On the way to the date with beloved one

…He threw off her blouse down on the floor and pressed the whole girl’s body to the cold wall of the stairway case. He dug his lips in her neck.

She jerked in another useless attempt to escape and uttered through her clenched teeth:

- Freak!

He rode up her skirt, revealing beautiful and taut ass. He looked down at her legs.

Long legs were covered with wh...

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I'll never be back there

After graduating University I had to look for work. As my mom and dad considered I needed to work, no matter where and what position. To describe myself I am a redhaird, blue-eyed, with big breasts and long legs. It was hard time to find a job, and I found one more suitable to me in spirit than in salary. There I went get a job at the dealership as a secretary.

The interview was to be co...

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At the border

This story happened to me when I was in the army. It was in 2010. I served at the border. At that time I had already served 8 months until and had just 4 months before demob.

That day I was on duty. I patrolled the border together with the dog. It was summer and at 4 o’clock in the morning the dawn was already breaking. And about a kilometer far from me, I saw through binoculars, s...

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Hi all. My name is Alex. I'm 21 years old. I want to tell you a story which happened to me 3 years ago, during the celebration of my adulthood.

My name is Alex. Today I am 18 years old. I'm slim build, narrow waist and shoulders, cute face. Not the most masculine look, but girls chase me. Already 2 years I’ve been dating my girlfriend. Her name is Nastya. She's a year o...

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Secret desire

My name is Alice. I'm 19. I'm pretty cute, I have a beautiful smooth line my chest passes to the waist and then to the hips. My chest is of the third size. Blonde hair, big blue eyes. This is just a note for you to imagine me while reading this story.

I have been a long time in the relationship with a man, we are even planning to form a family. His name is Alexander. Our sex life...

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I was 18. It was the usual Institute in the small city. White shirt, black pencil-skirt, a minimum of makeup - all banal and not interested... 8.30. I was late for the exam. Having run to the Institute, I got in the last five. Going along with everyone I became so excited that everything I knew flew out of my head. I was in prostration, to reality I was returned with the teacher's voice: &q...

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First time threesome and right in the ass

Hello, my name is Katya, I am 23 years old. I'm a brunette, blue eyes, height 170cm, breast size is almost 3, just super ass and a pretty face. Lots of cavaliers always ))) It happened three years ago. Our company was going to the camping. The weather was splendid – the whole May the weather was hot. The best year ever! At the beginning of the second decade of June, having bought all...

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Come on and suck it!

- Andrey Vitalyevitch, I will n-never do-o-o like tha-a-a-aa-aa-at...

The secretary was sobbing on the chest of her stern boss. He was fatherly stroking her shivering shoulders.

- Well, Lena, calm down, crying won't help! You're a grown woman, how could you be such a goof-ball? This is a very important contract. Do you know how much it costs? And what it cost me to get it?...

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Just don't hurt me

She was looking forward the 3-d date with him. Dima was gentle and tender, but in his eyes there was something mysterious, maybe even perky. 

Marishka was waiting for him at home. They decided to stay home today. He showed up with flowers, champagne and a mysterious box. 

- It's for you, my kitty! - he said and handed her the bouquet with champagne. And this box shou...

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Dreams come true

I woke up scared... the head was buzzing as if after some long drinking celebration. I tried to open my eyes, but failed. I tried to move, but felt pain. I was coming to senses, the headache was going away... I realize, I’m sitting in a chair. My hands are behind my back and I can’t move them – I’m tied up... The legs are slightly moved apart and are also tied to the cha...

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Sergey woke up in a bad mood. He took a shower and wearing his robe he went down to the first floor and sat in the chair. He poured some whiskey and called the housemaid. To his call the new girl came - he saw her only once from the window. She was wearing a short skirt, a blouse and an apron.

- How old are you? - asked Sergey.

- Nineteen.

- Come closer, - he ordered.

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Fatso leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed with pleasure. As the leader of one of the largest crime syndicates in the City, he could afford satisfying his little weaknesses.

Now the red-haired girl, the embodiment of all the innocence that still remained on the earth, obediently fell down onto her knees before him and undid his pants, letting out a thick but short cock. Blushed,...

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We are a young couple, each of us is 23. We’ve been married only a year. I work as a driver. My wife works as economist assistant in another company, and even on the other side of the city. Her company gave us credit to buy the apartment. My wife obviously liked her work. But a month passed, and she was sent to refresher course. After that I noticed something had changed. Our sex was good...

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Late walk

I was coming back home late at night. There was no trolley bus or a route taxi. “I can hitch a ride”, I thought, and at that very moment a car stopped beside me. “Need a ride, baby?” I wanted to say yes, but seeing four big guys in there I said “no” and paced up walking. Then two of them got out of the car approaching me. I tried to run away from them, but th...

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A busty girl been had by two guys

One fine summer morning busty 19-year-old Julia decided to go to the deserted beach to swim and sunbathe. Having come to the beach, Julia found there no one except her. Without thinking she threw off her white top covering her big and beautiful boobs and took off her denim shorts. Julia was standing at the beach in her natural view of a slender, green-eyed, tanned brunette with a huge bust and...

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I was raped on my wedding day

It was my wedding day... I was dressed in the wedding dress. I got in the car with two men accompanying me and we went to the registry office... On the way to the registry office one of the attendants offered the driver to stop at a deserted place... I could understand nothing... We arrived at some park, and the men told me to get out of the car... They spread a blanket on the grass, and put me...

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Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms and dragged him into the room. The third one locked the door and slowly followed them.

- Wel...

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The New Year out of city

I'm 19. I'm from province. I’m the student of the 1-st course in one of the Moscow Institutes. I live in the hostel and, of course, I always envy those students have their own apartment. Therefore, I responded with joy to the invitation to celebrate the New Year with big company in a country house of one of the fifth-year students. My friend 5-year student asked me to call a frien...

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This story happened to me a few years ago, still I see it in my erotic dreams all the time. That summer I went to Sochi to sunbathe and have a holiday romance. I look good and do not hide my sexuality. I’m tall with chiseled beautiful legs and small but taut tits. I love wear mini-skirts.

The first night of my staying at the resort came, I decide to visit a local dancing party. I p...

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Lora's ass

My girlfriend Lora is very impressive girl. Medium height, beautiful short hair, tempting figure and rather big tits. Once we were sitting at my place, drinking martini and discussing men as usual. Lora was telling me she had never had anal sex. I slipped my eyes over her butt and suddenly felt getting turned on. Never before I felt attraction to girls, but at that moment I realized, I wouldn&r...

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