Poor Nicky

I decided to write this story a long time ago, but I always failed. A friend gave me a link to this website, where I have read a lot of such stuff, and it dawned on me, I think you understand what exactly dawned on me. Well, let's now move on to the story.

One day when it was a little snowing, Nicky was going home through the park. She was returning from the birthday party of her fri...

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Oral unpacking

- Well, that’s how we pecked her together. 

Sasha and I were sitting at the stadium in the middle of the forest park. The last passer-by had already reached the tram tracks, so for the next few miles there were just he, I and the saleswoman at the stall where we got beer. 

– Why didn’t you come with us?

I hesitated. Don't like to talk about m...

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For hitch-hiking lovers

It happened in October. It was already cold. I was returning from work to the suburbs. There was no bus, I felt as cold as ice. I'm 25 years old. Young and handsome I am standing over there and waiting. A red Toyota is passing by, but suddenly the car slows down and goes back. The driver is about 40:

- Get in, I'll give you a lift, - he said.

I said I have no money.

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How to make a whore of a virgin

It all started with the fact that our office needed the second accountant. Our 26- year-old Sveta had recommended her girlfriend. Helen was a cute 22-year-old girl, and we, three men, naturally were thinking how to have her. We thought about Sveta as well, but she was married and it was not good. However, Helen appeared to be a terrible touch-me-not person, and our subtle hints broke about the...

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How Sergey took my ass virginity

I was 18 years old. So young! A wild child, a bitch, a street kid. Sergey was 14 years older than me. He seemed such an adult to me. Not handsome, but very clever. There was something wild in him. He could just look with his wolfy eyes and everyone obeyed. Although I was an awful anarchist, but before him I was like a rabbit before a boa. Going on a date and thinking to myself... "That'...

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Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for. The wishes may come true easily and not as good as you wanted them.

My name is Alina, I am 19 years old and I am… I was a virgin until recently. This is strange for our time to be a virgin, but it’s a fact.

You may ask, how could it be?

I'll tell you. It's easy when two elder brothers watch you all the time and protect from...

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Oh, that beach!

It was a year ago. One hot day we went to the lake by bikes. We just wanted to swim and, of course, to watch the stripped girls.

We arrived, stripped down to swimming trunks and rushed to the water. The water was cold, but great.

The main action began soon after our arrival, at the beach we had the habit of constructing something of the sand, no matter how old we were. Everyone wa...

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It's finally happened

This is the story about the disclosure of my identity and my intimate desires.

The entire life since childhood I was very attracted by men, I used to hide that fact and was shy, but as time went on, the desire became unbearable. I learned what sex toys are and got good experience how to bring heavenly pleasure to myself. I couldn’t wait to stay home alone, once that happened it all...

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Russian roulette

One summer my friends and I were traveling through Europe. We were travelling on the toterhomes, but there were only three of them, and we were seven, so we had to get into pairs. I rode with a guy who pissed me off, you won't believe why. He was always saying he loves me, but I didn't believe him because he was a womanizer and his romances lasted no longer than a day.

He was 20,...

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Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't seen her naked yet. We love each other, and we were planning our wedding. But this evening a terrible...

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My first experience with trans

My name is Peter, I am 23 years old and I am a usual Moscow guy. Recently, I got addicted to she-males, I no longer got excited with a video with ordinary women, while girls with cocks got me turned on very much. So I decided to meet with a trans in Moscow. We agreed to meet, I got ready and came to the right place (the girl was found on the special website).

And here the doorbell rings,...

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One for seven

I want to tell you about my loss of virginity. I was 18 years old and we were sitting in the apartment of my groupmate and drinking beer. I was the only girl there, I thought they could be trusted. And there were seven guys of different age, but all of them were older than me. After 3 bottles of beer Dennis offered I would get undressed and show them my body. I told him that he was crazy and sp...

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It was painful

It happened to me yesterday. A little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, normally built. Never had it with a guy. I have fake account in the social network for my friends couldn’t know I’m a gay. I've long been looking for a guy for sex, but either I didn't like them, or I couldn't get enough courage. Yesterday I met another guy, he was 22. He wasn’t especially c...

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Students Day

My name is Arina and I'll tell you how I lost my virginity in the freshman year. It happened on the Students Day, all of our group gathered to celebrate. At first everything seemed fine, a little drunk, we sang, danced and had fun. But I had no idea how my evening would end up. Our celebration was joined by older students, I don't even remember their names. 

One of the guys...

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In the subway

I must say - I'm a virgin and that's what happened to me...

I went to the Institute early in the morning rush hour. The subway was overcrowded. I was pressed with my back to a guy.

Another stream of people is flowing out of the car pushing each other. I'm pressed from all around, there was no space to move. Then I felt something resting against my ass. I turned around...

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My boyfriend forced me to have sex

One day he asked me to spend the night with him. I used to spending nights with him, but there was nothing more than kisses.

His name was Max. He's a tall, young and muscular guy, 19 years old. My name is Marina.

I am a slim and beautiful brunette with green eyes, a lot of guys offered dating but I chose Max. I am 18 years old. And, of course, I'm still a virgin.


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Romantic sex

My name is Andrew. I am 20 years old. My girlfriend’s name is Anya. She is 18. We had been dating a long time but we didn’t have sex yet. I loved my Anya more than life and, besides, she still was a virgin. I was very happy my darling was yet pure and innocent. I was treating her with all respect and understanding. I lived alone and while my girl was studying in the college she live...

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First time becoming a girl

I am 20 years old. Always been interested in girls. But lately I happen to stumble on gay sites. I began to observe, to read and to watch porn. And I wanted to try. Visiting chat rooms and forums I decided to write to someone, and to try for the first time with a guy. The answer didn't take long to wait. I received the e-mail from a guy about 25 years old. His name was Stas, he wrote that h...

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Once tried

Slava was about 40. Not equal to him, of course. But he was a very interesting man. Tall and dark-haired. Always cheerful and smiling. And anyway, it was great with him. You could safely smoke without fear of being judged. Sometimes they drank beer and talked.

Previously, Slava was a military man, and now he was traded in the market with DVDs and other different stuff. There they met eac...

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First time with my beloved

Hi all! I want to tell you my story about losing my virginity! I was 18 years old, I wasn't very slim, but not fat, breast size 3, fair hair. My name is Alexandra, or Sasha for short.

I just began studying in the university, I never liked any of the boys in our group, but I wanted to have sex, you know hormones and all that! Guys never paid special attention to me as well.


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