My first try

When I first read about sex between guys I became really horny. At that time I was really shy, so I didn’t move farther than working out my ass by myself. The happiest time was when I stayed home alone, wore black stockings with a garter belt, panties, and a tight dress. After admiring myself in such an attire, I tried to find an object similar to a dick, I inserted it into my butt imagin...

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Up in the butt

It happened on the Whit Sunday. Barbecue, wine and not very large mountain river. We were together: me and Timur. We had a bright romance. The sea of sex and the ocean of passion. Every time we were alone, we tried something new: petting, positions, etc.

"My dear, you made me feel so great! – gently whispered my Timur, pulling my bathing suit off and slowly putting me down on...

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Sex training

Last Tuesday we had a sales training. We gathered a group of 6 people. When the coach had come, he introduced himself to everyone, but I was the one he gave the sweetest smile. The training was excellent, the coach, his name was Sergei, said that I had the best presentation and everyone needs to learn from me. I was really pleased that I did well and I liked the coach. 

He was quite...

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Our small firm consisted of four people: me, Victor and Roman – the friends since high school, funny, relaxed guys, and Olga - our office whore. Olga was ready to fuck anytime, anywhere and with anyone, bringing us great pleasure. We fucked her together and in turns every day and throughout the working day, when we wanted – she was delighted. She didn’t mind to please all of o...

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A busty girl been had by two guys

One fine summer morning busty 19-year-old Julia decided to go to the deserted beach to swim and sunbathe. Having come to the beach, Julia found there no one except her. Without thinking she threw off her white top covering her big and beautiful boobs and took off her denim shorts. Julia was standing at the beach in her natural view of a slender, green-eyed, tanned brunette with a huge bust and...

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One passion for three

We met via internet and after some correspondence we decided to meet. 

I ordered a sauna and at the certain time I was already waiting for my new friends. It was a cute family couple - Igor and Natasha. He's 40, she's 32. Natasha is an interesting brunette of about 165 cm tall, with a beautiful figure and nice tits of the size 2. Igor is about 180 cm, nice and slender enough...

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Into the ass

We have been living with my wife already a little more than 5 years! Lyudmila is 24, I'm 28. Even before marriage Lyudmila had a very rich sexual life, up to group sex! Of course! My candy was chased by a lot of hunters! Although, I never bothered with that!!!

However, I was sure that after marriage she had no serious romance ever! A lot of her time was busy with caring about the chi...

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My wife and I have been living together for 8 years and the last two years we are practicing threesome sex. We have one friend we are dating from time to time. I was the initiator, for I was always turned on by the idea of someone fucking my wife. Once it was on the state of fantasy, but then she agreed to a meeting. Since we both liked that, we decided to go on. My wife is 30, her name is Olga...

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Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms and dragged him into the room. The third one locked the door and slowly followed them.

- Wel...

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Vadim was driving on the highway to the city. It was after midnight. In the headlights, he saw a girl hitching a ride. Vadim stopped the car and opened the window:

- Where are you going?

- To Samoilovka. But I don’t have money, could we agree on something?

- Get in, we’ll think up something. - Vadim opened the door for the traveler.

The girl got in, and V...

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Unexpected turn

Except my first experience, my relationship with guys was limited by the active role. I met a lot of young boys who gave me a blowjob. I fucked in the ass some of them. For some time I didn’t have sex with a guy and I decided to find someone via internet. I met a guy named Sergey and appointed a meeting with him. We met at the appointed place and I got in his car.

When the car star...

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She was standing opposite me and smiling, looking in my direction from time to time. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a t-shirt emphasizing her sexy ass and the tits. My penis was getting up, when overcrowded bus came to the bus-stop at last. But I won’t wait for the next I will go by this one. And this girl also moved to the bus door. I let her go first and got in the bus. More people...

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Real story

The story is real.

One evening at the end of the day I was exploring a dating site and met there my old girlfriend Kate I hadn’t been in touch for a year and a half. After a brief communication we agreed I would come to her after work. When I came to her, I found out she was still on the website trying to find someone for that night:

- Are you still looking for a mate?

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Satisfied with sperm (Voluntarily cheated)

I have slept with one good married guy and in the morning he told me the following story:

It was on the 8th of March. Elena (my wife) and I were visited by Andrew, our old friend, a traveler and a very funny guy. 

The years of joint life with my wife dulled the feelings, and the desire does not appear all the time. That day Andrew brought a huge bouquet of flowers, brandy,...

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The first experience

There are a lot of fictional stories published. I want to tell you the real story of how I had become a gay. No matter how trite it may sound, but when I watched the movies where women were sucking big dicks, I always wanted to be and feel in their place. After all, I decided to put my plan into action and posted my profile on the dating site, contacted one guy and appointed a date with him on...

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A sudden turn of events

Hello. I want to tell you a story that happened to me. Now a little bit about myself: I am a professional tennis player, ranked in the top 100 of the world rankings and many of you see me on TV sometimes. Recently, when I came back from another tournament from France to Moscow, I got a phone call from my old friend Julia, who said she was coming to Moscow and she needed a place to stay. So I di...

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Smoke break

I came back from the University earlier than usual. The mood was zero leveled, I wanted to fall down on the bed and have a long sleep. I came home and tried to start doing something, but nothing worked. To kill some time I decided to go and have a smoke on the stair landing. 

To my surprise, my solitude was broken by my downstairs neighbor. It was a nice, muscular guy of about 25. I...

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Three heroes (sequel)

Particularly actively I was supported by the giant. He offered to invite one of his clients he had longstanding relationship with - a woman of about my age, well-groomed and without complexes. He was supported by my husband, he even volunteered to go and get her together with a giant. The second guy asked to let him have some sleep since he had worked all night. That’s what was decided. T...

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Three heroes

So, having tried the coffee with cream, to the question "Is this your surprise?" - the knocking on the door sounded... "And here is the surprise!!!!". 

The guest went to open the door, and I looked at my husband with a question... my husband smiled and mysteriously said "it’s up to you to decide..." Accompanied by the guest a guy came into the roo...

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I fucked your wife

I arrived in your city on Monday. The purpose is a business trip. During this kind if trip every real man pursues his own personal goals.

And so, after the standard program had been done, I took a car and began driving around the surrounding area not hoping for anything special. After an hour of riding I noticed a girl on the roadside hitching a ride. I stopped. The girl was very pretty...

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