My First Romantic Time

Hello! My name is Kira, I'm 20 years old. I'm a brunette, breasts of the third size, the figure is average. When I was 18, hormones already boiled in me. I wanted sex, sometimes there were moments when sitting at the University on classes I imagined how I’m ripping the pants off the prettiest boy in our group. His name was Kyrill, he was 18, same as me.

Don't know how i...

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Rude and Tender

I'm 21, my girlfriend is 18. We live in different cities but we meet 2-3 times a month.

This day was no different, the same frosty gloomy morning, as always. Despite this, the mood was great just for knowing that today my Mila would come to me. I didn't go to the university, I cleaned my apartment, cooked the dinner and began waiting for my beloved. For some reason today I wanted...

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Monday morning

Monday morning.

You are still staying in our warm bed, and your darling in the robe on the naked body brought you a cup of tea.

Seeing this you threw the sheet off, showing your well-built young female body in the translucent short combination garment. Seductively stretched out, raising her hands up in the air. Through the transparent clothing there appeared the breasts full of te...

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Magic Night

My name is Nikita, I'm 18 years old. I want to tell you about a magic night in my life. I met with my girl in the company of friends. She immediately drew attention to me. We used to ride bicycles. She always smiled, laughed, and I was fascinated. She joked. Our company consisted mostly of guys who were always around constantly hanging out with her. Everybody liked her. She's 18 as I am...

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Do you remember our first kiss?

Hi. I know you will never read this, but I need to unburden my heart...

So, we've been friends for ten years, often quarrelling over trifles, but we make up quickly, we curse each other as hard as possible, but then smile again.

You know, I have long wanted to say this, but I think it will look ridiculous.... Yes, you know I like girls... after something has happened....

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I will always love you

You know, in these latter days I think about you more and more. I remember the first time we met tet-a-tet. I was bored at our summer house, we have been written off, you said that you would come. And you did.

I was looking into your eyes and at your smile. And you were sheepishly saying, "What’s wrong?" I looked away smiling. We were walking around the pond, sitting on a...

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My virgin boy

By that time I was 22 and he was 21.

When he came to me, I did not stand on ceremony, but immediately took him to the bedroom. First we chatted, laughed, joked and kissed. For me there was nothing new, usual things when you kiss a guy, you caress him everywhere! But it was his first time, and he said he wasn't ready.

I thought, does he surely expect sex? Hmm… Yes... so...

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Thunderstorm in the end of September

Sometimes our mood is surprisingly intertwined with the natural phenomena.

The mood was great. We were together alone at home, drank a little, had sex occasionally, the conversation was easy, about nothing and everything and at the same time deeply philosophical. There was no rush, tomorrow was going to be a day off, and we had all night ahead.

The view from the window was amazing...

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Me and my passionate lover

I come to him every weekend. Next to my beloved man I forget about all the problems and concerns. He rented an apartment in the downtown with great views of skyscrapers, a river and a bridge. In the evening we often stand at the window embracing each other, and my lover expertly caresses me, kissing the neck, running hands through my hair, looking straight into my eyes.

This Sunday was a...

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At night in the office

Evening. Twilight. Half-empty office.

I come to your office. I’m wearing a skirt with the side cut, a light blouse with undone buttons. We barely know each other, just crossed a couple of times in the hallway. I come closer to you. You look at me right into my eyes.

Not saying a word I throw you on the couch and kiss you on the lips. My hands unbutton your shirt and go down...

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Recreation at the lake Baikal

We had been settling our tent camp on the shore of the lake Baikal already for two days. Vodka was finished, we had nothing to do. It was a hard-to-reach shore. Only a locomotive goes there on the narrow gauge railway. No car could get there. Therefore, we had no neighbors. This is a perfect place for solitude and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

But doing nothing gets...

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Summer tale

This year summer was surprisingly warm and soft. Even at night it was so warm that you don’t want to stay home. We haven’t seen each other so long, but today suddenly for no reason you called. You are always welcome, you know... Love never ends, it just goes to a new level. And I’ve been loving you for a long time...

We were sitting on the cushions on the floor of the b...

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The last time

The room was filled with twilight. Darkness was crawling into the corners and secret places, under tables, under the bed, spreading like a soft cloud over the window sill. The bed was softly illuminated by a night lamp, leaving around just a small space not occupied by the twilight. I wish it got dark completely, it's hard to breathe in twilight, like sticky mist it envelops you not allowin...

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It was a warm Sunday of October evening. The clear sky was illuminated by the white moon. This evening Alex and his friend Vladimir were discussing urgent problems with a glass of beer. They had had a few glasses, then they went home, but a little before reaching the entrance Alex had his phone ringing: 

- Hello.

- Hello, Hello, what are you doing?

- I just walked Vlad...

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The best night

I met Sergey 2 years ago. We met accidentally by the phone. First we talked about everything as friends. Every day 2-3 hours we were chatting on the phone. Then we met several times and each time we were looking into each other's eyes... Tenderly...

The first impression I had after our meeting - no one before held my hand that way! I was drawn to him like to a magnet, every day more...

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Romantic sex on the roof

Two are on the roof and their clothing is waving and flapping with the wind. They are looking at each other, smiling and kissing gently. Gradually their passion is growing.

She is wearing a dress and he has a shirt on. The girl is slowly unbuttoning his shirt, and he is looking at her with a tiger passion. When she removes his shirt, he quickly pounces on her kissing passionately and imp...

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White Orchid

White color is the color of purity and innocence bringing peace, tenderness and affection... 

I'm making a surprise for you. And you agreed to accept it. I got a room in the hotel for us. I was the first to come there. I got to get ready. A big wide bed, a bright bathroom, so much light that the eyes are sparkling with that light penetrates every cell of the body. There is an or...

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One night story

People living in the network constantly find each other on certain web sites. You are not surprised seeing another familiar face at one or another site. Sometimes the profile of a person can be in your contacts for years.

And then boom! After so many years... suddenly something burst out. I don't see an old friend in the photo, but an indescribably handsome, attractive man (Yes... ov...

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Grassy glade

Artem and Karina, old friends, met by chance on the forest glade one lovely summer day. The glade was luring them with the bright sun, the soft carpet of low grass with red-pink spots of strawberries. Slender birches bowed to the ground with their branches with leaves of emerald color. 

She was picking up strawberries and putting them in her mouth. Plump lips were slightly opening a...

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Paradise flower

Svetlana threw off her dress and became completely naked. I cought my breath - her beauty drove me go crazy. The exciting wild desire, big smooth thighs, wonderful ripe breasts with large beckoning nipples, a thin line of hair on the neatly shaven pubis - all this could not but cause me have a great longing and excitement.

I rushed falling on my knees before a beautiful woman, slowly kis...

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