The first time together with my friend

It all began as I and my friend were buying a night gown for my wife.

He said:

- I'd like to see how she looks wearing that.

And I told him:

- Maybe, someday.

Well, that day had come. I was persuading my wife to swing with my friend. So they agreed, but I didn't say to my wife when and with who. We gathered to drink and relax. We drank some vodka, and...

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How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life and sex. But 4 years later I got bored of the monotony in sex. But what did I have to do? I had diffe...

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How my husband made a slut of me

My name is Milena. I'm 27 years old. I'm a little plump brunette with lush breast and tempting shapes. I'm married. My husband's name is Gleb, he's 45. Despite the age difference, we have a great relationship, but lately we are lack of money. One day his friends Dima and Yura came to visit us, to chat and drink wine. They have never had a problem with money.

And we ha...

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Hot friday night

One evening I was coming back home from work. My dear slut met me at home, she was wearing a robe and under it I could see the fishnet stockings and shoes with high heels. I asked:

- What are we celebrating, my dear?

- Today I'll introduce you to my fitness trainer, Dennis.

I always got excited with cheating, so I grabbed Natasha with my hands, carried her into the room...

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Dating site

I'm 22, a tall and athletic guy. I registered on a dating site. And one day I got a message from a stranger.

- Would you like to meet?

I immediately replied.

- You're an idiot, I'm not a gay, read the profile.

- You misunderstood. I'm not a gay either. I'm married.

- Well, what do you want?

The man was 30 years old.

- Well, ye...

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In the pool with friends

My friends have something like a private swing club, and we often arrange thematic parties. One of the guys has a sauna with a large swimming pool at his country cottage. So we decided to spend one weekend there. However, we used only the pool.

It happened so that the girls got down to each other, and I was left alone with the boys. So I said: "Are we gonna just sit still and bored?...

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The desire to please my wife had appeared long time ago and every year it became stronger on and on in our sexual relationship.

First, she didn’t even want to listen to about the threesome, but then we bought a dildo made of silicon, we can say that was the start point... but let’s tell about everything in order.

With time passed, the understanding of jealousy actually...

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Attempt to bring back passion by changing partners

The mad idea of Max doesn’t let me sleep already a few nights. Constantly going over possible options, upcoming actions, weigh all the "against" and "for". But maybe this will be a way out of our family, no, rather sexual "crisis"?

After twelve years of marriage, we were catching ourselves on the fact that in having sex, there was a clear pattern of...

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Wedding anniversary

I’ll tell you my story.

Actually I met a girl, her name was Ira. She is 10 years younger than me and I'm 28. We spent unforgettable night in the hotel. The next day her friend Vika with her husband Igor invited us for a visit to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We bought some wine and came to them. We sat down at the table. Vika sat next to me and Ira next to Igor. I though...

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About our becoming swingers

I have lived with my wife for about five years - when our sexual relationship began to wane. In order to revive it, I was persuading Ira to try group sex. Long time she refused, but after all I got her persuaded! Ira agreed, but on condition that she will be drunk. I talked to my friend Sasha, who many times told me when drunk that if she wasn't my wife, he would have gladly fucked her in a...

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The first time with another one

One day my boyfriend and I went to his friends’ summer cottage just to relax and have a drink. Our friends were married for more than 3 years. Their names were Irene and Andrew. My boyfriend Pasha was always a passionate man and, if I may say so, a skirt-chaser, in any case, he often stared in wonder at them, at least. He liked Irene very much, so I always tried to make their meetings lim...

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In the restaurant

Today we celebrated our anniversary (a month or six months or a year... of our dating). We decided to celebrate it in a special way. You make me a gift, I make it for you. We can only guess about our secret desires and capabilities. But we know for sure we will remember this day forever. You pick me up by car. Today I look amazing. I have black long dress of the color of black silver with cuts...

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Thank you

It happened in the winter, when my wife and I found out that the sauna we used to go in was closed for reconstruction. So we had to go to another one. It was a small bathhouse, consisting of two sections. One of them was occupied. We got undressed in the second one and immediately went into the steam room to warm up. My wife looked amazing. In her 36 years she kept up beautiful chiseled shape a...

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Polyamory in sauna

We had scarcely got undressed, when Alla grabbed my dick and started sucking staying on the bench. I wanted to move back, but she strongly dug her nails into my buttocks, caressing me. Victor and Lena, who had come to sauna together with us, first looked away in confusion, but then began watching us with growing interest. They were naked as well, and I noticed Victor’s cock slowly rising....

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Cool Night

- Are you done? - shouted Elena. Her voice was showing her being nervous. - It is almost 8:00 PM, and we informed her, we would be waiting for her after eight.

- Yes, darling, soon, - I replied. However, I was still sitting at my desk in the office sorting out the whole heap of drawings lying in front of me. I worked as an architect and I could not just drop everything, despite the pi...

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The new sensations

I met Natasha and Igor through the famous online dating. Their ad “A young couple is looking for a man or a woman to have a good time together" interested me much. I'm thirty years old and since recently I began to catch myself at thinking that traditional sex didn’t satisfy me much and not just with my wife. My girlfriends started complaining about the lack of attention, a...

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Holiday Camp Occasion

This story took place in the summer of 1987. My wife and I decided to go to the camp to have a rest. We were 29 years old and we had been five years married. We still didn’t have children.

We gathered, took some food and several bottles of port, loaded it in our Zaporozhets and set off. The holiday camp consisted of a group of cottages located in the woods on the bank of the river...

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Witches' Sabbath

The taxi drove up to Oleg’s Villa, turned around right in front of the entrance, and Oleg disappears with women. I go into the living room where Sveta, as always, is waiting for me. She looks quite unusual, not the way other women do! The tips of the breasts are painted bright red. Her long legs are covered with red fishnet stockings, which are held by garters of the same color, connected...

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