Rape on the beach

It happened in Turkey in July. It is the worst time to go there. The heat in the day time was more than 40 C... I used to go to the beach at 6 AM. It’s the best time. Everyone is asleep, it’s not so hot, you're alone and enjoying the warm sun, the sound of the sea and solitude.

But that morning it all happened... As always I lay in a chaise longue. My swimsuit is two stri...

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Recreation at the lake Baikal

We had been settling our tent camp on the shore of the lake Baikal already for two days. Vodka was finished, we had nothing to do. It was a hard-to-reach shore. Only a locomotive goes there on the narrow gauge railway. No car could get there. Therefore, we had no neighbors. This is a perfect place for solitude and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

But doing nothing gets...

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The beach

Once I had a trip to Turkey on my vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was at the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed watching the world around. Next to me a very charming young man took a seat, I immediately put an eye on him. 

Our eyes met, sweet shiver ran over my body, I gave him a nice smile. The young man was enc...

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How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life and sex. But 4 years later I got bored of the monotony in sex. But what did I have to do? I had diffe...

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Hello. I want to share a real story with you that happened to me in Turkey. We went there to have a rest with my husband. I am 35 years old, brunette, height 165 cm, taut chest of the 2-nd size, we’ve been married already 15 years.

One day we went to the resort place. It was so beautiful with many beautiful men there. I was recommended to visit one masseur. I went to him. So I come...

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Our first group sex

My wife Tanya and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was the second week of our vacation. One evening we took my camera deciding to make some photos. Wandering over through the hotel we were looking for a beautiful angle of the shot. The pictures turned out to be very nice. Very sexy. Tanya was wearing a very short t-shirt and same short skirt. Her white panties did not hide anyth...

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Wedding present

Finally I got married! Everyone is happy. We didn’t make a ceremony in favor of the trip to the far away Dominican Republic for 3 weeks the parents presented to us. My husband and I agreed that we will give each other the gifts in honour of the wedding.

We arrived to the Dominican Republic. All was gorgeous. Nature, hotel, food and the Bridal Suite. Mmm...

My husband broke d...

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Suddenly wanted on the way

This story happened about a year ago. It was winter. My husband had a business trip to a ski resort. He took me with him, so to speak, to have a rest. The road closer to the route ending was surrounded with forest. Look to the left - woods, right - woods, if you go late at night, it's kind of creepy, but when you come to the place... mmm.. it's a true beauty! 

So, when this...

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The first experience of sex tourism

When I was going on vacation to Anapa, I didn’t even think about sex tourism. Honestly! Just because in the past years we had vacation together with the whole family - my husband and daughter. And in general I'm not too unfettered and used to realize my fantasy in cooking mostly.

And this time I was alone in the trip. I broke up with Zhenya a year ago, and remembering that w...

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When summer comes

Carelessly having thrown a towel on the wardrobe Lucy came into the room and without removing the jandals she fell down on the bed, her legs tucked up funny. And she's just beautiful – I thought, as for day-to-day penetration into her anus made me forget to pay attention to the beauty of her body, moving all the meetings in purely technical character. Although, mainly, that's why...

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The taste of vice

Thailand. The outskirts of Bangkok. A girl sucker came out of plywood booth painted in pink, and headed to the cafe down the street. Here it is – a chance to realize my secret, perverse desire to suck a guy’s dick! Having decided, I slipped into the booth and locked the door.

Above the bench seat there was a small round hole in the wall above, on the nail there hung a green t...

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My greek god

It was a warm summer evening, my unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Beautiful night, delicious cocktails and bright dancing – what more do I have to ask for? Of course, a hot guy! But at that moment when I got to the club, I didn't think much of a guy. First I had fun with Italian, he was funny and active, then Belgian – charming and restrained, and then Polish - gentle and...

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The beach

Once travelled to Turkey on vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was sitting at the counter in the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed the world around. Next to me there was a very charming young man, I immediately noticed him. Our eyes met, sweet shiver ran over my body, and I smiled to him charmingly. The young man was not taken...

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My name is Svetlana! This story happened last year and I still can't forget it! In July I had a vacation and I decided not to take my girlfriends with, I just wanted to take a break from this city life! On arrival to the shore of the lake, I pitched the tent and lay down to have a rest!

A little about myself: I am a tall brunette with the breast of the 3-d size, juicy ass and velvet...

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Sweet lips

The story that happened to me last summer on the shore of the hot Black sea gave me the chance to set it out in writing for my reader.

Oh, how wonderful it is to lie on the burning sand and enjoy watching the young girls passing by. A brunette, a blonde and all of them have their own awesome advantages that are taut tanned ass, covered only with the strip of thongs, or the neat girl&rsqu...

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Here is my vacation coming. How long I've been waiting for this day. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the sea. Two weeks of life on the island. Usually we go to the sea together with the whole family, but this year something went wrong, and I had to go alone. I got to the island about 11 PM. I had just enough time to put up the tent and go to sleep. In the morning I went to get acquainted wit...

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- Let's go swimming, - I heard the sonorous voice of my girlfriend.

Before the arrival of my friend with his wife there were about two hours, everything was cooked ready (and what special is to be cooked for friends), and the sun was scorching mercilessly. Why not going to the river and relax a bit? Of course we went there. She was wearing short summer dress with the blue color of th...

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Night swimming

It was a warm summer night. We were sitting beside the fire and recalling the last day: our climbing the hills with huge backpacks. We had put tents near a small river and sat down around the fire drinking beer. It was warm and there were almost no mosquitoes around. There were four of us. My friend with her boyfriend invited us, maybe for company, or maybe they had something on mind. When it b...

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Health resort or the night for three

Chapter One.


The health resort, I had come to, was located somewhere near Yaroslavl city. My room was on the top floor of a nine-storeyed building of red brick.

I got the key at the reception and began waiting for the elevator. I was joined by two blondes. I realized they were just moving in: in addition to little handbags each of them had a big suitcase sharply co...

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Wish fulfilment

My husband and I often make love in, so to say, not quite a traditional way. We have mastered anal and oral sex long ago, but recently we have chosen public sex as our favorite way. Of course, we are not practicing this in the middle of the square in a festive day, but nevertheless, shocking the audience in the evening in the park or amusing the bored bartender with sex show became more or less...

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