Repairing The Roof

We live in a private cottage. There was time when we had to repair the roof. I bought materials and invited some men to help.

The work was going well enough. My Lena was cooking dinner for us.

By the evening the job was done and we sat down at the table. We had had a full tank of fuel and went out to have a smoke.

One of the guys offered to relax. He said that he had a girl...

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Riding Bike Off The Mountain

I was riding my bike down to the foot of the mountain, in my headphones “Kiss” was playing. Spring forest flew towards the blue carpet of the first spring flowers. I had to slow down, because walking people prevented from speeding up. And then on the descending path I saw the ass. A young girl in black tights was slowly running raising her ankles high slapping on her own ass with th...

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My First Romantic Time

Hello! My name is Kira, I'm 20 years old. I'm a brunette, breasts of the third size, the figure is average. When I was 18, hormones already boiled in me. I wanted sex, sometimes there were moments when sitting at the University on classes I imagined how I’m ripping the pants off the prettiest boy in our group. His name was Kyrill, he was 18, same as me.

Don't know how i...

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My Wife Assists Jerkwards

My wife and I live in a nice neighborhood, across the street from our home there is a park. When our son was born, my wife twice a day used to put our son in the baby stroller and take a walk with him in the park. It's quiet there, very peaceful, but there are usually a lot of fist-fuckers who like to masturbate in front of other people. Everybody knew they are harmless and timid, but first...

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Hi, everyone! My name is Alla. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me when I studied in the Institute. Now I;m 28, but that time I was 22.

So, one evening I stayed until late in the library after lectures. It was late evening and my way home was along the path between the buildings of students’ dorms.

I’ll tell you about myself a little. By that time I was...

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Woman Spy

The evening came, and my shift was about to begin. Recently I managed to get a job as a watchman at the military plant. It was rather a soft job, which required every few hours getting around the territory, checking the locks and drive away the boys. Nearby there was a village with just 100 people population, gloomy buildings and 2 streets. From the village only one girl used to come to the fac...

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The First Time Like A Slut

I had quarreled with my boyfriend and for that reason I had been bored the whole week. I got a call from Oksana right in time. I was invited to go outside the city. Our company was very funny and cheerful. Dima and Maxim studied at the same University where Oksana and I did, they were just the students of senior years. The only stranger was Andrew, Dima’s cousin.

On the way there O...

■  ■  ■

Special Morning

Today morning appeared to be wonderful and special, I realized this as soon as I woke up. First, the sun was shining through the window, from the outside echoed joyous chirping of birds, and second, today is the first day of my well-deserved and long-awaited vacation. All that made my mood super without exaggeration.

I threw my light blanket away, got up and naked I came up to the window...

■  ■  ■

My First Time

My name is Sasha. I’m 30, about 6 feet tall and, as girls say, I have a nice butt. Since teenage years I had some desires I couldn’t satisfy.

Once I watched a video with two men having sex. I got very excited and I wanted so much to take a cock in my mouth. So I registered on one gay website and began waiting. I wanted a man of about 50 with a small belly, nice and even penis...

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Me and Her

She was sitting at the very edge of the bed bending her back a little, leaning back and lifting up her juicy breasts. A bit lower of her waist with small tummy she had real slutty hips with rounded ass sitting on the edge of the bed. Her legs in tight stockings were wide spread resting on the floor with toes.

Propping on the left hand she was protruding her breast upward, bending and thr...

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Sweet Moth

Hi! I’m a sweet moth... at least, my friends call me so.

I am 21 years old, 168 cm tall and my weight is 45 kg, brown hair and green eyes.

My three friends I’m going to describe one of my day with are Artem, Max and Dimon.

We love group sex and I especially love when one fucks me in the ass bombing my anus, the other is banging my pussy, which is warm, soft and...

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Rude and Tender

I'm 21, my girlfriend is 18. We live in different cities but we meet 2-3 times a month.

This day was no different, the same frosty gloomy morning, as always. Despite this, the mood was great just for knowing that today my Mila would come to me. I didn't go to the university, I cleaned my apartment, cooked the dinner and began waiting for my beloved. For some reason today I wanted...

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Spontaneous Anal Sex

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you a story which happened to me not so long before leaving on vacation with my beloved man. Make yourself comfortable. Men, throw off your pants and start jerking off.

It was early morning. I was going to work when my faithful husband came up to me and asked what time I was going back home from work. He said he was preparing a surprise and he said I would...

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Sweet Blowjob for my Beloved Husband

Hello! I want to tell you a story, which has happened to me not so long ago. Make yourself comfortable. Men, open your fly and start wanking the barrel of your gun.

It was at one winter evening. My husband and I watched our favorite movie, when suddenly I noticed his cock making a big tent on his jeans.

I pulled husband's jeans down, and his snake jumped out. The cockhead was...

■  ■  ■

First Blowjob

It all began not so long ago. I met this guy in summer. His name was Egor. As soon as we began to communicate well, I was feeling some intimacy to this man. After half a year of our communication I appeared to have strong affection to him.

One day, remained with him for the whole night, I realized that I needed to do what I had so long dreamed about. Egor always sleeps wearing only his b...

■  ■  ■

Bus Occasion

It was in May of 2005. I was a second year student in the Institute. After the classes I was going home by bus. The bus was overcrowded. I was standing in the aisle and was permanently being poked by the passengers getting out.

- Young man, do you get off on the next stop?

- No, I do not.

I moved back giving the woman the space to come through.

The woman wore a leath...

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Money Doesn't Talk

- Why don't you just kill me?

- No, sweetie, I want you to suffer, - I said and thrust another finger in her cunt.

Her cunt vigorously slurped. I caught her this morning. She was going to her University, and I was heading to work.

- Don’t you remember your friends? - I grinned.

- Fuck off, asshole. – She answered

This bitch didn’t even tu...

■  ■  ■

A Trip to the Lake

The story, I'm writing, happened a few days ago.

My friends and I decided to go to the lake for the night. 2 girls: I'm a tall girl with long dark brown hair, breast size 3 and my friend Lena - blonde of medium height; and 4 guys: Sasha – tall bruiser, Mike - a tall guy with beautiful eyes, Egor - boring guy with a pretty face and Stas - the younger brother of Egor.

■  ■  ■

From Internet Into Reality

The story is real and happened to me for the first time in my life...

My name is Andrew, 26 years-old, well-built, six feet tall.

Long ago I was attracted by the theme of group sex and registered on a lot of those sites, corresponded but almost everybody was looking for couples. I have a girl, but she is very shy, so she is hard to persuade to this.

One day I was jerked off...

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Monday morning

Monday morning.

You are still staying in our warm bed, and your darling in the robe on the naked body brought you a cup of tea.

Seeing this you threw the sheet off, showing your well-built young female body in the translucent short combination garment. Seductively stretched out, raising her hands up in the air. Through the transparent clothing there appeared the breasts full of te...

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