My First Romantic Time

Hello! My name is Kira, I'm 20 years old. I'm a brunette, breasts of the third size, the figure is average. When I was 18, hormones already boiled in me. I wanted sex, sometimes there were moments when sitting at the University on classes I imagined how I’m ripping the pants off the prettiest boy in our group. His name was Kyrill, he was 18, same as me.

Don't know how i...

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My First Time

My name is Sasha. I’m 30, about 6 feet tall and, as girls say, I have a nice butt. Since teenage years I had some desires I couldn’t satisfy.

Once I watched a video with two men having sex. I got very excited and I wanted so much to take a cock in my mouth. So I registered on one gay website and began waiting. I wanted a man of about 50 with a small belly, nice and even penis...

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Rude and Tender

I'm 21, my girlfriend is 18. We live in different cities but we meet 2-3 times a month.

This day was no different, the same frosty gloomy morning, as always. Despite this, the mood was great just for knowing that today my Mila would come to me. I didn't go to the university, I cleaned my apartment, cooked the dinner and began waiting for my beloved. For some reason today I wanted...

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From Internet Into Reality

The story is real and happened to me for the first time in my life...

My name is Andrew, 26 years-old, well-built, six feet tall.

Long ago I was attracted by the theme of group sex and registered on a lot of those sites, corresponded but almost everybody was looking for couples. I have a girl, but she is very shy, so she is hard to persuade to this.

One day I was jerked off...

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Magic Night

My name is Nikita, I'm 18 years old. I want to tell you about a magic night in my life. I met with my girl in the company of friends. She immediately drew attention to me. We used to ride bicycles. She always smiled, laughed, and I was fascinated. She joked. Our company consisted mostly of guys who were always around constantly hanging out with her. Everybody liked her. She's 18 as I am...

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First time

Hi. My name is Lisa. I am 18 years old. It happened to me in summer, it was hot and I decided to take a shower. Before that I got a phone call from my best friend (his name was Dima) he wanted to come to me. Anyway, I went into the shower, but I didn’t expect Dima will come so early! I was washing when the doorbell rang... I realized it was Dima. I threw a towel right on my naked body and...

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I want to be fucked, just unpretentiously, without violence and rudeness...

I want to experience the moments I have only in my imagination yet.

I get down on my knees, my heart beating and sinking by intimacy with a man, my man who is going to make me a woman. With trembling fingers I’m unzipping the fly on his trousers, feared I’m undoing his belt and pulling down his...

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My virgin boy

By that time I was 22 and he was 21.

When he came to me, I did not stand on ceremony, but immediately took him to the bedroom. First we chatted, laughed, joked and kissed. For me there was nothing new, usual things when you kiss a guy, you caress him everywhere! But it was his first time, and he said he wasn't ready.

I thought, does he surely expect sex? Hmm… Yes... so...

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Deflowering a girl

We met each other via ICQ - she found me searching on her own, and we had chatted for 2 months before deciding to meet. In the correspondence I learned that her name was Xenia, she was 18 and she was a virgin and really wanted to try having sex with an experienced guy so he could teach her everything.

She had men in her life, but she didn't allow them to enter her, she allowed only t...

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Travelling by my car for the first terrible time

Hello. My name is Igor. I’m 19 years old. This story had happened to me about a year ago when I got driving license and was going to the city of **** to my friend for her wedding day. The road would take long and I had to drive my car in winter.

In the evening I had to drive off the main road and go along the awful bypass road. After an hour I noticed a road police car following me...

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How I fucked a guy

My name is Yury, I am 37 years old. I'm a married man, but sometimes I'm cheating on her. I usually get acquainted with someone via the Internet, but recently I got a new experience for me.

Don't know why, but I got to the section where one can meet the guys of non-traditional sexual orientation. I was looking through profiles and came across a profile of a young 20 year old...

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Made up my mind

Hello. I want to tell you the story about my first time I made a blowjob. My name is Rita, I'm 18, I'm a brunette with a good figure. I’m popular enough among guys, but I was always interested in the men older than me and by that time I was still a virgin.

Quite recently I got the Internet connection in our house and I got fond of visiting porn sites. Most of all I liked th...

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Recently, this Saturday there happened that remarkable in all respects occasion.

My friend Marina and I had been in the restaurant, we drank a little recalling our university years, discussed all of our friends and just group mates... everything went as usual... We decided to go on the night at her home.

Her husband called and said he'd be back late, so we could freely get on...

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Decided to try

My name is Alexander. I decided to publish my story. I'm 23, handsome enough, height 178cm, athletic build.

I’m not lack of girls, but recently I came up with the idea to try having a passive guy giving me blowjob. I placed an ad on one of the websites, but mostly older guys responded, but I wanted to find a young man of feminine appearance, so to say.

And one day I stum...

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My first anal sex

Evening. Having dinner. Usual small talking. I like him. I feel he likes me as well. Unexpectedly quick sequence of events still caused some tension. But I was ready and waiting for action. Previously, from conversations I realized that he was interested in anal sex and he wanted to do it with me. I was not scared, on the contrary, I was curious, because I always wanted to try that. 

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With a homophobe

While young we often make mistakes, but some of them appear to be beneficial sometimes. Here's my story...

He's 19, he goes in for boxing. He is athletic and brutal fellow with the name Oleg. We’ve been friends with him for 7 years. One day he asked me to come to him to hang out and drink beer. It all began as usual: conversations about sports, school and girls. Accidentall...

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Husband, me and anal sex

We have been living together with my husband more than ten years. We don’t have much special varieties in sex. After listening to my colleagues, I convinced him to lick my pussy. I told him:

- I can’t live my life without knowing what it feels like.

For a long time he could not dare to touch it with his tongue. He circled about, but couldn’t touch it. He licked t...

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First experience

Love. So much sense this word has... How accurately and simultaneously it expresses the essence of events. 

I loved a girl... Beautiful and clever. Years were passing by, we started dating as a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We were together all days long and I realized that my interest to her every day was getting stronger and stronger. She was good. Short blond hair... a little short...

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My first sex

Hi! My name is Lilith and I want to tell you a story about my first time. So... I met my first boyfriend when I was 18. I put an eye on him immediately, his name was Denis. An average unremarkable guy. 

When we started to talk, we treated each other very warily, but gradually we were becoming close friends and that's when it all began... When we were walking together he constant...

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A present for Valentine's day

It happened last year when it was my first 1 year at the university. I always wanted to lick a girl’s pussy. I had never done it before. Among boys it is considered a disgrace and God forbid the friends find it out, they will no longer consider you a man.

At that time I had a girlfriend, she had just had her eighteen’s birthday. She was still a virgin and she wasn’t goi...

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