Unknown guests

She looked out of the window and saw the headlights of a passing by car. It drove toward the vacant lot that was quietly located on the left bank of the Moscow river. Then near the bushes of the thick willow the car stopped, switched off the headlights and killed the engine. 

Sasha instantly threw on a jacket and ran to see where and why the car came here. The question occupied her...

■  ■  ■

I'll be next

...And here she is sitting opposite me at the table and tearfully assuring me that nothing has happened, that she didn't cheat and didn't even think to cheat on me... Such a sincere look… I would have believed. Believed it again. If my hands had no evidence. Terrible evidence. 

I love her, I would, damn it, have forgiven her cheating... But I can't. Not anymore. T...

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How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life and sex. But 4 years later I got bored of the monotony in sex. But what did I have to do? I had diffe...

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Sveta's birthday

I can tell you how I my girlfriend Sveta and I celebrated her birthday.

I invited Sveta and three guys to my place, but I didn’t Say a word about the guys. The guys and me overthought the script of the holiday.

When my girlfriend came home, the guys stripped naked and got hidden in the next room. I walked Sveta to another bedroom, began to caress her and undress. When she wa...

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My girl behind the window

It began about 11 PM, when I wanted to have fun with my girl. She had her separate apartment. So I come to her house and knock on the door, but nobody opens. She lives on the ground floor, so I walk around the house, have a look through the window and smile, for I saw my friend sitting at the table. Well, I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck my girl and then drink beer with my friend.

I j...

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Wedding present

Finally I got married! Everyone is happy. We didn’t make a ceremony in favor of the trip to the far away Dominican Republic for 3 weeks the parents presented to us. My husband and I agreed that we will give each other the gifts in honour of the wedding.

We arrived to the Dominican Republic. All was gorgeous. Nature, hotel, food and the Bridal Suite. Mmm...

My husband broke d...

■  ■  ■

After shower

I want to tell you about our sex life with my wife before the wedding. We practiced freedom of relations without mutual obligations and secrets from each other. My wife's name is Julia, height 167 cm, chest third size, she has taut butt and blond wavy hair reaching to the shoulder blades. By physique she's not skinny, and when the outlines of her breasts and butt are seen clearly, her b...

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On the riverside

I'm 24 and I’ve never had sex! I live in Rostov! Still in the childhood I used to masturbate, not knowing what I was doing. Always wanted to give it up, but no dice! So I decided once and forever to quit jerking off, I deleted all the porn movies from my computer, removed the net bookmarks. No wanking for a month - a record! I wanted so badly, but I held it back. 

And so a...

■  ■  ■

Into the ass

We have been living with my wife already a little more than 5 years! Lyudmila is 24, I'm 28. Even before marriage Lyudmila had a very rich sexual life, up to group sex! Of course! My candy was chased by a lot of hunters! Although, I never bothered with that!!!

However, I was sure that after marriage she had no serious romance ever! A lot of her time was busy with caring about the chi...

■  ■  ■

Spying upon people

I always paid great attention to sex. But the most exciting thing for me is to spy upon people.

One summer being in the village one day I went for a walk over the pond. I was thinking of a chance to see a couple having sex.

But alas, the walk was usual and without interesting facts.

The next day was the same, and only on the 4th day, it was Friday, I was lucky. I sat down t...

■  ■  ■

Satisfied with sperm (Voluntarily cheated)

I have slept with one good married guy and in the morning he told me the following story:

It was on the 8th of March. Elena (my wife) and I were visited by Andrew, our old friend, a traveler and a very funny guy. 

The years of joint life with my wife dulled the feelings, and the desire does not appear all the time. That day Andrew brought a huge bouquet of flowers, brandy,...

■  ■  ■

Sweet torture

First they had dinner in the restaurant. Then they went to their cozy nest he rented just for her. They were long luxuriating in the bathroom, just flirting. She could do it very well!

Then they went into the room. She told him to lie down on the bed and outstretch his arms and the legs. She wrapped the silk scarves around his wrists and tied them to the bedposts. The same thing she did...

■  ■  ■

My erotic dream

One night, at midnight, when my parents weren't home, I decided to watch my neighbors from the opposite house. The house was close, but I took the binoculars to watch the details. It was a hot night, so almost all the windows were wide open, and the curtains are moved apart - the view was wonderful. I got more comfortable on the wide windowsill, sincerely hoping that someone from the street...

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I came to the specified address at the appointed time. Yefim was already at the place.

- Well, haven’t you changed your mind? - he asked.

- I have no choice, - uncertainly I replied.

- Okay, so if you're not satisfied with something there, just do not show that or you let me down, - he said. - As I’ve told you, you have casting today. They will look at you,...

■  ■  ■

The sounds in the dark

Rick was lying, staring into the impenetrable darkness. His sweat covered body froze, as if fearing to break with an awkward movement the confusion of sounds that had been keeping him awake that night. Having become all ears, he eagerly caught every moan, every sigh and creak, every echo of uncertain whispering.

Rick knew what the origin of those sounds was. Behind the thin wall, surroun...

■  ■  ■

Scotland-Yard and Sex

Lesya was preparing for the following performance in her dressing room. She was sitting bared to a belt making up her elastic nipples. When Dylan had entered, she didn’t make an attempt to cover the nudity.

- May I have a talk to you? Don't you know the man with the field-glass, Lesya?

 She was twisting the nipples between her fingers so the make-up would be laid do...

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The Glass Door

I got married early when I was twenty three. By the time my story concerns, me and my wife Yadviga Masevich - yes you ought to remember her, a few years ago she had a reputation for "mad" - lived almost like strangers. I think the reason for that was the same age. By then we both were thirty five. My Yadviga was a little... dissolute woman, you will be convinced of that, having read t...

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