My bisexual philosophy

Having opened Pandora's box in the form of wife’s finger in your anus or a strap-on there, you are becoming forever bisexual. This, of course, is more varied relationship than the type of M+W or M+M. You take pleasure from the sex with your wife – she has boobs, she moans when you are ramming her with your love, she has a vagina nice to lick, that's almost always a pleasure...

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One passion for three

We met via internet and after some correspondence we decided to meet. 

I ordered a sauna and at the certain time I was already waiting for my new friends. It was a cute family couple - Igor and Natasha. He's 40, she's 32. Natasha is an interesting brunette of about 165 cm tall, with a beautiful figure and nice tits of the size 2. Igor is about 180 cm, nice and slender enough...

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Real story

The story is real.

One evening at the end of the day I was exploring a dating site and met there my old girlfriend Kate I hadn’t been in touch for a year and a half. After a brief communication we agreed I would come to her after work. When I came to her, I found out she was still on the website trying to find someone for that night:

- Are you still looking for a mate?

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My lesbians

Natasha walked into the kitchen and immediately began brewing coffee. It was so habitual, that my wife and I did not pay any attention to that, because for the past five years this woman became a member of our family. Friends jokingly even called her my "second wife". At that, neither she, nor I ever let us do something blameworthy relatively to each other. Marina, my wife, just could...

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Three heroes

So, having tried the coffee with cream, to the question "Is this your surprise?" - the knocking on the door sounded... "And here is the surprise!!!!". 

The guest went to open the door, and I looked at my husband with a question... my husband smiled and mysteriously said "it’s up to you to decide..." Accompanied by the guest a guy came into the roo...

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Sex on the beach

My girl was obsessed with the idea that the first impulse of tenderness and passion needs to happen on the wedding night, and she cut off the idea of this wonderful feeling can be enjoyed every time you have the opportunity. She didn’t perceive the word “sex” and considered it cultureless, she didn’t want even talk about this.

As always, I left her being in a bad...

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The first party

First, it was the most usual party. Then the crowd was divided: the girls came upstairs to get undressed, the guys stayed down there just in briefs and ties. The girls came down there in panties, bras and high-heels. The dancing began. Then to make it more funny – the games. Forfeits. The most sexual was that the girl Galya had to kiss Natasha’s chest.

Then the game “to...

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Porn lovers

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. A small white room like in the hospital. I was completely naked. The last thing I remember was drinking in a strange company, and then empty. I felt weak and no desire to get out of bed. Suddenly the white door opened. There appeared a pretty girl with black hair and the tits of about the third size. This beauty was in a pink robe. In one hand she was holding a...

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Old wine

My wife and I bought a house in the suburbs. Little by little we began bringing everything in order. In the basement we found a good wine cellar and I found three bottles of very old homemade wine. Our friends invited us to the sauna. Having bought some meat for barbeque, and taking two bottles of this wine, we went to our friends. We settled, drank, and then Sergey and Natasha went to the stea...

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Playing cards

Being drunk we do things we are awfully ashamed of on the next day, but when the sweet excitement runs over the whole body, we realize that we don’t mind doing that again.

So it happened that time. One day my wife Olga and I were going home from the birthday of my friend. It was early enough, and the heart demanded to go on the party time. We didn’t have much money, but we bo...

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My life

My name is Irina. I was 10 years old when I had seen my parents making love and since that time I began to peep at them. In 13 years I began to masturbate, I did it almost all the time. In 18 years I had a very close girlfriend. Her name was Sveta. She was the slender, beautiful brunette of average height with very black eyes. Her plump lips always excited me very much. But most of all I liked...

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Check up

Anna was dressed in erotic white and lacy lingerie, beautifully outlining her charms. She was lying on the couch and felt sad. The reason was her husband who was coming soon... Having seen his wife in such a state, Igor got stripped in a moment and rushed on Anna. His crimson penis of a modest size was sticking out almost vertically. Igor looked as if he was going to fuck his wife madly. There...

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A lover of dirty intercourse

Recently, on my way to Atlanta after several years of absence, I decided to call my old girlfriend. I thought she was living with a guy, and a bit of drinking would be a nice friendly gesture from my side. She was very happy to hear me and she insisted I would invite her to have a dinner tonight. I forgot that Cherry always excited me, and I realized I was looking forward to that night. There w...

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The new sensations

I met Natasha and Igor through the famous online dating. Their ad “A young couple is looking for a man or a woman to have a good time together" interested me much. I'm thirty years old and since recently I began to catch myself at thinking that traditional sex didn’t satisfy me much and not just with my wife. My girlfriends started complaining about the lack of attention, a...

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Holiday Camp Occasion

This story took place in the summer of 1987. My wife and I decided to go to the camp to have a rest. We were 29 years old and we had been five years married. We still didn’t have children.

We gathered, took some food and several bottles of port, loaded it in our Zaporozhets and set off. The holiday camp consisted of a group of cottages located in the woods on the bank of the river...

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Party failure

My name is Marina. And my girlfriend, a charming blonde, is Joan. We met quite recently, when I had begun working as a dancer in the nightclub. Joan had been working there for a long time. We worked together and so she had taken me under her wing. One day she invited me to walk around and see the sights.

Soon we became great friends and even more than friends for each other. You know, no...

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New sensations

When Vika confessed to me that she likes to have sex with women, I felt like electric current has run over the body.

- It's really great, - she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

She threw back her long, blond, curly hair from her forehead, flirty shaking her head.

I've never been to a woman, but I've often thought about how this could be felt when stroking a woma...

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