Woman Spy

The evening came, and my shift was about to begin. Recently I managed to get a job as a watchman at the military plant. It was rather a soft job, which required every few hours getting around the territory, checking the locks and drive away the boys. Nearby there was a village with just 100 people population, gloomy buildings and 2 streets. From the village only one girl used to come to the fac...

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My First Time

My name is Sasha. I’m 30, about 6 feet tall and, as girls say, I have a nice butt. Since teenage years I had some desires I couldn’t satisfy.

Once I watched a video with two men having sex. I got very excited and I wanted so much to take a cock in my mouth. So I registered on one gay website and began waiting. I wanted a man of about 50 with a small belly, nice and even penis...

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Sweet Blowjob for my Beloved Husband

Hello! I want to tell you a story, which has happened to me not so long ago. Make yourself comfortable. Men, open your fly and start wanking the barrel of your gun.

It was at one winter evening. My husband and I watched our favorite movie, when suddenly I noticed his cock making a big tent on his jeans.

I pulled husband's jeans down, and his snake jumped out. The cockhead was...

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First Blowjob

It all began not so long ago. I met this guy in summer. His name was Egor. As soon as we began to communicate well, I was feeling some intimacy to this man. After half a year of our communication I appeared to have strong affection to him.

One day, remained with him for the whole night, I realized that I needed to do what I had so long dreamed about. Egor always sleeps wearing only his b...

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The best day

It was a frosty day, but I was going to my goal, to the young man I met on the website. His name was Michael. He's 26 years old, medium height, medium build, and, as it turned out, only his instrument was unique and huge.

As agreed, we met at the bus stop and went to his house. The apartment was like a studio room, but it was filled with special comfort, I liked it. We had a little o...

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Psychology of submission

It’s not too comfortable to stand on the knees in a strange room and to be blindfolded, but you know the reward will come soon. You feel uncomfortable, you think about what he thinks about you since you decided to do that. What if he tells his friends about it and they will say that to someone else...

So scrolling through different scenarios makes your heart beat faster, you're...

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Blowjob without wasting words

I love doing Blowjob. And my husband appreciates it in me.

I love fucking freely like a badass. I like to knock down my husband right after his work when he is still dressed, when he’s talking to his boss on the phone, when he’s working on the computer.

But this night everything seemed so ordinary and simple.

We had a big quarrel the day before, squabbling a lon...

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Blowjob in the car

One morning I was going to work. I kissed my wife who was finishing some report, left the house, got in the car and suddenly my phone rang. It was a girl from the service station to remind I had been recorded for another car service. I said I would come soon, and without wasting time, I rushed over there. It was close, just about half a kilometer.

I left the car there and decided to walk...

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Deflowering a girl

We met each other via ICQ - she found me searching on her own, and we had chatted for 2 months before deciding to meet. In the correspondence I learned that her name was Xenia, she was 18 and she was a virgin and really wanted to try having sex with an experienced guy so he could teach her everything.

She had men in her life, but she didn't allow them to enter her, she allowed only t...

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Accidental cheating

Hi. I want to tell a story about my first cheating. It happened to me last summer. I was 19 and my boyfriend had a birthday I was already late to. All of the company gathered together sitting at the table and drinking, but I was just leaving home.

I was late because I was trying to choose a proper outfit, and since I was to be "the first lady" that day, I had to comply with it,...

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Crazy story

Hello, my name is Alena, I want to tell you a real story which happened to me. It was spring, the weather was great and full of fresh air.

Leaving the house I immediately went to the opposite direction, stopped in one of the courtyards and sat down on a bench near the house entrance. I was wearing tight dark jeans, a sweater, a jacket and sneakers. I was sitting and thinking about differ...

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How I fucked a guy

My name is Yury, I am 37 years old. I'm a married man, but sometimes I'm cheating on her. I usually get acquainted with someone via the Internet, but recently I got a new experience for me.

Don't know why, but I got to the section where one can meet the guys of non-traditional sexual orientation. I was looking through profiles and came across a profile of a young 20 year old...

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Made up my mind

Hello. I want to tell you the story about my first time I made a blowjob. My name is Rita, I'm 18, I'm a brunette with a good figure. I’m popular enough among guys, but I was always interested in the men older than me and by that time I was still a virgin.

Quite recently I got the Internet connection in our house and I got fond of visiting porn sites. Most of all I liked th...

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Sex at the working place. I'm sure many girls have or have had sexual affairs at work, well, or something like office romance. And some were sexual harassed by their chiefs in indirect or direct form.

Something similar happens to me. The only difference is that I fuck with my boss not for love, but by mutual consent. He does it for emotional relaxation, I got laid with him for sport...

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In the car

My name is Nastya, I'm 18 years old, I will tell you my story which has happened with me recently. 

It was Saturday and I wanted to have fun, but all my friends were busy that day. So I decided to go to a club alone, and besides, there always were some friends I could meet and I was sure I wouldn’t stay alone without a company. 

In general I'm a modest girl...

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Decided to try

My name is Alexander. I decided to publish my story. I'm 23, handsome enough, height 178cm, athletic build.

I’m not lack of girls, but recently I came up with the idea to try having a passive guy giving me blowjob. I placed an ad on one of the websites, but mostly older guys responded, but I wanted to find a young man of feminine appearance, so to say.

And one day I stum...

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With a homophobe

While young we often make mistakes, but some of them appear to be beneficial sometimes. Here's my story...

He's 19, he goes in for boxing. He is athletic and brutal fellow with the name Oleg. We’ve been friends with him for 7 years. One day he asked me to come to him to hang out and drink beer. It all began as usual: conversations about sports, school and girls. Accidentall...

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Still water runs deep

Hello, readers. The events described in this story really took place in my life. 

The desire of having sex appeared since the moment of my puberty and very well that is not gone. I’d love to have experiments, by the way. 

It was cold, the autumn of 2009. I still didn’t have a girlfriend. Yes, I was still a virgin in my 22! It was slightly embarrassing, but th...

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Sucker Girl

She loves to do a blowjob, he realized that as soon as she threw her bold gaze on his pants. The pants looked normally and buttoned, and with a belt on the waist – but her eyes just flashed a bright spark when she bowed her head and looked on his tightly buttoned pants. This is the hardest moment for men...

Here I wanted to have her mouth sooner, but not enough time had passed, I d...

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I'll be next

...And here she is sitting opposite me at the table and tearfully assuring me that nothing has happened, that she didn't cheat and didn't even think to cheat on me... Such a sincere look… I would have believed. Believed it again. If my hands had no evidence. Terrible evidence. 

I love her, I would, damn it, have forgiven her cheating... But I can't. Not anymore. T...

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