In the swimming pool

I always liked watching the competition in water sports among men. That is because I like tall guys with developed musculature in tight-fitting swimming trunks, repeating every detail of their most interesting and seductive part of body. I always had the strongest erection while watching these kinds of competition. This prehistory makes clear the fact that going to the swimming pool was tabooed...

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One for all, and all on one

Waking up with the terrible pain in the head, Misha opened his eyes. There were three guys standing over him, one of them was holding a broken bottle.

- What do you want? - trying to get up Misha yelled and was immediately knocked down by one of the guys.

- Do you have money?

- I have nothing! Get out of here!

- Well, we'll check it up!

Having said that, t...

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This story is simple and uncomplicated, but like the flash of a strobe light it reveals such depths of love and passion, which could barely exist in our to the limit technified century.

Our Romeo and Juliet's names are Victor and Michael. They are still alive, still what they did with them for the sake of love can hardly be described and understood by ordinary people.

I met th...

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Sasha (Alexander)

It was the second time. My brother was the first to rape me... I was 19 years old, two years ago, Igor(my brother) died. I was very grieved, I'm still haunted by the idea that my brother died after that night.

Gradually, however, I resigned and started to look for other targets. The girls didn’t attract me... I admired the guys only. One guy from our class was very handsome. Hi...

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This is a true story of my first sexual experience between me and my only best friend Sasha. That time I was 19 and he was 1 year younger, but till that time our sex consisted of mutual masturbation. We could allow nothing more first because of our ignorance, then because of our parents disturbing us. But one day we had a nice chance – our parents left for their vacation for the whole mon...

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New friend of Pete

In the sphere I’m in, it is not customary to talk openly. Still that doesn’t mean THIS doesn’t exist. That is not the thing to talk about, but that cannot be hidden. I go in for professional sport, that kind of sport is known as “professional wrestling”.

But my story is not about two strong and brawny guys in tight shorts lying on each other and feeling thei...

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Hot memories of travelling home

I could never imagine this story even if I wanted that much, and I would never be able to forget her. It happened during my last trip to Ireland when I was visiting my family living in the small village I grew up. After staying there for half of my two-week vacation, I decided to see the newly opened resort.

The influx of tourists on the river Shannon in the holiday season recently cause...

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There was a concert party in our Institute. Sergey was dancing there. He danced professionally and looked very impressive on the stage. The audience applauded. I applauded as well. I couldn't look away from his bulging penis. I was very excited. I wanted him so much.

After the parody show, as expected, there was a stormy student party. Sergey was there as well. Pretty drunk, he said...

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Mutual desire

Recently I was visiting the friend of mine, his name is Andrew and he is 28 just like me. As usual in the company, a few drinks or, maybe, a lot, otherwise that would never have happened. We were sitting on the couch watching porn and talking about our business. Probably the alcohol did its job, and when on the TV screen I saw a young girl furiously sucking the cock of her friend, I don't k...

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Travelling to Moscow

Anton was going to Moscow by train. Parents didn’t allow traveling by plane – it was dangerous and expensive as well, not quite affordable. In the evening he was seen off by the whole family - father, mother, grandmother and sister. He was wished good luck, they all had been sitting in the compartment, silent for a while, mother again reminded to call as soon as he got there, then w...

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The guest

I’ve met him recently. He came to my work to get some business information, we found plenty to talk about and could not stop. His name was Gena. A nice man, 37 years old, dark hair, he is dressed very modestly, but his view is very nice and solid. His bluish eyes with a spark of enthusiasm always excite me. His eyes constantly meet mine, and they look so gently and kindly that I can't...

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Happy surprise

The autumn had come, a sad time, really sad, but always beloved for some reason. The day was surprisingly warm and sunny. I spent half the day alone strolling around the city, and I decided to stay home in the evening. I had just turned on TV when the phone rang. Sergey was calling, my old friend. He spoke, as always, very quickly, gasping, in one breath, and I got only one thing: right then we...

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Once, when I was a kid, I took a walk, and suddenly it seemed to me that I was standing on the edge of a cliff and was about to fall. I was amazed. I thought this was a kind of miracle, because I was aware of that: "the plains are there", but then I stared at the cliff, and it didn't disappear.

I rushed away. When I run, I feel like a little boy. I was running very fast, th...

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The letter of unknown soldier


In far 1992 I was in the army. There was a romance between two soldiers. One of them was a nurse boy and the second one was a sergeant – a squad leader. They both were good-looking handsome guys and they had been in real love.

Our unit wasn’t big, a special reconnaissance party. About 30-40 men. And, of course, we knew everything about each other. We knew t...

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The daybreak of the new life

It’s midnight. The guests left. The candles on the bedside table are losing their last tears picking up from the dark either the table with the started bottle of champagne, or the bed looking huge, or the pink roses hovering in the thunder cloud of the dark-green leaves.

Here HE is, sitting on the bed right beside me, slowly sipping the noble liquid. His eyes are half-closed with t...

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The Elevator

I was occupying a small room in the community of our college athletics faculty. There was a guy living next to me and he looked like a Greek god. He was tall, about 185 cm, very brawny, blue-eyed blonde with a dazzling smile. Besides he had the magnificent butt and the penis of impressing size (several times I saw him taking a shower and I know what I’m telling about). He was always busy:...

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There were two of us

He had fallen asleep, but woke up when the bus had suddenly come out to the bumpy mountain road. He was lying the cheek on something soft and warm, and the breast on something warm and firm. The back platform of the minibus, where they were lying side by side with a row, was being swung and shaken. He heard the voices of those who were sitting ahead and talking to the driver not to let him fall...

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