My stranger

Dream... What is a dream? What is dreaming?

Sometimes I close my eyes (sometimes lying in the bathtub, sometimes they are closed just in my mind, sitting in front of a TV screen or a computer monitor)...

I close my eyes to imagine him. To be more precise, just someone... I don't even know his name...

He has no face, but he has surprisingly warm, soft and tender hands, a...

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A peach

Once upon a time there lived a Peach. He was quietly growing ripe in the tree along with his brothers and sisters, whose fate had already been predetermined: to become a sweet jam, a filling for pastries or a delicious breakfast with milk. 

Our Peach wasn't happy with the prospect of just being eaten - he wanted to live though something unusual and exciting in his fruit life. A...

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Sweet dream

I open my eyes looking up at the ceiling. The room is dimly lit. Groping my mobile phone. Its light is blinding me at the first press on the lock button. It’s early morning. I’m putting the phone with the screen down and turning on one side, my hand pulling the wheezing body closer.

Her ass is resting right against my cock. She’s mumbling something incoherent, tossing a...

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Love on the flower glade

— Polyenka, you are so lovely, — Michael was humming, circling around the innocent creature.

Polyenka, embarrased with the pressure of the brutal handsome, tried to look away from persistent lover, shyly hiding her eyes behind the fan of eyelashes. Her heart fluttered, sweet nectar flowed throughout the body.

The air was red-hot with the sun of July, the midday heat wa...

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That's what I'm waiting for

You are coming home and I’m meeting you at the door. I’m wearing a black silk gown with red roses long to the knees, and white lace lingerie under...

I kiss you very softly, and at the same time with growing passion, letting you know how much I missed you the whole day... Then, when I feel how excited you are, I'm taking you by a hand and we are going to the bedroom...

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My dream

Can't understand what's going on with me. Where am I? Looks like home, but why so dark? Only the bed is under the light. I'm completely naked, there's nothing even to hide my nudity. Suddenly the door opens and a guy comes in. he comes up to the bed and begins watching me. I'm almost burning with shame, trying to cover myself with hands, but I can't. I can't escape e...

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Why hiding that? I have long secretly dreamed of my wife being had by anyone. This is a kind of my obsessive fetish fantasy.

I want to make things happen by her own will and consent, just like that! But, at the same time I don't want her to fall in love with him. Sex and only sex is supposed to bind them.

What ethnicity he would be is up to her to decide. I have no preference,...

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Summer fantasy

O love wearing a short skirt without panties under... And my pussy was clean-shaved… absolutely bald... I'm walking wearing such a very short skirt. And I know that I have nothing under... Exciting... And my pussy is getting wet... That feeling is driving crazy when wet lips are rubbing against each other... I want to walk on and on and on, no matter where... Just to prolong the plea...

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The prejudices about the first date

You know, I'm 18 and I don't care what you could think of me. I am quite a pretty girl with a bit plump figure, green eyes and red hair... In my private life I was not lucky. When all my friends were dating, I was staying at home. 

Fantasies... it’s a good thing. Since youth I used to fantasize and imagine everything in details: where, when, who... but I always wanted...

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Stranger... mmm...

Evening... after a long and tiring day I’m coming home. It’s quiet and empty in the apartment. I’m removing high-heeled shoes, throwing the bag in the far corner of the room, turning on soft music... going to take a shower. The more time passes on, the less clothes on I have... dancing... my movements are graceful in time with music. My hand touches shoulder and after a few mo...

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My girlfriend

Tired I sank onto the carpet. The silver glow of the portal was fading away behind my back. I returned to the world - to this bright, fabulous, exciting and magical world. Sometimes it is necessary to remember that you're not only a warrior and magician, but a woman as well... And here it is possible in all ways.

Soft and furry carpet as if is hugging me. I feel too tired and dirty.....

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Wizard and wine

I’m standing, chained to the wall by the spell, in a sort of round room, most likely the tower. How could I be caught so easy! That’s for my dulled vigilance - after all, I was at the party at my old friend’s. 

We were drinking there... Oh, we were drinking a lot! Including Falernian wine, donated by an admirer of my friend, as she said. So, the wine was the reason...

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Night forest

The night forest is quiet and transparent, gray twilight enveloped the copper trunks of pines here in the North, summer nights are light, and darkness does not happen. I go to the Altar - special stone, which in ancient times brought sacrifices to the Elements. For me funeral white dress with a red belt and gold Hoop in her hair, and on his feet - not too comfortable in the woods leather sandal...

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My erotic dream

One night, at midnight, when my parents weren't home, I decided to watch my neighbors from the opposite house. The house was close, but I took the binoculars to watch the details. It was a hot night, so almost all the windows were wide open, and the curtains are moved apart - the view was wonderful. I got more comfortable on the wide windowsill, sincerely hoping that someone from the street...

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We have a large bedroom, huge high bed, a mirror on the ceiling, high window from the floor to the ceiling and very heavy curtains covering the whole window. That’s why the room is always a little dark... Now it’s the day time... I have only my favorite stockings and a light translucent dressing gown on. It’s long, even too much and it’s touching the floor. You are lying...

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The daughter of the sea

The vacation turned into a hideous, destroying all the dreams and the world-view trip. Everything was fine at first. Vlad and his bride Lena were travelling to the sea. He got awfully expensive trip ticket to a quiet and tranquil tourist hotel. Separate cottage de luxe, lovely food, warm sea, quiet southern nights. Vlad and Lena were supposed to get married on arrival after vacation. He was 24,...

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About thinking and reading thoughts

Hello. My name is Sasha. I am a transmitter. But, please, do not consider me one of these guys thinking themselves Napoleons, dogs or lighting poles. No. They are just crazy. So am I though, but quite in another way.

Since very childhood we heard the stories about people able to read others’ minds. For the most part they are called extrasensory individuals or telepathists, still...

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Little one

…Stop leaning your ears against the belly and asking stupid questions. Stop! Am I a boy or a girl? I’m a boy, a boy! Or a girl? Hard to find it out in the darkness.

My mother definitely wants me to be a boy. Boy’s life is easier – no need to look for a man to get married.

I don’t want it. All men are just crazy. My grandpa, for example. Every h...

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Just for you

Closing my eyes, I see the darkness. My fantasies disturb me to focus on anything. I want to dive into a voluptuous dream! No, maybe, into reality? ... Your image appears in the dark, it's a little blurred, blurred by the time and the distance between us. We are slowly getting closer. Your image becomes clearer, this is so nice! Your eyes! There is so much tenderness in them, much fire, and...

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