In the car

My name is Nastya, I'm 18 years old, I will tell you my story which has happened with me recently. 

It was Saturday and I wanted to have fun, but all my friends were busy that day. So I decided to go to a club alone, and besides, there always were some friends I could meet and I was sure I wouldn’t stay alone without a company. 

In general I'm a modest girl...

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Insomnia notes

Saturday. Looking out of the window. Night. Boring as hell. I don't understand why we have to live by some rules?! Why can't girls be sexually active persons and not be called "whores"? Still I don’t care about stereotypes! At this warm and almost summer night I’m not going to stay in warm bed alone for sure! 

I call a friend, the second, the third one....

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Dancing club

Once being a student in the Institute I went to the dancing club. Generally, I like dancing, and free love that thrives there! After about an hour after beginning, I walked down the hall, leaving another passion to chat with friends. In the shadow of the hangers I saw a couple: a guy with his hand under the jean skirt stroking a sweet girl. She was wearily smiling. The girl looked like she had...

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Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. The weather was wonderful, people were going out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked him to bring his family to the country. I dropped in to them in the morning, quickly uploading everything in the car, and we headed in the direction of the country village. On the way we had nothing interesting, and after I bgought them to the place, I hurri...

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One day after quarreling with my girlfriend and after her departure to the parents I decided to get drunk in the nearest restaurant. The night promised nothing but boring drinking alone. But, as probably every night, it was gradually transforming with each raised glass of cognac. And then It was off and rolling. I decided it was time to have fun. 

I called the bartender and found ou...

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When I'm feeling bad

Sometimes you want to escape from everything... everything seems to be grey and dark, the world seems to go crazy and tired you need to relax...

The best way for me is to go with a friend and without the husband somewhere out, have fun so that in the morning I could laugh remembering the night whirlwind and with a light heart to throw out a bunch of someone's business cards... <...

■  ■  ■

A part of my life

In the summer, about 2 years ago I moved to another city, in a new building district. The construction process continued and there were not so much of inhabitants. Day and night guest workers were working. Freedom and lust surrounded me. I was using it in full. Before that I was fond of disguising, but this time, I took this matter seriously. In evenings I put make-up and got dressed like a sex...

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The past is beginning to tell

Getting on the bus, I realized I had made a mistake. "I’d better walked on foot" - flashed the thought in my head. It was over-overcrowded and very stuffy and hot in the bus. I was immediately squeezed by the bodies of several men. I appeared in the tight circle of backs, and I could see nothing because of them. "Well, maybe, I won’t be seen by a conductress at least&...

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One-night stand

I was coming home from work. It was late evening in spring. Approaching the bus stop I saw a young man, very attractive and charming... He also looked at me, we smiled to each other and I went on further.

I was standing at the bus stop, when a car drove up to me. The driver was the same guy.

- May I offer you a lift? - he turned to me.

- Sure, why not, - I replied.


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Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. It was beautiful weather, people were getting out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked to bring his family to the country. I drove to him in the morning, we quickly gathered everything in the car and headed in the direction of the village. The road was not followed by anything interesting, and after I had brought my friend to the place, I hur...

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Once in the club

It was spring... My friend had a birthday and we went out to celebrate at a nightclub. It was fun, everyone got drunk and danced. By that time I had long broken with my first boyfriend and I had no sex already half a year. I wanted sex very much, but my moral principles did not allow to get laid with anyone I met. So, I was sitting together with one nice guy, he thought he picked me up. I was l...

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Chance meeting

She got on the bus and sat next to me and immediately drew attention to her. To her neatness, cleanliness, she smelled nice. Dressed in sport kind of clothes. Easy white summer hooded jacket, Jogging sweatpants made of soft fabric, white socks and sneakers. One could feel her pleasant female tenderness. I was watching her all the way long. I examined her figure; neatly trimmed blond hair, erect...

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At twin brothers'

This hot night Lisa with her friend Ilona were walking along the riverside. They had been walking long enough, and soon they were going home, but then a car drove up and two men came out of it.

- Girls, let's go for a ride, - offered they.

- Let's go! - said Ilona.

- What are you doing? We do not know them, - said Lisa whispering to her friend.

- Well, never...

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Two wheel twins

The story happened two years ago. It was summer. I was 23 years old, fairly athletic built, tall, blue eyes. I do not think I have something remarkable in the appearance, but in the opinion of many of my female friends I’m quite nice. Especially for my girlfriend, we have dated for a year and a half, still every date filled us with emotions of love and desire like for the first time. As f...

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Evening in the park

I remember that day in details. All fell from my hands, things were going terribly, failure followed failure. Don't know, apparently, shit happens. Or is it payback for what happened then... at least, to dispel nostalgia I went to the park, hoping to drink beer there. Of course, it was scary to go, still it was a bad day, and cops could rake me in, but I was so tired that I didn't even...

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Missed call

Everything in this story is absolutely true! It happened about two years ago. I was 28. One evening, after work a girl called me and said that she had a missed call from this number. We started talking, and I asked her to meet and she agreed with pleasure. We agreed she would take a friend of her, and I would take a friend of mine and we would go and play billiards.

The next day we took...

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Vadim was driving on the highway to the city. It was after midnight. In the headlights, he saw a girl hitching a ride. Vadim stopped the car and opened the window:

- Where are you going?

- To Samoilovka. But I don’t have money, could we agree on something?

- Get in, we’ll think up something. - Vadim opened the door for the traveler.

The girl got in, and V...

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She was standing opposite me and smiling, looking in my direction from time to time. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a t-shirt emphasizing her sexy ass and the tits. My penis was getting up, when overcrowded bus came to the bus-stop at last. But I won’t wait for the next I will go by this one. And this girl also moved to the bus door. I let her go first and got in the bus. More people...

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Summer night

It was a usual summer day. It did not promise anything special, slow turning into cool evening. I went into a café to sit alone with my thoughts over a cup of coffee. I sat at the distant table and began thinking. Having looked up at the next table I saw a man staring at me. His eyes were gliding over my legs, gradually rising higher.

I was wearing a short skirt and translucent bl...

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Sudden adventure

It was like this... nothing boded any adventure.

I dropped in the car shop just to chat, but there was no one in the shop, I went into the second room of the assembly - slot machines hall. There was no one either, but for the young girl of 19 working there and the older one of about 26.

In short, I came in, standing there talking about something, the girls already took another str...

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