Wishes coming true

Hi! My name is Kate. I want to tell you about how wishes come true. Everyone must have had his puppy love. So in my life there was a boy. My childhood friend. His name was Alex. He was handsome, two years older than me. Earlier I was in mad love with him. Then at 15 we almost started a romance, but it never came to a logical ending... When we grew up, we rarely met. So it's been a few years...

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At the summer house

My new friend Roman persuaded me to visit him for a few drinks, and whether he had the gift of persuasion, or it was a few bottles of beer in me, but soon I found myself in the summer house and getting acquainted with his three friends: Alex, Dennis and Igor. Simple snacks accompanied the rapidly finished bottle of vodka. Drunk and happy we walked out of the house to smoke on the fresh air. Rom...

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I'll tell you about the most unusual and secret blowjob I got in my life. That time I used to date with a girl… let’s call her Dinah. Our mutual friend Vadim had got a car accident on the road that ended up in the hospital. We got a phone call from the hospital when we were making love, so we had to go urgently to our friend, leaving everything halfway. 

Our friend...

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Oral unpacking

- Well, that’s how we pecked her together. 

Sasha and I were sitting at the stadium in the middle of the forest park. The last passer-by had already reached the tram tracks, so for the next few miles there were just he, I and the saleswoman at the stall where we got beer. 

– Why didn’t you come with us?

I hesitated. Don't like to talk about m...

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Summer hunt - sweet dreams

Do you know what's the most sexiest body part in a man? Shoulders? A strong chin? Hairy ass? Dick-long-to-knees? Hell, no. Brains! A smart man is very sexy. When I hear in conversation "It's kinda… hmm… well… I… well…" after every phrase, I want to punch a conversation partner on the nose. Or on the balls.

Unfortunately, clever males o...

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Blowjob at workplace

I work as a head of department in a large building company. I’m 30 years old, and I am a great skirt-chaser try not to miss a single skirt. I am tall, athletic and women like me. So I’ll tell you the story of how I seduced one of my employees. 

Her name is Vika, she appeared in the department about six months ago. I immediately put an eye on her. She is a brunette lookin...

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How I tried with a man for the first time

The first experience of sex with another man I had by a chance!

It happened spontaneously. My friend Vlad called me to come saying there are two cool chicks wishing to fuck. At first I didn't want to go, but my friend called three more times. I succumbed to the entreaties and took off. On the way we stopped at the store to buy some vodka, champagne, snacks and certainly condoms. ...

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For hitch-hiking lovers

It happened in October. It was already cold. I was returning from work to the suburbs. There was no bus, I felt as cold as ice. I'm 25 years old. Young and handsome I am standing over there and waiting. A red Toyota is passing by, but suddenly the car slows down and goes back. The driver is about 40:

- Get in, I'll give you a lift, - he said.

I said I have no money.

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How to make a whore of a virgin

It all started with the fact that our office needed the second accountant. Our 26- year-old Sveta had recommended her girlfriend. Helen was a cute 22-year-old girl, and we, three men, naturally were thinking how to have her. We thought about Sveta as well, but she was married and it was not good. However, Helen appeared to be a terrible touch-me-not person, and our subtle hints broke about the...

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Mr. Lutchinsci got sick and called for an Ambulance. The doctor there was a pretty fair-haired girl that arrived on a call. He found out it was a neighbor girl. He hadn't seen her for a long time. When she had got married, she moved to another district, gave birth to a child, had divorced, but stayed in the apartment of her ex-husband.

She also recognized her former neighbor.

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I will tell you my fantasy

- May I?

- Of course, Kate. Come on in, I was waiting for you. Come on, lie down on the couch.

- Thank you. 

Kate walked over the cabinet and quietly sat on the edge of the expensive leather couch. 

- Do not be shy. Lie down. Make yourself comfortable.

- Thank you doctor.

- Well, let's begin... Tell me, Kate, why did you try to commit a su...

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We were walking through the park. It was dark, many of the benches were not lit, to say nothing about more secluded areas of the park. Our trajectory was planned by him – we were walking deeper and farther from the line of shops, until the time came when no one was seen around. 

When the right moment had come, he pulled me sideways and we went off the path to a small clearing,...

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Milena. A day with friends

The long-awaited evening had come and as I promised Vadim, I put on the panties and the stockings with a garter belt under the jeans. We met at my house and started calling friends to have a walk. In the end, after half an hour we had about 7 persons, so we decided to take drinks and walk around the city. In our city there is a large park and you can get there by two ways.

The first is t...

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On the roof

She was standing on the roof of an ordinary 9-storeyed house. It was almost midnight. It was a warm summer night. Light wind waved her long hair and tiny dress on the naked body. The girl's name was Elena. She was short, had a beautiful figure and a neat ass. Her body was shaking a little, but not with cold, rather with excitement. You may think she just likes to look at the city lights at...

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Violent evening

It was a warm summer evening, I was walking with my girlfriend in the Park. Cool wind, quiet, romantic. Her name is Vika, she is 18, short hair tp the shoulders, blonde. She is very shy and with strict principles, I've been with her for 2 years but we still haven't slept. I haven't seen her naked yet. We love each other, and we were planning our wedding. But this evening a terrible...

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Preparation to surgery

Hello! This story happened to me when I was 18. I just returned from winter competitions from another city and I had pain in the right side of the stomach. The pills did not help, then I called for an ambulance and was sent to hospital. The doctor examined me and said it was the appendicitis worsening and a nurse would come and prepare me for surgery.

I was very sick and could barely thi...

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Hot deal

Sarah has been working in real estate company for several years and has established herself as a leading specialist. Her picture is on the company’s wall of fame. Cute blonde with great figure. Such a girl can easily attract the attention of any man. Sarah successfully uses it, sometimes with non-traditional methods.

So making the last deal she had to do a good blowjob to the selle...

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It was painful

It happened to me yesterday. A little bit about myself, I am 20 years old, normally built. Never had it with a guy. I have fake account in the social network for my friends couldn’t know I’m a gay. I've long been looking for a guy for sex, but either I didn't like them, or I couldn't get enough courage. Yesterday I met another guy, he was 22. He wasn’t especially c...

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Love is blind

This is really one of the funniest story my friend has told me. Here I'll be narrating from his name to make the story more vivid.

I work in a solid company on a good position. And there I have a friend. Also the boss, only of the adjacent department.

That friend happened to fall in love with one of the employees of the company. She responded. Typical office romance. He is a s...

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Hello, everyone! I want to tell you a story from my life.

My name is Andrew, I am 19 years old. I am a shy and humble guy with no popularity among females, unfortunately, I didn’t make more than friendship. I study in college. I was not so good at school, but in some subjects I succeeded. I live with my mom. I have athletic body for I’m fond of sports and take care of myself....

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