the smell of...

■  ■  ■

The wife of my friend

One day, my friend, being in business trip, called me with a request to visit his apartment and find out why his wife did not return his phone calls.

I got dressed and went out. I came through the entrance and then for a long time I was pushing the doorbell button.

Finally, the door...

■  ■  ■

In the pool with friends

My friends have something like a private swing club, and we often arrange thematic parties. One of the guys has a sauna with a large swimming pool at his country cottage. So we decided to spend one weekend there. However, we used only the pool.

It happened so that the girls got down to eac...

■  ■  ■

Once with husband

It was a normal night. I came home from work. Undressed I went to the bathroom, washed, put on red lacy panties, light robe and went to the kitchen to cook dinner, but as it appeared I didn’t have to: my husband Vladimir had already made everything. We were sitting, eating and talking about...

■  ■  ■

Ultrasound scan by a young girl

I was 18, when I was sent to do an ultrasound scan of the scrotum. On the day I packed up and went to the clinic. It was terribly hot outside, unusual for early June. The doctors said that I had everything alright, but I should be checked anyway. I was waiting in the queue and worried a little. I...

■  ■  ■


Late that evening, I was coming back from work to my girl. It was the middle of November. I slowly climbed to the second floor… There lived my girlfriend Irina... I opened up the door with my key and came in her apartment. I saw the corridor lit with the path made of candles. The flames re...

■  ■  ■

First strange experience

One day I met a girl by sms, this is no longer a rarity in our days. That was a kind of blind date. But Katya appeared to be a very beautiful and slender girl, with sky blue eyes and gorgeous chest voice. We met in a cafe, we drank coffee, and I offered to go to sauna (by far we both knew the rea...

■  ■  ■

Crazy sex on the beach

As soon as I saw her, I had only one instinct - to fuck this beauty with nice boobs in all her holes.

That day I was sunbathing on the beach. I was wearing just shorts and I already wanted to jerk off, when suddenly right next to me there sat a long-haired pretty girl wearing sexy yellow s...

■  ■  ■

Secret desire

My name is Alice. I'm 19. I'm pretty cute, I have a beautiful smooth line my chest passes to the waist and then to the hips. My chest is of the third size. Blonde hair, big blue eyes. This is just a note for you to imagine me while reading this story.

I have been a long time in the...

■  ■  ■

How I fucked the A-student

It happened in the early 2000s. I was about 19 years old. I studied in the Institute. Lived in a dorm. 

Time was hot: exams, session. And bad luck, I was on humanities. And now we're supposed to have the English exam where at school I always got mark three in best cases. And in ou...

■  ■  ■


Why hiding that? I have long secretly dreamed of my wife being had by anyone. This is a kind of my obsessive fetish fantasy.

I want to make things happen by her own will and consent, just like that! But, at the same time I don't want her to fall in love with him. Sex and only sex is su...

■  ■  ■

Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. It was beautiful weather, people were getting out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked to bring his family to the country. I drove to him in the morning, we quickly gathered everything in the car and headed in the direction of the village. The...

■  ■  ■

My boyfriend couldn't wait

My name is Nika. I am 20 years old. I have a boyfriend Artem. He is 5 years older than me. We've been dating for almost 3 years. 2 years ago I lost my virginity with him. That's how it was.

4 times a week, he picked me up for a walk. My mom didn't know about him. One day he sai...

■  ■  ■

Virginity loss by experienced uncle

Katya has always been a really good girl for their parents. She was an exemplary student, polite and obedient girl, parents proudly introduced her to their friends, telling me how great she was studying in the institute.

Katya in her 18 was still a virgin. She was a very beautiful girl, bu...

■  ■  ■

I guess it's love

We met via the Internet. We texted not long and I decided to meet him. 

Probably, I need to say we have big age difference, I am 34 years old, he is 

20, but I don't care. I rented an apartment and waited for him to visit, he 

came... in the photo...

■  ■  ■

Forbidden visit

Without words upon entering the room, I slowly began to remove my coat. I hung it neatly in the closet. Keeping that on, I was slowly pulling off each finger of the glove. Undoing each button on the black transparent dress. I stayed in stockings, with a collar on the neck, in high heel shoes... M...

■  ■  ■

Hurt me

- Hurt me.

- What did you say? - he was sitting at his computer and didn't hear her words

- Hurt me, - she repeated a little louder. Her face flushed a little.

- What do you mean?

- Well, hurt me. Tie me up, flog...

Surprised he was speechless. And she conti...

■  ■  ■

House of lustful males

I was hesitant stepping closer on and on to the house full of horny men. Dozens of males, like animals, expected me coming in their house and opening for them my jaded body. I had no fantasies already, and I knew all that awaits me is sex. Rough and cruel, without the slightest shade of love. Tho...

■  ■  ■

That was nice

We were watching some insanely vulgar movie, and my feminine nature also wanted to have some fun, but my beloved was a little not in the mood, so I needed to turn him on the subsequent events. I offered him a massage. At first it was a regular massage, but then I added some erotic moments, kissin...

■  ■  ■

Overprolonged abstention

- Our motto is solid – we excite you and never let in! - playfully Lena said as we walked to her house. – My girlfriend in the country a year ago played three months with her boyfriend that way.

- You can’t do that, - I replied.

- Really...?

Halfway we stopp...

■  ■  ■

I let a delivery boy in

So, I’m 18, name’s Lena, I’m a student of the first course. Not long before my study, my boyfriend joined the army and left far away. I didn’t want to live in the dorm, so I rented a flat. The house was ten minutes walking from the university and that was best of all.

■  ■  ■

Stormy sex

I knew Lena from childhood, she was 12 years older than me. I was 20 and she was 32. One day I went to her house to return the magazine that she lent me to watch. She lived with her ten year old son who was in Sochi for two weeks.

Sitting at the table I asked when she came here. I knew tha...

■  ■  ■

Carnal pleasure, my husband

We are a young couple, about two years married, and before that we lived together and slept in the same bed, awoke in the arms of each other and with a smile on our faces going to work and to the kitchen. Yes, I am an ordinary housewife at daytime, but in the evening when my husband comes home fr...

■  ■  ■

Preparing surprise for wedding day

Hi. My name is Kate, I am 23 years old and I'm going to get married. Let me describe myself: 168cm height, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect tits of the second size, taut ass… In general, I'm perfect. 

According to the old tradition of the wedding, a bride has to prepare a...

■  ■  ■

Cheating in the toilet

Hi, my name is Kyrill, I'm 21, 180cm tall, brown short hair, go in for sports, in general, I take care of myself! My girl is 19, her name is Lena height 160cm, a spectacular girl with long blonde hair! It's the first time I decided to share my sex life with the readers, please do not judg...

■  ■  ■

The friend of my husband

My husband came home after work a little drunk and he invited the friends to drink beer. I certainly was not happy about this, so it had been going on a month already. We have two kids, and the kids and never ending drinking husband made me forget about sex, no time for that.

Only one husb...

■  ■  ■

I'm a whore

I want to tell you about me really cheating on my husband. I'm 38 but I look 10 years younger. Good figure and good appearance make men keep looking at me. I began to cheat on my husband almost immediately after the wedding. And we have lived for 20 years together.

My temperament can&#...

■  ■  ■

My first sex with older

Still being very young I realized that I like the women much older than me. My bright imagination gave me no rest: while jerking off I always imagined how this would happen with an older woman and me. Everywhere I met older women - in public transport, outside on the street, in a store, anywhere...

■  ■  ■

Accidental penetration

The woman was lying with her legs bent in the knees and pressed to the chest. Her ass was raised with a pillow placed under. Between her legs there was II settled down and working with the pelvis, trying to cum but I could not. We had been banging long enough. She was so dripping wet that even th...

■  ■  ■

Sudden meeting

I'm a beautiful girl with beautiful tits, taut ass and beautiful shapes. That night I came home from work and ordered rolls. I was wearing my silk robe (with nothing underneath).

The doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole, there stood a guy (pizza delivery boy). I opened the door...

■  ■  ■

A night at my friends

Once I had to spend a night at my friend's apartment. We drank good, it was already late and almost no transport, my home was far from there, so I stayed. His girlfriend who participated in our feast also stayed for the night. The apartment had just one bedroom, one sofa bed, so they set a be...

■  ■  ■


Covering her eyes with pleasure and with open mouth Natasha was jumping astride madly. Any cowboy or horseman, seeing Natasha's riding hid his eyes shamefully and nervously smoking on the sideline, not even trying to compete with this woman. From all the postures studied by Natasha by her twe...

■  ■  ■

Visiting my beloved

One day I went to your house. But no one was home: there was just the cat in the apartment.

It was strange, after all, it was nine o'clock in the evening. But I did not bother. I thought you were visiting Masha or Roma once again, and your parents found something to do as well.

■  ■  ■


The desire to please my wife had appeared long time ago and every year it became stronger on and on in our sexual relationship.

First, she didn’t even want to listen to about the threesome, but then we bought a dildo made of silicon, we can say that was the start point... but let&rsq...

■  ■  ■

I liked to be a girl

I am writing the real story of my life... I had a few homo experiences when I was younger, but adulthood has brought another kind of pleasure. I am 25 years old, I'm married to the girl I love, but I have always been interested in having sex with guys. Not to say that I'm a gay: kissing b...

■  ■  ■

In the shower

...I heard sound of water from the shower, I went to the sound and looked through the open door. You were taking a shower. I started to peep through the open blinds - so beautiful the water was dripping over your body, caressing your skin; you didn't see me, you were washing your head, the ne...

■  ■  ■

The girl of my friend

I guess, I need to introduce myself. My name is Dennis, I am 19 years old. This story happened in last summer. I have a friend Vlad. We studied together and developed close friendship since I live close by and we often go home together. But it was summer and the Institute was over and, thank God,...

■  ■  ■


I don't know what it's called, but it happens. You can call it a quickie, spontaneous sex, or something else. The essence does not change because of a name. It happened to me several times.

For some reason we had a party. Guests were invited by my wife so there were her friends. Tw...

■  ■  ■


I was 18. It was the usual Institute in the small city. White shirt, black pencil-skirt, a minimum of makeup - all banal and not interested... 8.30. I was late for the exam. Having run to the Institute, I got in the last five. Going along with everyone I became so excited that everything I knew f...

■  ■  ■

Dream coming true

It happened almost spontaneously. I posted the story, The Dream and didn’t even thought I would get so many responses. In the course of correspondence I realized who I was gonna meet; various stories and wishes completely characterized those men and they were added with the pictures of the...

■  ■  ■

The one nearby

My name is Vladimir. I am 25 years old. I have a large café as my business. I'm a bachelor so I had had sex many times, but all the girls were not those I wanted. I have a girl with the name Veronica working in my café, she's 21. I never thought to have sex with the employee...

■  ■  ■


Hello, my name is Julia, I want to tell you my story:

We have been long known each other, not to say we were best friend, but often stayed together with her until late with a glass (or bottle) of wine, talking about life, about the past, about guys...

Olga was 18 years old, a beauti...

■  ■  ■

For the first time

It really was for the first time, but I still remember it with indescribable pleasure...

I became fifty recently and I went to relax in the suburbs alone. My wife and I always vacationed alone. In the resort house I met a married couple: she was 36, he was 42, we had the opportunity to din...

■  ■  ■

All guys have the same thing

I'm on the beach and thinking to snatch something from somebody. Almost no one there. There I see a young couple coming over. The guy is about 25 with short and dark hair. The girl is slim, about nineteen, brown hair to the shoulders. Settling close to me. The guy says to the girl:

- L...

■  ■  ■

First time

I woke up from a loud moaning. I was lying still, scared of revealing myself. The bed of my roommate was creaking and rocking, Natasha was uttering loud groans. Before that night she asked me if I wouldn't mind her coming with a guy. I didn't mind for I had no idea what they are going to...

■  ■  ■

Once in the club

It was spring... My friend had a birthday and we went out to celebrate at a nightclub. It was fun, everyone got drunk and danced. By that time I had long broken with my first boyfriend and I had no sex already half a year. I wanted sex very much, but my moral principles did not allow to get laid...

■  ■  ■

How I tried my ass

Hi all. I want to share with you how I took virginity of my ass. The story is real. 

I woke up this morning next to my wife at 4am. I didn’t want to sleep any longer and I decided to surf the Internet. I came across the website of porn pics with the chicks when it came to collec...

■  ■  ■

First time

The cottage was quiet. Moonlight was filtering through the tightly drawn curtains, barely touching naked bodies. They were both hot, tenderness has long given way to passion. He squeezed her breasts, squeezing the nipples painfully, she dug the nails into his back, leaving scratches after. There...

■  ■  ■

For you

We were going back from the birthday of your friend, where we had a big quarrel. We both had long forgotten what it had started with, but stubbornly looked in different directions without talking.

But as soon as we stepped over the threshold, everything changed. You didn’t even let m...

■  ■  ■

Unusual defloration

Let me introduce myself for beginning: Name’s Masha, brunette, 20 years old, height 172cm, chest of 3rd size. This story happened to me when I was 18. At that time I was a virgin and wanted to have sex very much.

The story is true.

I have a friend Marina and we made a bet with...

■  ■  ■

After shower

I want to tell you about our sex life with my wife before the wedding. We practiced freedom of relations without mutual obligations and secrets from each other. My wife's name is Julia, height 167 cm, chest third size, she has taut butt and blond wavy hair reaching to the shoulder blades. By...

■  ■  ■

My first group sex

It all started when I was 20 years old. I decided to move out from parents’ house and puzzled myself with the search of apartment for rent. I found an ad in the newspaper about one room apartment for rent, so I called the owner and agreed to meet. The owner of the apartment was a woman of 2...

■  ■  ■

Suddenly wanted on the way

This story happened about a year ago. It was winter. My husband had a business trip to a ski resort. He took me with him, so to speak, to have a rest. The road closer to the route ending was surrounded with forest. Look to the left - woods, right - woods, if you go late at night, it's kind of...

■  ■  ■

Chance meeting

She got on the bus and sat next to me and immediately drew attention to her. To her neatness, cleanliness, she smelled nice. Dressed in sport kind of clothes. Easy white summer hooded jacket, Jogging sweatpants made of soft fabric, white socks and sneakers. One could feel her pleasant female tend...

■  ■  ■

Grateful mouth

I'm on my knees. I'm wearing only black stockings and shoes with huge high heels, and a cock in my mouth. He keeps his hand on my head, not allowing to move aside, and rhythmically fucks me in my mouth. He pushes his cock deep down my throat, but I suffer, because there is nothing else to...

■  ■  ■

At twin brothers'

This hot night Lisa with her friend Ilona were walking along the riverside. They had been walking long enough, and soon they were going home, but then a car drove up and two men came out of it.

- Girls, let's go for a ride, - offered they.

- Let's go! - said Ilona.


■  ■  ■

First time threesome and right in the ass

Hello, my name is Katya, I am 23 years old. I'm a brunette, blue eyes, height 170cm, breast size is almost 3, just super ass and a pretty face. Lots of cavaliers always ))) It happened three years ago. Our company was going to the camping. The weather was splendid – the whole May the we...

■  ■  ■

Attempt to bring back passion by changing partners

The mad idea of Max doesn’t let me sleep already a few nights. Constantly going over possible options, upcoming actions, weigh all the "against" and "for". But maybe this will be a way out of our family, no, rather sexual "crisis"?

After twelve years...

■  ■  ■

That first time

It happened when I was 19 years old - by that time I already realized that many of my sexual desires are rather unusual and if earlier I somehow managed to contain their pressure, now it has become unbearable. At that time in our city there was a pair of yellow newspapers that published ads about...

■  ■  ■

Best sex ever

Another warm summer evening. We are rushing through the city by his car. I want him with my each cell, I’m crave for him.. He is so confident and strong while driving. I can imagine his hands on my body, and I’m hit with shivering. I close my eyes and see his lips caressing my body, h...

■  ■  ■

The first experience of sex tourism

When I was going on vacation to Anapa, I didn’t even think about sex tourism. Honestly! Just because in the past years we had vacation together with the whole family - my husband and daughter. And in general I'm not too unfettered and used to realize my fantasy in cooking mostly.

■  ■  ■

There is nothing better than bad weather

In the morning it was raining. The barbecue had to be cancelled. Misha was staying with us. Everyone was bored with sudden nothing-to-do and cancelled barbecue. So I came up with a brilliant idea. Once I asked Sveta:

- Would you ever yield to Misha?

– I don't know, –...

■  ■  ■

Summer fantasy

O love wearing a short skirt without panties under... And my pussy was clean-shaved… absolutely bald... I'm walking wearing such a very short skirt. And I know that I have nothing under... Exciting... And my pussy is getting wet... That feeling is driving crazy when wet lips are rubbin...

■  ■  ■

Sudden turn of events

I met Vadim and Olga, a married couple, on one of the popular internet dating site. 

After brief correspondence we began to meet often in evenings at their home to discuss (as Olga said «to savor the future debauchery»). 

It happened so, that none of us ever ha...

■  ■  ■

The first date

They got acquainted via Internet. He was 47, she was 18. Big difference, isn’t it? But that was the point.

He invited her to his place after a month of chatting and photo sharing.

- Hello, sweetheart. I am fascinated with your beauty, - he approached her close, bent his head a...

■  ■  ■

Let's play for wishes

After the club I decided to go home by taxi. I came up to the road waiting for one. Suddenly I heard a female voice:

- Kira! Hello!

I turned around and saw Nica. We haven't seen each other since we studied together in school.

- Hey, Nicole!

We decided to have a lit...

■  ■  ■

Now both to the shower

I heard the water was turned off, and shortly after that clicking of the door handle and the slaps of Vitaly bare feet on the parquet. Our girls left for the spa at the hotel at the appointed time, and I was lying in bed, waiting for my turn going to the shower and relaxing after a stunning gang-...

■  ■  ■

The first try

It happened in June of the past year. I was having a rest at the summer cottage.

Well, a little about me. I'm 18 years old, for my age I look just wonderful: You can take for disadvantage my boobs of the fifth size, taut ass, stature of 165 cm, red-haired (painted, so the roots are lig...

■  ■  ■

Joy of pleasure

This morning Vika woke up with satisfied smile on the face. What happened with her yesterday couldn’t pass unnoticed. She was remembering every moment and every touch... She wanted much more...

Having made sure no one was home, Vika went to the bathroom. She adjusted the water temper...

■  ■  ■

Night trip

Work, home, work... Tranquil lifetime was diluted from time to time by going to night clubs, but we managed to escape out not so often, three or four times a year. My wife has the appearance of a model – tall, slim, long legs, and many men often turn around trying to have a better look. Of...

■  ■  ■

Weekend in the summer house

It was summer. Our small company decided to relax at the summer cottage. One of our wealthy friends had a big beautiful country house, the place we went to. We came there and occupied the rooms. Girls went to have fun in the pool, and the guys got down cooking barbeque. And we were drinking, of c...

■  ■  ■

Come on and suck it!

- Andrey Vitalyevitch, I will n-never do-o-o like tha-a-a-aa-aa-at...

The secretary was sobbing on the chest of her stern boss. He was fatherly stroking her shivering shoulders.

- Well, Lena, calm down, crying won't help! You're a grown woman, how could you be such a goof-ba...

■  ■  ■

Strange desire

Hello! My name is Vladislav, Vlad for short. I want to tell one true story, that happened to me. I'm a quiet guy, heterosexual, but there is something female in me. There were occasions when I was frightened and squeaked like a girl, although I'm a guy, but the squealing was childish, wel...

■  ■  ■

Stars are shining for two of them

Kate was a student and often travelled by train from one city to another. She was blonde with beautiful shapes and long hair, she was never afraid of meeting new people. In her eighteen years she already had several men, but she never managed to build serious relationship with any of them. And no...

■  ■  ■

The night from 18 to 19 April of 2011

You will not believe me, my fellow pervs, but now I'm typing these lines especially for you! Just behind the wall at this very time in my bedroom, the guy named Sergey is fucking my wife in the ass and I've just sucked his cock. And I don't feel disgust. 

We met him accide...

■  ■  ■

The first time with my beloved man

Hello. My name is Olga, now I'm 21 years, 173 cm tall. Slender, blonde, with blue eyes. Breast of the 3rd size. I want to tell you a story about my first time. (that time I was 18)

One day I was walking down the street, it was very sunny and warm day. Then I dated a guy who was already...

■  ■  ■

Two wheel twins

The story happened two years ago. It was summer. I was 23 years old, fairly athletic built, tall, blue eyes. I do not think I have something remarkable in the appearance, but in the opinion of many of my female friends I’m quite nice. Especially for my girlfriend, we have dated for a year a...

■  ■  ■

Just don't hurt me

She was looking forward the 3-d date with him. Dima was gentle and tender, but in his eyes there was something mysterious, maybe even perky. 

Marishka was waiting for him at home. They decided to stay home today. He showed up with flowers, champagne and a mysterious box. 

■  ■  ■

A date

You invite me to some apartment. You're there, meeting me in the hallway. I’m undoing my coat, turning my back to you, you're helping to remove my coat, but it falls from your hands down to the floor. You hug me from behind by the waist, embracing me completely and holding me with t...

■  ■  ■

When summer comes

Carelessly having thrown a towel on the wardrobe Lucy came into the room and without removing the jandals she fell down on the bed, her legs tucked up funny. And she's just beautiful – I thought, as for day-to-day penetration into her anus made me forget to pay attention to the beauty o...

■  ■  ■

Dreams come true

I woke up scared... the head was buzzing as if after some long drinking celebration. I tried to open my eyes, but failed. I tried to move, but felt pain. I was coming to senses, the headache was going away... I realize, I’m sitting in a chair. My hands are behind my back and I can’t m...

■  ■  ■

Could you surprise a hooker

Could you surprise a hooker?

- Lera, how long have you been in this?

- Five years, probably. About that, yeah...

- Ever thought to quit?

- To quit? How would I pay my apartment rent? And my son... The salary of a seamstress wouldn’t give us any good future.

■  ■  ■

Vampire chronicle

It was a pitch-dark night, just like spilled ink with the smooth spot of the full moon shining on. 

Silver light penetrated through the stained-glass window and dark wine-red velvet curtains. The flame of the fireplace was lighting over the rich furniture in the style of Louis XIV. In...

■  ■  ■

The taste of vice

Thailand. The outskirts of Bangkok. A girl sucker came out of plywood booth painted in pink, and headed to the cafe down the street. Here it is – a chance to realize my secret, perverse desire to suck a guy’s dick! Having decided, I slipped into the booth and locked the door.


■  ■  ■

It was like that

I was travelling by airplane Moscow-London. The flight was long almost 8 hours. I got in the plane and took my seat, next to me there was a guy of about 25, very pretty blond dressed in a business suit with a briefcase on his lap. It was obvious that he had a business trip. I greeted him and took...

■  ■  ■

Kate, punishment

- Wanna be punished?

- Yes, yes, please, I've been very bad.

- Get stripped completely, get down on your all fours, I'm going to flog you.

It was obvious she wanted that much, her lust was mind-boggling. On the floor there were her panties and the t-shirt. She was sta...

■  ■  ■


It was a warm October, Sunday evening. The clear sky was illuminated with the white moon. That evening, Alex and his friend Vladimir were discussing urgent problems with some glasses of beer. After a few glasses, they went home, but just before reaching the entrance Alex’ phone rang: <...

■  ■  ■

My slave

Night. Forest. Leaves are rustling, the breeze is blowing easily.

You are following me completely naked, but wearing shoes. 

You are very handsome... Height 198cm, weight 100kg. Broad shoulders, muscular arms, flat stomach with cubes of muscles, taut ass and slender long legs....

■  ■  ■

My greek god

It was a warm summer evening, my unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Beautiful night, delicious cocktails and bright dancing – what more do I have to ask for? Of course, a hot guy! But at that moment when I got to the club, I didn't think much of a guy. First I had fun with Italian,...

■  ■  ■

On vacation

This summer I was out with my friend Tatiana in the city at the black sea. It all started with the fact that on my birthday Tatiana introduced me to her old friend Olga. She was very sexy: short brunette with the tits of 3 size and a round ass. I told Tanya that I wanted Olga. Well spent time in...

■  ■  ■

First time with a guy

My name is Sergey. I'm just a usual eighteen year old boy with long hair. I love to wear women's clothes. It's very exciting. Recently my parents left for a business trip for two weeks. I could change the clothes every day and even walking over my home that way. 

And that&...

■  ■  ■

Sex with my admirer

This morning I woke up with the loud signal of my computer... I had a new email. Hmm... the sender is not familiar to me. Whatever could it be? I opened the mail and realized that not I tried for good the previous day. This was the first admirer of my erotic talent. He wrote that he liked my stor...

■  ■  ■

My Lord

I was in love with my boyfriend Egor. We had been dating a month and he was 5 years older than me. I wanted to yield to him. And once he invited me to his place, after stating that no one will be home. He was much more experienced than me and I was excited. I knew that today he would take my virg...

■  ■  ■

Your Angelina

It all started with the fact that I became keen on watching not just traditional porn video, but such video with fucking in the ass. It turned me on, and I masturbated several times a day. And at one point I wanted to feel like a girl - horny bitch being had hard in the coveted hole. The first ti...

■  ■  ■

Real cheating

In this story, there’s not a drop of falsehood, so it is not abundant with group orgies with all the perversions of the world. Ordinary true story.

After we had lived with my wife together for more than 10 years, she went with her girlfriend (the wife of my colleague) to Turkey. They...

■  ■  ■

Has it really been or not

It was a usual night, as usual I turned off the computer getting ready to go to bed. Decided to take a shower for some reason, for I just wanted to freshen up.

 Just stood under the water, the jets flowing over my skin, gently tickling. The water was quite hot and I even had to force...

■  ■  ■


Party. November, the 9-th, my friend’s birthday. I was naturally at the forefront of the invited people. There was a sea of alcohol, beautifully laid tables, good desserts. Quickly all the guests cheered, and the party in honor of the birthday turned into a total farce, but everyone loved t...

■  ■  ■

Hairpin turn

"In a former life, I was probably Don Juan", thought Eugene, looking at the sticking out lush ass of the mistress before him. 

In this life he was a Professor, Ph. D. with numerous published scientific papers, sitting firmly on the solid financial shoals, and also he was a c...

■  ■  ■

In the bathroom

Recently I discovered the bathroom for me... No, that's not what you thought - of course, I take a bath regularly, but.. Recently, when washing up my pussy, I accidentally pushed the shower head switch and the water struck from the head with three tight jets falling down on the clitoris with...

■  ■  ■

Romantic dinner

Last year I dated a guy I had been madly in love within several years. He was tall, with a beautiful body, velvety voice and piercing gaze. After a few innocent walks around the city he invited me to have romantic dinner at his home. I couldn't wait for nightfall, I took a shower, put on nice...

■  ■  ■

The first time

Hello, my story begins not so usual. Usually the network guys smother the girls with sex offerings, etc. But my story came out opposite. We met by chance, I texted her first, then standard phrases started, something like "how's it going?" and after about a dozen of sentences I learn...

■  ■  ■

Losing virginity

I met Julia in 1998. I remember this date because then I worked for a computer company, and we had promotion action to the new 1999 (in advertising design which I was engaged in, it was written "Computer for 1999 hryvna").

Julia was brought here by Mrachka that once extolled her...

■  ■  ■

Evening in the park

I remember that day in details. All fell from my hands, things were going terribly, failure followed failure. Don't know, apparently, shit happens. Or is it payback for what happened then... at least, to dispel nostalgia I went to the park, hoping to drink beer there. Of course, it was scary...

■  ■  ■

The sex of my dream

There was the time when was working as a security guard. My duties included: personal guard of the chief, and, consequently, partial control of the office.

Mila was a secretary of our chief – a slender blonde, with big boobs she always emphasized with her clothing.

She used to...

■  ■  ■

Two of them

I met Tatiana recently, but we have already managed to try everything. Once after a certain number of alcoholic beverages we decided to have some fun. It all began quite casually: cunnilingus with blowjob, then 69 position, vaginal sex, anal sex. But our intoxicated with liquor brains wanted some...

■  ■  ■

Wedding anniversary

I’ll tell you my story.

Actually I met a girl, her name was Ira. She is 10 years younger than me and I'm 28. We spent unforgettable night in the hotel. The next day her friend Vika with her husband Igor invited us for a visit to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We bought some...

■  ■  ■

Interesting adventure

This had happened to me two months ago. It was a warm May morning and I went for a walk with my best friend. We went out in the yard: green circles, the sun shines, in short, beauty is all around! Lena (my girlfriend) and I are two lovely girls. She was dressed in a short skirt and tube top, and...

■  ■  ■

My insatiable wife

My wife and I have been living already 12 years. Not to say that during this time we have our feelings cooled down. On the contrary, oddly enough, but my wife always wants. 

And I need to fuck her suddenly and in awkward places. It turns her on. You can silently go on the road, then j...

■  ■  ■

A present for the birthday

This is my first story in this genre, the debut, so to say, the story is absolutely true only the names are changed. Well, let's begin.

It happened last year, in mid-April. My girlfriend Alla had birthday, and it took a long time to chose a present for her. By the way, she is certainly...

■  ■  ■

Sorry, good bye

It was the spring of 1999. The relationship with my girlfriend became a kind of colder. In fact, about a year, we had been living in the relationship of free love, or rather she occasionally slept with girls, but I didn’t care of that. But that day...

... Spatial conversation over a...

■  ■  ■

Twisted love

My wife is a real bitch. She has dug dirt up on me and now she does to me anything she wants. Don't you believe? Then I’ll tell you. 

We got married very early, I was 19 and she was 18. She was my first love. Don't know how many men she had already had by that time, but...

■  ■  ■

Clean Diamond

Big soft bed with rose petals... the burning candles are set around... Two bodies still wet after the mutual shower... That’s it, slowly... slowly... No wasted motion... gentle caresses, kisses on all body parts... and when it comes to that very moment... to what is still uncovered for you,...

■  ■  ■

Sudden sensations with blowjob

Probably, like many others I love when a girl blows me. And my girlfriend is a great sucker (I guess because the experience :)). But recently she gave me pleasure in unusual way.

One night, when we began making love, after usual kisses she went down to my belly, kissed it a few times, then...

■  ■  ■

A letter to the girlfriend

Hello, Masechka. I want to tell you my story.

One day I invited my girlfriend to my place. I really like her. She has huge and raised boobs and her figure is very well-shaped. So she agreed and I was very happy thinking about nice spending my day. In the evening I decided to take a bath an...

■  ■  ■

Late at night

I was walking along the street late at night from my friend and there it happened to me. A car drove close to me and those in there offered me to give me a lift, but I refused. Suddenly from the back seat a man jumped out and grabbed me his arms around and threw me in the trunk. When I woke up, I...

■  ■  ■

About our becoming swingers

I have lived with my wife for about five years - when our sexual relationship began to wane. In order to revive it, I was persuading Ira to try group sex. Long time she refused, but after all I got her persuaded! Ira agreed, but on condition that she will be drunk. I talked to my friend Sasha, wh...

■  ■  ■

My first try

When I first read about sex between guys I became really horny. At that time I was really shy, so I didn’t move farther than working out my ass by myself. The happiest time was when I stayed home alone, wore black stockings with a garter belt, panties, and a tight dress. After admiring myse...

■  ■  ■

From behind

Olga leaned over the table, doing something there. She was wearing a colorful and short robe. Suddenly she noticed me sprawled on the couch and watching TV, and she swayed her ass. It excited me, and I got up from the couch.

I approached her from behind and stroked her buttocks. Then I pus...

■  ■  ■

The first group sex

That was the day I first had a fuck with two guys at once. I came to them when Roma was watching a porn movie, he didn't turn it off, offering me to watch it together.

My pussy became wet immediately; I realized I was gonna fuck with him. If he won't fuck me, I'll fuck him myse...

■  ■  ■

The girlfriend of my sister

It happened after another party, my sister passed out, and I had to go to sleep on the couch with her friend. The girlfriend of my sister was a full-bosomed woman. Her boobs of the 5th size are awesome! We went to the bed and lay top to tail. But my thoughts were only one thing - to get in her pa...

■  ■  ■

With the guy of her dream

He was the guy of her dreams. And she even thought that he paid attention to her. And then one night:

- Hello, Julia, - she heard familiar voice in the phone, - What about going to the park today? Let’s take a walk, I'll pick you up.

- Great! My parents left for a week to...

■  ■  ■

Unusual sensations

I love to come up with something new in sex! And in order to bring some variety in my sexual life, I have figured out one thing! I called my faithful girlfriend Lena and our friend Anton to my place on Saturday night! We have often had a good fuck together!

I prepared my room for fucking:...

■  ■  ■


Where to start my story? My name is Vadim, several years ago graduated College, I work and succeed in business. For several months I’ve been living with the girl I love. Consider myself heterosexual, although I had the thought of homosexual relationship. I tell you, these same thoughts exci...

■  ■  ■


Sergey woke up in a bad mood. He took a shower and wearing his robe he went down to the first floor and sat in the chair. He poured some whiskey and called the housemaid. To his call the new girl came - he saw her only once from the window. She was wearing a short skirt, a blouse and an apron.

■  ■  ■

Tender girls

She turned sharply, and the cloth around her thighs formed the folds sculptors usually dream to recreate, when sculpting the thighs of the goddess of love. With small steps of happy cat the girl came up to the front door.

- Hey, honey. I missed you so much.

They both looked like rev...

■  ■  ■

At the party

I went to the party, I had been invited by one new friend. I will tell you how I got to know him. Once my girlfriend had a birthday party and after everyone got drunk, my boyfriend and I got intimate in one of the rooms and we had wild sex. Initially we did not notice a friend of my girlfriend sl...

■  ■  ■

Hookup lover

Recently I have had a one-night stand. Actually, I really like hookups. One of my cousin came to me for a visit, he is married but used to cheat on his wife. He asked me if he could bring a girl to my place. I didn’t mind, but my wife did. He had a talk to her and said the girl would come a...

■  ■  ■

Not a friend anymore

I know Sergey for a long time, but only recently our relationship moved on to another status. He recently came to me, and I live in the village, when my parents weren't home. I was very happy. Because we were very good friends. Neither he, nor I up to this day had not thought of each other in...

■  ■  ■

Park tale

They were young and in love with each other. Despite the fact that they have been together long enough, the mutual attraction was incredibly strong. Once, the fate brought them to one of the European countries. And in European countries, as you know, there are a lot of beautiful castles. And they...

■  ■  ■


He was 33, and she recently became 18 years old. His name was Andrew, her name was Natasha. They were just friends. She had all the qualities of a good girl, and she was beautiful.

One day he invited her to take a walk. They walked, had some time in cafes, he was telling her stories... and...

■  ■  ■

Romantic night

Another note in the diary. Autumn.

That cold autumn night we were together with Tanya. Just after dinner we went to her cozy bed. As often happens with me before going to sleep: the whole passed day is running through my head. So that time it was almost the same, but the thoughts were abou...

■  ■  ■

Torn for the first time

We met at his place. I was probably about 18-19. He's probably 32 or a bit more. I was beside myself with fear. Perhaps, a girl is feels the same before becoming a woman. I was simultaneously fucking excited, afraid and shy and I wanted...

I sat on the couch, we began to talk about som...

■  ■  ■

Up in the butt

It happened on the Whit Sunday. Barbecue, wine and not very large mountain river. We were together: me and Timur. We had a bright romance. The sea of sex and the ocean of passion. Every time we were alone, we tried something new: petting, positions, etc.

"My dear, you made me feel so...

■  ■  ■

Old friend

I haven’t seen this very close to me man for a long time. We were in love with each other. A few years after breaking up, living in the same city, we haven’t even seen each other, and after all we met at the supermarket, sharing the news, hugging each other as if we were always togeth...

■  ■  ■


"Bad day, today is so unlucky!" I thought, standing in the broken elevator, and poking the buttons randomly. It all started in the morning: late for school, the teacher got on me with the questions, stupid rain, still wet all over. "And this jerk is breathing down on my neck"....

■  ■  ■

Marina Kudryavtseva

Long time ago I had a girl. I was still a greenhorn 18 years old, she was either. We both were fascinated with anime, so we actually met. After dating for a year, I had to leave for three months, (doesn't matter why). Her name was Marina Kudryavtseva, she had too many hang-ups, and was abando...

■  ■  ■

Job is job

I'm not against office romances, but as for me, I’m not in, because I’ve already faced with the consequences.

Once I stayed long in the office alone on duty, I made some coffee and was surfing the internet. Very soon it turned out to be that I was not the only one workaholi...

■  ■  ■

My friend fucked my ass

This story happened in the city of........

After graduating my friend and I turned out to be in this city together. He lived in a rented apartment and I visited him, but not as often. When I visited him, we used to jerk off watching porn movies on the laptop. His dick was a bit curved but...

■  ■  ■


Fatso leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed with pleasure. As the leader of one of the largest crime syndicates in the City, he could afford satisfying his little weaknesses.

Now the red-haired girl, the embodiment of all the innocence that still remained on the earth, obediently f...

■  ■  ■

Cheating on

My non-fictional story of what happened to me in July! Maybe someone will be interested.


And here we are on his yacht. It's not very big, but so cozy! As soon as we descended down to the cabin, I quickly threw off my sundress without saying a word! I helped him to undr...

■  ■  ■

Sex training

Last Tuesday we had a sales training. We gathered a group of 6 people. When the coach had come, he introduced himself to everyone, but I was the one he gave the sweetest smile. The training was excellent, the coach, his name was Sergei, said that I had the best presentation and everyone needs to...

■  ■  ■

Wonderful morning blowjob

We woke up early in the morning. I said “Good morning, honey” and kissed her gently. We were looking at each other happily. We were lying and chattering about this and that... then I pressed her closer to me. I felt her warmth and her breathing in my ear. It rather excited me and I ki...

■  ■  ■


We have a long-established company  - MW + MW + M. Last year we went to the country cottage. My wife got a headache and refused to go. In the end, our company was MMMW. Lenochka (Lena) is a young wife (24 years old) from the second couple, was a little confused. Usually my wife was turning e...

■  ■  ■

Ladies and whores

- So, dear ladies, I ask you not to leave, I need to talk to you!

The tutor of the Elite College addressed the class of fifteen girl-pupils, sitting at their desks in the classroom.

- There are cases found out of some students wearing non-regulation clothing, which is prohibited by...

■  ■  ■

My fantasy's become true

My name is Sergey. I decided to write a short story about that had happened to me in April 2010, in Tomsk. The fact is that being younger I had sucked my friend’s dick just for the sake of interest. Much time has passed since that time, but the fantasies appearing in my mind gave me no rest...

■  ■  ■


I have long wanted to play the role of a girl. Often staying home alone, I was taking on the clothes of my older sister. Stockings, panties, bras, skirts, tops and dresses – I tried on anything. Grown-up I’ve read about anal sex and blowjob in the internet and become eager to try it a...

■  ■  ■

You are wonderful!

We are saying something. Sharing irrelevant news. Kidding.

Smiling. How long it’s gonna be! How long can we lie to each other! You missed me as well! You want too...

I look into your eyes behind the glasses. I catch the movement of the lips. You're smoothing your hair. I r...

■  ■  ■

Caressing in the bathroom

Last days my husband does very inactively with me... strange. He says, of course, his boss has fucked his brains up, and he seriously considers giving it up. But it’s crisis time now, he hesitates because our family does not want the head of the family to be unemployed and we sucked. Well,...

■  ■  ■

The first is unforgettable

This story happened to me quite recently, and I cannot but share it with you. I'm 18 years old, and all this time I have not had a boyfriend, my mother thought that I didn’t need him at all, because all the guys want only one thing. But I wanted the same “one thing” as well....

■  ■  ■

The beach

Once travelled to Turkey on vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was sitting at the counter in the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed the world around. Next to me there was a very charming young man, I immediately noticed him. Our...

■  ■  ■

Meeting flagellant

We long corresponded with Alex via email, sometimes the correspondence broke mostly because of me, but then again resumed. He had long wanted to meet but since he lived in another city, it was difficult for me to visit him. I was just looking for experienced active flagellant but I was also a lit...

■  ■  ■

Must be that way

I was very lucky to have found a good job in the office. The team was small, 7 persons only, and all of them were women but for me and the chief. The chief was not young but in great shape and very polite. He sent me to the secretary Valentina to get acquainted with the team. Valentina looked ver...

■  ■  ■

The first experience at the party

My parents left for a week on vacation and I stayed alone at home. Of course, I immediately invited a lot of people and we had a party. There were about twenty of us. People drank alcohol, and so did I. When they were going to the rooms for privacy, I was approached by a guy I knew not so well. A...

■  ■  ■

Two girlfriends talking

Two women were talking in the kitchen, they drank a bottle of liquor and now they plunged into memories, because both had studied in the same Institute. 

- You Alla look really great; tall blonde, wearing expensive clothes, where do you work? 

- In one company – as a...

■  ■  ■

Occasion with the neighbor

My name is Mary and I'm 19. Since 14 I really wanted to have sex, and how it seemed to me, I was quite ready. I'm a pretty beautiful girl: slender, dark chocolate hair, brown eyes, pretty face. My chest is small but I think its quite good looking, at the height 163cm, I have complete seco...

■  ■  ■

My wife

Once my wife comes home and says in their department a vacancy of director’s assistant appeared. I say with a smile, “You are not offered, are you?” My wife says, “I asked Alexey Viktorovich about the position, and he says, Yana it is not for you, I asked why, he says, he...

■  ■  ■


My name is Svetlana! This story happened last year and I still can't forget it! In July I had a vacation and I decided not to take my girlfriends with, I just wanted to take a break from this city life! On arrival to the shore of the lake, I pitched the tent and lay down to have a rest!

■  ■  ■

After the quarrel

We haven't spoken for almost a week, he was rude, I was offended, and he was offended that I was offended, a vicious circle. Still he had to pick me up from work... And there at the appointed time, under the windows of my office our white car appeared. I quickly packed up, threw on my cloak a...

■  ■  ■

On the lecture

In the auditorium at the last row was empty and the most of people were separated from me by three or four rows. Everybody already got used to that and nobody paid any attention to such a grey mouse like me.

The lecture had already started when another student came in. The teacher sluggish...

■  ■  ■

My bisexual philosophy

Having opened Pandora's box in the form of wife’s finger in your anus or a strap-on there, you are becoming forever bisexual. This, of course, is more varied relationship than the type of M+W or M+M. You take pleasure from the sex with your wife – she has boobs, she moans when you...

■  ■  ■

Fantasy and reality

I have been married for three years, as for sex we have it ok, everyday life is good as well. One year we lived for "ourselves" and then we decided that it was time to expand the family.

My wife got pregnant, the last months were hard for me. I wanted to have sex as a teenager wo...

■  ■  ■


I was guilty, It was my fault, I knew... the punishment followed immediately... It was a cruel punishment, and I took it as a good girl... I got what I deserved... It was true.

All that happened last week. I was at the country cottage and cheated, or rather I was almost raped, but it didn&...

■  ■  ■

On the riverside

I'm 24 and I’ve never had sex! I live in Rostov! Still in the childhood I used to masturbate, not knowing what I was doing. Always wanted to give it up, but no dice! So I decided once and forever to quit jerking off, I deleted all the porn movies from my computer, removed the net bookma...

■  ■  ■

I wanted that


My name is Angela and since the childhood I dreamt to be a prostitute. It all started when as a child I went to visit my sister. When our parents were away on visit, she offered me to put her dress on and paint the lips with lipstick. I became very wound up but I didn't understa...

■  ■  ■

First time

Every girl has her own story, one is happy, the other not very much... so I decided to remember how it was for me… I have to admit, my first sexual experience was, as I thought, a nightmare.

It happened one fine summer night party, where there was one of the friends of my best frien...

■  ■  ■

Scarlet flower

The monster was dying... The island was silent, no bird singing, the plants were withering. No merry fountains of streams playing, no music in white stone chambers… Merchant’s beautiful daughter’s heart missed the beat, she sensed something was wrong; she ran over the high cham...

■  ■  ■

The first date with Dasha

My name is Michael, and I want to tell you the story that happened to me a year ago. 

On one of the dating sites, I noted a girl. She was usual and unremarkable. But I saw something perverse in her, she looked dissolute and easily accessible. Just what I needed. I didn’t have se...

■  ■  ■

Kate Sucker

- You like to suck?

- Yeah... maybe… - She blushed

- Come on, I see you want it, don’t you?

- Yes, I do.

She was looking at me defiantly. She was quite ready almost to everything.

- I'll let you suck, if you follow my rules.

- Yes.

■  ■  ■


We are a young couple, each of us is 23. We’ve been married only a year. I work as a driver. My wife works as economist assistant in another company, and even on the other side of the city. Her company gave us credit to buy the apartment. My wife obviously liked her work. But a month passed...

■  ■  ■

Late walk

I was coming back home late at night. There was no trolley bus or a route taxi. “I can hitch a ride”, I thought, and at that very moment a car stopped beside me. “Need a ride, baby?” I wanted to say yes, but seeing four big guys in there I said “no” and paced u...

■  ■  ■

My true story

My name is Valeria and this is my true story about the loss of my virginity. My whole life I lived in one of the small town in the Tyumen region. After high school I went to the "capital of villages" to study in one of the Tyumen Institute. Now I'm 20, I'm short but with beautif...

■  ■  ■

Sex on the nude beach

My name is Vasilisa. I’m a pretty girl of 23: tall, slender, with small taut ass and tits of the 3rd size. I want to tell you about my unforgettable experience on the beach for nudists. 

I live at the Black sea with a great deal of beaches for nudists beside. One day I decided t...

■  ■  ■

Strange love

The sky was covered with glowing stars, the moon was glimmering from far far away. Gentle breeze rustled with leaves softly. The forest was surrounded by peace and silence. 

A nude girl was standing tied to a tree. Her fair skin glimmered in the darkness, reflecting the moonlight. Her...

■  ■  ■

Wife is fucked, husband's watching

I want to tell our story and to know your opinion. This is not a fictional story, but a true one, the names are changed only. After eight years of marriage like many men I wanted to change our sex life. While having sex with my wife I started, so to say, to put out a feeler, what about trying to...

■  ■  ■

Extreme sex for the couple

“Dear! You must help me get ready!” said my friend Kate, doing final touches of makeup. “Of course, sweetheart! You are looking great!” She had a short dress on barely hiding the elastics of her fishnet stockings below, and barely hiding the nipples of her tits above. On h...

■  ■  ■


Our small firm consisted of four people: me, Victor and Roman – the friends since high school, funny, relaxed guys, and Olga - our office whore. Olga was ready to fuck anytime, anywhere and with anyone, bringing us great pleasure. We fucked her together and in turns every day and throughout...

■  ■  ■

A busty girl been had by two guys

One fine summer morning busty 19-year-old Julia decided to go to the deserted beach to swim and sunbathe. Having come to the beach, Julia found there no one except her. Without thinking she threw off her white top covering her big and beautiful boobs and took off her denim shorts. Julia was stand...

■  ■  ■

My lonely friend

Everything happens for the first time. It was clear in mind, still it was very scary. The first embrace of a man, the first kiss. Not quite sober man kisses me on the lips, hugging me softly. His free hand is stroking my thigh. 

 We are in his apartment, clearly a bachelor-like....

■  ■  ■

My girlfriend

One day my best girlfriend and I decided to have a rest. We went to my country house, took some food and champagne. The day was sunny, and we went down to the lake to sunbathe. Very carefully and gently I was rubbing her perfect body with suntan oil. I was getting aroused somehow with that as my...

■  ■  ■

A night with friends

One day we had been visited by our friends – a married couple, to stay for a few days. All was good, but at that very time my husband was sent on a business trip. So the obligation to entertain our guests lay on my shoulders. In the evening, having done everything of the cultural program, t...

■  ■  ■

In the subway

It happened quite recently. I was in the crowded subway car. Nearby I saw three girls sitting. Their age was about from 18 to 21. One of them was wearing a black shiny coat with a fur collar, high suede boots fitting tightly her beautiful slender legs in black tights or stockings, and denim mini....

■  ■  ■

One passion for three

We met via internet and after some correspondence we decided to meet. 

I ordered a sauna and at the certain time I was already waiting for my new friends. It was a cute family couple - Igor and Natasha. He's 40, she's 32. Natasha is an interesting brunette of about 165 cm tall...

■  ■  ■

Into the ass

We have been living with my wife already a little more than 5 years! Lyudmila is 24, I'm 28. Even before marriage Lyudmila had a very rich sexual life, up to group sex! Of course! My candy was chased by a lot of hunters! Although, I never bothered with that!!!

However, I was sure that...

■  ■  ■

Playing cards

“Guys! Maybe, we’ll stop?” Even though we were pretty drunk, but realized somehow that the things would turn out badly. “Come on! Get in!” Four guys and three girls yelled in one voice. Whose idea was to play cards with stripping on stake, I can't remember. But s...

■  ■  ■

Missed call

Everything in this story is absolutely true! It happened about two years ago. I was 28. One evening, after work a girl called me and said that she had a missed call from this number. We started talking, and I asked her to meet and she agreed with pleasure. We agreed she would take a friend of her...

■  ■  ■

The first time with another one

One day my boyfriend and I went to his friends’ summer cottage just to relax and have a drink. Our friends were married for more than 3 years. Their names were Irene and Andrew. My boyfriend Pasha was always a passionate man and, if I may say so, a skirt-chaser, in any case, he often stared...

■  ■  ■

A night at the summer cottage

Nastya and Anton knew each other about a year. They met last spring and Nastya saw the object of her desires in him, and he saw her as a pure and sincere soul in her. They had dated two months, but then Anton fell in love with another girl, and Nastya had long treated him as just a friend. They l...

■  ■  ■

Fucked at wedding

I will tell you the real story of how I had been fucked on my own wedding day. All the names are changed. We were friends with Vlad about two years, but I was completely ignoring the attentions of his friend Alex. Alex did everything to get into my panties: flowers, surprises, etc. It was my plea...

■  ■  ■

Evil parody of vapid stories

I decided to crack up a little over the subject of mediocre and vapid stories, and this is what’s come of it.

Hello! My name is Anna, although sometimes inadvertently I call myself Mary. But in this story all the names have been changed, so you may consider my name is Julia. As I sai...

■  ■  ■

The prejudices about the first date

You know, I'm 18 and I don't care what you could think of me. I am quite a pretty girl with a bit plump figure, green eyes and red hair... In my private life I was not lucky. When all my friends were dating, I was staying at home. 

Fantasies... it’s a good thing. Since y...

■  ■  ■

Spying upon people

I always paid great attention to sex. But the most exciting thing for me is to spy upon people.

One summer being in the village one day I went for a walk over the pond. I was thinking of a chance to see a couple having sex.

But alas, the walk was usual and without interesting facts....

■  ■  ■

Our fetish

My name is Irene. I am 25, not married – yet. My story began two years ago. I had no job and a friend of mine offered the idea to place an ad in the newspaper that I can knit by requests. I always liked knitting, and many people often asked me to knit something for them. And I like wearing...

■  ■  ■


My wife and I have been living together for 8 years and the last two years we are practicing threesome sex. We have one friend we are dating from time to time. I was the initiator, for I was always turned on by the idea of someone fucking my wife. Once it was on the state of fantasy, but then she...

■  ■  ■

I was raped on my wedding day

It was my wedding day... I was dressed in the wedding dress. I got in the car with two men accompanying me and we went to the registry office... On the way to the registry office one of the attendants offered the driver to stop at a deserted place... I could understand nothing... We arrived at so...

■  ■  ■


Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms...

■  ■  ■

Special feature

I'm a big businessman. Serious company - big money, important people, beautiful large office. Well, at that, of course, I need a great secretary, because first clients see her and judge the company next. And I found such a secretary. Of course, she is perfect doing her job - excellent stenogr...

■  ■  ■

The origin of our sexuality

What is the origin of our sexuality?

At some point a person is feeling a desire not just to rub the genitals because it feels good, but to imagine something very peculiar at that moment and personally connected – something that puts a mark on the whole future sexual life?

Of c...

■  ■  ■


Vadim was driving on the highway to the city. It was after midnight. In the headlights, he saw a girl hitching a ride. Vadim stopped the car and opened the window:

- Where are you going?

- To Samoilovka. But I don’t have money, could we agree on something?

- Get in, we&...

■  ■  ■

Stranger... mmm...

Evening... after a long and tiring day I’m coming home. It’s quiet and empty in the apartment. I’m removing high-heeled shoes, throwing the bag in the far corner of the room, turning on soft music... going to take a shower. The more time passes on, the less clothes on I have......

■  ■  ■

In the restaurant

Today we celebrated our anniversary (a month or six months or a year... of our dating). We decided to celebrate it in a special way. You make me a gift, I make it for you. We can only guess about our secret desires and capabilities. But we know for sure we will remember this day forever. You pick...

■  ■  ■

Unexpected turn

Except my first experience, my relationship with guys was limited by the active role. I met a lot of young boys who gave me a blowjob. I fucked in the ass some of them. For some time I didn’t have sex with a guy and I decided to find someone via internet. I met a guy named Sergey and appoin...

■  ■  ■

My first time

Hello, my name is Dima. 

I am 18 and I look like a girl with slim body :-). It all started with a visit to my favorite site.

I read the stories of other users and thought, why not create my own story. At that time I didn't have anything to tell about except that every day I...

■  ■  ■


She was standing opposite me and smiling, looking in my direction from time to time. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a t-shirt emphasizing her sexy ass and the tits. My penis was getting up, when overcrowded bus came to the bus-stop at last. But I won’t wait for the next I will go by th...

■  ■  ■

Real story

The story is real.

One evening at the end of the day I was exploring a dating site and met there my old girlfriend Kate I hadn’t been in touch for a year and a half. After a brief communication we agreed I would come to her after work. When I came to her, I found out she was still on...

■  ■  ■

I need money very much

I needed money very much indeed. I watched my neighbor Nicholas pulling down his shorts along with the briefs, and I was silent. He was doing that slowly. At first there appeared thick red bushes growing entirely from one leg to the other, and it seemed to be a dense forest. Then the main trunk a...

■  ■  ■

The New Year out of city 2

I was lying and thinking with horror what would happen next. And do Jura’s words mean – who's next? In a minute I realized the meaning of his words when Andrew came in, the second of the guests. He calmly undid the pants belt, I heard the sound of the fly unzipping, and then I saw...

■  ■  ■

The New Year out of city

I'm 19. I'm from province. I’m the student of the 1-st course in one of the Moscow Institutes. I live in the hostel and, of course, I always envy those students have their own apartment. Therefore, I responded with joy to the invitation to celebrate the New Year with big company in...

■  ■  ■

Occasion at the place of work

This happened to me a little more than three years ago. I changed the company to work for. It was far away from home, but everything was compensated by fairly decent income.

And there at this job, after 3 or 4 months from the beginning of work, I went to my boss with some papers and he ask...

■  ■  ■

Satisfied with sperm (Voluntarily cheated)

I have slept with one good married guy and in the morning he told me the following story:

It was on the 8th of March. Elena (my wife) and I were visited by Andrew, our old friend, a traveler and a very funny guy. 

The years of joint life with my wife dulled the feelings, and...

■  ■  ■

The first experience

There are a lot of fictional stories published. I want to tell you the real story of how I had become a gay. No matter how trite it may sound, but when I watched the movies where women were sucking big dicks, I always wanted to be and feel in their place. After all, I decided to put my plan into...

■  ■  ■

Threesome for the first time

My wife I long wanted to have a threesome sex. And so we left a message on a dating site, A YOUNG COUPLE LOOKING FOR A YOUNG MAN FOR HAVING FUN.

Several replies were received immediately. Having carefully considered them, we chose a young man named SERGEY, six feet tall, medium build, my w...

■  ■  ■

The eyes

Their eyes met each other in the crowd, in the subway. Just a subtle flirtation appeared between them. 

Her eyes asked him to sit beside and she brought a finger to her lips, asking to keep quiet. She was dressed in a skirt and light jacket. She placed one her hand on the knee. He und...

■  ■  ■

Private lectures

A young student in a short plaid skirt and a white translucent tight-fitting blouse came into the office. Blond hair carelessly fell over the shoulders and framed almost flawless face with clear blue eyes and plump lips, slightly painted with transparent lip-gloss. She was fabulously good. The cl...

■  ■  ■

Sweet torture

First they had dinner in the restaurant. Then they went to their cozy nest he rented just for her. They were long luxuriating in the bathroom, just flirting. She could do it very well!

Then they went into the room. She told him to lie down on the bed and outstretch his arms and the legs. S...

■  ■  ■

A sudden turn of events

Hello. I want to tell you a story that happened to me. Now a little bit about myself: I am a professional tennis player, ranked in the top 100 of the world rankings and many of you see me on TV sometimes. Recently, when I came back from another tournament from France to Moscow, I got a phone call...

■  ■  ■

My lesbians

Natasha walked into the kitchen and immediately began brewing coffee. It was so habitual, that my wife and I did not pay any attention to that, because for the past five years this woman became a member of our family. Friends jokingly even called her my "second wife". At that, neither s...

■  ■  ■

Lechery in the shop Casanova

Up to 30 years Marishka didn't like sex much. But then, as if some switch clicked and she burst out. Her cunt demanded much and often. Moreover, I became allowed the things I had never even dreamed about.

One of her new kinds of pleasure was watching porn clips. She loves short ones wi...

■  ■  ■


This story happened to me when I studied at the University. It happened that our University in some old year signed an agreement of student exchange. And now, on the 5-th year of studying my groupmate Sveta and I were to go. Can’t say I liked her. Well, yes, she was (and she is now) cute: s...

■  ■  ■

Smoke break

I came back from the University earlier than usual. The mood was zero leveled, I wanted to fall down on the bed and have a long sleep. I came home and tried to start doing something, but nothing worked. To kill some time I decided to go and have a smoke on the stair landing. 

To my su...

■  ■  ■

To my beloved

The doorbell’s ringing at your door.... You open.... You have green Terry Bathrobe....

A tender smile is on your face... You are glad to see me, you missed me.... I'm kissing you on the cheek and quickly, so the neighbors wouldn't notice us, I’m coming in your apartment...

■  ■  ■

The first night

It happened quite recently. I became 18. I celebrated this event in the private family circle, there were only my parents and a girlfriend. But after a couple of drinks we didn’t want to stay at home, besides the girlfriend lived very far away, so I went to walk her. Having reached her hous...

■  ■  ■


This is the real story of my life. As a student and married for 2 years I worked as a watchman in the kindergarten. In the evenings, one baby-sitter always stayed on duty. That night it was 19-year-old Lilya recently married, slender, blonde with big boobs. The headmistress half-jokingly said to...

■  ■  ■

Just a walk

I want to tell you a short story. Maybe it will remind something to someone. 

My wife and I had a rest on the Black sea shore at the small resort town. It was autumn already and although the days were quite warm, there were relatively not so many holidaymakers over there, the beaches...

■  ■  ■

My new friends

I want to tell you about my new adventure. The story is short because everything happened quickly but passionately. 

One night I was watching TV, there was a TV chat (many people know what it is). There I found the ad that interested me. Two friends were looking for the third one, the...

■  ■  ■


Sometimes life gives us surprises, not always pleasant and not always welcome. Such surprise woke me up at seven o'clock in the morning with a phone call. I barely opened the eyelids, the head was about to explode (Yesterday we had a great celebration of the summer session ending). I reached...

■  ■  ■


The summer was quite hot. Exhausted with the heat I was walking along the pavement. There was one thing making me happy there were two months of vacation ahead!

The asphalt was heating up from below, so I decided to buy an ice cream and relax somewhere in the shade in the Park.

I bo...

■  ■  ■

Three heroes (sequel)

Particularly actively I was supported by the giant. He offered to invite one of his clients he had longstanding relationship with - a woman of about my age, well-groomed and without complexes. He was supported by my husband, he even volunteered to go and get her together with a giant. The second...

■  ■  ■

Three heroes

So, having tried the coffee with cream, to the question "Is this your surprise?" - the knocking on the door sounded... "And here is the surprise!!!!". 

The guest went to open the door, and I looked at my husband with a question... my husband smiled and mysteriously...

■  ■  ■

Sweet lips

The story that happened to me last summer on the shore of the hot Black sea gave me the chance to set it out in writing for my reader.

Oh, how wonderful it is to lie on the burning sand and enjoy watching the young girls passing by. A brunette, a blonde and all of them have their own aweso...

■  ■  ■

Hot orgasm

I'm hot. I feel very hot... I have taken a shower several times, but it helps only in the moments when the cold trickles of water are running down over my young taut body, trailing over every curve...

I’m lying in the bed and dreaming about the moist coolness bothering the langui...

■  ■  ■

I did it

He took off the pants and sat down on the sofa. I closed the curtain and knelt down on the floor in front of him. My hands were shaking. I suddenly thought, "Now, now I am becoming a gay". I felt dizzy. I pulled the elastic band of his boxers and took his cock out. 

It was a...

■  ■  ■

My girlfriend

Tired I sank onto the carpet. The silver glow of the portal was fading away behind my back. I returned to the world - to this bright, fabulous, exciting and magical world. Sometimes it is necessary to remember that you're not only a warrior and magician, but a woman as well... And here it is...

■  ■  ■

Wizard and wine

I’m standing, chained to the wall by the spell, in a sort of round room, most likely the tower. How could I be caught so easy! That’s for my dulled vigilance - after all, I was at the party at my old friend’s. 

We were drinking there... Oh, we were drinking a lot! In...

■  ■  ■

Night forest

The night forest is quiet and transparent, gray twilight enveloped the copper trunks of pines here in the North, summer nights are light, and darkness does not happen. I go to the Altar - special stone, which in ancient times brought sacrifices to the Elements. For me funeral white dress with a r...

■  ■  ■

A night with beloved

After their romantic dinner, and a couple of glasses of ruby red wine, Andrew took Lena into the bedroom and gently put her down on the huge double bed. He bent over her from above.

- I want you. - Lena whispered, looking at Andrew with insane and hungry eyes. Andrew smiled. He was slowly...

■  ■  ■

I fucked your wife

I arrived in your city on Monday. The purpose is a business trip. During this kind if trip every real man pursues his own personal goals.

And so, after the standard program had been done, I took a car and began driving around the surrounding area not hoping for anything special. After an h...

■  ■  ■

Summer night

It was a usual summer day. It did not promise anything special, slow turning into cool evening. I went into a café to sit alone with my thoughts over a cup of coffee. I sat at the distant table and began thinking. Having looked up at the next table I saw a man staring at me. His eyes were...

■  ■  ■

Sex and the Sea

This is a true story without such stupid fabrications as "by the time she came once, I managed to cum 3 times and my cock was still up". That’s bullshit, and I don’t know who could believe this crap). It was in the early 1990s, when the USSR collapsed, and Sex had not yet sw...

■  ■  ■

Talky parrot

This story had happened about five years ago with a friend of mine (let’s call him Paul here). He lived in my neighboring house on the second floor. He had a very beautiful wife. They lived well enough. They didn’t have children for they thought it was too early to have them.


■  ■  ■

Burning with passion

We've been in the shower. We’ve been there one by one - you really wanted to go together to continue our games there, but I was against it - let's have a little rest. No need to rush - we have plenty of time.

However, when I went out with a towel around my hips, you were very...

■  ■  ■


This story happened to me a few years ago, still I see it in my erotic dreams all the time. That summer I went to Sochi to sunbathe and have a holiday romance. I look good and do not hide my sexuality. I’m tall with chiseled beautiful legs and small but taut tits. I love wear mini-skirts.

■  ■  ■

A little slut

One evening I was called by my friend Slava. He just said he wanted to see me. We were not so close friends. I just hooked up with him once. We haven't seen each other for a long time. So his call was a surprise to me, and a long time I couldn’t realize, who the hell was calling me. We...

■  ■  ■


It was a usual morning, and as always I went for a jog. Usually there are three of us jogging, but that day was an exception: the guys were very busy. After about two kilometers of running, I reached a girl jogging beside. She had run about three hundred meters and stopped a little breathless and...

■  ■  ■

A ticket to the cinema

One night I decided to go to the cinema to the late-night movie, because being home was boring and the next day was going to be busy, so I wanted to extend my week-end. As always, when going out at night, I thought about sublime and slightly philosophical things. 

Having come into the...

■  ■  ■

Alena's ass

I know Alena for a long time. By the time we started dating, it was a year of our acquaintance. I liked her almost free and a bit pent up by Puritan upbringing flight of sexual fantasy, but it only added a special charm in bed to her. Her every visit to me was accompanied by the search for new so...

■  ■  ■

The girlfriend of my friend

My name is Max, I am 19. I want to tell you a story that happened almost a year ago.

Spring. The evening was as always boring, it was about 1:30 PM, and I had nothing to do lying there and watching TV.

Suddenly my cellphone rang... It was my friend's girlfriend Irina (she's...

■  ■  ■

Sex on the beach

My girl was obsessed with the idea that the first impulse of tenderness and passion needs to happen on the wedding night, and she cut off the idea of this wonderful feeling can be enjoyed every time you have the opportunity. She didn’t perceive the word “sex” and considered it c...

■  ■  ■


One day at school at the lesson of oral and written speech Irina Vladimirovna (our teacher) offered to play "association game". It’s a kind of game where you need to express your view about some concept. Different topics had been touched upon... the winter, the sun, trust, hatred,...

■  ■  ■

My erotic dream

One night, at midnight, when my parents weren't home, I decided to watch my neighbors from the opposite house. The house was close, but I took the binoculars to watch the details. It was a hot night, so almost all the windows were wide open, and the curtains are moved apart - the view was won...

■  ■  ■


When I come to her, knowing that I’m staying for the night, the whole evening she follows me and watching my every move. When I talk to her, she is looking at my lips and imagining I’m going to kiss her after several hours, not the way as it is done in everyday life. I'll do it ga...

■  ■  ■

When I'm thinking about you

I’m thinking about you all the time. In the morning, during the daytime, at night and, maybe, even while sleeping, when I can’t control myself. You do not come to me every night, still I have enough of days filled with these thoughts. These goddamn thoughts, obsessions and persistent...

■  ■  ■


Kangaroo went to the river

Just to freshen up her beaver.

On the quiet riverside

She put down her fluffy pride

In the water for a while.

Damn! There was a crocodile!

Crocodile was smart. Of course,

Drove his meat down to the balls,

Shot the...

■  ■  ■

Lora's ass

My girlfriend Lora is very impressive girl. Medium height, beautiful short hair, tempting figure and rather big tits. Once we were sitting at my place, drinking martini and discussing men as usual. Lora was telling me she had never had anal sex. I slipped my eyes over her butt and suddenly felt g...

■  ■  ■

The first party

First, it was the most usual party. Then the crowd was divided: the girls came upstairs to get undressed, the guys stayed down there just in briefs and ties. The girls came down there in panties, bras and high-heels. The dancing began. Then to make it more funny – the games. Forfeits. The m...

■  ■  ■

Sudden adventure

It was like this... nothing boded any adventure.

I dropped in the car shop just to chat, but there was no one in the shop, I went into the second room of the assembly - slot machines hall. There was no one either, but for the young girl of 19 working there and the older one of about 26.

■  ■  ■


I wanted to have a sexual experience with a man, but I had a lot of conditions to a partner: I wanted to have pleasure, I was not interested in just dumb fucking. I have been looking for my future partner for about a year. Many phone calls, many letters and at last I met such a man. We communicat...

■  ■  ■


Yesterday a funny story happened to us.

We drove to the summer house. My darling took some strong drinks. And I brought there a girlfriend of mine. On arrival at the place we were ready to have a rest. We went to the sauna first. In the very beginning in solidarity to Olga, we were in bath...

■  ■  ■


We are married for about 6 years. We were both 30 by this time, and as it usually happens, for those years the flame of our passion was gradually fading away. I was not an approver of cheating on (I mean sex relations) and I would prefer to get all the pleasure from close around. We tried a lot w...

■  ■  ■

Forbidden fruit

I'm overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts. I want to tell you how I tried to have sex with a man... my name is Leonid (Leo for short). If a year ago I was told that I would have sex with a man, I would have beaten this man's face. BUT it’s happened. Since childhood, I was never int...

■  ■  ■

Just you and me this night

The phone breaks the night silence with sharp sound. I knew it was you. No one else could call in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep seeing sweet dreams. Some do not feel the need, others observe proprieties, and some just don't want to disturb the sleep of those close to them. Y...

■  ■  ■

I'm sorry

Sorry dear, if you see this story, but that’s totally your fault! 

It all started with the fact that... 

I've been married just for three years and I have everything alright with my husband. As for me, I can honestly say, that I'm a pretty one, tall, long leg...

■  ■  ■

Give me pain and pleasure

I don’t remember the word I blurted out, I remember only a resounding slap my Mistress gave me....."I warned you to watch your mouth", said the Mistress quietly, slightly leaning towards me and looking into my eyes already filled with tears...... 

She made me on my kne...

■  ■  ■

Just for you

We are alone. Just you and me... You are on the bed, your hands are behind your head. I see your eyes shining in twilight. I'll undress you, gently, softly, gradually freeing you from unnecessary clothes. You're so impatient trying to undress me, but I'm not letting you do this. First...

■  ■  ■

First caresses (real story)

I want to tell you what happened to me yesterday. I’m so overfilled with emotions that I decided to put everything on paper, maybe it will help me to calm down a little. 

To begin with, my name is Alena, I'm 22. I have a boyfriend, but for several years there was not a singl...

■  ■  ■

It's the first step that is assome

- Yeah, you are a great sucker, - I said, rolling my eyes up to the ceiling, - And now pour some beer for me. 

Galya licked my dick over once again, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up. Beautiful body! Not very big but firm breasts with sticking out nipples, slim wa...

■  ■  ■

On the riverside in the bushes

It was a usual day boding nothing good. In the morning ,as always I had had breakfast and went to work. The working day passed in continuous fussing about, but in the middle of the day I had got a call from my friend I hadn't heard for ages. He invited me for a visit. In the evening, after th...

■  ■  ■

The first experience

I have read a lot of stories about "it", but honestly, it is hard to believe that at least half of them are true. I decided to tell about my homosexual experience as it is. I mean about what you actually feel at that. The idea to try having sex with a man came to me at 27. Before that,...

■  ■  ■

It was a very hot summer

It was a very hot summer, and only in the evening it was possible to walk around and have fun outside. It was just the time their memorable walk had begun, the walk to remember...

Lena and Vladimir had known each other for about two months. They began dating almost after a week from the fi...

■  ■  ■

Porn lovers

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. A small white room like in the hospital. I was completely naked. The last thing I remember was drinking in a strange company, and then empty. I felt weak and no desire to get out of bed. Suddenly the white door opened. There appeared a pretty girl with black hair...

■  ■  ■

Curious episode

I want to tell the curious story of how I managed to open, so to say, the new horizons for one girl. Probably, I need to tell about myself first. My name is Ivan. I am cheerful, sociable young man, a little chubby and smiley. In general, girls like me. And I like them. All that would be rather ea...

■  ■  ■

One night with a man

It was very hot July. My friend and I met a very handsome young man on the beach. He was tall, swarthy with plumpy lips. My parents left for vacation, and I invited him to my place. We took wine for three of us. We had a talk, drank a little, and then I really wanted to feel him as a man. I wante...

■  ■  ■


This story happened when I had bought a video camera - cool, professional, with a bunch of options. Some time later, Misha, Sergey were at my place, I showed them the camera, and, of course the topic of shooting appeared. Misha pushed the idea to shoot porn movie, and we naturally agreed, but the...

■  ■  ■

Just a night

That Friday summer evening I decided to get a good hang out with my friends. We got drinks and snacks. I knew there would be girls as well, so we also had to buy wine. After we took all the food to Pavel’s place, we decided to have a ride around the city and pick up some whores. Luckily, Ri...

■  ■  ■

The date

Our wonderful date has finally taken place after a long break. We are both exhausted thirsty for each other. We were looking forward to see each other, holding back with our last strength. We were fantasizing about how it would happen. E-mail, sms, on the phone. And today we have a date. I arrang...

■  ■  ■

In the ass

When I woke up this morning, the body immediately responded with pleasant languor, the fragments of a crazy night flashed in my mind, and I sweetly stretched out like a cat just awaken. And then I saw my husband, who was sitting in the chair opposite the bed and looking at me. I shivered with the...

■  ■  ■

Real sex

I’d like to tell you a story that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A month ago I decided to find a virtual lover for me to have my cherished dreams come true. But it didn’t work out yet and finally I found a man who said that he could fulfill all my wishes, but in reality. Having...

■  ■  ■

On the balcony

It happened so suddenly that I’m still in the state of misunderstanding of what had happened, but of course, all that brought me great pleasure and that’s why I’m pleased to recall it. But let’s start step by step... It was in the evening, I was invited to the birthday par...

■  ■  ■


Recently I’ve visited gym for the first time. My coach showed me some exercises with dumbbells I had to do. Getting down to the exercises I noticed a tall, muscular dark-haired guy watching me with interest. I don’t know what he thought about me, but I liked him very much: manly face,...

■  ■  ■

The first experience of group sex

Hi, everyone, reading these lines!

I don't know why I am writing this. Probably, I liked some stories on the corresponding websites and wanted to tell our story. I should note – everything here is real (just the names are changed).

My name is Alexander, my wife&rsquo...

■  ■  ■

The magic ring

In a land far, far away there lived three peasant brothers. Once they had quarreled with each other and began to kick down with their property. But they divided the estate not in equal parts: the seniors got a lot and the third one got the smaller part. All three of them were bachelors, so they h...

■  ■  ■

Raped wife

This story may seem astonishing, but what happened, happened - the husband raped his wife. You may say that can’t be - the wife is obliged to yield and no violence can be here. But sometimes everything is possible.

Bob and Sveta had lived together several years. They had sex, but...

■  ■  ■

She wanted that

It happened one night. I went to the concert of one of our favorite bands with my girlfriend (at that time she wasn’t mine yet). We were pretty drunk and as we were at the concert with her friend, we decided to go to sleep to her. I called home and said I'd spend the night at a friend&#...

■  ■  ■


We have a large bedroom, huge high bed, a mirror on the ceiling, high window from the floor to the ceiling and very heavy curtains covering the whole window. That’s why the room is always a little dark... Now it’s the day time... I have only my favorite stockings and a light transluce...

■  ■  ■

Wet towel

I went to a business trip in a terrible mood: an hour before departure, I had argued with my boyfriend, who did not want me to leave. As for the boyfriend, I will be reconciled with him, and I won’t likely be offered such an interesting job in the nearest future.

My mission was to li...

■  ■  ■

Fulfilled fantasy

One day my wife told me that she would like to have group sex with me and another guy. I thought she was kidding. I was not too much inspired with this idea. My wife said that she didn’t want to have group sex with someone we knew. Several months had passed, and I forgot about our conversat...

■  ■  ■


Moscow is a large city, a separate country with a population of many millions, but no matter how many people were around, the feeling of loneliness comes here almost to everyone. In the metropolis no one can be surprised with fast romance and sex affairs. The family loses its priority. To have a...

■  ■  ■

The start point

This is absolutely true story from my personal life. Why I write it, I do not know. I’m married for the second time. My pretty one’s name is Xenia. First intimacy with her was incredible and totally changed my life. Outer and inner beauty, sexuality and temperament and, most surprisin...

■  ■  ■

At the resort place

It happened so that in middle of April I was given a vacation time. At this time the sea is still cold and I didn’t know where to go, especially since I had not much money. I looked through the gay dating sites and found one ad where a man living in Sochi invited a passive boy to visit him....

■  ■  ■


Luba and her younger girlfriend Marina loved nature trip together with their friends. Fire, tents, guitar songs - all of that was included in the usual way of summer life. So one day the whole company went to spend a weekend at their favorite and quite deserted place on the bank of a small and pl...

■  ■  ■

Threesome for the first time

It was three years ago. I was 20, my friend Oleg was 24. I knew Oleg’s friend Andrew about a year. I liked him, he was interesting and easy to talk to. Of course, I saw him interested in me not just as in the person to have a good talk, but we never tried to get closer and he didn't try...

■  ■  ■

Old wine

My wife and I bought a house in the suburbs. Little by little we began bringing everything in order. In the basement we found a good wine cellar and I found three bottles of very old homemade wine. Our friends invited us to the sauna. Having bought some meat for barbeque, and taking two bottles o...

■  ■  ■

Tears and cum in the ass

She was easily and springy walking to the beach, not noticing she was being closely watched. However, she got used to extraneous looks, and she didn't care. He walked just a few meters behind her, never looking away from the swaying wide hips. Tight white dress was barely covering her taut as...

■  ■  ■

My wife, one night

Last Friday my wife had a meeting with her old bosom friend. They have suffered much together and drank as much. Her friend is an athlete, she is a strong woman, she can drink so much alcohol, not every man can withstand, and that cannot be said about my Simochka. Actually, my wife, doesn’t...

■  ■  ■


Here is my vacation coming. How long I've been waiting for this day. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the sea. Two weeks of life on the island. Usually we go to the sea together with the whole family, but this year something went wrong, and I had to go alone. I got to the island about 11 PM. I...

■  ■  ■

Special appeal

It began with the fact my wife told me about her dream, as she put it "awful". So, on the beach, she is taken by 5-6 men. In turn, and in any other way. And at first not without easy violence. Listening to Larisa, I was astonished to notice my rapid pulse and strong erection.


■  ■  ■

How everything began

Here I begin my story...

It all started with the fact that I became got on with girls and all in all...

I was online chatting and not knowing what to get down to. In the chat I was on the gay channel and talked with gays. They are all very interesting people with no horndog among th...

■  ■  ■


One day my wife and I went to have a rest to the health resort, and she decided to attend daily beauty salon. The sessions were from the very morning, that time I stayed to sleep in our room on a big double bed. I woke up with a strange smell - vanilla and very sweet. I barely opened my eyes. My...

■  ■  ■

The fantasy come to life

I was sitting in my office typing something on the keyboard. I couldn’t concentrate on the work, so I locked the door and turned on the porn. I often had fun that way, sometimes I even loved jerking off watching porn, besides, I love sex in all its performances. And there my buddy in the pa...

■  ■  ■

Playing cards

Being drunk we do things we are awfully ashamed of on the next day, but when the sweet excitement runs over the whole body, we realize that we don’t mind doing that again.

So it happened that time. One day my wife Olga and I were going home from the birthday of my friend. It was earl...

■  ■  ■

The new employee

The name of the new employee of our department was Kate. The petite brunette immediately drew my attention - she stood out against the employees of our company with her ease in communication and the fact she loved to wear open-toe shoes.

At the sight of her feet in black sandals I hardly r...

■  ■  ■

Sex lessons

I got to know her via internet. As she said, she needed sex lessons in order not to feel discomfortable in bed and just to learn how to do it. "Well, it is quite laudable desire matching my desire to find a good partner. If she cannot, I’ll teach her what I liked."

We corre...

■  ■  ■

On the lake and in the thunderstorm

Hot summer day. The City Park...

Olya and I decided to go boating. By the time we had got our tickets after standing in a long queue, the sky became very heavy. However, that diminished our desire in no way. At the dock, however, there was no boat left, there were catamarans only. Reluctan...

■  ■  ■

The morning

Lika was awaken by her suddenly turned on computer. It was turned on by timer, beginning loading the system. The apartment was silent, her parents were not yet back from friends’ place, where they continued the celebration of the New Year. She was alone.

She slowly turned over on her...

■  ■  ■

What came out of making promo

Working at the radio station is like living in asylum. And our radio station is definitely like the ward №6. Our work is creative, the heads are daring and ideas are all delirious. But, as someone of the greats said: any crazy idea should be first tested against its brilliance. So we are rushing...

■  ■  ■

Sasha (San'ka)

It's time to tell the story about me and my friend Sasha. We know each other for a long time and that’s why our relationship has become too intimate. We studied together in the same group at the University. I liked him as he had just come in our group. Slowly we became friends, and soon...

■  ■  ■


Irina was pretty, dark-haired and petite. I remember how she called to boast with her new job, I remember her pretty face shining, and her dark green eyes. She was of medium height, and seemed almost weightless. Irina said that she had a separate office and offered to come and see it. I promised...

■  ■  ■


- Let's go swimming, - I heard the sonorous voice of my girlfriend.

Before the arrival of my friend with his wife there were about two hours, everything was cooked ready (and what special is to be cooked for friends), and the sun was scorching mercilessly. Why not going to the river an...

■  ■  ■


Sasha came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday, and work problem were left behind until Monday. Olga was waiting for him at home.

- Go and take a shower, - she said, - And wash thoroughly!

- What should I wash thoroughly? - he asked.

- Everything! – His wife sm...

■  ■  ■

In the Silver Pinewood

It happened two years ago. That summer was very nice. Our company, as always, had a rest on the beach in the Silver Pinewood.

It was hot sunny day, and as always, we went to the beach. Well, of course, we took some beer, fish, etc.. When we came to the beach, it was noon already, and the s...

■  ■  ■

Passion on the beach

Finally managed to escape from the city to the village. There is very good, very fresh and clean air. Of course, when it’s hot it’s better go and bathe in the river, so the heroes of this story did.

But let me first introduce them to you.

Natalie is a good girl of 19 wit...

■  ■  ■

Night swimming

It was a warm summer night. We were sitting beside the fire and recalling the last day: our climbing the hills with huge backpacks. We had put tents near a small river and sat down around the fire drinking beer. It was warm and there were almost no mosquitoes around. There were four of us. My fri...

■  ■  ■

Housewarming party

- Hello, Natasha! - Andrew's voice sounded from afar. Phone noise and joyful hooting of his friends prevented from making out separate words. - Are you free tonight? Well, come to drink to my new apartment. Sasha and Igor are already here, you know them. Maybe, you could bring a girl from you...

■  ■  ■

In the swimming pool

I always liked watching the competition in water sports among men. That is because I like tall guys with developed musculature in tight-fitting swimming trunks, repeating every detail of their most interesting and seductive part of body. I always had the strongest erection while watching these ki...

■  ■  ■

No title

When I came into the hotel bar, I did not even notice her first.

I sat down at the table in the farthest dark corner and ordered drinks.

The waitress brought the glass, but when I wanted to pay for booze she said that had been already paid by the blonde at the other end of the hall....

■  ■  ■

In the hotel

It was too late. He decided to walk her up to the hotel, and maybe stay there with her for the rest of the night, he hadn't decided yet. To their minds, the evening had a very good beginning - no one disturbed, there was no bothersome phone calls. The closer they came to her room, the more he...

■  ■  ■

On the way from the place of work

It happened when I was going home from work. It was very late. It was already dark outside. Ironically, my way home goes along lonely streets. I never thought I could be raped right in these places. I even didn’t think I could be raped.

I'm a very beautiful girl. I have quite big...

■  ■  ■

An incident at the place of work

That day Tatyana wanted to have something unusual (of course, considering sex), but she didn't know what exactly. She was sure just about one thing: she wanted to come through such feelings and emotions, that would be the most pleasant memory she had. Oleg, not as if read her like an open boo...

■  ■  ■

One for all, and all on one

Waking up with the terrible pain in the head, Misha opened his eyes. There were three guys standing over him, one of them was holding a broken bottle.

- What do you want? - trying to get up Misha yelled and was immediately knocked down by one of the guys.

- Do you have money?

■  ■  ■


I came to the specified address at the appointed time. Yefim was already at the place.

- Well, haven’t you changed your mind? - he asked.

- I have no choice, - uncertainly I replied.

- Okay, so if you're not satisfied with something there, just do not show that or y...

■  ■  ■

My new secretary

She was lying on the couch, stretching up her right leg, and smoothing thin white nylon with her hand. I watched that incomparable erotic spectacle, getting aroused more and more, and recovering the condition after just experienced orgasm. It's been a week since the day I finally felt complet...

■  ■  ■

Girl's naughtiness

That night Lena came home late and after removing the outdoor clothes immediately went into the bathroom. Her parents knew their daughter loved long “hydrotherapeutic procedure” and did not ask too many questions. Meanwhile, bathroom was her favorite place of solitude, calm, relaxing...

■  ■  ■

The evening

That evening I was invited to a birthday party where a lot of women were expected to come. I prudently left my girlfriend at home and eagerly went to Mitino. The holiday was surprisingly boring, the girls were not so active and behaved surprisingly awkward for their age of 18-19. The only thing g...

■  ■  ■


This story is simple and uncomplicated, but like the flash of a strobe light it reveals such depths of love and passion, which could barely exist in our to the limit technified century.

Our Romeo and Juliet's names are Victor and Michael. They are still alive, still what they did with...

■  ■  ■

First cheating

Once I had a chance to work in the commercial sphere. As a married man I always respected the rules, and never cheated on my wife. But deep down in my heart I dreamed about it. I worked together with the married woman Lina. Small stature, small breasts and plump butt. The picture was certainly no...

■  ■  ■

Anal triangle

Mary Zekovic is a girl of small stature, she has a friendly round face and huge cornflower blue eyes. Despite her fragile physique, she has big boobs resembling large fruits filled up with juice. They are soft and at the same time elastic; rounded and at the same time perky, sticking up with brig...

■  ■  ■


- Are you expecting someone? - Andrew asked a beautiful girl in the evening dress who was sitting at the bar of the hotel he had recently settled in.

- It’s enough of waiting for me, - The girl remarked.

In the following five minutes of conversation Andrew learned that his com...

■  ■  ■


On a hot July morning, after my wife had gone to work, I was going to wash the dishes, and mechanically I turned on the TV. To my surprise it was showing “snow in the summer”. Without thinking twice, I decided the reason was the work of the neighborhood boys, often "making their...

■  ■  ■

Home video

I love reading magazines for men, though I’m a girl. I've already collected enough of them under my bed. But recently I learned something entirely new that brought my sex life to the unprecedented heights.

I share my apartment with a guy, Misha. We have a purely Platonic relation...

■  ■  ■

Dope or vitamin X

To the last circle Julia already lagged behind "her time" for half a minute. "Wow..." - cursed the coach. The competition is tomorrow, and the girl, he personally vouched for, gives the full breakdown. And for no reason. After a month of quite consistent results.


■  ■  ■

Sasha (Alexander)

It was the second time. My brother was the first to rape me... I was 19 years old, two years ago, Igor(my brother) died. I was very grieved, I'm still haunted by the idea that my brother died after that night.

Gradually, however, I resigned and started to look for other targets. The gi...

■  ■  ■


This is a true story of my first sexual experience between me and my only best friend Sasha. That time I was 19 and he was 1 year younger, but till that time our sex consisted of mutual masturbation. We could allow nothing more first because of our ignorance, then because of our parents disturbin...

■  ■  ■

My life

My name is Irina. I was 10 years old when I had seen my parents making love and since that time I began to peep at them. In 13 years I began to masturbate, I did it almost all the time. In 18 years I had a very close girlfriend. Her name was Sveta. She was the slender, beautiful brunette of avera...

■  ■  ■

Health resort or the night for three

Chapter One.


The health resort, I had come to, was located somewhere near Yaroslavl city. My room was on the top floor of a nine-storeyed building of red brick.

I got the key at the reception and began waiting for the elevator. I was joined by two blondes. I realized...

■  ■  ■

Thank you

It happened in the winter, when my wife and I found out that the sauna we used to go in was closed for reconstruction. So we had to go to another one. It was a small bathhouse, consisting of two sections. One of them was occupied. We got undressed in the second one and immediately went into the s...

■  ■  ■

The distant relative

I was eighteen. Once, our distant relative came to stay with us for a while. She was a beautiful girl of 20 with a beautiful slim figure. Most of all I was impressed with her huge breasts. They were so stuck out that all men couldn't but look at them when they were passing by. My penis was li...

■  ■  ■

Check up

Anna was dressed in erotic white and lacy lingerie, beautifully outlining her charms. She was lying on the couch and felt sad. The reason was her husband who was coming soon... Having seen his wife in such a state, Igor got stripped in a moment and rushed on Anna. His crimson penis of a modest si...

■  ■  ■

The daughter of the sea

The vacation turned into a hideous, destroying all the dreams and the world-view trip. Everything was fine at first. Vlad and his bride Lena were travelling to the sea. He got awfully expensive trip ticket to a quiet and tranquil tourist hotel. Separate cottage de luxe, lovely food, warm sea, qui...

■  ■  ■

About thinking and reading thoughts

Hello. My name is Sasha. I am a transmitter. But, please, do not consider me one of these guys thinking themselves Napoleons, dogs or lighting poles. No. They are just crazy. So am I though, but quite in another way.

Since very childhood we heard the stories about people able to read ot...

■  ■  ■

Polyamory in sauna

We had scarcely got undressed, when Alla grabbed my dick and started sucking staying on the bench. I wanted to move back, but she strongly dug her nails into my buttocks, caressing me. Victor and Lena, who had come to sauna together with us, first looked away in confusion, but then began watching...

■  ■  ■

Yana's chastity

After Yana’s (the elder sister of my wife) sexual seduction on the path of debauchery (see the story “Yana’s ass”), our sexual affairs have become much more than occasional appointments. And when we moved to a separate apartment, and after my wife had gone to study in the...

■  ■  ■

Having doubts

She was the girlfriend of a good friend of mine, but a couple of weeks ago, they broke up very peacefully. Frankly speaking, Marina was not to my taste a bit: constantly cheerful, smiling and easy going. That was really tiresome. Marina had a nice face, beautiful long red hair and just gorgeous b...

■  ■  ■

Yana's ass

The elder sister of my wife – Yana - always attracted my attention. There're a lot of reasons for that. Not that my wife didn’t satisfy me or was ugly. Not at all. My Lena is a very cute and plumpy girl with impressive bust and a lot of open desires in bed. Yana, on the other hand...

■  ■  ■

The color of happiness

Two voices in the darkness:

- Today I’ve heard a strange word “happiness”. What is it?

- Um... what a question you ask. No one can explain it for you. One day you will know that for yourself. But the answer was not important for the one who asked the question. The...

■  ■  ■


One evening Julia was at home reading a romance novel. There was written about a man doing cunnilingus to a woman. Then the pleasure the woman was getting was described. Guessing about the meaning of the word but, wishing to make sure, she took a dictionary and began searching for the word. Havin...

■  ■  ■

Happy sex

A young girl was standing on the threshold. One look at her was enough to have a sinking feeling in the pit on his stomach - he was a Pro in such affairs. The jacket of thin yellow cotton didn’t hide her shapes, but being tight it made her even more attractive and tempting. Her body was inv...

■  ■  ■


I’d like to tell you about one occasion that had happened between my boss and me. That occasion had taken place when I worked as a secretary. My boss’ name was Andrew. He was not much older than me, we addressed to each other by name easily, but respectfully. That time Andrew told me...

■  ■  ■

A lover of dirty intercourse

Recently, on my way to Atlanta after several years of absence, I decided to call my old girlfriend. I thought she was living with a guy, and a bit of drinking would be a nice friendly gesture from my side. She was very happy to hear me and she insisted I would invite her to have a dinner tonight....

■  ■  ■

Traffic jam

Her blue blouse miraculously stayed on her breast after having fallen from her shoulders.

Hammer felt the zipper on his pants almost broke when the blouse finally slipped off her chest and he saw something unnatural, as later he often recalled with the awe of a virgin the first time gettin...

■  ■  ■

New friend of Pete

In the sphere I’m in, it is not customary to talk openly. Still that doesn’t mean THIS doesn’t exist. That is not the thing to talk about, but that cannot be hidden. I go in for professional sport, that kind of sport is known as “professional wrestling”.

But m...

■  ■  ■

The fourth section

Black suit, stylish tie not reminding a fire in the jungle and leather shoes of English style. What else does a young and successful “white collar” working in one of the most prestigious Moscow banks need?

The late and warm spring was giving way to the not so hot summer. Flo...

■  ■  ■

Adult games

I was 19, when that had happened. I was struggling for my freedom as hard as I could, but he was too strong for me. Besides, he was doing everything so skillfully, as if it was everyday routine or he had been specially taught. That’s why all my efforts were in vain. He tied my hands behind...

■  ■  ■

Red Lace

Today it's raining again, the whole week of pouring rain. The wipers are slapping, sweeping the water off the windshield, heavy drops are drumming on the roof. I like rain, maybe, because of its mystery. Here is the last turn to my house, I’m driving my BMW in the garage and then sittin...

■  ■  ■


She had been secretly dreaming about such occasion for a long time. One warm summer evening, leaning on the parapet, she was standing and looking at the sea from a steep shore. It was almost invisible, but the rhythmic rustling of the waves somehow excited and caused a vague feeling. Married life...

■  ■  ■

Extraordinary Interview

Lena expected the day of the interview with a new employer with trembling excitement. She has long been looking for a job, but unsuccessful yet. And then she was offered the position of a secretary with such attractive conditions that already in the morning she began preparing for the meeting. Sh...

■  ■  ■

Great Adventure

Hi! My name is Sveta. Recently my friend Lena and I have come through the great adventure. While recalling it my hands automatically go down under the panties to rub my pussy. Before I’m going to tell you our story, I’d like your imagination to picture Lena and me. We are both not tal...

■  ■  ■

Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there lived a sultan Ahmed. He was the master of the large state stretching from the seashore to the endless desert. The sultan was only thirty-five years old. His hair was black and straight, his eyes were so dark that one could hardly distinguish the pupil from the iris. The su...

■  ■  ■

A present

New Year was coming and everybody was in a festive mood. The weather turned out to be frosty, besides it was rather windy. At noon we were called by Olga, the sister of my wife Sonia, who said that she was urgently needed in the office, where she was going to stay until about 9 PM, so she couldn&...

■  ■  ■


She came to him at 7 PM, a bit late as usual. He was smoking at the bus stop, trying to look angry, but he failed at that. He was full of burning and clear joy with her arrival. He was happy to see her even ten times a day, despite they had been together three years already, and that’s a lo...

■  ■  ■

Reckless night

Apparently, a short skirt, black stockings and the lips with lipstick put on are not the signs of sexual promiscuity, but men always consider everything the way they want. That evening I went to the café to meet my friend, who, as it turned out, was never going to come. Meanwhile, I was si...

■  ■  ■

From behind the looking-glass

Caution! Glass! They don’t hear me, buggers! The glass is me. To be precise, not just glass. I’m the looking-glass of Venetian ancient work. And now three drunken movers are carrying me upstairs to the apartment of my new owners. The corner’s ahead! That’s it, these barbar...

■  ■  ■

Little one

…Stop leaning your ears against the belly and asking stupid questions. Stop! Am I a boy or a girl? I’m a boy, a boy! Or a girl? Hard to find it out in the darkness.

My mother definitely wants me to be a boy. Boy’s life is easier – no need to look for a man to ge...

■  ■  ■

On the lakeside

I don't like to sunbathe on public beaches because of the large concentrations of tourists. It’s unpleasant to become an object of many apprising looks. Just for that reason, on a hot day of July I turned out to be alone on the deserted lakeside. The weather was fine and the sunlight wa...

■  ■  ■

The stains of sperm of unfaithful husband

The girl, who had come to the office of Mr. Don, was dressed in elegant woman's toxido as if she had just visited a concert of classical music. And that was true. Then Mr. Don realized why her name seemed so familiar. She was the first cello in the city symphony orchestra.

- What can I...

■  ■  ■

Cool Night

- Are you done? - shouted Elena. Her voice was showing her being nervous. - It is almost 8:00 PM, and we informed her, we would be waiting for her after eight.

- Yes, darling, soon, - I replied. However, I was still sitting at my desk in the office sorting out the whole heap of drawings...

■  ■  ■

Just for you

Closing my eyes, I see the darkness. My fantasies disturb me to focus on anything. I want to dive into a voluptuous dream! No, maybe, into reality? ... Your image appears in the dark, it's a little blurred, blurred by the time and the distance between us. We are slowly getting closer. Your im...

■  ■  ■

The sounds in the dark

Rick was lying, staring into the impenetrable darkness. His sweat covered body froze, as if fearing to break with an awkward movement the confusion of sounds that had been keeping him awake that night. Having become all ears, he eagerly caught every moan, every sigh and creak, every echo of uncer...

■  ■  ■

Orgasmic Symphony

I met Dinah by chance, at the party of one of our common friends. Dinah couldn’t but drew attention to her: a tall and stately brunette with gorgeous legs and the bust. Still there was something strange in her, her eyes were wandering never lingering on anyone. But in general, Dinah totally...

■  ■  ■


The doorbell rang. Kidson unwillingly put the magazine away, moved the coffee table with new mail aside and shook his head.

- Who could that be? Friends usually call by phone first...

The large and soft armchair creaked and let him go. Down the hallway, he straightened his bathrobe...

■  ■  ■

Sweet Dreams

Carefully once a month she comes back, inevitable and inescapable like a toothache. I know about her returning. I feel and wait with fear, trepidation and lust.

Strange feeling... Frightening. This woman has absolutely male perception of the subject of her ecstasy, i.e. me. 


■  ■  ■

Meeting at lunch

The day had begun as usual. I went to the restaurant to have lunch and met there my old friend. He was having lunch there with his colleague and, having introduced Jenny to me, he invited to join them. The conversation over the meal began with common phrases, but soon it moved on to about our abs...

■  ■  ■

The new sensations

I met Natasha and Igor through the famous online dating. Their ad “A young couple is looking for a man or a woman to have a good time together" interested me much. I'm thirty years old and since recently I began to catch myself at thinking that traditional sex didn’t satisfy...

■  ■  ■

Gambling debt

My old friends (the couples Gena with Lena and Peter with Lucy) invited me to a “picnic”. After good meals and drinks we decided to play poker for five (by the way, my favorite card game). The game conditions had been settled in advance: for the losers not to suffer financially, the m...

■  ■  ■

Goddess of the night

Marina could turn any man’s head of the hundreds passing by. Actually, that happened to me. She was quite an extraordinary girl. About eighteen years. Tall, dark haired, well-built. Long and straight black hair was formed into a large braid that swayed when walking. Her plump breasts, barel...

■  ■  ■


It was their ordinary meeting, the meeting of two friends - Sasha and Vitya. It’s not like they were true friends, but rather good acquaintances.

They used to meet not so often, from time to time, and just for business or communication, which, as they believed, constantly enriched ea...

■  ■  ■

Long-awaited happiness

Well, I have got it. Finally! You are strong and courageous! You have handsome and slender body, and facial features. Dirty looks of women passing by are aimed at you, they all envy me. "How could that bitch get such a stud?" - They think, drilling me through with their angry and enviou...

■  ■  ■

Wish fulfilment

My husband and I often make love in, so to say, not quite a traditional way. We have mastered anal and oral sex long ago, but recently we have chosen public sex as our favorite way. Of course, we are not practicing this in the middle of the square in a festive day, but nevertheless, shocking the...

■  ■  ■

Can't be narrower

- Oh, darling, your cock is so huge! It is even better than I imagined.

- What do you mean "better than you imagined"?

- Oh, come on, you know what I mean.

- You seemed to say, you never...

- Never what? Never offered my ass? Or never offered my ass to you?

■  ■  ■


Michael stood up and came up to the chair Julia was sitting in, and squatted at her feet.

- Do you want to experience love?

Stunned, Julia stared at him and then at Alex. He was sitting on the couch closely looking at the poster with a female figure in jeans "Lee Cooper"...

■  ■  ■


Louise is my colleague in the editorial. She is of that type of women, who like to get everything at once. She is a beautiful young woman, full of dignity and giving the impression of a forbidding rock. Such women do not tolerate weak men, they appreciate only strong ones. Still they love men to...

■  ■  ■

Holiday Camp Occasion

This story took place in the summer of 1987. My wife and I decided to go to the camp to have a rest. We were 29 years old and we had been five years married. We still didn’t have children.

We gathered, took some food and several bottles of port, loaded it in our Zaporozhets and set o...

■  ■  ■

Witches' Sabbath

The taxi drove up to Oleg’s Villa, turned around right in front of the entrance, and Oleg disappears with women. I go into the living room where Sveta, as always, is waiting for me. She looks quite unusual, not the way other women do! The tips of the breasts are painted bright red. Her long...

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Ladies' choice

Last summer I happened to be in Hawaii. I rented a small bungalow not far from Honolulu, because I had been requested an incredible amount for hotel apartments. Of course, after Australia, New Zealand and Samoa islands I had travelled through, I was short of money, so I had to rely upon economica...

■  ■  ■

The first time

It was after midnight we had come home. No one was home, the husband was away, the maid had left. Remote control button opened the garage, so I drove in and closed the door again.

Pam got up from the seat and sweetly stretched herself.

- Do you feel like sleeping? - I asked in surpr...

■  ■  ■

After having a bath

Oksana came to him right at the set hour. She pressed the bell-button. The ringing sound appeared to be unpleasant and shrill. After a few seconds the door opened. On the threshold there was a handsome young man, dressed in a standard gentleman’s set - white shirt, a tie, dark trousers and...

■  ■  ■

A meeting in the subway

Today in the subway I’ve seen a girl of my dreams. She was beautiful. Don't know what exactly immediately caught my attention, but I was killed immediately and on the spot, barely glancing at her. Seemingly plain clothing. Strict. A white blouse under a black jacket. But you can't f...

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We both are eighteen. We haven't seen each other almost a year. You've changed, I barely recognize the former boy in this handsome young man, only your eyes are the same – the same look of the one in love. I am flattered you haven’t forgotten me for all that time, when you hav...

■  ■  ■

Group sex

I don't want to make you bored, we had sex! But how!

My name is Julia. My friend Zhenya and I came to visit Sonia and Vlad. It all started with a banal drinking of vodka! We decided to smoke grass, it was fun. Of course, I had thrown all up. When I entered the room, Zhenya was already...

■  ■  ■


When on that Saturday first crossed the threshold of that dancing club (on Saturday, you could meet there anyone - bisexuals, transvestites, lesbians and of course the normal ones), my knees were shaking. A wave of adrenaline in my young body was exciting me. There wasn’t spacious at all. T...

■  ■  ■

The game

- Hello, who are you looking for? - The door was opened by a very pretty girl. Short haircut of dark brown hair and brown wide-open eyes.

- Does Sveta live here?

- Yes, she'll be back soon, - the girl stepped back, letting me in, - Come in, take a seat.

I came into the ro...

■  ■  ■

River crossing payment

It was getting dark. Arthur was sitting on the bow of six-seater boat, occasionally spitting into the water. He relatively recently started to work in transportation on that section of wide, slow flowing river. However, rich experience was telling him that in the late afternoon hours, someone cer...

■  ■  ■

He is the one I want

Now the bell is gonna ring and the third double class will be over. As usual I am sitting favorite place. This is the third desk closer to the window. My friend has been missing for some days for unknown reason, so I don't have anyone to accompany me to the beach today. Of course, I could pic...

■  ■  ■

It could have been like that

One of his hands was holding her by hips, controlling the speed and amplitude of her movements a little; another one was doing a similar action, but in the shoulders area; the third one was finding and working out all the bumps and hollows of her body under all his eight fingers. Every time their...

■  ■  ■

The adventure on vacation

I really didn't want to go on vacation without my wife. I thought, my colleagues would laugh at me, it’s usually clear why go to the warm South alone. But the tourist voucher was just for one traveller, and Galya had her ill mother in the village... So, the circumstances were against me...

■  ■  ■

South Port

When I was a little girl, our neighbor on the stair landing was a military man. The officer of general forces. His image stayed with me since that time: slender toned body, beautiful uniform, shiny boots and great manners. He was always the first to say “hello”, even to me a ten-year-...

■  ■  ■

On the roof

Finally summer has come. After cold winter and joyless, almost same snowy spring, hot summer has come. Empty beaches have livened up and people put their white bodies under gentle sometimes and sometimes stinging rays of the sun.

Women took off all warming and concealing clothing and faced...

■  ■  ■

Clean is the best

By the time we had been married ten years, our sex life became getting boring. But we were still excited by other men and women. In short, Jesse began to read your posts. He tried to make me interested in those stories, but I don't like to read a lot.

One day I was sitting at home with...

■  ■  ■

You and me

Finally this is the day I am to come to you. You took luxurious room in the hotel. We agreed to meet there to make love. You are looking forward to see me. I'm about to come. You are trembling with excitement when you think about me. We have been long dreamed about it... And this is going to...

■  ■  ■


They had met not as if accidentally. Sergey got used to smoke at the stair landing and two little girls, going up or downstairs, were alwas asking him for a cigarette. They started to greet each other. So they got acquainted. Black-haired, Ira, had entered a college or something, and Helen then w...

■  ■  ■

Her mother

I was 18 when I first had met the girl who was able to satisfy me. One hot summer day I came to her place.

Her mother opened the door for me. She was dressed only in her nightgown - a black one, transparent nightie with low neckline. I could not look away from her huge breasts. Her nipples...

■  ■  ■

Sex club

It was more than amazing theatre. It was rounded, with side alcoves lit by floodlight projectors, which were located under the arches on the columns. It resembled the medieval сhurch. Just as good, but a little less bright, the main stage was lit. It was like a playing field in a small stadium, w...

■  ■  ■


Natasha. My dear Natasha. A unique student time. How long ago it’s been!

We both studied in the same group. She was of those girls, one wouldn’t call beautiful but at the same time they still manage to be amazingly cute. Short hair, hidden behind the wide lenses of her glasses...

■  ■  ■

Naughty Anna

- So what, are we just going to sit like pioneers? - Anna heard the voice of Gunhar. She never spoke the sentence that was on the tip of her tongue, knowing she wouldn’t be able to repeat, to force herself to say it when the music was loud on was no use, as he could not hear her.

- T...

■  ■  ■

A night

The finger off the bell button. Pause. Behind the door the sound of footsteps is heard. The peephole darkens for a moment, and then the turn of the key tells that the identification is done...

Her hands embrace my neck..."Are you hungry?"- she asks in a whisper, still there is no...

■  ■  ■


The door gingerly opened.

- May we come in?

Vadim reluctantly covered with papers "Playboy" opened in the middle and looked up. At the door there were two very young creatures waiting. A pretty brunette with huge brown eyes and the hair-dress a la Mireille Mathieu and a se...

■  ■  ■

About perishable nature

(based on the story by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov)

Court counselor Semyon Petrovich Podtykin watched himself from head to toe in the mirror, poured his bald head with a quarter of a flask of perfume for greater effect, threw on his silk gown brought by his father-in-law from China, and, burni...

■  ■  ■

The Fall

I did not think about adventures when I agreed to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of Suzanne, I was studying with in College. But at that wedding I was involved in the quite incredible event, I do not regret at all.

To say about myself, I am 22, I am attractive enough and my body generates...

■  ■  ■

The first time

Today is your first time. You lay back and your muscles are strained. You're desperately trying to think up something to distract him, but he doesn’t hesitate approaching you. He asks if you are scared, and you shake your head bravely.

He has rich experience, but the first time h...

■  ■  ■


I began getting tired and cold. The ski was getting heavier and heavier and I seemed to be lost. Why the hell I had started that walk through the unfamiliar woods. No ski tracks, no traces of human or animal on the snow. A little more time and it’s getting dark. What a bad and stupid death,...

■  ■  ■

Three in the room and two in the toilet

I had read that advertisement in the newspaper: "A young couple would like to meet a cute boy for hanging out. Call 956-XX-XX. Nastya and Andrew". I don't know why, but I responded to that proposal. I made a call from the booth and agreed to meet them in the cafe with a romantic nam...

■  ■  ■

Gay cats

Non-traditional forms of love are inherent not in humans only. One of our friend has two male cats. Gosha, and Tosha. Those are huge beasts and still are convinced gays. They fuck each other in turns, being absolutely not ashamed. They don’t even look at she-cats.

We brought them a s...

■  ■  ■

The armpit

There is nothing as nice and shameless as unshaven female armpit. Exuding the indescribable fragrance it turns me on best of all. I was never interested in women with smooth and nice smelling armpits, they did not understand what they were doing to themselves. Those women took away more than half...

■  ■  ■

The hair

I remember her from long ago, since she was a little girl. She was ugly, with a big mouth and extremely tall for her age. Nobody paid her any attention. However, as time had passed she turned into a strikingly beautiful tall girl with beautiful long hair of deep black color. She was a very beauti...

■  ■  ■

Speeding violation

Sally was driving down the highway, running late for lunch as always. The speedometer needl