After groupsex that whore wanted me to get married to her

- What?! Are you crazy?! I'm not gonna get married to you!

- But why, Paul? Why?

- Are you fucking kidding me? We four fucked you! Four of us!

- But I thought you liked it...

- Of course, we liked to drive in your cunt in turn, but what a wife are you after that?

- I'll be a good wife to you! Don’t think bad of me! I'm not going to cheat on y...

■  ■  ■

Not just sex

We were together alone in the kitchen. There was no one else at home. We were watching a movie, when suddenly I got a wild desire awaken in me. I really wanted you, and we merged in a passionate kiss. 

Then I slid lower, my tongue slipped over your beautiful and taut breasts, over your nipples. Oh God, they are so hot! Then I sank lower and lower, and when I reached the bottom of th...

■  ■  ■

My new driver

A week ago my boss hired a new driver for me. He was a very nice man, tall, blue-eyed athlete, but I never showed that I liked him. For a week we got used a little to each other, and yesterday I took him to show where I live. We went to my house, I showed him the bedroom, the dining room, and we went over to the kitchen.

 I offered a cup of tea and put some sugar in the cup, but the...

■  ■  ■

Happy to belong to

Watching a movie....... back row..... two chairs away there is a company of girls..... 

I take his hand and begin massaging, stretching each finger, kissing between the fingers, sucking a finger after a finger..... doing it slowly and passionately..... I'm happy for the opportunity to touch him and to bring at least some joy..... I'm undoing the belt, then the fly of his jea...

■  ■  ■


- Xenia! 

- Yes, Alexey Petrovich? 

- We have a new patient. Work with him! 

- Ok... Is he cute? 

- Go ahead and see for yourself. 

I work as a nurse. Well, not exactly a nurse. I sleep with VIP patients. No… “sleep” is a very soft word... I fuck with them, they fuck me, I yield to them completely. By the way, I&rsqu...

■  ■  ■

Grassy glade

Artem and Karina, old friends, met by chance on the forest glade one lovely summer day. The glade was luring them with the bright sun, the soft carpet of low grass with red-pink spots of strawberries. Slender birches bowed to the ground with their branches with leaves of emerald color. 

She was picking up strawberries and putting them in her mouth. Plump lips were slightly opening a...

■  ■  ■

Paradise flower

Svetlana threw off her dress and became completely naked. I cought my breath - her beauty drove me go crazy. The exciting wild desire, big smooth thighs, wonderful ripe breasts with large beckoning nipples, a thin line of hair on the neatly shaven pubis - all this could not but cause me have a great longing and excitement.

I rushed falling on my knees before a beautiful woman, slowly kis...

■  ■  ■

Rough sex

I drove my cock between her legs so that she cried out with pain.

I was angry at her for she made public our relationship among co-workers. I was her immediate supervisor. She (her name was Galina) was my right hand and.. my mistress. (Yes, I was married and loved my wife.)

I came to Galina’s home. Without saying anything to her and without even saying hello, I immediately t...

■  ■  ■


You are coming soon. How long shall I be waiting? Half an hour? Ten minutes? 

Once again I look in the mirror. Clear skin is shiny and rubbed with creams, the hair is gathered on the back in a high ponytail, the hair down there is trimmed, only a small rectangle of hair left emphasizing the swollen vulvarlips. 

I love my body, I love every possible way of caring and groo...

■  ■  ■

Dream is sex

It all starts with the fact that I arrive in an unfamiliar city, and there I get acquainted with a young man. I really like him and he likes me too, besides, I need someone who knows the city, and if he is handsome, it is twice as cool. We meet each other in the dancing club, accidentally on the dance floor. Tired of dancing he sits at my table and orders drinks. 

We are talking and...

■  ■  ■

Wake up darling

I was in a dark room, where in the corner there was a burning candle, but its light was so dim that I couldn't see the room good. I saw only a big bed covered with red sheets. I could hear children laughing, but I didn't see a single child in the room. A gentle voice called me... «take me»... 

- Who's there? - I asked. but there was no answer and I just heard...

■  ■  ■


He called me at 1:00 AM and, as always, with his dry calm voice told me to come to him. Of course, I immediately got ready to go. Into the night. Through the whole city. Taking with me a bottle of Martini I opened in the taxi and drank almost all of it on the way. 

I arrived to him stumbling and staggering with a silly smile on my face. It seemed to me I really pissed him off, altho...

■  ■  ■

On the roof

She was standing on the roof of an ordinary 9-storeyed house. It was almost midnight. It was a warm summer night. Light wind waved her long hair and tiny dress on the naked body. The girl's name was Elena. She was short, had a beautiful figure and a neat ass. Her body was shaking a little, but not with cold, rather with excitement. You may think she just likes to look at the city lights at...

■  ■  ■

Sweet dream

I open my eyes looking up at the ceiling. The room is dimly lit. Groping my mobile phone. Its light is blinding me at the first press on the lock button. It’s early morning. I’m putting the phone with the screen down and turning on one side, my hand pulling the wheezing body closer.

Her ass is resting right against my cock. She’s mumbling something incoherent, tossing a...

■  ■  ■

Simply with gusto

One... I open my eyes, two... the light goes off, three... I feel the human warmth...

He moves towards me, I feel the breath, he hugs me, I feel the heartbeat. All is well, as usual, I'm used to that, this warm sincerity.

He gently kisses me on the neck, I utter strange sounds of pleasure, he slowly opens my body, relieving from the blanket, exploring with kisses the entire su...

■  ■  ■

Love on the flower glade

— Polyenka, you are so lovely, — Michael was humming, circling around the innocent creature.

Polyenka, embarrased with the pressure of the brutal handsome, tried to look away from persistent lover, shyly hiding her eyes behind the fan of eyelashes. Her heart fluttered, sweet nectar flowed throughout the body.

The air was red-hot with the sun of July, the midday heat wa...

■  ■  ■

Our games

Hello, I want to tell you a story with only the names changed. The rest is all reall.. My name is Marina, my husband is Sasha...

We were lying on the couch and watching a movie on the laptop, suddenly I offered to watch porn, he agreed. We found some porn where a man was brutally fucking a woman... My husband was sitting on the edge of the couch, I was behind him. I moved closer to him a...

■  ■  ■

That's what I'm waiting for

You are coming home and I’m meeting you at the door. I’m wearing a black silk gown with red roses long to the knees, and white lace lingerie under...

I kiss you very softly, and at the same time with growing passion, letting you know how much I missed you the whole day... Then, when I feel how excited you are, I'm taking you by a hand and we are going to the bedroom...

■  ■  ■

Red flame

Her hair splashed over the clean white sheet. Bright red, very charmy and sensual like its owner going through one of her most striking and piquant moments in her life.

—A-h, Ah...

All red, the girl seemed to have become even redder —my finger barely touched her clit and my tongue worked harder, when L, as I call her informally, fluttered like a butterfly uttering a ne...

■  ■  ■

First squirt

It was an ordinary evening we were spending together in our bed. As always: long rough sex. For the sake of sex we were together. Not for love, for sex. I always firmly convince my friends that we do not have relationship, only sex. So it was. 

So that evening we enjoyed each other without hesitation and limitations. After all, relaxed we were lying there talking and enjoying the se...

■  ■  ■