Hunting for mushrooms

I am 19 years old and I will tell you a story that happened to me last summer.

I passed the exams in the Institute and went to the village to my grandparents.

One day in the morning I decided to go to the forest to hunt for mushrooms and berries.

After two hours of wandering through the woods, I only have the bottom of the basket closed. Thinking about that today was not a...

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My precious

Hello world!

My name is Mark. I'm 21 years old. I used to visit gym, but got bored and started playing basketball. With my height 192 cm this is it! I had a lot of girls, but no serious relationship, never been so hooked to have one girl forever. In general, I want to tell you the story about one habit I got.

I told myself: «That's it, Mark, it's time to think ab...

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My first sex with older

Still being very young I realized that I like the women much older than me. My bright imagination gave me no rest: while jerking off I always imagined how this would happen with an older woman and me. Everywhere I met older women - in public transport, outside on the street, in a store, anywhere - those thoughts would not leave me alone. Their often lush and plump shapes gave me an incredible e...

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It was their ordinary meeting, the meeting of two friends - Sasha and Vitya. It’s not like they were true friends, but rather good acquaintances.

They used to meet not so often, from time to time, and just for business or communication, which, as they believed, constantly enriched each person and gave everyone primeval joy of being, so necessary in everyday life.

That meetin...

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