Couldn't wait

My name is Christina, I'm 22 and I’m married 2 years. I'm a nice girl with big breasts number 5. My husband is a sailor, his name is Vladimir. I want to tell you a very interesting story.

It was about a year ago, my husband went on another voyage and was supposed to be back in a month only.

In his absence, I used to be pleased by my two friends. One of them was Arthu...

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Real story

Hello, the story I write is my first, I just decided to share. I'm a guy of 20. Since I seldom have sex, I often masturbate and I do it in different way, and naturally I began to masturbate at early age. 

Doing it normaly became boring and once I found the confession of one guy saying it would be cooler if shoving something in the ass. After that I began doing it more often and...

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I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.

Elvira, a tall slim blue-eyed brunette, was waiting for me, sitting in a chair.

- Hi. These are S...

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Little slut

This little bitch came to my office almost every day. She was about 28, she was small and plump, like a balloon. The front two balls were of the third size.

There were two breaks at work. Coming to me, she used to throw aside the flips of her robe, showing two elegant semisperes. At first, the idea to fuck her constantly visited me, but since Lola behaved like a dumb blonde, my desire to...

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Anal pleasure

- Want me in the ass?

The voice betrays my desire.

- I do really!

He leans down and his tongue touches the asterisk of the anus. It’s already worked out by a lot of men and women who visited it. He wets me with saliva as deep inside as possible, his tongue stretches the ringlet of muscles. My ass easily lets him in. Deeper, deeper he is plunging in me.

He moves...

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At the border

This story happened to me when I was in the army. It was in 2010. I served at the border. At that time I had already served 8 months until and had just 4 months before demob.

That day I was on duty. I patrolled the border together with the dog. It was summer and at 4 o’clock in the morning the dawn was already breaking. And about a kilometer far from me, I saw through binoculars, s...

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Sex on the beach

So, there happened one occasion, my boyfriend and I were on the beach, no people around there, it was private enough place. Well, he began making passes at me. In the beginning he just stroked me, then began removing the bra and getting in the panties. I was lying with no responding, but feeling pleasant, then he started licking me. I told him that someone could come, but he was already excited...

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Accidental penetration

The woman was lying with her legs bent in the knees and pressed to the chest. Her ass was raised with a pillow placed under. Between her legs there was II settled down and working with the pelvis, trying to cum but I could not. We had been banging long enough. She was so dripping wet that even the pillow was soaked all over. I did not feel the tightness of her vagina and that was another reason...

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How I tried my ass

Hi all. I want to share with you how I took virginity of my ass. The story is real. 

I woke up this morning next to my wife at 4am. I didn’t want to sleep any longer and I decided to surf the Internet. I came across the website of porn pics with the chicks when it came to collection of doggy style postures, I realized that my dick was standing like a stake, and wanted to shoot...

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First time

The cottage was quiet. Moonlight was filtering through the tightly drawn curtains, barely touching naked bodies. They were both hot, tenderness has long given way to passion. He squeezed her breasts, squeezing the nipples painfully, she dug the nails into his back, leaving scratches after. There was not a single cell of his skin, her hands, the lips and the tits hadn’t passed over. <...

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First time threesome and right in the ass

Hello, my name is Katya, I am 23 years old. I'm a brunette, blue eyes, height 170cm, breast size is almost 3, just super ass and a pretty face. Lots of cavaliers always ))) It happened three years ago. Our company was going to the camping. The weather was splendid – the whole May the weather was hot. The best year ever! At the beginning of the second decade of June, having bought all...

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Now both to the shower

I heard the water was turned off, and shortly after that clicking of the door handle and the slaps of Vitaly bare feet on the parquet. Our girls left for the spa at the hotel at the appointed time, and I was lying in bed, waiting for my turn going to the shower and relaxing after a stunning gang-bang.

Vitaly came up to the bed and slapped me with the wet towel shaking my shoulder, saying...

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Just don't hurt me

She was looking forward the 3-d date with him. Dima was gentle and tender, but in his eyes there was something mysterious, maybe even perky. 

Marishka was waiting for him at home. They decided to stay home today. He showed up with flowers, champagne and a mysterious box. 

- It's for you, my kitty! - he said and handed her the bouquet with champagne. And this box shou...

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When summer comes

Carelessly having thrown a towel on the wardrobe Lucy came into the room and without removing the jandals she fell down on the bed, her legs tucked up funny. And she's just beautiful – I thought, as for day-to-day penetration into her anus made me forget to pay attention to the beauty of her body, moving all the meetings in purely technical character. Although, mainly, that's why...

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Your Angelina

It all started with the fact that I became keen on watching not just traditional porn video, but such video with fucking in the ass. It turned me on, and I masturbated several times a day. And at one point I wanted to feel like a girl - horny bitch being had hard in the coveted hole. The first time I was just playing with my ass with fingers, lubricating with saliva. When I put in already 4 fin...

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Romantic dinner

Last year I dated a guy I had been madly in love within several years. He was tall, with a beautiful body, velvety voice and piercing gaze. After a few innocent walks around the city he invited me to have romantic dinner at his home. I couldn't wait for nightfall, I took a shower, put on nice lingerie just in case, and went to him. He had a nice apartment, he set the table with candles, qui...

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Losing virginity

I met Julia in 1998. I remember this date because then I worked for a computer company, and we had promotion action to the new 1999 (in advertising design which I was engaged in, it was written "Computer for 1999 hryvna").

Julia was brought here by Mrachka that once extolled her while we were walking around the Bald mountain, saying about her "so cool". I do not remem...

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Sorry, good bye

It was the spring of 1999. The relationship with my girlfriend became a kind of colder. In fact, about a year, we had been living in the relationship of free love, or rather she occasionally slept with girls, but I didn’t care of that. But that day...

... Spatial conversation over a cup of coffee, her confusion... and saying "I'm sorry, but I love Her" I was somewhat...

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Sudden sensations with blowjob

Probably, like many others I love when a girl blows me. And my girlfriend is a great sucker (I guess because the experience :)). But recently she gave me pleasure in unusual way.

One night, when we began making love, after usual kisses she went down to my belly, kissed it a few times, then started kissing the thighs, gently stroking them with her hands, and then began touch my already st...

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Late at night

I was walking along the street late at night from my friend and there it happened to me. A car drove close to me and those in there offered me to give me a lift, but I refused. Suddenly from the back seat a man jumped out and grabbed me his arms around and threw me in the trunk. When I woke up, I was hanging in the center of some dark room on slings: my feet were set wide apart, my ass was rais...

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