Kangaroo went to the river

Just to freshen up her beaver.

On the quiet riverside

She put down her fluffy pride

In the water for a while.

Damn! There was a crocodile!

Crocodile was smart. Of course,

Drove his meat down to the balls,

Shot the load and waved his bat.

(Girls got used to shit like that).

This romance would have be...

■  ■  ■

The letter of unknown soldier


In far 1992 I was in the army. There was a romance between two soldiers. One of them was a nurse boy and the second one was a sergeant – a squad leader. They both were good-looking handsome guys and they had been in real love.

Our unit wasn’t big, a special reconnaissance party. About 30-40 men. And, of course, we knew everything about each other. We knew t...

■  ■  ■