When it's time to get undressed

…First he clung to me near the ticket window. I was taking the ticket to Perm city - but it seemed to be just a accident. I could feel his cock getting hardened, but then I abruptly popped out of the queue and went to the toilet... 

But in the compartment that was him to have appeared as my travel mate. Before the train start there were a few minutes.

- Hello?


■  ■  ■

Lucky photographer

I was doing erotic photosession for some brunette with big boobs.

Oh fuck! She was swaying her ass so nice, so affectionately and sexually she was kneading her boobs, and when she thrust them out of the top of her green swimsuit and started fondling them and pouring oil on - I got fucking mad and almost came, but I just managed to jump out, took my cock out and shot my load all around th...

■  ■  ■

The loo for girls in the college

Hi, my name is Anya, I'm 18 years old. This is a real story that happened with me when I was in college. That spring day I wore a transparent top, through which my pink bra was well seen, purple pantyhose and a short black mini skirt. 

At the other lesson I went to the loo. In our college we have women's and men's toilets located in different parts of the building. I wen...

■  ■  ■

The gym

I regularly go to the gym. Not that I've been working on packing up much muscles, I just keep myself in shape. I go there in the evening and do exercises up to the close time. Usually at that time there are not so many people and no one disturbs me. That evening two guys more were there. They were huge jockstraps.

During the whole training they grinned at me and at the weights I was...

■  ■  ■

The beach

Once I had a trip to Turkey on my vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was at the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed watching the world around. Next to me a very charming young man took a seat, I immediately put an eye on him. 

Our eyes met, sweet shiver ran over my body, I gave him a nice smile. The young man was enc...

■  ■  ■

That was awesome visit

It’s happened recently. We met through an Internet chat. Her name was Anna. We suspiciously quickly found understanding, and she invited me to visit her. I confess I was horrified by this offer, but of course, I didn’t refuse, I gathered my courage and went to her. She lived 20 minutes away from me. She met me at the bus stop and we had a nice talk while walking to her house. <...

■  ■  ■

Dancing club

Once being a student in the Institute I went to the dancing club. Generally, I like dancing, and free love that thrives there! After about an hour after beginning, I walked down the hall, leaving another passion to chat with friends. In the shadow of the hangers I saw a couple: a guy with his hand under the jean skirt stroking a sweet girl. She was wearily smiling. The girl looked like she had...

■  ■  ■


I'll tell you about the most unusual and secret blowjob I got in my life. That time I used to date with a girl… let’s call her Dinah. Our mutual friend Vadim had got a car accident on the road that ended up in the hospital. We got a phone call from the hospital when we were making love, so we had to go urgently to our friend, leaving everything halfway. 

Our friend...

■  ■  ■

The first time with a prostitute

This happened in the far 2001. It was lunch time coming. No one in the office, and it was very boring.

I thought why not take a trip to the penny cross and not to bring a girl to the office for an hour. 

It’s as good as done! 

Came up to a lovely young girl standing at the curb. Agreed with her and went to the office. Her name was Alina. 


■  ■  ■

Silent night

It was wonderful weather. I could not resist and pulled my bike out of the house to take a trip through the night city. However, just riding made me bored and I decided to go to a bar. The first sign and I’m already sitting in the smoky gloom of a club. 

Here I was for the first time, but, damn, I liked it. There was some non-standard music playing, all around there were funny...

■  ■  ■

How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life and sex. But 4 years later I got bored of the monotony in sex. But what did I have to do? I had diffe...

■  ■  ■


One day after quarreling with my girlfriend and after her departure to the parents I decided to get drunk in the nearest restaurant. The night promised nothing but boring drinking alone. But, as probably every night, it was gradually transforming with each raised glass of cognac. And then It was off and rolling. I decided it was time to have fun. 

I called the bartender and found ou...

■  ■  ■

Rough sex

I drove my cock between her legs so that she cried out with pain.

I was angry at her for she made public our relationship among co-workers. I was her immediate supervisor. She (her name was Galina) was my right hand and.. my mistress. (Yes, I was married and loved my wife.)

I came to Galina’s home. Without saying anything to her and without even saying hello, I immediately t...

■  ■  ■

How it all got started

I was 20 when I met Lena.

I was sitting at the bar Pyatnitskaya and sipping my fourth Margarita, trying to recall when I had had sex last time. I was remembering not the most pleasant. Husband, bed, marital duties. I really mean duties, not sex. But alcohol gradually made my mood better. With each sip the people around were becoming more and more friendly, life problems less significant,...

■  ■  ■

For hitch-hiking lovers

It happened in October. It was already cold. I was returning from work to the suburbs. There was no bus, I felt as cold as ice. I'm 25 years old. Young and handsome I am standing over there and waiting. A red Toyota is passing by, but suddenly the car slows down and goes back. The driver is about 40:

- Get in, I'll give you a lift, - he said.

I said I have no money.

■  ■  ■


As always, we were celebrating the birthday of one of our colleagues in the office. Got drunk good enough. Then we went on at one girl's apartment. There we also continued drinking, but I didn’t want to drink, I wanted debauchery. I just wanted to have sex with one girl, Elena, but before we had just a co-working relationship. I saw her eyes were burning. SHE wanted to have SEX as wel...

■  ■  ■

My girl behind the window

It began about 11 PM, when I wanted to have fun with my girl. She had her separate apartment. So I come to her house and knock on the door, but nobody opens. She lives on the ground floor, so I walk around the house, have a look through the window and smile, for I saw my friend sitting at the table. Well, I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck my girl and then drink beer with my friend.

I j...

■  ■  ■

Easy sex

First, I need to introduce myself. My name is Mike, now I'm 22, but "IT" had happened when I was 18. At that time I was passing session exams at the University, but I didn't think about marks for some reason... And I was thinking as all the other guys just about sex. I was going to dancing clubs trying to get a girl, but I in fact it didn't happen. Girls wouldn't come...

■  ■  ■


Mr. Lutchinsci got sick and called for an Ambulance. The doctor there was a pretty fair-haired girl that arrived on a call. He found out it was a neighbor girl. He hadn't seen her for a long time. When she had got married, she moved to another district, gave birth to a child, had divorced, but stayed in the apartment of her ex-husband.

She also recognized her former neighbor.

■  ■  ■

My guard was taken off

I met them via Internet. I have long wanted to try having sex with a couple. I don't know why this desire was born, but it was. And it was growing. 

They invited me for a visit and, of course, I came with some snacks and drinks. Tatiana was a little overweight woman, as for my taste, with huge boobs and sensual lips. She quickly set the table and we sat down to have dinner. Andr...

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