I'm sorry

Sorry dear, if you see this story, but that’s totally your fault! 

It all started with the fact that... 

I've been married just for three years and I have everything alright with my husband. As for me, I can honestly say, that I'm a pretty one, tall, long legs, high and not very big tits. My husband's name is Alex. Once we were had a vacation time in Eg...

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Porn lovers

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. A small white room like in the hospital. I was completely naked. The last thing I remember was drinking in a strange company, and then empty. I felt weak and no desire to get out of bed. Suddenly the white door opened. There appeared a pretty girl with black hair and the tits of about the third size. This beauty was in a pink robe. In one hand she was holding a...

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Raped wife

This story may seem astonishing, but what happened, happened - the husband raped his wife. You may say that can’t be - the wife is obliged to yield and no violence can be here. But sometimes everything is possible.

Bob and Sveta had lived together several years. They had sex, but it was kind of dull - several times a month, quick and without varieties. One day Bob told his frien...

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Tears and cum in the ass

She was easily and springy walking to the beach, not noticing she was being closely watched. However, she got used to extraneous looks, and she didn't care. He walked just a few meters behind her, never looking away from the swaying wide hips. Tight white dress was barely covering her taut ass. There were obviously no panties under. She always liked walking without them: from time to time c...

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On the way from the place of work

It happened when I was going home from work. It was very late. It was already dark outside. Ironically, my way home goes along lonely streets. I never thought I could be raped right in these places. I even didn’t think I could be raped.

I'm a very beautiful girl. I have quite big breasts and nice plump butt.

So, returning home one night, I heard that some people followin...

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One for all, and all on one

Waking up with the terrible pain in the head, Misha opened his eyes. There were three guys standing over him, one of them was holding a broken bottle.

- What do you want? - trying to get up Misha yelled and was immediately knocked down by one of the guys.

- Do you have money?

- I have nothing! Get out of here!

- Well, we'll check it up!

Having said that, t...

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I’d like to tell you about one occasion that had happened between my boss and me. That occasion had taken place when I worked as a secretary. My boss’ name was Andrew. He was not much older than me, we addressed to each other by name easily, but respectfully. That time Andrew told me to come to his place of living to get an urgent business task. When I had come, he offered me to com...

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Adult games

I was 19, when that had happened. I was struggling for my freedom as hard as I could, but he was too strong for me. Besides, he was doing everything so skillfully, as if it was everyday routine or he had been specially taught. That’s why all my efforts were in vain. He tied my hands behind my back and seated me on the chair. Unfortunately, that day I was in disadvantageous for me clothes....

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Reckless night

Apparently, a short skirt, black stockings and the lips with lipstick put on are not the signs of sexual promiscuity, but men always consider everything the way they want. That evening I went to the café to meet my friend, who, as it turned out, was never going to come. Meanwhile, I was sitting at the table, smoking a long cigarette and thinking over my bad luck at work. The dose of bad...

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Michael stood up and came up to the chair Julia was sitting in, and squatted at her feet.

- Do you want to experience love?

Stunned, Julia stared at him and then at Alex. He was sitting on the couch closely looking at the poster with a female figure in jeans "Lee Cooper" and two male hands undoing the zipper. Julia, having seen Alex not reacting to Mike’s words,...

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Holiday Camp Occasion

This story took place in the summer of 1987. My wife and I decided to go to the camp to have a rest. We were 29 years old and we had been five years married. We still didn’t have children.

We gathered, took some food and several bottles of port, loaded it in our Zaporozhets and set off. The holiday camp consisted of a group of cottages located in the woods on the bank of the river...

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When on that Saturday first crossed the threshold of that dancing club (on Saturday, you could meet there anyone - bisexuals, transvestites, lesbians and of course the normal ones), my knees were shaking. A wave of adrenaline in my young body was exciting me. There wasn’t spacious at all. The walls were shaking with the roar of music. The people all around were in trance. It was hard to b...

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Overfilled bathtub

Bertha quietly dozed off in the bathtub. The tough day worn her out, besides she got under the autumn rain and got soaked to the skin. Warm water, flowing from a tap in a thin stream, murmured soothingly; whisking fragrant rose shampoo into plump hill.

Bertha carefully spread the bosom, helping the pervading jet wash the most sensitive places. A delightful sense of peace possessed her an...

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Late in summer

Dzintari, the concert hall. The light is concentrically condensed from above the stage. Here musicians are tuning their violins. Applause, everybody stretches his neck - the conductor appeared.

The old women’s wrinkled necks are moving in the decolletes like turtles. The men’s necks are solid with big Adam’s apples like birch logs. Are we ever going to come to the conce...

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Like a heifer

Finally, all left behind: a Puritan father, strict devout mother, irritable, always "under the weather" older brother... And the infinite, to a pain native, recessie from the autumn rains, the fields, broken-down dirt roads, farm dull gray with dull lowing of the cows. Only oak grove on the banks of the river, many centuries ago, was a sacred and powerful breeding bull. Aleph - clumsy...

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The seeker after adventures

I'm ready. I go outside, I walk to the subway. I get on the train and go to the other side of town. There I go outside, it’s the night time and darkness is everywhere. I'm walking having no idea where to, I’m deciding that on the way. After a while I turn from the busy street and head to the old Khrushchev buildings. No one is there in these yards, the lights are coming from...

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…Saturday 9:30 PM

“Everything is so easy. Pick up the phone, dial the number and she will come to me. I don’t know the kind she is going to be. Brunette? Blonde? Thin? Fat? One thing I’m sure of – she is definitely to come. There is no other way. She will stay as long as I wish. I will command, and she will have nothing to do but obey. An hour or so I&rsquo...

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The Beach Amazons

Maurice constantly visited that desert beach. It was a pleasure for him to be naked walking on the sand heated in a day, swimming in the sea without caring for change of swimming trunks and if it happened to meet someone then he got a tickling pleasure showing the freedom. He considered those trips added confidence in himself.

 That time nearby from his favorite place he saw a flock...

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