Preparing surprise for wedding day

Hi. My name is Kate, I am 23 years old and I'm going to get married. Let me describe myself: 168cm height, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect tits of the second size, taut ass… In general, I'm perfect. 

According to the old tradition of the wedding, a bride has to prepare a surprise for her groom. For I have no special creative abilities, I decided to go on the easy way -...

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Cheating in the toilet

Hi, my name is Kyrill, I'm 21, 180cm tall, brown short hair, go in for sports, in general, I take care of myself! My girl is 19, her name is Lena height 160cm, a spectacular girl with long blonde hair! It's the first time I decided to share my sex life with the readers, please do not judge my strictly, maybe you'll like the story.

Let's move on to the story. The events to...

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The friend of my husband

My husband came home after work a little drunk and he invited the friends to drink beer. I certainly was not happy about this, so it had been going on a month already. We have two kids, and the kids and never ending drinking husband made me forget about sex, no time for that.

Only one husband's friend didn't come today, Arslan. I liked him very much – he looked llike Jean-C...

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I'm a whore

I want to tell you about me really cheating on my husband. I'm 38 but I look 10 years younger. Good figure and good appearance make men keep looking at me. I began to cheat on my husband almost immediately after the wedding. And we have lived for 20 years together.

My temperament can't make me faithful. I'll tell you about one of my most vivid cheating. In the summer I went t...

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A night at my friends

Once I had to spend a night at my friend's apartment. We drank good, it was already late and almost no transport, my home was far from there, so I stayed. His girlfriend who participated in our feast also stayed for the night. The apartment had just one bedroom, one sofa bed, so they set a bed for me on the floor, while they lay on the sofa. From the moment the lights were off, they were bu...

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I don't know what it's called, but it happens. You can call it a quickie, spontaneous sex, or something else. The essence does not change because of a name. It happened to me several times.

For some reason we had a party. Guests were invited by my wife so there were her friends. Two or three came with their husbands. We sat, drank, sung and danced. There were few men and we dance...

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Two wheel twins

The story happened two years ago. It was summer. I was 23 years old, fairly athletic built, tall, blue eyes. I do not think I have something remarkable in the appearance, but in the opinion of many of my female friends I’m quite nice. Especially for my girlfriend, we have dated for a year and a half, still every date filled us with emotions of love and desire like for the first time. As f...

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Real cheating

In this story, there’s not a drop of falsehood, so it is not abundant with group orgies with all the perversions of the world. Ordinary true story.

After we had lived with my wife together for more than 10 years, she went with her girlfriend (the wife of my colleague) to Turkey. They went with the children and we didn't worry about them.

However, it turned out bad. When...

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Twisted love

My wife is a real bitch. She has dug dirt up on me and now she does to me anything she wants. Don't you believe? Then I’ll tell you. 

We got married very early, I was 19 and she was 18. She was my first love. Don't know how many men she had already had by that time, but she was sure not a "virgin". So, we got married. We lived like everyone else. Sometimes we...

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Hookup lover

Recently I have had a one-night stand. Actually, I really like hookups. One of my cousin came to me for a visit, he is married but used to cheat on his wife. He asked me if he could bring a girl to my place. I didn’t mind, but my wife did. He had a talk to her and said the girl would come and stay just for a while, then he would walk her home.

We had a good drink, and he took her h...

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Cheating on

My non-fictional story of what happened to me in July! Maybe someone will be interested.


And here we are on his yacht. It's not very big, but so cozy! As soon as we descended down to the cabin, I quickly threw off my sundress without saying a word! I helped him to undress as well. Having knelt down I tried to pull out his cock, but it was not so easy! Such size I'...

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We have a long-established company  - MW + MW + M. Last year we went to the country cottage. My wife got a headache and refused to go. In the end, our company was MMMW. Lenochka (Lena) is a young wife (24 years old) from the second couple, was a little confused. Usually my wife was turning everyone on, so to say, and there Lena was sitting alone and quiet looking down into the bowl. She we...

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Fantasy and reality

I have been married for three years, as for sex we have it ok, everyday life is good as well. One year we lived for "ourselves" and then we decided that it was time to expand the family.

My wife got pregnant, the last months were hard for me. I wanted to have sex as a teenager would during the peak of the hormonal surge, but I restrained myself. My wife has a sister Anna, who w...

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We are a young couple, each of us is 23. We’ve been married only a year. I work as a driver. My wife works as economist assistant in another company, and even on the other side of the city. Her company gave us credit to buy the apartment. My wife obviously liked her work. But a month passed, and she was sent to refresher course. After that I noticed something had changed. Our sex was good...

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Into the ass

We have been living with my wife already a little more than 5 years! Lyudmila is 24, I'm 28. Even before marriage Lyudmila had a very rich sexual life, up to group sex! Of course! My candy was chased by a lot of hunters! Although, I never bothered with that!!!

However, I was sure that after marriage she had no serious romance ever! A lot of her time was busy with caring about the chi...

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I need money very much

I needed money very much indeed. I watched my neighbor Nicholas pulling down his shorts along with the briefs, and I was silent. He was doing that slowly. At first there appeared thick red bushes growing entirely from one leg to the other, and it seemed to be a dense forest. Then the main trunk appeared. It was bright pink and veiny. It was getting bared, and I found that it was much thicker th...

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Occasion at the place of work

This happened to me a little more than three years ago. I changed the company to work for. It was far away from home, but everything was compensated by fairly decent income.

And there at this job, after 3 or 4 months from the beginning of work, I went to my boss with some papers and he asks me – “Do you like to work for us?” “Yes”, I say to him. “Well&...

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Satisfied with sperm (Voluntarily cheated)

I have slept with one good married guy and in the morning he told me the following story:

It was on the 8th of March. Elena (my wife) and I were visited by Andrew, our old friend, a traveler and a very funny guy. 

The years of joint life with my wife dulled the feelings, and the desire does not appear all the time. That day Andrew brought a huge bouquet of flowers, brandy,...

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Private lectures

A young student in a short plaid skirt and a white translucent tight-fitting blouse came into the office. Blond hair carelessly fell over the shoulders and framed almost flawless face with clear blue eyes and plump lips, slightly painted with transparent lip-gloss. She was fabulously good. The clattering of heels on the floor would make a young teacher break away from the documents. 

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This is the real story of my life. As a student and married for 2 years I worked as a watchman in the kindergarten. In the evenings, one baby-sitter always stayed on duty. That night it was 19-year-old Lilya recently married, slender, blonde with big boobs. The headmistress half-jokingly said to me when leaving: 

- Look, student, don’t harass to Lilechka. She is 4 months pregn...

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