The morning

Lika was awaken by her suddenly turned on computer. It was turned on by timer, beginning loading the system. The apartment was silent, her parents were not yet back from friends’ place, where they continued the celebration of the New Year. She was alone.

She slowly turned over on her stomach and languidly stretched herself. The friction of the pillows pleasantly tickled her chest....

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Girl's naughtiness

That night Lena came home late and after removing the outdoor clothes immediately went into the bathroom. Her parents knew their daughter loved long “hydrotherapeutic procedure” and did not ask too many questions. Meanwhile, bathroom was her favorite place of solitude, calm, relaxing and often of something else her parents surely didn't guess about, for they considered her a mod...

■  ■  ■

The sounds in the dark

Rick was lying, staring into the impenetrable darkness. His sweat covered body froze, as if fearing to break with an awkward movement the confusion of sounds that had been keeping him awake that night. Having become all ears, he eagerly caught every moan, every sigh and creak, every echo of uncertain whispering.

Rick knew what the origin of those sounds was. Behind the thin wall, surroun...

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My best orgasm

The most wonderful pleasure I have ever received with masturbation was at the time when I was 19 and my girlfriend was18. She didn't want to give up her virginity, and we were forced to masturbate each other. We did it for about 3 months and we becoming bored with it. We felt good, just fine, but we needed something different. We were dating at her house in the attic.

In the spring i...

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Glimmering monitor

She loved to stay alone in the office late at night. Silence and solitude got her high and excited. She turned on the computer. Oh, that Internet, instantly connecting her to any person in any point of the earth, these virtual fans, these explanations in advance and dating.

Left alone, she was immersed in this world, comfortably having made herself comfortable in a big armchair she close...

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