We three are going upstairs. I feel their two looks wishing me. My butt with the skintight small rubber dress is wagging with each step more and more to spite them. At last we stop before the door. We are entering. Someone is washing in the bathroom. The apartment is one-room, but the room is very big, all walls are with racks, the windows are curtained off. The only furniture is a big polished dining table and a bed; it is provocatively empty in spite of the fact that five persons can easily lay on. Suddenly a shout is heard from the bathroom. Maxim and Denis exchange glances. Having taken the initiative (just to pass by, wagging my hips), I’m going to the bathroom. I open the door. Our third friend Dmitry is standing under the shower and avidly sucking the nipples of a very young girl about seventeen. She has a thin figure like a baby, the breasts are up like two small pyramids.

 Having seen me, she covers the breast and the black hair triangle with her hands. Dima, on the contrary, breaks into a smile, gets out of the bathtub, wipes and leaves. Once again having watched the girl, I smile and leave. I go to the kitchen. It becomes clear that Dima and Ania (the name of that baby) have come recently. I feel the look of Dmitry whose penis puffs up the towel. My bodyguards are looking avidly not just at the buttocks, but at the thighs in the skintight dress. There are cognac and oranges on the table. I drink off a big shot and vanish, actively wagging the butt. Slowly and quietly I’m entering the bathroom. Ania is standing with the back to me. Her milk-like thin angular body causes a plaintive pity in me. Very quietly I undress and then naked get into the bathtub, closing the bath curtain. She turns and looks at me with astonishment. She opens her mouth and wants to tell something, but encouraged by the cognac I give her a deep kiss. She smells like a child, like something milky. Slowly I stroke her sharp breasts; her nipples are strained hard already. My other hand is sliding over to her buttocks. It’s hard like a nut. At last my hand finds the desired crack, these bulked-up lips, and here I begin to understand men. I’m tickling her with a finger. Ania closes her eyes and slightly opens a mouth. The water flows over her shoulders, the breast, the tummy and the hips. My God, she is good! Each new movement of my finger she begins to breathe louder. I take her nipple in my mouth and avidly suck it. Suddenly she opens her eyes and moves me away. I don’t understand anything and sit down on the wooden crossbeam across the bathtub. The devilish sparkles are shining in her young green eyes. In two-three seconds my legs are on her thin shoulders, and her young quick tongue is licking my vulvar lips. The tip of her tongue presses on my bulked-up clitoris. I feel a little drop is coming out of me, and I see Anna quickly licks it off and swallows. 

"Wait, I’ll be right back", - her deep voice reaches from somewhere far away. In a minute I realize I am alone. I turn off the shower and turning on the faucet. The water beats with a strong stream. Almost instinctively I approach this stream; I move the legs apart so that water spear pierces right my bosom of love. The nipples are getting bulked up, I struggle for breath, the blood rushes to the head. I begin to squeal with pleasure a little. The water beats on and on my delicate rosette. I pinch my bulked-up nipples. I can’t stand it anymore. I close my eyes. Suddenly the door opens and I see Dima, Maxim and Denis entering. They are already naked. I sharply rush out from the stream (means nothing, but I want this orgasm to be mine only). "No, Natali, go on". - Maxim pushes me back to the faucet. I look at his penis. It still hangs down, but it has already bulked up enough. While I’m watching Dima’s and Denis’s “tools”, Maxim is adjusting the water. And again, again this feeling of a flight. Again I’m alone, with my nipples bulked up with pain. I close my eyes and with no hesitation, I begin to squeal and moan a little, the water drives me into frenzy. Suddenly I feel a penis on my breast, another one hits me in the face and rubs about the lips. I take it in my mouth and begin to suck it deeply and avidly, biting its head. I hear a groan. And again, again the water only. I can't tolerate any more. I am attacked by shivering. And I’m coming. I’m coming. I fly up somewhere high, and the water is beating the love gates. I look at my pussy - the bulked-up vulvar lips stick out from it impudently and provocatively. I turn my head. Oh, My God! The clitoris begins to pulse again. Three naked men are standing in a row, no… not three men. I don't see them. I see only three penises and three hands jerking off. The little drops are on each of them. Their heads have become bare. I caress and lick them in turn. They don't wait for anymething more.

 "Boys, I will come now, go to the room". My God, I feel so giddy. Hardly I raise my young body those three handsome men are watching passionately. "Well, go". Denis hoarsely says:" You have three minutes". Then they leave. I quickly wipe myself, but viscous liquid still flows down on the thighs. I pull on the black stockings, the elastic belt and the black brassiere which just supports my round, big breasts. I put on the heeled shoes. My heart is beating, the breast aches, my clitoris pulses like crazy. I leave the bathtub. It’s dark in the room, just some sobbing, frequent breath and man's groaning are heard. Little by little the eyes are getting used to darkness. I can distinguish the men. They are sitting, having leaned back on the back of the bed and having widely moved legs apart, Ania quickly sucks their tools in turn. She is absolutely naked. And again something turns over inside me. Naughty little girl. She is going to make me a lesbian, and I’m so in love with men. I quietly creep from behind and kneel down on the floor. Her tartly smelling and all wet pussy almost touches my face. She is so keen on licking and sucking penises that she notices nothing. I put out my tongue and very gently lead it over from the small charming anus to the firm clitoris. Her saltish taste fills all my mouth. For a minute she calms down and is on her all fours, setting out the voluptuous buttocks. I lick her, I do the vertical and horizontal movements by the tongue. I hear some puppyish squeal. She is shivering. She has already forgotten about everything. And I drink everything and I drink this tart nectar. I get on the bed and my wet pussy rubs her buttocks. Dima attracts Ania's head to the penis and imperatively sticks it into Ania’s half-open lips. But she is high and away. She is shivering all over and she sticks out her butt more and more. Ania lays down on her back, I sit down with my pussy onto her face, and I am stuck into her wet buttocks. We give pleasure to each other pleasure and we moan quietly. There is nobody in the world but her and me. Suddenly someone sharply lifts me up, I sit down with the pussy on Ania’s face, and someone's penis is imperiously entering my mouth. This gag is moving ahead deeper and deeper, I can hardly breathe, but I swallow it more and more. Anna's tongue works quickly and dexterously. Suddenly I feel that I’m sitting on something moving. I open my eyes, but I don't see anything, except the shaved pubis and occasionally flashing testicles right in front of my face. The movements under become quicker and quicker. Anna doesn't lick any more, she just breathes into my hole. Some rumbling and sighing are heard. Ania, my lovely Ania begins to moan a little. My nipples suddenly feel dull ache; one of the men caresses them by teeth, another by fingers. I begin to breath hard as well. All my body plunges falls down into some other space. I feel nothing any more. I just lie on the back, and I am stroked by strong male hands. I turn the head. My God, what does it look like? My Ania lies on her back, her legs are lifted highly up and resemble wings, and the mouth is slightly opened. Denis is sitting on her and vigorously pushing his spear into the young, maiden, narrow, tasty smelling space. Anna already shouts, she is strained all over. But then Denis increases speed, she rolls up her eyes, the mouth is bent in a blissful, voluptuous smile, the veins on the neck are blown up. The speed is intolerable. Lying nearby, I jump up from their pushes. Poor vagina of my Ania! And here – a shout. The shout of the man who has pulled the trigger in the bosom of this little fragile brunette. She is lying motionless. Strange, but she has a reaction... like a man. She is sleeping already. Denis gets down from her. His penis is in this divine moisture, a small white streamlet flows from her womb. I enviously and jealously lick Denis's tool which gradually changes its form, then I suck out the syrup of love from the pussy of my darling. She is still asleep.

"Well, baby. Now it’s our turn". I turn the head. Maxim and Dima with the reared penises are approaching me. Thank you, My God, now I’m going to go through the same agony of love, just like my little Ania. "My God, what openwork stockings you have, and what a belt..." Maxim whispers something else in my ear, pouring me with his warm breath and a light smell of cognac and oranges. His hands are going around my body. Meanwhile Dima, having taken off my shoes, sharply moves my legs apart and begins to drive a moist finger on my already squelching pussy. I feel petting along my pussy, rolling my lips in his fingers, stimulation of the clitoris; each movement his hands are more and more persistent. The magic stick of Maxim slowly plunges into my mouth. I suck it, I bite, I lick and again I suck. Occasionally he takes out the penis and drives it over my face. I feel wild desire. Warm Dima’s tongue licks over all secret corners of my pussy. He wants to suck out all my moisture, and his hands are fingering my nipples: he pulls them, squeezes my breast. Each movement I shudder. And suddenly someone's (Denis) imperative voice is heard. "And one..." - Dima inserts the tongue deeply and pinches my breasts, and Maxim pushes the penis deeply in my mouth. "And two", - the penis leaves the mouth, and the tongue slides over the vulvar lips. "And one" - again the same, "and two" - I begin to fidget and to squeal a little as usual. "And one, and two", - it is dark in my eyes, there is nothing. I am away, there is only my pussy, my breasts and this penis in my mouth. And that’s it. Nothing more! "And one". I move restlessly. "And"... - then I hear nothing, I’m already flying somewhere high, I fly up higher and higher and then I quickly rush down, all weakened. That’s all. But again, again this wet, hot penis is on my face. Again this sucking of my pussy.

 "Enough". Maxim sharply takes the penis away from my face, and I manage to notice only droplets of my saliva in its hair. Now they exchange their positions. And again the same flying high. Suddenly something firm pokes in my hole. I calm down, Dmitry gives me his tool. And AGAIN, again this counting. "And one, and two". And not a tongue but penis gets into me, cuts me, he works rapidly like a piston. I choke. I can't. The penis gets to the uterus. I scream with each new blow. And like an order: "Work a mouth, work a mouth". I am broken off. And again, again this height. I hear some gurgling sounds, I hear groaning. I accompany this groan with the shout from the deepest push inside. Now there is only the strong, exaggerated and pulsing penis. "Maxim, Maxim, come, come, co-o-ome! I beg you, in me, in me". Only the man's roar was like an answer to me, and hot fluid liquid has rushed into me. Maxim with a groan has got up and staggering he has gone to the kitchen. Dmitry takes me with his arms and carries on the table standing in the corner. In a second I’m lying on the table, and my legs are behind the head (like Ania was fifteen minutes ago). "Well, baby, now it’s my turn". And then I have screamed from pain. My God what does he have there? And he pushes and pushes into me. I shout. "No, no". He stops up my mouth." Be silent, you will do everything I want". His penis breaks off me. Silent, dull blows, he bites my lips to blood, gnaws my nipples, bites the body. And again pushes, pushes. And again my shouts, squeals, my groans and his almost animal rumbling. My vagina is stretched to the limit.The speed is quicker and quicker. And suddenly he stops. I expected it least of all. He’s sharply left me. He has taken me with arms and I have been carried on the bed.

 Denis has approached. Quickly, impatiently they tear away my stockings, and I stay just in the belt. They tie my eyes shut with the stockings folded double. "Now, baby, you will do everything we tell you. Get up on all fours". I get up. One strong push - it was Denis. Other push is Maxim, the Third is Dima. And then something tart and fluffy sticks to my face. This is the divine pussy of my Ania.

- Lick Ania and tell who is who.

 The push.

- Who?

 I am silent and lick this wonderful creation.

- Who?

 The push repeats.

- Denis, - with a groan I exhale, hearing Ania rumbling like a cat.

 The push.

- Who?

- Maxim.

 And then the burning pain in the anus and vagina. Cruel, evil but voluptuous biting and sucking the breasts. That’s it! And AGAIN, again that height and shout. And instead of wonderful Ania’s pussy - a penis in my mouth. And again, again these pushes penetrating me from all sides. I have no strength to suffer. I try to shout, but the mouth is occupied by this firm, saltish and slightly bitter penis. Suddenly – a shout, and the fountain hits into my anus, a moment - groan, and the fountain fills my vagina. These tools of tortures are gradually softened, but don't leave their nests. Ania greedily sucks and fingers my breast. I can't stand it! Enough! Enough! Enough! I still contract, and I feel those shoots leaving me, I just feel the seed flows on the legs and the crotch. And I feel this swelled penis, these testicles, I hear a shout. Even not a shout but a roar, and then a stream is thrown up directly on my face, and the trickles of sperm flow to my mouth, and I swallow it. Does it really happen? Nobody bothers me. Everybody is lying. Anna an I are sucking out all the remains of this delicacy from all penises, and she licks my face. At last, having settled comfortably, we fall asleep between our men to their silent snore and sighs. We fall asleep to make a fresh start tomorrow morning.