Hi, everyone! My name is Alla. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me when I studied in the Institute. Now I;m 28, but that time I was 22.

So, one evening I stayed until late in the library after lectures. It was late evening and my way home was along the path between the buildings of students’ dorms.

I’ll tell you about myself a little. By that time I was...

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Psychology of submission

It’s not too comfortable to stand on the knees in a strange room and to be blindfolded, but you know the reward will come soon. You feel uncomfortable, you think about what he thinks about you since you decided to do that. What if he tells his friends about it and they will say that to someone else...

So scrolling through different scenarios makes your heart beat faster, you're...

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The confession of a high-class prostitute

The phone rang. It was an order. The order for me particularly. I had 20 minutes to get ready. It was easy - the clothes was just a translucent raincoat on the naked body and a chain on the belt between the legs. It's a uniform. What could I do, every work is specific...

I was seated in the car and blindfolded. Taking off the blindfold was impossible. It was another term. 

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She was a... No... not a servant, not a maid, not a mistress and not even a kept woman... She was... a sex slave. She had everything and nothing. Her any whim was fulfilled immediately. But the whims of her master have always been a priority. He could do to her anything he wanted to...

No underwear was allowed. Only stockings and a long transparent tunic with a slit to the waist and with...

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I was a very ordinary guy studying, hanging out with friends and so on. I will tell you a few words about myself - blond, in the power of fashion I have quite long for a guy hair, slender, of medium height. I knew that I'm to the liking not only of the opposite sex. In public transport I'm often mistaken for a girl, but I am not annoyed - on the contrary, even have fun.

The boys...

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How my boyfriend raped me

This story has happened to me quite recently. One evening our company had a drink and my boyfriend pulled me into the bathroom. By that time we had already had a little of sex practice in such an awkward place.

When everyone was shifting from general fun to their own business, he offered to get closeted to each other. We came into the bathroom. This is where it all began. I've never...

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It was a sunny day and evening was close to come. Beautiful girl with long black hair, slim figure, round juicy buttocks, with breasts number 4 was walking home from her friend. She was wearing just a light dress. She got on the bus but missed her stop, got off at another one on an unfamiliar street. She was scared, it was getting dark. She was standing not knowing where to go. She saw three gu...

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Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't seen her naked yet. We love each other, and we were planning our wedding. But this evening a terrible...

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Good man

The story is written for me by a good man.

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train and thinking: "Once again… once again I’m looking forward to her coming?"

We met at one funny party dedicated to BDSM. She was a little late, but appeared with effect. Her slim body fascinated and lured. Probably, each man wanted her.

She dropped in to us b...

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My guest

You have come to me exactly knowing what will happen next. You know that I'm not interested in your soul, your inner world. I don't want just usual sex. I love coercion. You agreed to my terms: I do to you whatever I want, no matter what you say and no matter how hard you resist. Deep inside you want to be treated rude. Bitch! Understanding this makes my pervert brain even more turned o...

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Lost a game of cards

So, 1 AM, I’m standing near the hotel and getting ready to give a gambling debt... He came to me from behind, covered my mouth with one hand while the other hand got under undone coat to check if I had fulfilled the terms of my fiasco. He made sure that I had only the panties under, and took away his hand and we came inside. While on the elevator, he puts a collar and a leash on my neck.<...

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A letter to the girlfriend


I decided to entertain you with the details of such a simple pleasure as spanking with a belt. The girl should be put in a comfortable position. Of course, comfortable for me. This position is very simple. The girl is totally naked and on her knees. Then she leans forward and presses her face to the floor. The hands are behind her head. The girl is not allowed to change the position....

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Forbidden visit

Without words upon entering the room, I slowly began to remove my coat. I hung it neatly in the closet. Keeping that on, I was slowly pulling off each finger of the glove. Undoing each button on the black transparent dress. I stayed in stockings, with a collar on the neck, in high heel shoes... My master is a very strict, rigid, merciless lord. He loves to humiliate, erasing the name for a long...

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Hurt me

- Hurt me.

- What did you say? - he was sitting at his computer and didn't hear her words

- Hurt me, - she repeated a little louder. Her face flushed a little.

- What do you mean?

- Well, hurt me. Tie me up, flog...

Surprised he was speechless. And she continued:

- I tried to behave normal, but these fantasies haunt me. Every time you caress my brea...

■  ■  ■

My slave

Night. Forest. Leaves are rustling, the breeze is blowing easily.

You are following me completely naked, but wearing shoes. 

You are very handsome... Height 198cm, weight 100kg. Broad shoulders, muscular arms, flat stomach with cubes of muscles, taut ass and slender long legs. Your white skin shimmers in the moonlight. Your blonde hair is waving slightly in the wind.


■  ■  ■

My Lord

I was in love with my boyfriend Egor. We had been dating a month and he was 5 years older than me. I wanted to yield to him. And once he invited me to his place, after stating that no one will be home. He was much more experienced than me and I was excited. I knew that today he would take my virginity. I was wearing a skirt, fishnet tights and a cropped top. Neither a bra, nor panties.

■  ■  ■

Twisted love

My wife is a real bitch. She has dug dirt up on me and now she does to me anything she wants. Don't you believe? Then I’ll tell you. 

We got married very early, I was 19 and she was 18. She was my first love. Don't know how many men she had already had by that time, but she was sure not a "virgin". So, we got married. We lived like everyone else. Sometimes we...

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Marina Kudryavtseva

Long time ago I had a girl. I was still a greenhorn 18 years old, she was either. We both were fascinated with anime, so we actually met. After dating for a year, I had to leave for three months, (doesn't matter why). Her name was Marina Kudryavtseva, she had too many hang-ups, and was abandoned by everybody, I picked her up and literally brought her out of the depression with the help of a...

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Ladies and whores

- So, dear ladies, I ask you not to leave, I need to talk to you!

The tutor of the Elite College addressed the class of fifteen girl-pupils, sitting at their desks in the classroom.

- There are cases found out of some students wearing non-regulation clothing, which is prohibited by internal regulations of the College. In your rooms we discovered the linen of impermissible form and...

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Kate Sucker

- You like to suck?

- Yeah... maybe… - She blushed

- Come on, I see you want it, don’t you?

- Yes, I do.

She was looking at me defiantly. She was quite ready almost to everything.

- I'll let you suck, if you follow my rules.

- Yes.

- You have to pull down your jeans and panties, bare the tits and while sucking you have to caress...

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