My Husband Has Whanged Me

As usual I was watching porn videos, when Sasha suddenly came up to me. I didn't even have time to close the page.

- Is that what you like, bitch? - he muttered and abruptly left the room.

I got worried.

- Get ready, - I heard his voice.

He entered the room. His hands were holding a rope and a soldier's leather belt.

- Well, come to me, - he said.

■  ■  ■

My beloved bitch

Just from the shower. Delicate smell of the wheat-colored locks of hair, lustful gleaming in her eyes, young and tempting, his girl... White shirt slid off her shoulder revealing her perky nipples of her tempting breasts, stunningly beautiful just fitting his palms. Mmm... she can be so pliable, soft and shiny because of his kisses.

Goes to the couch, his cock already standing up like a...

■  ■  ■

My guest

You have come to me exactly knowing what will happen next. You know that I'm not interested in your soul, your inner world. I don't want just usual sex. I love coercion. You agreed to my terms: I do to you whatever I want, no matter what you say and no matter how hard you resist. Deep inside you want to be treated rude. Bitch! Understanding this makes my pervert brain even more turned o...

■  ■  ■

Priceless experience

Xenia was an ordinary blonde with short hair, narrow waist and huge plump buttocks, like two balls of jelly. Xenia did not differ with diligence in working prefering to sit back, despite the warnings of her strict boss, and one day she received from her a curious remark about her report:

- You have to be whipped, Xenia, your math is so poor!

- What do you mean... whipped?


■  ■  ■


Last night we were with friends at a nightclub. These are my old friends, Alex and Julia, and I haven't seen them for ages, and we had a lot to talk about. We came to the club late in the evening, the hall was full of people, music was laud, people were dancing. We approached our table and made the order. At this time, Alex asked me to dance, because at the table it was impossible to talk b...

■  ■  ■

A letter to the girlfriend


I decided to entertain you with the details of such a simple pleasure as spanking with a belt. The girl should be put in a comfortable position. Of course, comfortable for me. This position is very simple. The girl is totally naked and on her knees. Then she leans forward and presses her face to the floor. The hands are behind her head. The girl is not allowed to change the position....

■  ■  ■

Forbidden visit

Without words upon entering the room, I slowly began to remove my coat. I hung it neatly in the closet. Keeping that on, I was slowly pulling off each finger of the glove. Undoing each button on the black transparent dress. I stayed in stockings, with a collar on the neck, in high heel shoes... My master is a very strict, rigid, merciless lord. He loves to humiliate, erasing the name for a long...

■  ■  ■

For you

We were going back from the birthday of your friend, where we had a big quarrel. We both had long forgotten what it had started with, but stubbornly looked in different directions without talking.

But as soon as we stepped over the threshold, everything changed. You didn’t even let me take off the evening dress, you approached me and grabbed me by the ear.

- Oh, - my eyes fi...

■  ■  ■

Kate, punishment

- Wanna be punished?

- Yes, yes, please, I've been very bad.

- Get stripped completely, get down on your all fours, I'm going to flog you.

It was obvious she wanted that much, her lust was mind-boggling. On the floor there were her panties and the t-shirt. She was standing before me with her ass invitingly sticking out.

- Well, show me your ass!

She sp...

■  ■  ■

My slave

Night. Forest. Leaves are rustling, the breeze is blowing easily.

You are following me completely naked, but wearing shoes. 

You are very handsome... Height 198cm, weight 100kg. Broad shoulders, muscular arms, flat stomach with cubes of muscles, taut ass and slender long legs. Your white skin shimmers in the moonlight. Your blonde hair is waving slightly in the wind.


■  ■  ■

Meeting flagellant

We long corresponded with Alex via email, sometimes the correspondence broke mostly because of me, but then again resumed. He had long wanted to meet but since he lived in another city, it was difficult for me to visit him. I was just looking for experienced active flagellant but I was also a little apprehensive of meeting him. But it happened so, that I had a business trip exactly to the city...

■  ■  ■


I was guilty, It was my fault, I knew... the punishment followed immediately... It was a cruel punishment, and I took it as a good girl... I got what I deserved... It was true.

All that happened last week. I was at the country cottage and cheated, or rather I was almost raped, but it didn't matter – my fault. He was silent when I told him, and then he said: "You will be pu...

■  ■  ■

Strange love

The sky was covered with glowing stars, the moon was glimmering from far far away. Gentle breeze rustled with leaves softly. The forest was surrounded by peace and silence. 

A nude girl was standing tied to a tree. Her fair skin glimmered in the darkness, reflecting the moonlight. Her neck was decorated with a collar with the inscription "your slave forever". Her bright ha...

■  ■  ■


Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms and dragged him into the room. The third one locked the door and slowly followed them.

- Wel...

■  ■  ■

Give me pain and pleasure

I don’t remember the word I blurted out, I remember only a resounding slap my Mistress gave me....."I warned you to watch your mouth", said the Mistress quietly, slightly leaning towards me and looking into my eyes already filled with tears...... 

She made me on my knees before her, playing with her flogger, looking at me with a consciousness of the power in her eyes...

■  ■  ■


I’d like to tell you about one occasion that had happened between my boss and me. That occasion had taken place when I worked as a secretary. My boss’ name was Andrew. He was not much older than me, we addressed to each other by name easily, but respectfully. That time Andrew told me to come to his place of living to get an urgent business task. When I had come, he offered me to com...

■  ■  ■

Speeding violation

Sally was driving down the highway, running late for lunch as always. The speedometer needle passed the mark of 80 miles per hour and slowly moved on. "I hope there's no police, - Sally thought, - "I'm the hell paying so many fines, probably, keeping the police all alone!" Sally looked at the watch and realized she was hopelessly late...

Suddenly the wailing sound...

■  ■  ■

Hurt me

Andrey met Alla in a bar by chance. Andrey was not religious and never prayed something specially for him. But the destiny had finally had mercy on him and sent that woman to him. That day he called his last girlfriend and was rather pleased to hear that they couldn’t meet because of her purely woman’s period. They had been dating for a long time and she was not the first, so their...

■  ■  ■