Missed call

Everything in this story is absolutely true! It happened about two years ago. I was 28. One evening, after work a girl called me and said that she had a missed call from this number. We started talking, and I asked her to meet and she agreed with pleasure. We agreed she would take a friend of her, and I would take a friend of mine and we would go and play billiards.

The next day we took...

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A night at the summer cottage

Nastya and Anton knew each other about a year. They met last spring and Nastya saw the object of her desires in him, and he saw her as a pure and sincere soul in her. They had dated two months, but then Anton fell in love with another girl, and Nastya had long treated him as just a friend. They loved each other like brother and sister. The parents of both often got together at the summer cottag...

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My wife and I have been living together for 8 years and the last two years we are practicing threesome sex. We have one friend we are dating from time to time. I was the initiator, for I was always turned on by the idea of someone fucking my wife. Once it was on the state of fantasy, but then she agreed to a meeting. Since we both liked that, we decided to go on. My wife is 30, her name is Olga...

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I was raped on my wedding day

It was my wedding day... I was dressed in the wedding dress. I got in the car with two men accompanying me and we went to the registry office... On the way to the registry office one of the attendants offered the driver to stop at a deserted place... I could understand nothing... We arrived at some park, and the men told me to get out of the car... They spread a blanket on the grass, and put me...

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Vadim was driving on the highway to the city. It was after midnight. In the headlights, he saw a girl hitching a ride. Vadim stopped the car and opened the window:

- Where are you going?

- To Samoilovka. But I don’t have money, could we agree on something?

- Get in, we’ll think up something. - Vadim opened the door for the traveler.

The girl got in, and V...

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She was standing opposite me and smiling, looking in my direction from time to time. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a t-shirt emphasizing her sexy ass and the tits. My penis was getting up, when overcrowded bus came to the bus-stop at last. But I won’t wait for the next I will go by this one. And this girl also moved to the bus door. I let her go first and got in the bus. More people...

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I need money very much

I needed money very much indeed. I watched my neighbor Nicholas pulling down his shorts along with the briefs, and I was silent. He was doing that slowly. At first there appeared thick red bushes growing entirely from one leg to the other, and it seemed to be a dense forest. Then the main trunk appeared. It was bright pink and veiny. It was getting bared, and I found that it was much thicker th...

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To my beloved

The doorbell’s ringing at your door.... You open.... You have green Terry Bathrobe....

A tender smile is on your face... You are glad to see me, you missed me.... I'm kissing you on the cheek and quickly, so the neighbors wouldn't notice us, I’m coming in your apartment...

We are embracing... Your hair is wet, you are just from the shower. Your smell is driving...

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The first night

It happened quite recently. I became 18. I celebrated this event in the private family circle, there were only my parents and a girlfriend. But after a couple of drinks we didn’t want to stay at home, besides the girlfriend lived very far away, so I went to walk her. Having reached her house we met the guys from her company and they offered to have a walk together with them (of course, we...

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Sometimes life gives us surprises, not always pleasant and not always welcome. Such surprise woke me up at seven o'clock in the morning with a phone call. I barely opened the eyelids, the head was about to explode (Yesterday we had a great celebration of the summer session ending). I reached out for the cell phone.

- Hello, – I croaked (much of drinking and much of singing yest...

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The summer was quite hot. Exhausted with the heat I was walking along the pavement. There was one thing making me happy there were two months of vacation ahead!

The asphalt was heating up from below, so I decided to buy an ice cream and relax somewhere in the shade in the Park.

I bought the ice cream and a magazine to have something to read not to get bored. I don't know how m...

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Three heroes

So, having tried the coffee with cream, to the question "Is this your surprise?" - the knocking on the door sounded... "And here is the surprise!!!!". 

The guest went to open the door, and I looked at my husband with a question... my husband smiled and mysteriously said "it’s up to you to decide..." Accompanied by the guest a guy came into the roo...

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Summer night

It was a usual summer day. It did not promise anything special, slow turning into cool evening. I went into a café to sit alone with my thoughts over a cup of coffee. I sat at the distant table and began thinking. Having looked up at the next table I saw a man staring at me. His eyes were gliding over my legs, gradually rising higher.

I was wearing a short skirt and translucent bl...

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One night with a man

It was very hot July. My friend and I met a very handsome young man on the beach. He was tall, swarthy with plumpy lips. My parents left for vacation, and I invited him to my place. We took wine for three of us. We had a talk, drank a little, and then I really wanted to feel him as a man. I wanted so much, I wanted sex. I was sitting opposite him caressing myself with a hand under the table. Bu...

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This story happened when I had bought a video camera - cool, professional, with a bunch of options. Some time later, Misha, Sergey were at my place, I showed them the camera, and, of course the topic of shooting appeared. Misha pushed the idea to shoot porn movie, and we naturally agreed, but there was one problem - where to get "actresses" for such a show. We decided to go and pick u...

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Just a night

That Friday summer evening I decided to get a good hang out with my friends. We got drinks and snacks. I knew there would be girls as well, so we also had to buy wine. After we took all the food to Pavel’s place, we decided to have a ride around the city and pick up some whores. Luckily, Rinat met two familiar long-legged girls. One red-haired was Masha wearing the short skirt, and the se...

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Here is my vacation coming. How long I've been waiting for this day. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the sea. Two weeks of life on the island. Usually we go to the sea together with the whole family, but this year something went wrong, and I had to go alone. I got to the island about 11 PM. I had just enough time to put up the tent and go to sleep. In the morning I went to get acquainted wit...

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Sex lessons

I got to know her via internet. As she said, she needed sex lessons in order not to feel discomfortable in bed and just to learn how to do it. "Well, it is quite laudable desire matching my desire to find a good partner. If she cannot, I’ll teach her what I liked."

We corresponded for some time, discussing the details, making the lesson plan and finally on one weekend we...

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- Let's go swimming, - I heard the sonorous voice of my girlfriend.

Before the arrival of my friend with his wife there were about two hours, everything was cooked ready (and what special is to be cooked for friends), and the sun was scorching mercilessly. Why not going to the river and relax a bit? Of course we went there. She was wearing short summer dress with the blue color of th...

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I came to the specified address at the appointed time. Yefim was already at the place.

- Well, haven’t you changed your mind? - he asked.

- I have no choice, - uncertainly I replied.

- Okay, so if you're not satisfied with something there, just do not show that or you let me down, - he said. - As I’ve told you, you have casting today. They will look at you,...

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