The Fallen Woman

The evening in the end of summer, the vacation and eighteen degrees above on the terrace of the summer house. The smell of the firtrees, the pines and the put out grill. From this day I am staying on my own almost for 48 hours (both daughters are gone home together with my husband). The light from the neighborhood is coming through the foliage of the trees; the voices, the laughter and the clat...

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Scotland-Yard and Sex

Lesya was preparing for the following performance in her dressing room. She was sitting bared to a belt making up her elastic nipples. When Dylan had entered, she didn’t make an attempt to cover the nudity.

- May I have a talk to you? Don't you know the man with the field-glass, Lesya?

 She was twisting the nipples between her fingers so the make-up would be laid do...

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