Dating site

I'm 22, a tall and athletic guy. I registered on a dating site. And one day I got a message from a stranger.

- Would you like to meet?

I immediately replied.

- You're an idiot, I'm not a gay, read the profile.

- You misunderstood. I'm not a gay either. I'm married.

- Well, what do you want?

The man was 30 years old.

- Well, ye...

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I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.

Elvira, a tall slim blue-eyed brunette, was waiting for me, sitting in a chair.

- Hi. These are S...

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A party at my friend's

My name is Lena. Tall, 19-year-old brunette. I never had a complex about my appearance: the chest of the 3rd size, taut ass. Only in relations there was a hole: all my guys ran away after they got what they wanted: sex. At first I worried, but then I decided that a perfect man is long to be waited for and I can just go and get down to anything. I wanted to experience all the delights of group s...

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Our first group sex

My wife Tanya and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was the second week of our vacation. One evening we took my camera deciding to make some photos. Wandering over through the hotel we were looking for a beautiful angle of the shot. The pictures turned out to be very nice. Very sexy. Tanya was wearing a very short t-shirt and same short skirt. Her white panties did not hide anyth...

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I am already 30

I am already 30 years old. Recently I have got married. Everything is fine in bed, still I have unfulfilled dreams since early years. Once I decided to visit a dating site specifying that I want to find a couple for sex. I found it quickly, and we didn't have long correspondence and decided to meet in a cafe.

When I came in the cafe, I saw a beautiful couple, judging by appearance it...

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Piquant party

Last Friday my wife was invited to the birthday party to her friend Anton. Of course, she told me to go with her saying that she wanted to introduce me to her friends. My Ludmila is a slender and pretty woman. Before me she had had a lot of men. After her first marriage she even briefly worked as a prostitute! She confessed of that not immediately. Well, I like that she attracts much attention,...

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Sex on the beach

So, there happened one occasion, my boyfriend and I were on the beach, no people around there, it was private enough place. Well, he began making passes at me. In the beginning he just stroked me, then began removing the bra and getting in the panties. I was lying with no responding, but feeling pleasant, then he started licking me. I told him that someone could come, but he was already excited...

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My wife been had

I'll tell you the background. My wife and I after sex often discussed this question. I asked her what she'd yield to my friends, for thinking about this always made me very horny. But she had always evaded. Although I felt that she also wished that much. These conversations happened very often but we did not know how to implement them. And once there appeared such an occasion. There was...

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The first trans experience

Hello, everyone. My name is Stepan. I am 27 years old. Sexual experience is quite great both with girls and boys. But this story is about a new experience in my sex life.

I met her via a dating website. Her name is Svetlana. Her photos in the profile were great and sexy, so I wrote to her, and we started chatting. After a few messages, she said she was no ordinary girl, and that she has...

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We invited a friend

My wife and I have been living together more than ten years, and it seemed to me that our sex should be diversified to make it more vivid. I met a man via the ads, his name was Vladimir. With the permission of my wife I invited him to our home and our condition was desire mixed with fear.

My wife Natalie agreed with me in fantasies. And here we are at home: we sat down, drank a little, t...

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Cinema for adults

I'm a girl of 22 years old. My boyfriend and I love experiments and once in Amsterdam we went to the cinema for adults. I was wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt, I had no bra, I have beautiful tits and I love to expose them, especially when the nipples are swollen. 

We sat in the next-to-last row. There were were about 10 people in the cinema, but only we were a couple. After 5...

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In the pool with friends

My friends have something like a private swing club, and we often arrange thematic parties. One of the guys has a sauna with a large swimming pool at his country cottage. So we decided to spend one weekend there. However, we used only the pool.

It happened so that the girls got down to each other, and I was left alone with the boys. So I said: "Are we gonna just sit still and bored?...

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House of lustful males

I was hesitant stepping closer on and on to the house full of horny men. Dozens of males, like animals, expected me coming in their house and opening for them my jaded body. I had no fantasies already, and I knew all that awaits me is sex. Rough and cruel, without the slightest shade of love. Those who would have me in the ass and in the pussy, who would fill me with hot cum and smile when I ch...

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I'm a whore

I want to tell you about me really cheating on my husband. I'm 38 but I look 10 years younger. Good figure and good appearance make men keep looking at me. I began to cheat on my husband almost immediately after the wedding. And we have lived for 20 years together.

My temperament can't make me faithful. I'll tell you about one of my most vivid cheating. In the summer I went t...

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The desire to please my wife had appeared long time ago and every year it became stronger on and on in our sexual relationship.

First, she didn’t even want to listen to about the threesome, but then we bought a dildo made of silicon, we can say that was the start point... but let’s tell about everything in order.

With time passed, the understanding of jealousy actually...

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The girl of my friend

I guess, I need to introduce myself. My name is Dennis, I am 19 years old. This story happened in last summer. I have a friend Vlad. We studied together and developed close friendship since I live close by and we often go home together. But it was summer and the Institute was over and, thank God, I got tired of this forced labor camp. Since we live in a resort city Odessa, we often go to the se...

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For the first time

It really was for the first time, but I still remember it with indescribable pleasure...

I became fifty recently and I went to relax in the suburbs alone. My wife and I always vacationed alone. In the resort house I met a married couple: she was 36, he was 42, we had the opportunity to dine at the same table. Nice, intelligent people...

So one day they invited me to their room. We...

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My first group sex

It all started when I was 20 years old. I decided to move out from parents’ house and puzzled myself with the search of apartment for rent. I found an ad in the newspaper about one room apartment for rent, so I called the owner and agreed to meet. The owner of the apartment was a woman of 27, she told me that she had recently got married her neighbor, and 2 apartments for them was more th...

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At twin brothers'

This hot night Lisa with her friend Ilona were walking along the riverside. They had been walking long enough, and soon they were going home, but then a car drove up and two men came out of it.

- Girls, let's go for a ride, - offered they.

- Let's go! - said Ilona.

- What are you doing? We do not know them, - said Lisa whispering to her friend.

- Well, never...

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First time threesome and right in the ass

Hello, my name is Katya, I am 23 years old. I'm a brunette, blue eyes, height 170cm, breast size is almost 3, just super ass and a pretty face. Lots of cavaliers always ))) It happened three years ago. Our company was going to the camping. The weather was splendid – the whole May the weather was hot. The best year ever! At the beginning of the second decade of June, having bought all...

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