The loo for girls in the college

Hi, my name is Anya, I'm 18 years old. This is a real story that happened with me when I was in college. That spring day I wore a transparent top, through which my pink bra was well seen, purple pantyhose and a short black mini skirt. 

At the other lesson I went to the loo. In our college we have women's and men's toilets located in different parts of the building. I wen...

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How I fucked the A-student

It happened in the early 2000s. I was about 19 years old. I studied in the Institute. Lived in a dorm. 

Time was hot: exams, session. And bad luck, I was on humanities. And now we're supposed to have the English exam where at school I always got mark three in best cases. And in our group there was a girl knowing English very good. Her name was Larissa. She was 18 and she was ver...

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I was 18. It was the usual Institute in the small city. White shirt, black pencil-skirt, a minimum of makeup - all banal and not interested... 8.30. I was late for the exam. Having run to the Institute, I got in the last five. Going along with everyone I became so excited that everything I knew flew out of my head. I was in prostration, to reality I was returned with the teacher's voice: &q...

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Private lectures

A young student in a short plaid skirt and a white translucent tight-fitting blouse came into the office. Blond hair carelessly fell over the shoulders and framed almost flawless face with clear blue eyes and plump lips, slightly painted with transparent lip-gloss. She was fabulously good. The clattering of heels on the floor would make a young teacher break away from the documents. 

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This story happened to me when I studied at the University. It happened that our University in some old year signed an agreement of student exchange. And now, on the 5-th year of studying my groupmate Sveta and I were to go. Can’t say I liked her. Well, yes, she was (and she is now) cute: short, plumpy a bit, with big enough tits and round ass. Many guys like those. But she had one trait...

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Dope or vitamin X

To the last circle Julia already lagged behind "her time" for half a minute. "Wow..." - cursed the coach. The competition is tomorrow, and the girl, he personally vouched for, gives the full breakdown. And for no reason. After a month of quite consistent results.

Julia came over, panting, the shirt stuck to her small chest, the face was shiny from sweat.

- Are...

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My life

My name is Irina. I was 10 years old when I had seen my parents making love and since that time I began to peep at them. In 13 years I began to masturbate, I did it almost all the time. In 18 years I had a very close girlfriend. Her name was Sveta. She was the slender, beautiful brunette of average height with very black eyes. Her plump lips always excited me very much. But most of all I liked...

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The game

- Hello, who are you looking for? - The door was opened by a very pretty girl. Short haircut of dark brown hair and brown wide-open eyes.

- Does Sveta live here?

- Yes, she'll be back soon, - the girl stepped back, letting me in, - Come in, take a seat.

I came into the room and looked around. It was a small hostel room for three persons, but it was clear just two, as th...

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He is the one I want

Now the bell is gonna ring and the third double class will be over. As usual I am sitting favorite place. This is the third desk closer to the window. My friend has been missing for some days for unknown reason, so I don't have anyone to accompany me to the beach today. Of course, I could pick up any of my boyfriends, but unfortunately I have been satiated with them, I don't like long r...

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Natasha. My dear Natasha. A unique student time. How long ago it’s been!

We both studied in the same group. She was of those girls, one wouldn’t call beautiful but at the same time they still manage to be amazingly cute. Short hair, hidden behind the wide lenses of her glasses big radiant eyes, cute little button of the nose, tiny delicate mouth, just begun to become rounded...

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The door gingerly opened.

- May we come in?

Vadim reluctantly covered with papers "Playboy" opened in the middle and looked up. At the door there were two very young creatures waiting. A pretty brunette with huge brown eyes and the hair-dress a la Mireille Mathieu and a sexy blue-eyed blonde, radiating child's purity and innocence. Both of them were not bad shaped an...

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There was a concert party in our Institute. Sergey was dancing there. He danced professionally and looked very impressive on the stage. The audience applauded. I applauded as well. I couldn't look away from his bulging penis. I was very excited. I wanted him so much.

After the parody show, as expected, there was a stormy student party. Sergey was there as well. Pretty drunk, he said...

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The beginning

I remember my first time very good. It had happened at the party in the campus where I was invited by my friend. Almost everybody there was older than me. I was staying on the couch far from those drinking vodka and smoking grass. It was dark and smoky there. The music was thundering in my ears.

Suddenly a loud hot argument had been heard in the opposite side of the room blocking all the...

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The party

The birthday of my friend turned out to be on Saturday and therefore we had been having maximum of fun, without checking up time. The guests were for the most part from the students, I knew almost all of them, but there were two girls I had never seen before. They both were tiny, slender and brunettes. They appeared to be the first-year students - the birthday man's acquaintances. The party...

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