I work as an administrator in a commercial photo studio. Basically my job is to provide the firm with film and various goods. Sometimes, when a Secretary is too busy, I have to answer phone calls or perform other similar work in the office. But it happens that I get more enjoyable job. For example, I have to meet a model and escort them into the dressing room. Usually these girls have a very hi...

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The liars appeared not to be home

The bright sun, snow... he was skiing down the mountain enjoying the speed. A girl sprawled ahead there, her skis lying on opposite sides, she was laughing caused by an unforeseen falling down. He made a few skillful turns and turned to be nearby stretching a hand to her.

Their eyes met and they recognized each other.

- Oh!!! Hi!! I did not expect to see you here.

- Hi, I&#...

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The wishes come true

I got quite unexpected call from my old friend who had lived many years abroad. He said was going to spend the whole fall at the parental house not far from the place of my youth and he would like to see me very much. This call made me rake over the past and it had the most unexpected results. I haven’t seen my schoolmate for several years and I have agreed to this meeting mainly out of c...

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Scotland-Yard and Sex

Lesya was preparing for the following performance in her dressing room. She was sitting bared to a belt making up her elastic nipples. When Dylan had entered, she didn’t make an attempt to cover the nudity.

- May I have a talk to you? Don't you know the man with the field-glass, Lesya?

 She was twisting the nipples between her fingers so the make-up would be laid do...

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Rats. The lair (a fragment)

…First he took off her coat and began to pull off the blouse.

-    No, Alan, it’s too cold…

But he couldn’t resist the desire already. Pushing a hand under her, he unbuttoned the bra and took it off carefully pulling down the shoulder straps. Then he put her down on the rug and got occupied with her skirt. Then the tights. The shoes. He was...

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The Glass Door

I got married early when I was twenty three. By the time my story concerns, me and my wife Yadviga Masevich - yes you ought to remember her, a few years ago she had a reputation for "mad" - lived almost like strangers. I think the reason for that was the same age. By then we both were thirty five. My Yadviga was a little... dissolute woman, you will be convinced of that, having read t...

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