Three heroes (sequel)

Particularly actively I was supported by the giant. He offered to invite one of his clients he had longstanding relationship with - a woman of about my age, well-groomed and without complexes. He was supported by my husband, he even volunteered to go and get her together with a giant. The second guy asked to let him have some sleep since he had worked all night. That’s what was decided. T...

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I fucked your wife

I arrived in your city on Monday. The purpose is a business trip. During this kind if trip every real man pursues his own personal goals.

And so, after the standard program had been done, I took a car and began driving around the surrounding area not hoping for anything special. After an hour of riding I noticed a girl on the roadside hitching a ride. I stopped. The girl was very pretty...

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Talky parrot

This story had happened about five years ago with a friend of mine (let’s call him Paul here). He lived in my neighboring house on the second floor. He had a very beautiful wife. They lived well enough. They didn’t have children for they thought it was too early to have them.

And one day Paul’s colleagues made him a present (as far as I know, he worked at the customs) &...

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It was a usual morning, and as always I went for a jog. Usually there are three of us jogging, but that day was an exception: the guys were very busy. After about two kilometers of running, I reached a girl jogging beside. She had run about three hundred meters and stopped a little breathless and asked: 

"Are you tired?”

“No", I answered. A little confus...

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The girlfriend of my friend

My name is Max, I am 19. I want to tell you a story that happened almost a year ago.

Spring. The evening was as always boring, it was about 1:30 PM, and I had nothing to do lying there and watching TV.

Suddenly my cellphone rang... It was my friend's girlfriend Irina (she's a year older than me). I had a very good friendship with Irina and her boyfriend Dima. I picked up t...

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In the ass

When I woke up this morning, the body immediately responded with pleasant languor, the fragments of a crazy night flashed in my mind, and I sweetly stretched out like a cat just awaken. And then I saw my husband, who was sitting in the chair opposite the bed and looking at me. I shivered with the thought that he could guess what I was doing here. He should have come only in the evening. His han...

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The first experience of group sex

Hi, everyone, reading these lines!

I don't know why I am writing this. Probably, I liked some stories on the corresponding websites and wanted to tell our story. I should note – everything here is real (just the names are changed).

My name is Alexander, my wife’s name is Xenia. We are married for 8 years. We have a beautiful daughter.

It all started...

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Fulfilled fantasy

One day my wife told me that she would like to have group sex with me and another guy. I thought she was kidding. I was not too much inspired with this idea. My wife said that she didn’t want to have group sex with someone we knew. Several months had passed, and I forgot about our conversation with wife.

I came home from work and found Melissa chatting to the guys eager to take par...

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Moscow is a large city, a separate country with a population of many millions, but no matter how many people were around, the feeling of loneliness comes here almost to everyone. In the metropolis no one can be surprised with fast romance and sex affairs. The family loses its priority. To have a mistress or a lover has become almost a moral standard. And I was no exception...

In the end...

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The start point

This is absolutely true story from my personal life. Why I write it, I do not know. I’m married for the second time. My pretty one’s name is Xenia. First intimacy with her was incredible and totally changed my life. Outer and inner beauty, sexuality and temperament and, most surprisingly, clear mind did the trick. In the end, we are husband and wife and we're feeling good togeth...

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One day my wife and I went to have a rest to the health resort, and she decided to attend daily beauty salon. The sessions were from the very morning, that time I stayed to sleep in our room on a big double bed. I woke up with a strange smell - vanilla and very sweet. I barely opened my eyes. My cheek was touched by the long, straw-colored sweet smelling hair. I finally sobered up from sleep an...

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First cheating

Once I had a chance to work in the commercial sphere. As a married man I always respected the rules, and never cheated on my wife. But deep down in my heart I dreamed about it. I worked together with the married woman Lina. Small stature, small breasts and plump butt. The picture was certainly not so exciting. But her lips!

Oh, if there's something more exciting in the world, it can&...

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The daughter of the sea

The vacation turned into a hideous, destroying all the dreams and the world-view trip. Everything was fine at first. Vlad and his bride Lena were travelling to the sea. He got awfully expensive trip ticket to a quiet and tranquil tourist hotel. Separate cottage de luxe, lovely food, warm sea, quiet southern nights. Vlad and Lena were supposed to get married on arrival after vacation. He was 24,...

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Yana's chastity

After Yana’s (the elder sister of my wife) sexual seduction on the path of debauchery (see the story “Yana’s ass”), our sexual affairs have become much more than occasional appointments. And when we moved to a separate apartment, and after my wife had gone to study in the USA, something unimaginable began.

My place of work is relatively not far from home. By car i...

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Yana's ass

The elder sister of my wife – Yana - always attracted my attention. There're a lot of reasons for that. Not that my wife didn’t satisfy me or was ugly. Not at all. My Lena is a very cute and plumpy girl with impressive bust and a lot of open desires in bed. Yana, on the other hand, has always been an example of modesty, temperance and chastity. She got married at 25 and at the s...

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The stains of sperm of unfaithful husband

The girl, who had come to the office of Mr. Don, was dressed in elegant woman's toxido as if she had just visited a concert of classical music. And that was true. Then Mr. Don realized why her name seemed so familiar. She was the first cello in the city symphony orchestra.

- What can I do for You, miss... - He stammered, afraid to say aloud so well-known name.

- Call me Alexan...

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The doorbell rang. Kidson unwillingly put the magazine away, moved the coffee table with new mail aside and shook his head.

- Who could that be? Friends usually call by phone first...

The large and soft armchair creaked and let him go. Down the hallway, he straightened his bathrobe and opened the door. His eyebrows slightly raised up.

At the threshold there was a young unfa...

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Clean is the best

By the time we had been married ten years, our sex life became getting boring. But we were still excited by other men and women. In short, Jesse began to read your posts. He tried to make me interested in those stories, but I don't like to read a lot.

One day I was sitting at home without work for several weeks, and to kill time, I picked up a copy of one of the stories that was in t...

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They had met not as if accidentally. Sergey got used to smoke at the stair landing and two little girls, going up or downstairs, were alwas asking him for a cigarette. They started to greet each other. So they got acquainted. Black-haired, Ira, had entered a college or something, and Helen then was on her own. She used to come not just for a cigarette for a chat as well. Sergey in his age of th...

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Naughty Anna

- So what, are we just going to sit like pioneers? - Anna heard the voice of Gunhar. She never spoke the sentence that was on the tip of her tongue, knowing she wouldn’t be able to repeat, to force herself to say it when the music was loud on was no use, as he could not hear her.

- Turn off the radio, - she said hoarsely.

She was surprised he heard her request: it became qui...

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