Michael stood up and came up to the chair Julia was sitting in, and squatted at her feet.

- Do you want to experience love?

Stunned, Julia stared at him and then at Alex. He was sitting on the couch closely looking at the poster with a female figure in jeans "Lee Cooper" and two male hands undoing the zipper. Julia, having seen Alex not reacting to Mike’s words,...

■  ■  ■

The first time

It was after midnight we had come home. No one was home, the husband was away, the maid had left. Remote control button opened the garage, so I drove in and closed the door again.

Pam got up from the seat and sweetly stretched herself.

- Do you feel like sleeping? - I asked in surprise.

- What! Not at all! How can one sleep on such a night! – Pam’s eyes lit up,...

■  ■  ■


Natasha. My dear Natasha. A unique student time. How long ago it’s been!

We both studied in the same group. She was of those girls, one wouldn’t call beautiful but at the same time they still manage to be amazingly cute. Short hair, hidden behind the wide lenses of her glasses big radiant eyes, cute little button of the nose, tiny delicate mouth, just begun to become rounded...

■  ■  ■

Cumming of age

With the help of my older sister, Jackie, and her two friends I lost my virginity, while my parents were in Vegas. I was 19, and Jackie almost 20.

On Friday my parents left, giving us $50 each and strict instructions how to behave and not get in troubles. As soon as they're out the door, Jackie looked at me and asked what I was going to do. I shrugged my shoulders and said that I pla...

■  ■  ■


I remember everything as if it was yesterday, - said aunt Vera. - I was then eighteen years old, I was an adult girl, still I loved sweets like a child. I awfully like Igor, so I came up with a cunning plan to seduce him.

One day, having come to our village shop to pick up our family ordered goods, I yielded to temptation and stole a tiny jar of honey, until the seller Igor had gone into...

■  ■  ■

Russian baths

Froska quietly entered the bath and stopped hesitating.

Barin was lying on the bench his belly down, and two peasant girls - Natashka and Malashka - also naked were standing on the sides and beating with birch twigs the hot purple-pink back glistening with sweat in turns. Barin was blissfully squinting, approvingly grunting at particularly strong beat. Finally, he gave them a sign to sto...

■  ■  ■

Extravagant Behavior

The sun is blinding. Sleepy, we are mesmerized by a young German woman, repeating intricate phrases. Frighteningly beautiful woman is smiling sweetly. Her appearance brings physical and spiritual pleasure. She's having an affair with a pretty svelte military instructor. When she is ruddy and therefore even more beautiful jumps out of the lover’s office, the classmate girls smile dream...

■  ■  ■

Meet the phallus

It'd been a few weeks since Alina had arrived from the countryside to the city. All that time she had been living with her new girlfriend Vanga. Alina, of course, was looking for a new place to live, but she did it, frankly speaking, not too vigorously - she didn't want to admit it, but the way of Vanga’s life attracted and fascinated her: either some fun, relaxed boys were droppi...

■  ■  ■

Travelling to Moscow

Anton was going to Moscow by train. Parents didn’t allow traveling by plane – it was dangerous and expensive as well, not quite affordable. In the evening he was seen off by the whole family - father, mother, grandmother and sister. He was wished good luck, they all had been sitting in the compartment, silent for a while, mother again reminded to call as soon as he got there, then w...

■  ■  ■

The guest

I’ve met him recently. He came to my work to get some business information, we found plenty to talk about and could not stop. His name was Gena. A nice man, 37 years old, dark hair, he is dressed very modestly, but his view is very nice and solid. His bluish eyes with a spark of enthusiasm always excite me. His eyes constantly meet mine, and they look so gently and kindly that I can't...

■  ■  ■


Little witch Lina was sure the traveller won’t wake up. She was the one who made the sleepy potion – and she was professional in that.

Lina had never seen men. As long as she remembered she and her mother had been living in the forest studying the basics of witchcraft: herbs collecting, making potions, spells and predictions. She had not been told anything about the life of p...

■  ■  ■

The beginning

I remember my first time very good. It had happened at the party in the campus where I was invited by my friend. Almost everybody there was older than me. I was staying on the couch far from those drinking vodka and smoking grass. It was dark and smoky there. The music was thundering in my ears.

Suddenly a loud hot argument had been heard in the opposite side of the room blocking all the...

■  ■  ■

My first sexual experience with a woman

My family and I went to a party to my uncle. I was already going to give up all hope of that evening, but to my astonishment I met the sister of my aunt there. She was very pleasant and sexy girl, she was 27 years old and she was crazy about horses and riding just like me. She lived alone in her own house in California and invited me to her place for a week and my vacation had just begun.

■  ■  ■

The Glass Door

I got married early when I was twenty three. By the time my story concerns, me and my wife Yadviga Masevich - yes you ought to remember her, a few years ago she had a reputation for "mad" - lived almost like strangers. I think the reason for that was the same age. By then we both were thirty five. My Yadviga was a little... dissolute woman, you will be convinced of that, having read t...

■  ■  ■