Riding Bike Off The Mountain

I was riding my bike down to the foot of the mountain, in my headphones “Kiss” was playing. Spring forest flew towards the blue carpet of the first spring flowers. I had to slow down, because walking people prevented from speeding up. And then on the descending path I saw the ass. A young girl in black tights was slowly running raising her ankles high slapping on her own ass with th...

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Spontaneous Anal Sex

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you a story which happened to me not so long before leaving on vacation with my beloved man. Make yourself comfortable. Men, throw off your pants and start jerking off.

It was early morning. I was going to work when my faithful husband came up to me and asked what time I was going back home from work. He said he was preparing a surprise and he said I would...

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The best day

It was a frosty day, but I was going to my goal, to the young man I met on the website. His name was Michael. He's 26 years old, medium height, medium build, and, as it turned out, only his instrument was unique and huge.

As agreed, we met at the bus stop and went to his house. The apartment was like a studio room, but it was filled with special comfort, I liked it. We had a little o...

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I wanted to be fucked in the forest

The weather was beautiful. I put on a very titillating outfit: a bra, panties, a thin blouse, short skirt, white stockings with a belt, shoes and makeup. I took my purse having put in there a lubricant in advance.

While I walked through another alley, you drove up to me and told me to have a ride. I agreed and got in the car.

You took me to the forest, so no one could bother us. O...

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Night time

That night I stayed at my girlfriend’s. She lived with her brother. In the evening we had a talk, ordered food, drank, watched a movie and went to bed. 

At night I woke realizing someone had invaded me. I was lying on my stomach, the legs spread wide and my vagina was occupied by someone. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. But I realized that was the brothe...

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After continence

After I had been raped by the stranger who brought the envelope, two days more I was suffering and waiting Yuri to come back. This situation was turning me on, I really wanted sex, but unfortunately I had no one to have it with.

On the day Yuri was coming back I was totally ready. My ass was clean and lubricated, ready to let in anyone who wanted to knock on the backdoor.

So, here...

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How I fucked a guy

My name is Yury, I am 37 years old. I'm a married man, but sometimes I'm cheating on her. I usually get acquainted with someone via the Internet, but recently I got a new experience for me.

Don't know why, but I got to the section where one can meet the guys of non-traditional sexual orientation. I was looking through profiles and came across a profile of a young 20 year old...

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My first anal sex

Evening. Having dinner. Usual small talking. I like him. I feel he likes me as well. Unexpectedly quick sequence of events still caused some tension. But I was ready and waiting for action. Previously, from conversations I realized that he was interested in anal sex and he wanted to do it with me. I was not scared, on the contrary, I was curious, because I always wanted to try that. 

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With a homophobe

While young we often make mistakes, but some of them appear to be beneficial sometimes. Here's my story...

He's 19, he goes in for boxing. He is athletic and brutal fellow with the name Oleg. We’ve been friends with him for 7 years. One day he asked me to come to him to hang out and drink beer. It all began as usual: conversations about sports, school and girls. Accidentall...

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Husband, me and anal sex

We have been living together with my husband more than ten years. We don’t have much special varieties in sex. After listening to my colleagues, I convinced him to lick my pussy. I told him:

- I can’t live my life without knowing what it feels like.

For a long time he could not dare to touch it with his tongue. He circled about, but couldn’t touch it. He licked t...

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Lucky photographer

I was doing erotic photosession for some brunette with big boobs.

Oh fuck! She was swaying her ass so nice, so affectionately and sexually she was kneading her boobs, and when she thrust them out of the top of her green swimsuit and started fondling them and pouring oil on - I got fucking mad and almost came, but I just managed to jump out, took my cock out and shot my load all around th...

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I'll be next

...And here she is sitting opposite me at the table and tearfully assuring me that nothing has happened, that she didn't cheat and didn't even think to cheat on me... Such a sincere look… I would have believed. Believed it again. If my hands had no evidence. Terrible evidence. 

I love her, I would, damn it, have forgiven her cheating... But I can't. Not anymore. T...

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Wishes coming true

Hi! My name is Kate. I want to tell you about how wishes come true. Everyone must have had his puppy love. So in my life there was a boy. My childhood friend. His name was Alex. He was handsome, two years older than me. Earlier I was in mad love with him. Then at 15 we almost started a romance, but it never came to a logical ending... When we grew up, we rarely met. So it's been a few years...

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Crazy run

On the eighth of March we congratulated his mother and on the way home we went to the store to get champagne... When we came home he was watching TV after a hard day, and I was surfing in the Internet... after some time he offered to go outside for a smoke and while he was smoking he kept looking at me as never before.

- Why are you looking at me like that?

- How am I looking at y...

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One day after quarreling with my girlfriend and after her departure to the parents I decided to get drunk in the nearest restaurant. The night promised nothing but boring drinking alone. But, as probably every night, it was gradually transforming with each raised glass of cognac. And then It was off and rolling. I decided it was time to have fun. 

I called the bartender and found ou...

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How Sergey took my ass virginity

I was 18 years old. So young! A wild child, a bitch, a street kid. Sergey was 14 years older than me. He seemed such an adult to me. Not handsome, but very clever. There was something wild in him. He could just look with his wolfy eyes and everyone obeyed. Although I was an awful anarchist, but before him I was like a rabbit before a boa. Going on a date and thinking to myself... "That'...

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Do not drink too much

One day, returning from night shift work in the very early morning, when the dawn was just breaking, Andrew saw a young girl lying on the lawn completely unconscious. "What happened?"- thought Andrew and came over to the girl. But, after he had looked carefully over, he was glad to see the girl was just dead drunk and even at that she was very good: long, slender legs, lush large boob...

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Milena. A day with friends

The long-awaited evening had come and as I promised Vadim, I put on the panties and the stockings with a garter belt under the jeans. We met at my house and started calling friends to have a walk. In the end, after half an hour we had about 7 persons, so we decided to take drinks and walk around the city. In our city there is a large park and you can get there by two ways.

The first is t...

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Hot deal

Sarah has been working in real estate company for several years and has established herself as a leading specialist. Her picture is on the company’s wall of fame. Cute blonde with great figure. Such a girl can easily attract the attention of any man. Sarah successfully uses it, sometimes with non-traditional methods.

So making the last deal she had to do a good blowjob to the selle...

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It was painful

It happened to me yesterday. A little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, normally built. Never had it with a guy. I have fake account in the social network for my friends couldn’t know I’m a gay. I've long been looking for a guy for sex, but either I didn't like them, or I couldn't get enough courage. Yesterday I met another guy, he was 22. He wasn’t especially c...

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