Wish fulfilment

My husband and I often make love in, so to say, not quite a traditional way. We have mastered anal and oral sex long ago, but recently we have chosen public sex as our favorite way. Of course, we are not practicing this in the middle of the square in a festive day, but nevertheless, shocking the audience in the evening in the park or amusing the bored bartender with sex show became more or less...

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About perishable nature

(based on the story by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov)

Court counselor Semyon Petrovich Podtykin watched himself from head to toe in the mirror, poured his bald head with a quarter of a flask of perfume for greater effect, threw on his silk gown brought by his father-in-law from China, and, burning with impatience, he went to the bedroom, where his young wife had been waiting.

Out of hab...

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Japanese room

Countess Irina Rumyantseva was born in Moscow in the family of Baskov. Rich, noisy, used to live in a grand style, he had a reputation of a hospitable one in Moscow. He spoiled his only daughter very much. And it seemed the life ahead is full of joy, but fate cut short Baskov’s life. His widow in grief, survived not longer.

Irina was 16 years old when the German woman, who was in c...

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Russian baths

Froska quietly entered the bath and stopped hesitating.

Barin was lying on the bench his belly down, and two peasant girls - Natashka and Malashka - also naked were standing on the sides and beating with birch twigs the hot purple-pink back glistening with sweat in turns. Barin was blissfully squinting, approvingly grunting at particularly strong beat. Finally, he gave them a sign to sto...

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