Late that evening, I was coming back from work to my girl. It was the middle of November. I slowly climbed to the second floor… There lived my girlfriend Irina... I opened up the door with my key and came in her apartment. I saw the corridor lit with the path made of candles. The flames reflected in mirrors and it was as bright as day... Old clock struck nine, and at that sound I walked...

■  ■  ■


Covering her eyes with pleasure and with open mouth Natasha was jumping astride madly. Any cowboy or horseman, seeing Natasha's riding hid his eyes shamefully and nervously smoking on the sideline, not even trying to compete with this woman. From all the postures studied by Natasha by her twenty-five years this one gave her the greatest pleasure. She was able to regulate the tempo of jumps,...

■  ■  ■

In the shower

...I heard sound of water from the shower, I went to the sound and looked through the open door. You were taking a shower. I started to peep through the open blinds - so beautiful the water was dripping over your body, caressing your skin; you didn't see me, you were washing your head, the neck, the chest, and the playful trickle of water was flowing down over your tummy, as if beckoning me...

■  ■  ■

Suddenly wanted on the way

This story happened about a year ago. It was winter. My husband had a business trip to a ski resort. He took me with him, so to speak, to have a rest. The road closer to the route ending was surrounded with forest. Look to the left - woods, right - woods, if you go late at night, it's kind of creepy, but when you come to the place... mmm.. it's a true beauty! 

So, when this...

■  ■  ■

Best sex ever

Another warm summer evening. We are rushing through the city by his car. I want him with my each cell, I’m crave for him.. He is so confident and strong while driving. I can imagine his hands on my body, and I’m hit with shivering. I close my eyes and see his lips caressing my body, his hands on my chest, his cock... Mmmm… No, it's beyond my control... I want him as never...

■  ■  ■

The first date

They got acquainted via Internet. He was 47, she was 18. Big difference, isn’t it? But that was the point.

He invited her to his place after a month of chatting and photo sharing.

- Hello, sweetheart. I am fascinated with your beauty, - he approached her close, bent his head and kissed her on the lips softly.

It was an extraordinary handsome man with long blond hair g...

■  ■  ■

Stars are shining for two of them

Kate was a student and often travelled by train from one city to another. She was blonde with beautiful shapes and long hair, she was never afraid of meeting new people. In her eighteen years she already had several men, but she never managed to build serious relationship with any of them. And now she was looking for a new relations. So when two locomotive drivers invited her to go with them in...

■  ■  ■


It was a warm October, Sunday evening. The clear sky was illuminated with the white moon. That evening, Alex and his friend Vladimir were discussing urgent problems with some glasses of beer. After a few glasses, they went home, but just before reaching the entrance Alex’ phone rang: 

- Yes?

- Hello, what are you busy with right now?

- I’ve just walked Vlad...

■  ■  ■

Hairpin turn

"In a former life, I was probably Don Juan", thought Eugene, looking at the sticking out lush ass of the mistress before him. 

In this life he was a Professor, Ph. D. with numerous published scientific papers, sitting firmly on the solid financial shoals, and also he was a chronic impotent, living together with his beautiful wife openly cheating on him with his students.

■  ■  ■

Romantic dinner

Last year I dated a guy I had been madly in love within several years. He was tall, with a beautiful body, velvety voice and piercing gaze. After a few innocent walks around the city he invited me to have romantic dinner at his home. I couldn't wait for nightfall, I took a shower, put on nice lingerie just in case, and went to him. He had a nice apartment, he set the table with candles, qui...

■  ■  ■

The first time

Hello, my story begins not so usual. Usually the network guys smother the girls with sex offerings, etc. But my story came out opposite. We met by chance, I texted her first, then standard phrases started, something like "how's it going?" and after about a dozen of sentences I learned that we were of about the same age and lived in the same city not far from each other. 

■  ■  ■

Losing virginity

I met Julia in 1998. I remember this date because then I worked for a computer company, and we had promotion action to the new 1999 (in advertising design which I was engaged in, it was written "Computer for 1999 hryvna").

Julia was brought here by Mrachka that once extolled her while we were walking around the Bald mountain, saying about her "so cool". I do not remem...

■  ■  ■

The girlfriend of my sister

It happened after another party, my sister passed out, and I had to go to sleep on the couch with her friend. The girlfriend of my sister was a full-bosomed woman. Her boobs of the 5th size are awesome! We went to the bed and lay top to tail. But my thoughts were only one thing - to get in her panties, but as it turned out, she wore none. 

Having sustained a small pause, my hands re...

■  ■  ■

With the guy of her dream

He was the guy of her dreams. And she even thought that he paid attention to her. And then one night:

- Hello, Julia, - she heard familiar voice in the phone, - What about going to the park today? Let’s take a walk, I'll pick you up.

- Great! My parents left for a week to the country house and the whole afternoon I'll be alone. I agree. Pick me up at 8.

- OK!<...

■  ■  ■


He was 33, and she recently became 18 years old. His name was Andrew, her name was Natasha. They were just friends. She had all the qualities of a good girl, and she was beautiful.

One day he invited her to take a walk. They walked, had some time in cafes, he was telling her stories... and she was looking right into his eyes... They went to his place, and when they had come into the apar...

■  ■  ■


We have a long-established company  - MW + MW + M. Last year we went to the country cottage. My wife got a headache and refused to go. In the end, our company was MMMW. Lenochka (Lena) is a young wife (24 years old) from the second couple, was a little confused. Usually my wife was turning everyone on, so to say, and there Lena was sitting alone and quiet looking down into the bowl. She we...

■  ■  ■

Fantasy and reality

I have been married for three years, as for sex we have it ok, everyday life is good as well. One year we lived for "ourselves" and then we decided that it was time to expand the family.

My wife got pregnant, the last months were hard for me. I wanted to have sex as a teenager would during the peak of the hormonal surge, but I restrained myself. My wife has a sister Anna, who w...

■  ■  ■

The first date with Dasha

My name is Michael, and I want to tell you the story that happened to me a year ago. 

On one of the dating sites, I noted a girl. She was usual and unremarkable. But I saw something perverse in her, she looked dissolute and easily accessible. Just what I needed. I didn’t have sex about half a year, so as soon as I saw her I got ready for sex affairs, my dick was increasing in...

■  ■  ■

A busty girl been had by two guys

One fine summer morning busty 19-year-old Julia decided to go to the deserted beach to swim and sunbathe. Having come to the beach, Julia found there no one except her. Without thinking she threw off her white top covering her big and beautiful boobs and took off her denim shorts. Julia was standing at the beach in her natural view of a slender, green-eyed, tanned brunette with a huge bust and...

■  ■  ■

One passion for three

We met via internet and after some correspondence we decided to meet. 

I ordered a sauna and at the certain time I was already waiting for my new friends. It was a cute family couple - Igor and Natasha. He's 40, she's 32. Natasha is an interesting brunette of about 165 cm tall, with a beautiful figure and nice tits of the size 2. Igor is about 180 cm, nice and slender enough...

■  ■  ■