Foot fetish

Today I am wearing a flowing scarlet dress. I have no underwear... but this is not a main thing...

Look at my feet.

Open toe sandals with leather straps encircling my ankles. Neat toes, perfect pedicure of scarlet. You love my toes, watching them and kissing.

I always give you the pleasure of watching my beautiful feet and toes.

You ready for everything just to have...

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My precious

Hello world!

My name is Mark. I'm 21 years old. I used to visit gym, but got bored and started playing basketball. With my height 192 cm this is it! I had a lot of girls, but no serious relationship, never been so hooked to have one girl forever. In general, I want to tell you the story about one habit I got.

I told myself: «That's it, Mark, it's time to think ab...

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Our fetish

My name is Irene. I am 25, not married – yet. My story began two years ago. I had no job and a friend of mine offered the idea to place an ad in the newspaper that I can knit by requests. I always liked knitting, and many people often asked me to knit something for them. And I like wearing knitted clothes as well. But the ad had no effect for a long time, no one answered and it took about...

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The new employee

The name of the new employee of our department was Kate. The petite brunette immediately drew my attention - she stood out against the employees of our company with her ease in communication and the fact she loved to wear open-toe shoes.

At the sight of her feet in black sandals I hardly restrained moaning, her toes, neatly covered with light nylon, fascinated me...

We often remai...

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Sasha came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday, and work problem were left behind until Monday. Olga was waiting for him at home.

- Go and take a shower, - she said, - And wash thoroughly!

- What should I wash thoroughly? - he asked.

- Everything! – His wife smiled.

He quickly took a shower, dried his hair and went to the bedroom, where he saw... nothi...

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South Port

When I was a little girl, our neighbor on the stair landing was a military man. The officer of general forces. His image stayed with me since that time: slender toned body, beautiful uniform, shiny boots and great manners. He was always the first to say “hello”, even to me a ten-year-old wimp.

All my life I have been having a soft corner in my heart for military men. A real m...

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Actually, the correct spelling and pronouncing that word is cunnilingus. But I find it easier to do the action that the word signifies, than to pronounce it without a flub. Besides, why “us”? Is that process for several girls at once? I think the better way is to spell it “cunniligme”, but then it sounds gibberish like after all. No, let me say it simply and beautifully,...

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Tiny feet

Dear feet lovers!

I want to tell you a story that happened three years ago. I live in one of the Asian country and I often happen to drive and show our Russian tourists the local sights of the capital. One day I had a transit woman tourist from Moscow. She had just one night in that city and she booked a night tour. She was about 35, she wore a short skirt, a blouse and open-toe sandals....

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