When, in 1995, I worked at the factory, a new janitor woman came to our workshop. I was always a little horny and began to look her up. She was slender, pretty, middle-aged woman. She often came to our cubicle for a smoke and we chatted with her about different stuff. My friend hinted that it would be nice for us to have a drink together, and then I suddenly said that my birthday was going to c...

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Japanese room

Countess Irina Rumyantseva was born in Moscow in the family of Baskov. Rich, noisy, used to live in a grand style, he had a reputation of a hospitable one in Moscow. He spoiled his only daughter very much. And it seemed the life ahead is full of joy, but fate cut short Baskov’s life. His widow in grief, survived not longer.

Irina was 16 years old when the German woman, who was in c...

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The letter

Dear editors, what kind of work can be the most successful for sexy girl? I will tell you now. The one, where you can be surrounded by men all day long. This is what I have.

My friend, Eugene, launched the agency. And, of course, he needed my help. Now he owes me. No, I don't mean he is too bad in bed. He has a great cock and I'm really pleased with it. I'm talking about the...

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Cheating, or some like it hot

One evening when I was out of the city, Nastya decided to go to night club with her friend to relax. Quite drunk, the women joined the crowd of dancing and did not have time to gather their wits, as they appeared in the arms of two young enough guys, who invited them to slow dancing.

The dancing area was very dark and when the palms of the partner fell on her butt, Nastya did not worry a...

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Nice party

My name is Zhenya. I'm a dark-haired girl, 25 years old. I love a good fuck best of all in my life.

What I want to write about has happened to me quite recently. My fiancé, Arthur, is always busy. He's always somewhere gone, in Europe, the middle East or in China. Sometimes he is away for weeks. First, such separations caused us a lot of grief, but then we got used to it a...

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Not a menage a trois

She was standing in the queue for a taxi. It was not so crowded; the streets were being filled with people as pubs became empty. The majority of those who stuck out in the pothouses till late o'clock were fairly drunk, but nevertheless sane. The bouncers had dispersed those who took too much of drinks long time ago. At last her turn had come. She got into the car and briefly explained where...

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The Cruise

So it happened that my wife and I had won the tourist voucher for the cruise across the Mediterranean Sea on the motor ship “Taras Shevchenko”. The staterooms were very cozy: a 2-level bed with a short stair, a small table and a sofa along the window (porthole) coming to the walking deck. Also there was a sink in our room. Toilets and showers were located separately, but in such qua...

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