The wishes come true

I got quite unexpected call from my old friend who had lived many years abroad. He said was going to spend the whole fall at the parental house not far from the place of my youth and he would like to see me very much. This call made me rake over the past and it had the most unexpected results. I haven’t seen my schoolmate for several years and I have agreed to this meeting mainly out of curiosity.

My friend has not changed much. I had a strange feeling as if we didn't see each other just about a week. He was same thin and active, with the same cunning expression of the eyes. We spoke several hours about our life and about what had happened to us during that time. Then having felt it was time for me to stop drinking, I got up and took my leave. I drove up to the supermarket, I parked the car and went out. While strolling to and fro, I began to peer with suddenly wakened curiosity into the painfully familiar places where my childhood was passing by, and my legs began bringing me forward.

There was the bench where I had smoked my first cigarette. In that garage I tried to have the first sexual intercourse with Olga who was two years older than me. Unexpectedly even to me I appeared to be behind the fence surrounding the garden of the apartment house where Anna's family had lived (or, perhaps, was still living, I don’t know for sure). Carefully well-groomed garden was symmetrically stretched out in front of me. The magnificent lawn was there. Branchy apple-trees and berry bushes. Typical petty-bourgeois symbol of wellbeing. I sat down behind one of the bushes and began to watch the house. Through the transparent curtains in one of the windows I could see someone pacing about the room. That time it was September and it was damp outside. From the sky tightened by clouds the rain began to drizzle. I was shivering with cold.

Suddenly the memories of my early youth had rushed into my mind, the childhood fantasies had come flooding back to my consciousness where there was a lot of sperm and which arose and disappeared in me as if erections, and that place seemed to be charged with the erotic magnetism influencing me. I was again lying in embraces of Anna whose husband with three sons had left fishing in some god-forsaken hole. I was licking the damp petals of the flower which had blossomed in the joint of her powerful thighs, I was licking her breast and the belly, she closed her heavy sensual eyelids cooing, purring and muttering obscure phrases. I was holding her magnificent buttocks in my yet immature hands, and everything in me was trembling with happiness. I pushed my fingers into the slot between the buttocks and began to caress the anus carefully, she opened her mouth. I kissed her nipples and entered her. Three seconds I was like a spring stream of sperm and then completely exhausted I fell down on her wet body.

Anna was the embodiment of majestic femininity. She was attractive and unapproachable at the same time. Indefatigably sexual and almost aggressively sensual. She was my whole Universe that my inflamed brain tried to comprehend. I caught a thought that I was sitting under the bush wet all over and I indulging in the fantasy of a fourteen-year-old teenager. You won't think up sillier thing. I got out of the shelter and was already going to jump over the fence when suddenly I definitely realized that a female figure could be seen through the curtains. Does she still really live in this house? Left by the children and her clodhopper husband? Perhaps she noticed me? Perhaps she dances behind the curtain, stripped naked, with hardly strapped hair chastely collected in the bunch on the nape? And this chastity outweighs her rather large but graceful body radiating from the excess of healthy sensuality – like a panther in a human appearance... My God, will I ever get rid of the childish fantasy?

Having come back home, been dripping wet and angry to myself for the fact that I allowed to persuade me and come to that meeting which gave nothing but useless, insignificant talks. I undressed and went to take a shower.

And in an hour the cleft between Anna’s magnificent hips had absorbed me, and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and felt like I had a fever. My legs and hands were aching, the head was like a heavy bar of concrete, the nose and a throat had become filled with the hordes of bacteria as if they were the aliens from the other worlds. I took a pack of cookies from the bedside table, switched-off the phone and spent the whole day in the bed in a kind of delirium. Anna was coming to me and she smiled with her chaste lips. She was taking my testicles in her mouth, tickling me with her long nails, exhausting my seed fund to a last straw. And then she laid down on me as if a live feather-bed.

By eight o’clock the fever had become intolerable. I hardly got up and pulled a terry dressing gown on. I had vainly rummaged the whole apartment searching something febrifugal. Walking unsteadily I came out to the entryway and went to my neighbors. The door had been half opened, the plate with a surname was absent. Did the old Vasily move out? I was going to knock when the door silently opened. And there on the threshold was... Anna with the jug full of water. She was in the bathrobe just like me. She was barefoot, ten years older than me, but in spite of the fact that her wrinkles became slightly deeper, and in a thick hair couple of silver locks have appeared, she was the same. I looked at her, she was expectantly looking at me with a mute question. I knew it was her, but I refused to trust my own eyes. She didn’t recognize me. I coughed clearing my throat, not knowing what to begin with. I felt that I had reddened. I looked down. I opened my mouth, but couldn't squeeze a word out." Are you ill?" - I heard her voice as if from far away as if from distance of ten years. I could only nod. She took me by an arm and led me from where I had come, in my own apartment. There she carefully took off my dressing gown, and I remained naked with the penis sticking out as if it was the Tower of Pisa. Having smiled, she carefully took it with both hands. Then she put me on the bed and left. Then she soon was back with pills and orange juice. Having locked the door, she threw off her dressing gown and it fell down next to her legs. Under the dressing gown she was absolutely naked, and I had fixed the gaze on this magnificent body. Round belly, pubic hair similar to fur of an ermine, powerful hips, the knees... I carried her down on the bed, she softly fell on me. I was massaging her magnificent buttocks; she had carefully put my penis into her wet hole and then she was lying motionless. My head was swimming because of her smile.

"Tickle me", - she asked, and I pushed my fingers between her round buttocks. When I began to caress her anus, she rolled up her eyes with pleasure. My fingers hardly touched the tight ringlet surrounded by the soft hairs. When I had pushed the middle finger inside, she loudly moaned. I had done several strongest pushes up and right after that I had a stormy orgasm...