Scotland-Yard and Sex

Lesya was preparing for the following performance in her dressing room. She was sitting bared to a belt making up her elastic nipples. When Dylan had entered, she didn’t make an attempt to cover the nudity.

- May I have a talk to you? Don't you know the man with the field-glass, Lesya?

 She was twisting the nipples between her fingers so the make-up would be laid down evenly and they would become bigger.

- His name is Ares Mitronelli, and he is the most awful ladies' man.

 Dylan had received a hope to learn more, than he could expect. He already considered that man an insoluble riddle. And suddenly the girl had told him what she knew about that man.

- Where do you know all this from? - Dylan asked with mistrust.

- Terry told me. She has often been to Ares. And do you know he is a sexual madman?

 Dylan had to admit that he didn't know it.

- Ares has a gorgeous villa in the suburb of London and Terry had been there many times and she always came back home with bruises on her body and black circles under her eyes. You can imagine what kind of orgies occurred there. She had made the video of one of them. I have seen that movie as well.

Lesya slightly reddened. She got up and took her pants off free and easy, having uncovered her naked, plump, clean-shaven crotch with the small, but clearly visible vulvar lips. She moved her legs apart widely, moving her lower body flexibly, and then she put "kachedosex" where it belonged. She was not confused at all her slightly grown hairs stuck out on both sides like a triangular scrap. Having smiled, she said:

- Sandro says to me that I have to shave better. Do men usually pay attention to hairs?

- I think, they are more interested in what is under.

 Lesya had moved her hips smoothly, so that her magnificent breasts were smoothly shaken. Dylan noticed that Lesya's nipples remained intense yet though she had ceased to massage them already. He remained composed. For a moment Lesya had become confused because of Dylan's look.

- If you want, we can go to my home and I will show you that movie. You will see the man you are looking for.

- I will be waiting for you, - Dylan told Lesya.

One hour later Dylan was watching the movie at Lesya’s place, the movie was undoubtedly pornographic. The room was plunged into darkness. Dylan knew that Lesya was naked. The most intimate part of her body was covered with just a scrap.

 Technically the movie was of the high-class. It started with a scene where three naked persons lay on the back in the wide bed. They were Terry, a blonde and Ares Mitronelli.

- Do you know why the blonde is here? - Lesya asked Dylan.

 He negatively shook his head.

- Because Terry is a lesbian. You will be convinced of that soon.

 And that followed immediately. Terry put her hand between the thighs of the blonde and she allowed her long fingers with the gray-red varnished manicure to slip into her vulvar lips. The blonde had spread her thighs wider. She was slightly trembling. The blonde was clean-shaven between the legs as well as Terry. Both of them looked like the women and the girls at the same time. Obviously the blonde had accepted Terry's caress readily. One could see Terry had got more excited. The nipples of her breasts became firm though nobody touched them, and the vulvar lips bulked up and were slightly opened.

- Watch how the blonde is excited, - whispered Lesya to Dylan and her eyes flashed with desire.

The screen was demonstrating Terry’s hand moving the blonde's thighs apart wider. Her bulked-up sticky vulvar lips between the magnificent white thighs became more visible. Close-up was showing the small Terry’s finger expanding vulvar lips, and gently, with pleasure slipping into the moistened, widely opened vulva. It was rummaging in there, having moved apart the lips even more widely and having bared the scarlet, tensely sticking out clitoris. At the closer approach it was possible to see the clitoris increasing under Terry's fingers and as its naked head trembling.

Dilan’s penis had already got up. It confirmed that the movie was rather impressive, Dilan was hardly to get excited, but then he was practically “masturbated”, sitting next to Lesya.

Terry's finger shining from slime began to slide more rapidly over the clitoris; the blonde had begun to move her hips and her butt nervously with incredible pleasure. A viewer could see clearly how the blonde had convulsively moved in the end of the orgasm. Her body was curved like an arch, having raised the vagina to the skillful Terry’s finger which had plunged between the vulvar lips right into the flaring blonde's vulva.

 Now it was the blonde’s turn to be the active partner. But she applied not a finger, but her mouth. The blonde had moved Terry's thighs apart so widely that the bulked-up genitals were right in front of the objective lens. Terry's clitoris strained, began to shake and increase and became scarlet. The blonde grabbed Terry's clitoris with her full lips and began to suck and bite it due to the rules of lesbian love. And Terry enjoyed it undoubtedly. Her whole body was shuddering in convulsions, her mouth opened wider. She began to move her hips and the buttocks vigorously. During the orgasm Terry widely opened her mouth: she was crying out possibly. And Dylan felt regret that the movie was mute.

 When Terry still continued to shiver in orgasm spasms, the camera had moved to the other side of the bed and had shown the standing Ares's penis in close up. Hairy testicles, small and tight lay between the blonde's thighs. Ares's penis stuck out like a stake, with the prepuce pulled back, it was trembling with desire. Lesya noisily sighed having seen that penis.

 On the screen there appeared a white female hand ready to grab something. It was moving slowly and finally reached the naked head of the penis. Gently, as if indecisively, the hand slipped from the naked head down, then up again, it had risen and touched the humidified head of the penis. The fingers had connected and firmly clasped the penis. Then they pulled the thin skin back, and started uniform motion up and down. But the movie hadn't shown Ares Mitronelli's face yet. And Dylan was looking forward to see it.

In the moment the milky-white liquid had splashed up and had begun to flow over the white female hand, Lesya had a deep sigh. She didn't try to hide the hips movements any more. Dylan had envied her opportunity to move the butt. The women can do it much easier, than the men. They can move thighs wherever they are while a man needs to take the penis out of trousers.

Those three in the movie were lying weakened now, and now it was possible to see a man's face. It was not easy for there were magnificent women with the paraded genitals. But the professional pride had got the best though he felt the intense penis in the trousers. Dylan looked at the screen again. The blonde was lying on the back caressing the penis. And it began to grow, tremble and strain because of her caresses. When it had got entirely up she pulled back the prepuce, having bared the head; she bent over it and caressed its sensitive thin skin with her playful tongue. The man moved his penis towards her. He began to stroke the vulvar lips of the woman with his finger. He unclenched them, having bared the clitoris and began to massage it gently. He was petting the clitoris until the blonde had fallen on her back widely moving her legs apart. She pressed the knees to her breast so that her vulvar lips opened entirely. She pulled Ares to her. Then she put her fingers around his excited penis and put its wet head between her plump shuddering genitals.

A viewer could see distinctly how the head had slipped over the clitoris tip and entered the vagina deeply.... It was really remarkable camerawork.

 While Ares was slowly taking his penis in and out of the vagina of the blonde who had gone entirely mad with desire, his right hand had found the wet vulvar lips of Terry. His finger-tip was massaging the clitoris until she had squeezed his hand between her elastic thighs nearly fainting away.

Neither Dylan, nor Lesya didn't hide the excitement when the movie had come to the end and the light had gone out. Lesya rushed to the detective and I put her hand on his penis. She felt it had got up, lifting the rough fabric of the uniform up. Dylan was excited as well.

He left to make a phone call to Scotland Yard; then having returned he saw Lesya lying in bed, already waiting for him. She was naked and, having moved her legs apart widely, was massaging the excited and shaking clitoris stuck out between her vulvar lips.

- Well, come here, I am so excited. There is a fire between my thighs, let's me suck it. I want it so much.

Lesya had thrown her clothes off. She had convulsively pulled his excited penis out and squeezed it so that it reddened as the varnish on her nails. With greed she grabbed the head with her mouth and began to suck it until Dylan felt the hot inflow of the sperm in the bottom of his belly. Then she had pulled the head of the penis out of her mouth. For some time she was looking at it with her sparkling eyes, and then she pulled Dylan onto her. She inserted the penis between her vulvar lips.

Lesya was like a steam bath; wet, hot she was taking Dilan’s penis in and out, rotating her hips all the time. And he went deeper and deeper into the Lesya’s fire-spitting vagina each time, getting more and more excited. Still before Dylan came, she had skillfully embraced his back with her legs and had nestled on him, having placed her thighs so wide that he could feel the other soft lips in the depth of her vagina with the head of his penis...