A Trip to the Lake

The story, I'm writing, happened a few days ago.

My friends and I decided to go to the lake for the night. 2 girls: I'm a tall girl with long dark brown hair, breast size 3 and my friend Lena - blonde of medium height; and 4 guys: Sasha – tall bruiser, Mike - a tall guy with beautiful eyes, Egor - boring guy with a pretty face and Stas - the younger brother of Egor.

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Sex with bisexuals

No foreplay. The fact is I turned out to be with three guys.

I was standing on my knees and there were nice big cocks right before my eyes. They were longing for fucking me in all my holes. My pussy was already dripping wet. I took two cocks in my hands began sucking them in turn, the third guy was jerking off in front of me. I was moaning like a bitch.

One guy took me by the hair...

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How I tried with a man for the first time

The first experience of sex with another man I had by a chance!

It happened spontaneously. My friend Vlad called me to come saying there are two cool chicks wishing to fuck. At first I didn't want to go, but my friend called three more times. I succumbed to the entreaties and took off. On the way we stopped at the store to buy some vodka, champagne, snacks and certainly condoms. ...

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Pleasant surprise

That day Kate invited me to her place. After she taught me the art of love, I got used to the fact that we often make love and therefore I wasn’t surprised by that offer. However, upon entering her apartment, I saw a new luxurious fur coat of arctic fox that made me suspicious: Kate knew my weakness for fur, and she would have certainly boasted with it.

I came in the room and reali...

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My guard was taken off

I met them via Internet. I have long wanted to try having sex with a couple. I don't know why this desire was born, but it was. And it was growing. 

They invited me for a visit and, of course, I came with some snacks and drinks. Tatiana was a little overweight woman, as for my taste, with huge boobs and sensual lips. She quickly set the table and we sat down to have dinner. Andr...

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I was twenty at that time. I knew women, but in quite a traditional way. As 

for lesbians, I heard of them just a bit. 

One day I was home when the doorbell rang. On the threshold there were my 

friend since high school, Marina, and a slender short blonde with her. Both 

were tipsy. Marina and I were just friends, and her visit was not a&...

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Couldn't wait

My name is Christina, I'm 22 and I’m married 2 years. I'm a nice girl with big breasts number 5. My husband is a sailor, his name is Vladimir. I want to tell you a very interesting story.

It was about a year ago, my husband went on another voyage and was supposed to be back in a month only.

In his absence, I used to be pleased by my two friends. One of them was Arthu...

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I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.

Elvira, a tall slim blue-eyed brunette, was waiting for me, sitting in a chair.

- Hi. These are S...

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I am already 30

I am already 30 years old. Recently I have got married. Everything is fine in bed, still I have unfulfilled dreams since early years. Once I decided to visit a dating site specifying that I want to find a couple for sex. I found it quickly, and we didn't have long correspondence and decided to meet in a cafe.

When I came in the cafe, I saw a beautiful couple, judging by appearance it...

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The first bi time

Hi! I’m now 38. It happened to me when I was almost 30. I had long wanted to try having sex with a guy, but something always stopped me. Once in ICQ a guy knocked to me. We were chatting and it turned out that we lived not far from each other, and after correspondence with him, he confessed to me that he was bisexual, and that he had been having sex with guys since school time. To be hone...

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We invited a friend

My wife and I have been living together more than ten years, and it seemed to me that our sex should be diversified to make it more vivid. I met a man via the ads, his name was Vladimir. With the permission of my wife I invited him to our home and our condition was desire mixed with fear.

My wife Natalie agreed with me in fantasies. And here we are at home: we sat down, drank a little, t...

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For the first time

It really was for the first time, but I still remember it with indescribable pleasure...

I became fifty recently and I went to relax in the suburbs alone. My wife and I always vacationed alone. In the resort house I met a married couple: she was 36, he was 42, we had the opportunity to dine at the same table. Nice, intelligent people...

So one day they invited me to their room. We...

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My first group sex

It all started when I was 20 years old. I decided to move out from parents’ house and puzzled myself with the search of apartment for rent. I found an ad in the newspaper about one room apartment for rent, so I called the owner and agreed to meet. The owner of the apartment was a woman of 27, she told me that she had recently got married her neighbor, and 2 apartments for them was more th...

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Sudden turn of events

I met Vadim and Olga, a married couple, on one of the popular internet dating site. 

After brief correspondence we began to meet often in evenings at their home to discuss (as Olga said «to savor the future debauchery»). 

It happened so, that none of us ever had a threesome sex, at least, so we told each other, and so we decided to plan a sex adventure for th...

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Strange desire

Hello! My name is Vladislav, Vlad for short. I want to tell one true story, that happened to me. I'm a quiet guy, heterosexual, but there is something female in me. There were occasions when I was frightened and squeaked like a girl, although I'm a guy, but the squealing was childish, well, okay, actually I'm not talking about that. I have different feelings - sometimes I wish I cou...

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The night from 18 to 19 April of 2011

You will not believe me, my fellow pervs, but now I'm typing these lines especially for you! Just behind the wall at this very time in my bedroom, the guy named Sergey is fucking my wife in the ass and I've just sucked his cock. And I don't feel disgust. 

We met him accidentally at the disco dancing, got drank and invited to our place. My wife, of course, wanted him. And...

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On vacation

This summer I was out with my friend Tatiana in the city at the black sea. It all started with the fact that on my birthday Tatiana introduced me to her old friend Olga. She was very sexy: short brunette with the tits of 3 size and a round ass. I told Tanya that I wanted Olga. Well spent time in the cafe, we took a walk and pictures and, of course, drank well in the honor of the birthday, so we...

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Party. November, the 9-th, my friend’s birthday. I was naturally at the forefront of the invited people. There was a sea of alcohol, beautifully laid tables, good desserts. Quickly all the guests cheered, and the party in honor of the birthday turned into a total farce, but everyone loved that and I was of that number. About two o'clock the guests were leaving one by one. Sergey invit...

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Sorry, good bye

It was the spring of 1999. The relationship with my girlfriend became a kind of colder. In fact, about a year, we had been living in the relationship of free love, or rather she occasionally slept with girls, but I didn’t care of that. But that day...

... Spatial conversation over a cup of coffee, her confusion... and saying "I'm sorry, but I love Her" I was somewhat...

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My fantasy's become true

My name is Sergey. I decided to write a short story about that had happened to me in April 2010, in Tomsk. The fact is that being younger I had sucked my friend’s dick just for the sake of interest. Much time has passed since that time, but the fantasies appearing in my mind gave me no rest at night!

I was dreaming about being humiliated, I wanted to do a blowjob, to eat pussy unde...

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