At night in the office

Evening. Twilight. Half-empty office.

I come to your office. I’m wearing a skirt with the side cut, a light blouse with undone buttons. We barely know each other, just crossed a couple of times in the hallway. I come closer to you. You look at me right into my eyes.

Not saying a word I throw you on the couch and kiss you on the lips. My hands unbutton your shirt and go down...

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Sex at the working place. I'm sure many girls have or have had sexual affairs at work, well, or something like office romance. And some were sexual harassed by their chiefs in indirect or direct form.

Something similar happens to me. The only difference is that I fuck with my boss not for love, but by mutual consent. He does it for emotional relaxation, I got laid with him for sport...

■  ■  ■

Lucky photographer

I was doing erotic photosession for some brunette with big boobs.

Oh fuck! She was swaying her ass so nice, so affectionately and sexually she was kneading her boobs, and when she thrust them out of the top of her green swimsuit and started fondling them and pouring oil on - I got fucking mad and almost came, but I just managed to jump out, took my cock out and shot my load all around th...

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Working day Saturday

One Saturday I was asked to go to work by my boss. I knew the office staff had a day off, so I decided to get dressed as I like – the blouse without a bra and a lightweight skirt. All this was overthought for the guard I put an eye on so long ago, so he would pay attention to me. 

At work my boss asked me to make coffee for him, and I brought it into his office. He noticed my...

■  ■  ■


- Xenia! 

- Yes, Alexey Petrovich? 

- We have a new patient. Work with him! 

- Ok... Is he cute? 

- Go ahead and see for yourself. 

I work as a nurse. Well, not exactly a nurse. I sleep with VIP patients. No… “sleep” is a very soft word... I fuck with them, they fuck me, I yield to them completely. By the way, I&rsqu...

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Blowjob at workplace

I work as a head of department in a large building company. I’m 30 years old, and I am a great skirt-chaser try not to miss a single skirt. I am tall, athletic and women like me. So I’ll tell you the story of how I seduced one of my employees. 

Her name is Vika, she appeared in the department about six months ago. I immediately put an eye on her. She is a brunette lookin...

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"...To take or not to take", I thought, “I’ll do the task honestly!!! I took the shower in the morning and put on the bra. Going without it would be funny: my big breasts were up and playfully protruding upwards... green long summer dress with large slits in the front and the sides, but when I walk it almost completely reveals my legs.. The idea of my going that way excite...

■  ■  ■

Hot deal

Sarah has been working in real estate company for several years and has established herself as a leading specialist. Her picture is on the company’s wall of fame. Cute blonde with great figure. Such a girl can easily attract the attention of any man. Sarah successfully uses it, sometimes with non-traditional methods.

So making the last deal she had to do a good blowjob to the selle...

■  ■  ■

Internship training in psycho ward

It was in 2010. I then studied on the 5 year at the medical Institute. We were then sent to internship. For those who don’t know, this is a type of practice in the hospital. Without an internship a medical diploma is not given. The internship was supposed to be 3 months. Well, my bad luck got me in the list to practice in a mental institution.

I was just shocked and tried to get tr...

■  ■  ■

Pleasant work

Hi. My name is Kate, I'm 25 years old. I’m Russian but I live in San Francisco. Previously I often changed places of job and once I worked in the studio of porn movies. I worked as a casting administrator to choose actors. My first casting was when they were filming a porn parody of a famous movie and my task was to choose a couple with necessary parameters and then watch them having...

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So, I'm 27 and I work as anesthesiologist. For those who don’t know, anesthesiologist is the one gives anesthesia. There is a local anesthesia, when a certain part of a body is frozen, and there is general anesthesia when the person is completely disabled. I worked in the department of plastic surgery. The hospital was private and pretty expensive. As you can guess, usually the client...

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Little slut

This little bitch came to my office almost every day. She was about 28, she was small and plump, like a balloon. The front two balls were of the third size.

There were two breaks at work. Coming to me, she used to throw aside the flips of her robe, showing two elegant semisperes. At first, the idea to fuck her constantly visited me, but since Lola behaved like a dumb blonde, my desire to...

■  ■  ■

I'll never be back there

After graduating University I had to look for work. As my mom and dad considered I needed to work, no matter where and what position. To describe myself I am a redhaird, blue-eyed, with big breasts and long legs. It was hard time to find a job, and I found one more suitable to me in spirit than in salary. There I went get a job at the dealership as a secretary.

The interview was to be co...

■  ■  ■

Part No unknown

I was sitting in the office typing the contract on the computer. Suddenly my director entered the room. Today he was drunk and angry. Accounting department messed up and an important payment failed, and now the whole office was going nuts. I thought I was safely covered in the office with papers, but I wasn't. Not my day?

The boss sat imposingly across my desk.

- Maria? Why is...

■  ■  ■

I'm a secretute

It was in the evening. At my 18 I wanted to enter the University, but I failed. My name is Victoria, I have a great figure, height 160cm, weight 49kg, gorgeous breasts of 2-nd full size and beautiful legs, brown hair and brown eyes.

I work as a secretary of General Director in a rather large company. Fedor Vladimirovich was a charming man of 45-46, with green cat like eyes, broad shoulde...

■  ■  ■

Ultrasound scan by a young girl

I was 18, when I was sent to do an ultrasound scan of the scrotum. On the day I packed up and went to the clinic. It was terribly hot outside, unusual for early June. The doctors said that I had everything alright, but I should be checked anyway. I was waiting in the queue and worried a little. I thought about some old woman touching my dick, or vice versa, there would be a young woman and I wo...

■  ■  ■

Come on and suck it!

- Andrey Vitalyevitch, I will n-never do-o-o like tha-a-a-aa-aa-at...

The secretary was sobbing on the chest of her stern boss. He was fatherly stroking her shivering shoulders.

- Well, Lena, calm down, crying won't help! You're a grown woman, how could you be such a goof-ball? This is a very important contract. Do you know how much it costs? And what it cost me to get it?...

■  ■  ■

The sex of my dream

There was the time when was working as a security guard. My duties included: personal guard of the chief, and, consequently, partial control of the office.

Mila was a secretary of our chief – a slender blonde, with big boobs she always emphasized with her clothing.

She used to come to work without panties, but always in stockings – so the boss could fuck her easier. An...

■  ■  ■

Job is job

I'm not against office romances, but as for me, I’m not in, because I’ve already faced with the consequences.

Once I stayed long in the office alone on duty, I made some coffee and was surfing the internet. Very soon it turned out to be that I was not the only one workaholic. In the next room the chief accountant stayed longer. The woman - super, the chest - not less than...

■  ■  ■

Must be that way

I was very lucky to have found a good job in the office. The team was small, 7 persons only, and all of them were women but for me and the chief. The chief was not young but in great shape and very polite. He sent me to the secretary Valentina to get acquainted with the team. Valentina looked very respectable as a Secretary must look. I was introduced to the women and so I got down to work. I w...

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