A lucky chance

I swear with my penis everything that happened to me recently is pure like sacred sperm trueth. Time is a quarter to six a.m. The bus is empty, except for the sleeping young man who always sits ahead the compartment, having nestled the head to glass. Today there was a new passenger - the fair-haired girl who has taken the place on the back seat. "My place", - I think with disappointment (I have to sit behind always – it is safer therefore I’m hiding in the corner, opposite to her, on the back seat). I am dead tired, haven't slept enough and I’m dying to fall asleep, appear in the land of dreams at least for two hours while the bus carries us to the center.

 Before falling asleep, furtively I dart a glance at the neighbor dressed in faded very broad trousers, spacious as double tent. Her hair is extremely short, no longer than one centimeter, she has large brilliant earrings. The high breast beautifully bulges the white t-shirt, her hostess is about eighteen-nineteen. All this excites me so much that first I think that can hardly fall asleep now. But when at a final stop I wake up, there is nobody in the bus any more.

 The next morning this lovely smart chick is sitting on my place again. "Have you seriously decided not to allow me to sleep?" – I’m grumbling, flopping on the yesterday's place. On a part of a second our eyes meet, but right there get away to the safe distance.

 The third day it becomes clear that she has chosen this route seriously and for a long time. "Well, I don't object, - I think, - in the company it is even more cheerful. You, probably, find me hell amusing - such a sleeping polecat. Perhaps I could snore - who knows?"

The fourth day, as usual, I get into the bus, I look at her side - my attitude towards her has gradually developed into the ordinary transport love (and unfortunately I must admit my feeling is not responded by all signs). And then I suddenly see that she has put the left hand in the side cut of the immense trousers, and I have almost no doubts concerning what she is engaged in now, sitting with her eyes shut. I astonishingly watch her and I see how her right hand is slowly raising to the breast and she begins to massage it with slow roundabouts.

 Oh my God!

The bus is not crowded with people, there are maybe two passengers in the compartment and the driver sits, fenced off from the compartment by the plexiglass screen and the curtain, - that means, the chance for anybody to notice something is close to zero. In two seconds my one-eyed bandit turns into something like a flagstaff, and she suddenly opens the eyes and turns them directly to... me! I immediately turn away and pretend as if I’m madly interested in the huge fir-trees standing along the highway. It doesn't prevent me to see her reflection in the windowpane. I see how she works with the hands quicker and quicker, but I can't make out whether she looks at me yet. And at the moment I notice one more extraordinary slender fir-tree and my love to the nature flashes with a new power, I suddenly hear how the neighbor girl makes hardly audible groan. A beautiful, cute, sensual, exciting female groan. The situation in my trousers becomes intolerable, but anyway, I can do nothing but suffer. Changing a pose is out of the question. I am staring at the fir-trees as if there is nothing else interesting but them, and my body is almost breaks apart from desire which would be enough for the whole Guards regiment.

 She jumps out of the bus two stops before me. Having reached my workplace, I’m going straight to the toilet where I float, having hardly managed to unzip trousers.

 "Farewell, a beautiful dream”, - I think, standing at the stop waiting for the bus next morning. – I’m unlikely to see you once again". But, having entered the bus, I see her on the same place, I am going to sit down in the middle of the compartment but suddenly our eyes meet. She looks at me, smiling. I redden, understanding that the fight is lost, the game goes on. I sit down on the usual place. But nothing happens. All the way to the city she sits, having buried in the magazine, and leaves at the same stop.

 Everything begins the next day. She is dressed in jeans over a bathing suit – a fashion I am able to appreciate soon because my neighbor girl suddenly unzips then pulls down the jeans to the knees. Then rests the feet against the front seat and with two fingers moves the orange bathing suit aside. Everything is going on without a single word, we exchange glances just from time to time, and the choice problem between fir-trees behind a window and this improvised performance for me just doesn't exist. The hair on her pubis is light, almost white.

She wets the middle finger of the left hand in her mouth, carries slowly over between her breasts down to the navel, then on the flat suntanned belly and, at last, the finger completely disappears in the vulva. She begins to drive the finger carefully up-down, the right hand massaging her breast, and again I’m bursting with desire.

 Continuing to play with the left hand, with the right one she opens the handbag and gets ... the scissors from there! Then takes it and, without batting an eyelid, cuts a bathing suit in a groin. Elastic fabric breaks apart, twists in the flounce around the vulva, and the finger moves quicker and quicker. I’m sitting and looking at it my mouth open, without believing in reality of the events - when was the last time I read in newspapers about female exhibitionists? And the show takes a new fantastic turn meanwhile: this lovely girl takes a plastic phallus of skin color out of the handbag. First she puts it in the mouth, as if tasting, then brings a massive rubber head to the sexual crack, inserts it there and begins to rotate slowly. I am afraid that all this will come to a bad end, it seems to me that this huge thing is too big for her young body. But obviously I am badly familiar with anatomy because eventually she manages to put this enormous thing entirely in. And having done it, she begins slowly, slowly to take it out of there, then again slowly to put in again and at the same time she’s continuously looking at me with her big blue eyes.

 Having done this manipulation five or six times, she throws her head back, and I see how her body begins to beat in an orgasm. Almost a minute she lies motionless, then pulls the trousers up and tucks the bathing suit in them.

 All this time I am sitting with the strongest erection for the last three years and I am burned with the shame that I didn’t bring a contribution in such a brilliant show. And suddenly this little kind fairy moves close to me, I close my eyes, I hide my nose in her hair with the smell of a lemon, and I feel that she acts immediately: one sharp movement undoes my fly and she takes out my vibrating solid flesh. She squeezes it unexpectedly strong in her fist, she begins to drive her sure hand quickly up-down... After two or three movements I feel that I’m going to burst out with hot sperm, and at the latest moment before the stormy eruption of the seed begins, she squeezes the bright red lips tightly around my penis head, and her mouth turns out to become a wet, hot and tight sperm receiver.

And here is her bus stop...