Has it really been or not

It was a usual night, as usual I turned off the computer getting ready to go to bed. Decided to take a shower for some reason, for I just wanted to freshen up.

 Just stood under the water, the jets flowing over my skin, gently tickling. The water was quite hot and I even had to force myself not to move. The temperature was rising and the water was close to burn the skin. I still sto...

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Marina Kudryavtseva

Long time ago I had a girl. I was still a greenhorn 18 years old, she was either. We both were fascinated with anime, so we actually met. After dating for a year, I had to leave for three months, (doesn't matter why). Her name was Marina Kudryavtseva, she had too many hang-ups, and was abandoned by everybody, I picked her up and literally brought her out of the depression with the help of a...

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The eyes

Their eyes met each other in the crowd, in the subway. Just a subtle flirtation appeared between them. 

Her eyes asked him to sit beside and she brought a finger to her lips, asking to keep quiet. She was dressed in a skirt and light jacket. She placed one her hand on the knee. He understood and accepted her game. He put his hand on her knee. She got out at the last stop, he followe...

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Lechery in the shop Casanova

Up to 30 years Marishka didn't like sex much. But then, as if some switch clicked and she burst out. Her cunt demanded much and often. Moreover, I became allowed the things I had never even dreamed about.

One of her new kinds of pleasure was watching porn clips. She loves short ones with no chattering but harder. It’s nice to fondle her and see what scene makes her cunt drippin...

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One day at school at the lesson of oral and written speech Irina Vladimirovna (our teacher) offered to play "association game". It’s a kind of game where you need to express your view about some concept. Different topics had been touched upon... the winter, the sun, trust, hatred, all in all, a huge set of unrelated words. At the end of the lesson, someone shouted: "What do...

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The morning

Lika was awaken by her suddenly turned on computer. It was turned on by timer, beginning loading the system. The apartment was silent, her parents were not yet back from friends’ place, where they continued the celebration of the New Year. She was alone.

She slowly turned over on her stomach and languidly stretched herself. The friction of the pillows pleasantly tickled her chest....

■  ■  ■


Sasha came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday, and work problem were left behind until Monday. Olga was waiting for him at home.

- Go and take a shower, - she said, - And wash thoroughly!

- What should I wash thoroughly? - he asked.

- Everything! – His wife smiled.

He quickly took a shower, dried his hair and went to the bedroom, where he saw... nothi...

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This story is simple and uncomplicated, but like the flash of a strobe light it reveals such depths of love and passion, which could barely exist in our to the limit technified century.

Our Romeo and Juliet's names are Victor and Michael. They are still alive, still what they did with them for the sake of love can hardly be described and understood by ordinary people.

I met th...

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Adult games

I was 19, when that had happened. I was struggling for my freedom as hard as I could, but he was too strong for me. Besides, he was doing everything so skillfully, as if it was everyday routine or he had been specially taught. That’s why all my efforts were in vain. He tied my hands behind my back and seated me on the chair. Unfortunately, that day I was in disadvantageous for me clothes....

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Orgasmic Symphony

I met Dinah by chance, at the party of one of our common friends. Dinah couldn’t but drew attention to her: a tall and stately brunette with gorgeous legs and the bust. Still there was something strange in her, her eyes were wandering never lingering on anyone. But in general, Dinah totally satisfied my ideas of a fair lady. As a result, your humble servant did not waste time and boldly a...

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It was their ordinary meeting, the meeting of two friends - Sasha and Vitya. It’s not like they were true friends, but rather good acquaintances.

They used to meet not so often, from time to time, and just for business or communication, which, as they believed, constantly enriched each person and gave everyone primeval joy of being, so necessary in everyday life.

That meetin...

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Long-awaited happiness

Well, I have got it. Finally! You are strong and courageous! You have handsome and slender body, and facial features. Dirty looks of women passing by are aimed at you, they all envy me. "How could that bitch get such a stud?" - They think, drilling me through with their angry and envious eyes. But I'm just getting excited with that. They are unable to understand what it means to b...

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Witches' Sabbath

The taxi drove up to Oleg’s Villa, turned around right in front of the entrance, and Oleg disappears with women. I go into the living room where Sveta, as always, is waiting for me. She looks quite unusual, not the way other women do! The tips of the breasts are painted bright red. Her long legs are covered with red fishnet stockings, which are held by garters of the same color, connected...

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After having a bath

Oksana came to him right at the set hour. She pressed the bell-button. The ringing sound appeared to be unpleasant and shrill. After a few seconds the door opened. On the threshold there was a handsome young man, dressed in a standard gentleman’s set - white shirt, a tie, dark trousers and shoes.

- Come in, please, - His voice was nice and gentle. Oksana entered the hallway.

■  ■  ■

It could have been like that

One of his hands was holding her by hips, controlling the speed and amplitude of her movements a little; another one was doing a similar action, but in the shoulders area; the third one was finding and working out all the bumps and hollows of her body under all his eight fingers. Every time their bodies touched, the most delicate light green nipples, located on her left side, just fell into the...

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On the roof

Finally summer has come. After cold winter and joyless, almost same snowy spring, hot summer has come. Empty beaches have livened up and people put their white bodies under gentle sometimes and sometimes stinging rays of the sun.

Women took off all warming and concealing clothing and faced the bloodshot eyes of men rather naked in their thin clothes than dressed. Every day it was becomin...

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About perishable nature

(based on the story by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov)

Court counselor Semyon Petrovich Podtykin watched himself from head to toe in the mirror, poured his bald head with a quarter of a flask of perfume for greater effect, threw on his silk gown brought by his father-in-law from China, and, burning with impatience, he went to the bedroom, where his young wife had been waiting.

Out of hab...

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I began getting tired and cold. The ski was getting heavier and heavier and I seemed to be lost. Why the hell I had started that walk through the unfamiliar woods. No ski tracks, no traces of human or animal on the snow. A little more time and it’s getting dark. What a bad and stupid death, I thought. I laughed out loud and walked away farther.

It took about half an hour and I smel...

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Three in the room and two in the toilet

I had read that advertisement in the newspaper: "A young couple would like to meet a cute boy for hanging out. Call 956-XX-XX. Nastya and Andrew". I don't know why, but I responded to that proposal. I made a call from the booth and agreed to meet them in the cafe with a romantic name "The Spring".

When I had got there, I immediately recognized them. Anastasia was...

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The armpit

There is nothing as nice and shameless as unshaven female armpit. Exuding the indescribable fragrance it turns me on best of all. I was never interested in women with smooth and nice smelling armpits, they did not understand what they were doing to themselves. Those women took away more than half of their animal attraction. It seemed to me that to shave armpits was as stupid as to shave cunt or...

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