Do not drink too much

One day, returning from night shift work in the very early morning, when the dawn was just breaking, Andrew saw a young girl lying on the lawn completely unconscious. "What happened?"- thought Andrew and came over to the girl. But, after he had looked carefully over, he was glad to see the girl was just dead drunk and even at that she was very good: long, slender legs, lush large boob...

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We were walking through the park. It was dark, many of the benches were not lit, to say nothing about more secluded areas of the park. Our trajectory was planned by him – we were walking deeper and farther from the line of shops, until the time came when no one was seen around. 

When the right moment had come, he pulled me sideways and we went off the path to a small clearing,...

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Red negligee

- Does your spine hurt?

- Yes. During the competition someone kicked me on the back...

A pretty blonde of about forty five was standing in the subway car and smiling nicely.

— It's easy to cure... I can make a wonderful elixir. Smear it over your back and no more pain then.

The healer took out a piece of paper, wrote down a phone number and got off at the n...

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Nice morning

It was four o'clock in the morning.

Quietly, not to wake the sleeping wife, I left the apartment. The car obediently started up and I drove it away from the yard. On the corner of the road there stood a young pretty woman; her plain jacket looked great with short tight skirt. I immediately recognized Victoria from our HR Department.

"Why is she going to work so early?&quo...

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It was a sunny day and evening was close to come. Beautiful girl with long black hair, slim figure, round juicy buttocks, with breasts number 4 was walking home from her friend. She was wearing just a light dress. She got on the bus but missed her stop, got off at another one on an unfamiliar street. She was scared, it was getting dark. She was standing not knowing where to go. She saw three gu...

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Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't seen her naked yet. We love each other, and we were planning our wedding. But this evening a terrible...

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Virtual reality

The morning had come suddenly. All night long they were passionately drumming on the keyboard, fantasizing what their real meeting would be like. They met online in the Internet like thousands of other young people searching for novelty. 

Horny with night chat he invited her to his place, and surprisingly, she immediately agreed. His heart was beating madly in the chest in anticipat...

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A hole in the shower stall

Summer, sea, two weeks of freedom. After going to the beach we all are covered with sand and salt from sea water. The line to the showers is very long, from the dining area to our camping. I’m standing and waiting, I can't wait to wash off this squeaky sea water to feel myself fresh and clean.

Girls are jostling and joking, mocking each other in the line to the showers. The las...

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Preparation to surgery

Hello! This story happened to me when I was 18. I just returned from winter competitions from another city and I had pain in the right side of the stomach. The pills did not help, then I called for an ambulance and was sent to hospital. The doctor examined me and said it was the appendicitis worsening and a nurse would come and prepare me for surgery.

I was very sick and could barely thi...

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Wild beach

This beach was far away from the main places of having rest, you might see almost no one there. That’s why coming here, I usually swam naked. So it was that time as well.

Before going into the water I saw my reflection in it — I saw a very thin, even almost skinny young man.

Then warmed by the Sun water took my body.

I was swimming a long time, more than an hour...

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In the sauna

My name is Kirill. I'm married, I'm 36 years old, no children yet. I'm athletic, three years of going to the gym. I live in Vladivostok. Married for 7 years and naturally want to have other girls sometimes. I have no time to look for a girl, I signed up on a dating site. 

I have a fantasy to try a girl for money, but at the same time she must not be a prostitute, but an...

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Love is blind

This is really one of the funniest story my friend has told me. Here I'll be narrating from his name to make the story more vivid.

I work in a solid company on a good position. And there I have a friend. Also the boss, only of the adjacent department.

That friend happened to fall in love with one of the employees of the company. She responded. Typical office romance. He is a s...

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In the subway

I must say - I'm a virgin and that's what happened to me...

I went to the Institute early in the morning rush hour. The subway was overcrowded. I was pressed with my back to a guy.

Another stream of people is flowing out of the car pushing each other. I'm pressed from all around, there was no space to move. Then I felt something resting against my ass. I turned around...

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One evening me and my friend Lena were drinking beer in a vacant lot behind the students’dorm. We were sitting on the bench and chatting. It was summer we were wearing light loose dresses. After the third bottle we began talking loudly and laughing, in general it was fun. 

The beer was ending we were going to leave and then we were approached by a man of about 50 and asked if...

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Occasion on the road

I decided to tell you a story that had happened in August, 2013. So, let’s begin. I live in the village. I am 27 years old. Recently I was let out from prison. I was drunk when I had got into the fight with the guys in the village and was sentenced to 2 years. When I was let out of prison, you know, it was very hard to me to find a job.

Well, actually I was barely taken as a seller...

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The past is beginning to tell

Getting on the bus, I realized I had made a mistake. "I’d better walked on foot" - flashed the thought in my head. It was over-overcrowded and very stuffy and hot in the bus. I was immediately squeezed by the bodies of several men. I appeared in the tight circle of backs, and I could see nothing because of them. "Well, maybe, I won’t be seen by a conductress at least&...

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At the border

This story happened to me when I was in the army. It was in 2010. I served at the border. At that time I had already served 8 months until and had just 4 months before demob.

That day I was on duty. I patrolled the border together with the dog. It was summer and at 4 o’clock in the morning the dawn was already breaking. And about a kilometer far from me, I saw through binoculars, s...

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Cinema occasion

Walking through the Mall, I decided to go to the bookstore to look for a new novel of a famous writer. Walking between the stands filled with books, to my surprise I met my friend - Lisa. This was a very nice girl with really slavic appearance. She studied a year younger than me, but at the same faculty.

She was always rather modest and the boys tried hard to start a conversation with he...

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Lost a game of cards

So, 1 AM, I’m standing near the hotel and getting ready to give a gambling debt... He came to me from behind, covered my mouth with one hand while the other hand got under undone coat to check if I had fulfilled the terms of my fiasco. He made sure that I had only the panties under, and took away his hand and we came inside. While on the elevator, he puts a collar and a leash on my neck.<...

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Sex on the beach

So, there happened one occasion, my boyfriend and I were on the beach, no people around there, it was private enough place. Well, he began making passes at me. In the beginning he just stroked me, then began removing the bra and getting in the panties. I was lying with no responding, but feeling pleasant, then he started licking me. I told him that someone could come, but he was already excited...

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