White night

We had been driving quite a long time already. The night was frosty. The snow was falling. Suddenly snowstorm began. Flakes of snow poured from the heavens and whirled in a mad waltz, falling on the windshield of the car and making watching the road impossible. You began driving slower.

— I'm married, - you said suddenly.

You looked down at your left hand, watching the r...

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Just a walk

It was an ordinary evening. I went for a walk and went to rest in a nearby bar. It was super quiet, no visitors - nobody but the waiter. I decided that this would be one of my evenings. The waiter was just to my taste. I started flirting with him, until I got a request to wait him till closing. As soon as the owner went off somewhere far deep into the bar room, he began to wipe the tables and r...

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Chance meeting

A pretty woman was floating down the street on her high heels as if she was born with them, and all above them was moving unusually rhythmically and well co-ordinated. She was dressed in a tight formfitting black short dress, narrow to mid-pelvis, and the last twenty centimeters down to mid-thigh breaking up into numerous soft folds around unusually slender legs. The hips were swaying below the...

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Good morning

I'll tell you this story, maybe, not exactly as it happened actually, but as I remember it. 

The morning of that usual gloomy day had begun that I, with a sore head from yesterday, woke up in my rumpled bed more like the nest of a bird. After lying still a little in the half asleep state I got up and walked to the fridge. The choice fell on the bottle of "Pepsi-Cola" I...

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Nice party

My name is Zhenya. I'm a dark-haired girl, 25 years old. I love a good fuck best of all in my life.

What I want to write about has happened to me quite recently. My fiancé, Arthur, is always busy. He's always somewhere gone, in Europe, the middle East or in China. Sometimes he is away for weeks. First, such separations caused us a lot of grief, but then we got used to it a...

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Orgasm at rumble of wheels

The fast train Moscow - Vladivostok was rushing along the expanses of Siberia. In one of its service compartment the conductors were sitting, elderly and plump Vera Petrovna and her partner Marina. But for uniform, she rather could be taken for a teacher or a doctor. She was a beautiful blonde girl with pleasant manners, a librarian in the past. Even on the way of such hard work she still const...

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In Nature

She felt like going to nature. A train? No, that’s not for her. She went outside.

It was early morning. She didn’t have to hitch a lift long. He looked at her questioning when opened the door of his “Mercedes”.

-    Wherever my eyes are looking at, - she said, wearing the most charming smile she had.

-    How much?

■  ■  ■

In the train

She's leaving again... Alone again... No desire to come into the compartment. She is standing in the aisle of the coach looking thoughtfully out of the window. This is sad to leave this city again. This is sad to shake in the train, because usually these trips don't bring anything good to her. However, nothing bad as well.

She feels someone's gaze, yet a few minutes she does...

■  ■  ■

In the elevator

He entered the Elevator. The door closed. He found the right button and pressed it. The eyes saw high-heeled shoes the long legs were growing from, and the waist, the chest, the neck, the face and the hair followed.

And then he was electroshocked, a shiver ran down his back, the beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, the excitement blew him...

"Oh, what a woman!" &ndas...

■  ■  ■

In the field

The truck driver was driving on the dirt road. The forest belt was running by right side, the left one was a large green field. His attention was attracted by a lonely peasant woman, collecting cucumbers, saying more precisely not a woman but her wide butt, she was hiding behind standing on all her fours doing her work.

Driver’s foot pushed the brake pedal. He slowly swam walking o...

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Naked in the bathroom

The drizzling started in the evening turned into the real heavy rain. Heavy water flows were rustling in the water pipes muffling the usual sounds of the night city. Vlad stayed late at work as usual and now on the way back his bachelor cozy home he had to drive slower than usual. The wipers could hardly wipe away the rain streams from the windscreen. Right turning to his quiet and covered with...

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A lucky chance

I swear with my penis everything that happened to me recently is pure like sacred sperm trueth. Time is a quarter to six a.m. The bus is empty, except for the sleeping young man who always sits ahead the compartment, having nestled the head to glass. Today there was a new passenger - the fair-haired girl who has taken the place on the back seat. "My place", - I think with disappointme...

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In the subway

It was almost one o'clock at night. I was coming back from the party and was slightly drunk. I was standing on the platform of the “Petrovsky and Razumovskaya” station waiting for the train. There was no one around. Tonight there were a lot of girls at the party, but I couldn’t get a single one to become very intimate with. And I didn't manage, unlike my friends, to ta...

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