Riding Bike Off The Mountain

I was riding my bike down to the foot of the mountain, in my headphones “Kiss” was playing. Spring forest flew towards the blue carpet of the first spring flowers. I had to slow down, because walking people prevented from speeding up. And then on the descending path I saw the ass. A young girl in black tights was slowly running raising her ankles high slapping on her own ass with th...

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I'll be next

...And here she is sitting opposite me at the table and tearfully assuring me that nothing has happened, that she didn't cheat and didn't even think to cheat on me... Such a sincere look… I would have believed. Believed it again. If my hands had no evidence. Terrible evidence. 

I love her, I would, damn it, have forgiven her cheating... But I can't. Not anymore. T...

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Pee, my darling

A short fantasy on the theme of water sports...

— Take it, - Oleg handed a package to Olga. Having opened it, the girl was surprised to pull a diaper out.

— Oleg, are you kidding? - she asked.

— Remember, you owe me a wish, — smiled the guy.

It was so. They often played with a wish at stake.

— I want you to pee in a public place.<...

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One evening me and my friend Lena were drinking beer in a vacant lot behind the students’dorm. We were sitting on the bench and chatting. It was summer we were wearing light loose dresses. After the third bottle we began talking loudly and laughing, in general it was fun. 

The beer was ending we were going to leave and then we were approached by a man of about 50 and asked if...

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Twisted love

My wife is a real bitch. She has dug dirt up on me and now she does to me anything she wants. Don't you believe? Then I’ll tell you. 

We got married very early, I was 19 and she was 18. She was my first love. Don't know how many men she had already had by that time, but she was sure not a "virgin". So, we got married. We lived like everyone else. Sometimes we...

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Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms and dragged him into the room. The third one locked the door and slowly followed them.

- Wel...

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On the riverside in the bushes

It was a usual day boding nothing good. In the morning ,as always I had had breakfast and went to work. The working day passed in continuous fussing about, but in the middle of the day I had got a call from my friend I hadn't heard for ages. He invited me for a visit. In the evening, after the visit, pretty drunk I and my wife were heading back home. Our way was running through a wasteland...

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Passion on the beach

Finally managed to escape from the city to the village. There is very good, very fresh and clean air. Of course, when it’s hot it’s better go and bathe in the river, so the heroes of this story did.

But let me first introduce them to you.

Natalie is a good girl of 19 with firm breasts, rounded hips and long to the waist hair. She was dark haired girl. What more can I s...

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Three in the room and two in the toilet

I had read that advertisement in the newspaper: "A young couple would like to meet a cute boy for hanging out. Call 956-XX-XX. Nastya and Andrew". I don't know why, but I responded to that proposal. I made a call from the booth and agreed to meet them in the cafe with a romantic name "The Spring".

When I had got there, I immediately recognized them. Anastasia was...

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"Do your job well, bitch, otherwise I'll make a whore of you. Do you want to become a group prostitute for men? They will fuck you in all holes, let go in turns and flood with sperm. You're gonna be a good slut, sperm-eater, the dog... you want it?"

I am standing naked on my all fours with a rag in hand. The mistress puts her foot on my back. "No, Madam, - I reply,...

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The late time he was pursued by a constant smooth sexual excitement. There and then: he could not stay at the hotel (Masturbation helped a little) and moved to the erotic café, but it was still closed. Bad luck! He had nothing but go somewhere to spend time and he decided to look into the Riga Museum of the history of sex, especially because for more than ten years of absence, he was not...

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