Hi, everyone! My name is Alla. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me when I studied in the Institute. Now I;m 28, but that time I was 22.

So, one evening I stayed until late in the library after lectures. It was late evening and my way home was along the path between the buildings of students’ dorms.

I’ll tell you about myself a little. By that time I was...

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Woman Spy

The evening came, and my shift was about to begin. Recently I managed to get a job as a watchman at the military plant. It was rather a soft job, which required every few hours getting around the territory, checking the locks and drive away the boys. Nearby there was a village with just 100 people population, gloomy buildings and 2 streets. From the village only one girl used to come to the fac...

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Money Doesn't Talk

- Why don't you just kill me?

- No, sweetie, I want you to suffer, - I said and thrust another finger in her cunt.

Her cunt vigorously slurped. I caught her this morning. She was going to her University, and I was heading to work.

- Don’t you remember your friends? - I grinned.

- Fuck off, asshole. – She answered

This bitch didn’t even tu...

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Accidental cheating

Hi. I want to tell a story about my first cheating. It happened to me last summer. I was 19 and my boyfriend had a birthday I was already late to. All of the company gathered together sitting at the table and drinking, but I was just leaving home.

I was late because I was trying to choose a proper outfit, and since I was to be "the first lady" that day, I had to comply with it,...

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Back from business trip

I decided to make a surprise to my wife and returned from the business trip a day earlier. I drove the car in the garage and went upstairs to the house. Even driving up I realized by light flashing in the living-room that she was watching TV.

Climbing upstairs I tried not to be noisy. As soon as I heard the sound of TV, I realized that my baby was watching a porn movie. I was very intrig...

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Travelling by my car for the first terrible time

Hello. My name is Igor. I’m 19 years old. This story had happened to me about a year ago when I got driving license and was going to the city of **** to my friend for her wedding day. The road would take long and I had to drive my car in winter.

In the evening I had to drive off the main road and go along the awful bypass road. After an hour I noticed a road police car following me...

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Rape on the beach

It happened in Turkey in July. It is the worst time to go there. The heat in the day time was more than 40 C... I used to go to the beach at 6 AM. It’s the best time. Everyone is asleep, it’s not so hot, you're alone and enjoying the warm sun, the sound of the sea and solitude.

But that morning it all happened... As always I lay in a chaise longue. My swimsuit is two stri...

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Poor Nicky

I decided to write this story a long time ago, but I always failed. A friend gave me a link to this website, where I have read a lot of such stuff, and it dawned on me, I think you understand what exactly dawned on me. Well, let's now move on to the story.

One day when it was a little snowing, Nicky was going home through the park. She was returning from the birthday party of her fri...

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How my boyfriend raped me

This story has happened to me quite recently. One evening our company had a drink and my boyfriend pulled me into the bathroom. By that time we had already had a little of sex practice in such an awkward place.

When everyone was shifting from general fun to their own business, he offered to get closeted to each other. We came into the bathroom. This is where it all began. I've never...

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Rough sex

I drove my cock between her legs so that she cried out with pain.

I was angry at her for she made public our relationship among co-workers. I was her immediate supervisor. She (her name was Galina) was my right hand and.. my mistress. (Yes, I was married and loved my wife.)

I came to Galina’s home. Without saying anything to her and without even saying hello, I immediately t...

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In the dark park

Dark park... summer... you're coming home late at night.... it’s hot outside... 

You are wearing a light knitted dress, just above the knee.... underneath there are small panties and a bra of beige... 

I’m sitting on a bench and smoking.. I see you in the light of a lamp-post, from afar I begin to watch you... When you walk by, I dramatically grab you by...

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Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for. The wishes may come true easily and not as good as you wanted them.

My name is Alina, I am 19 years old and I am… I was a virgin until recently. This is strange for our time to be a virgin, but it’s a fact.

You may ask, how could it be?

I'll tell you. It's easy when two elder brothers watch you all the time and protect from...

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It was a sunny day and evening was close to come. Beautiful girl with long black hair, slim figure, round juicy buttocks, with breasts number 4 was walking home from her friend. She was wearing just a light dress. She got on the bus but missed her stop, got off at another one on an unfamiliar street. She was scared, it was getting dark. She was standing not knowing where to go. She saw three gu...

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Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't seen her naked yet. We love each other, and we were planning our wedding. But this evening a terrible...

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Wild beach

This beach was far away from the main places of having rest, you might see almost no one there. That’s why coming here, I usually swam naked. So it was that time as well.

Before going into the water I saw my reflection in it — I saw a very thin, even almost skinny young man.

Then warmed by the Sun water took my body.

I was swimming a long time, more than an hour...

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One for seven

I want to tell you about my loss of virginity. I was 18 years old and we were sitting in the apartment of my groupmate and drinking beer. I was the only girl there, I thought they could be trusted. And there were seven guys of different age, but all of them were older than me. After 3 bottles of beer Dennis offered I would get undressed and show them my body. I told him that he was crazy and sp...

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The first one

In the hut there was a girl of about nineteen with a kid happily playing with the kitten in the corner. The girl quickly stood up, her hands on the chest, and scared she looked at us.

— It's all yours, sir, - looking at it, the soldier said and carefully looked around the meager dwelling.

— And do not be ceremonious.

Two months ago, after graduating the Mili...

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"If you don't want your wild youth be known by husband, tomorrow arrive at the "Drop" - the fifth time I was stupidly reading the text message and could not believe in the reality of the situation. 

Opening another message I saw the picture... Two guys were thrusting their huge cocks into a young girl. The girl turned to the camera radiating delight and pleasure....

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I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.

Elvira, a tall slim blue-eyed brunette, was waiting for me, sitting in a chair.

- Hi. These are S...

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My boyfriend forced me to have sex

One day he asked me to spend the night with him. I used to spending nights with him, but there was nothing more than kisses.

His name was Max. He's a tall, young and muscular guy, 19 years old. My name is Marina.

I am a slim and beautiful brunette with green eyes, a lot of guys offered dating but I chose Max. I am 18 years old. And, of course, I'm still a virgin.


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